Chapter 296: Be A Great Master

 Chapter 296: Be A Great Master

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When Ye Chen and Xu Jing followed Luo Xinglie to the base of the Sky Cloud Martial School, the dragon fountain Qi that had already been absorbed into their blood rushed out once again. Like magical dragons diving into the ocean, it dived into the ground. After about ten breaths, clouds and winds were suddenly brought up within hundreds of miles around the Sky Cloud Martial School. Dragon roars were vaguely heard from the sky and from underground. It was a sign of having extremely rich dragon fountain Qi.

There was already a small dragon fountain under the mountain where the Sky Cloud Martial School was. In fact, martial institutions with rankings would deliberately choose places with dragon fountains to build their martial institutions. Only like that would the martial institutions grow stronger and stronger. For example, the dragon fountain under the rank 7 martial institution the Emerald Martial School was way bigger than the one under the Sky Cloud Martial School. It actually used to be where the old Mountain and River Martial School was. Unfortunately, after the martial school was destroyed, the dragon fountain Qi had declined drastically. It was only saved because of its fantastic surroundings.

Even so, the remaining dragon fountain Qi was still more than the sum of all other martial institutions in the whole Windy Nation. The reason that the Emerald Martial School could keep its tyrant position was most likely related to the dragon fountain Qi more or less.

Now that the dragon fountain Qi from Ye Chen and Xu Jing had been poured into the dragon fountain in the Windy Mountain, it immediately acted as a washing gel. It started to gather all of the natural Qi within thousands of miles of radius to strengthen its own. It was making such a huge impact, that it was almost out of control, with only the restraint of the Windy Mountain's dragon Qi managing it. Only with Ye Chen's dragon fountain Qi it had regained its control, while Xu Jing's dragon fountain qi had also helped to assist in the process.

Without actually knowing how long it had been, the rich dragon fountain Qi had finally stabilized. One huge and one small dragon fountain Qi shot out from the ground and merged back into Ye Chen and Xu Jing's body.

Once the dragon fountain Qi had merged back, Ye Chen immediately sensed that the dragon fountain Qi had not only increased, it had also created a mysterious bond between him and the dragon fountain of the Windy Mountain. It was a small hint of dragon fountain Qi which did not have a really huge impact by itself, but it could compress the natural Qi that had just been absorbed. Xu Jing's dragon fountain qi carried on traveling, converting the aggressive natural Qi and banishing some of the evil natural Qi, maintaining the purity of the dragon fountain for the Windy Mountain.

Everyone from the Sky Cloud Martial School who was in the Windy Mountain or the mountains around it suddenly noticed something. Their mind had become clear out of nowhere, and some of the tiny impure thoughts that were blocking their progress were decreasing, even disappearing. They could easily feel that their bodies had become lighter.

In the back of the Windy Mountain was a very tall mountain directly shooting into the clouds. There were two people sitting on the peak of the mountain.

One of them was wearing white robes with purple lining, who looked like he was in his sixties, and was extremely friendly looking; the other one was indeed Thunder Freer.

"Pal, Your Sky Cloud Martial School must have done something way too great in the past to have a great rare talent like Ye Chen. As long as he lives, the Sky Cloud Martial School would thrive and grow stronger." Thunder Freer poured himself a glass of wine and drank it all.

The Cloud Dreamer said with a huge smile, "The universe is unpredictable. Who says that a normal place could not have a true talent? A true talent could adapt to the environment as he goes. So no matter where it is, there might be a true talent hidden within."

"This true talent is just so powerful and impressive! With only a Late Clasping Yuan Realm, he had killed Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors! Give him a bit more time and he would be able to reach beyond both of us. I wonder what your plan for him is? A core disciple would be the best title for him, right?" Thunder Freer asked.

The Cloud Dreamer thought about it for a while, "How about a master?"

"Master? It would be a waste. Even if it is the core master, what would be the point? A true talent cannot be placed below anyone, even if it is his own request."

"Hehe, I meant the Great Master!"

"A Great Master?!" Thunder Freer's eyes widened, "You are joking, right? Isn't there a rule in the Sky Cloud Martial School that you could only be a Great Master if you are an Astral Reaching Realm warrior?"

The Cloud Dream shook his head, "The rules are made by people and they could be altered by people as well. So, I believe even if the ancestors of the Sky Cloud Martial School come back to life, they would not vote against it."

"True. A true talent would be admired by everyone. The Great Master position would not come with too many tasks either, it should be suitable for Ye Chen. The other positions are not quite appropriate one way or another." After giving it a bit thought, Thunder Freer knew that the Cloud Dreamer had definitely been thinking about it for a long time.


The Cloud Dream lifted up his head suddenly. It was an extremely clear day. The clouds were perfectly shaped, and the wind was breezy and fresh. It looked like an extremely normal normal day, but once studied with the soul power, he noticed that the natural yuan Qi was gathering towards the Sky Cloud Martial School. Besides that, the river under the ground started to scramble, and he could even hear the dragon roars.

"It has been done!" The Cloud Dreamer let out a breath, his mind feeling extra clear.

Thunder Freer put down the wine glass, "I have been thinking about if I should join you Sky Cloud Martial School or not. You would not mind to make me also a Great Master, would you?"

The Cloud Dreamer replied, "Not yet. I am in the front line while you are kept behind the veil. There are still things that I need you to help deal with. I cannot be easily moved nor reveal myself. Plus, there is no need to rush it now. Before, you have already saved Ye Chen, so you should already pick up some of the luck. It should not be any less than what you would get from being a Great Master."

"I cannot believe you are treating me as your hitman!" Thunder Freer laughed.

Slowly standing up, the Cloud Dreamer said, "I will be right back."


Inside the lobby on the main mountain, Luo Xinglie, the head master, Xu Jing and Ye Chen were standing in the middle of the palace. A human figure flashed once before appearing. It was a relatively young elder. He walked out and smiled, looking extremely friendly and wise.

"Great Master!" Luo Xinglie and the head master said with great respect.

Hearing them, Xu Jing and Ye Chen held their fists together and greeted, "Great Master!"

Cloud Dreamer shook his head, "Ye Chen, Xu Jing, well done, both of you! No matter what happens in the future, you are both the biggest achievers for the Sky Cloud Martial School. The reason I came here is because I have something to talk to you about. I don't want to make it too big of a deal. So, let it stay between the five of us, alright?"

Ye Chen said, "Yes, Great Master."

"Xu Jing, you are training the body boosting martial art. Although you are only at the Early Clasping Yuan Realm, you have the power to fight against Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. I have talked with the leader and decided to give you a core master's position. What do you think of it?"

Without much hesitation, Xu Jing said, "Thank you for the appreciation to the Great Master and the leader. Xu Jing will humbly accept."

Since she was willing to share the luck she carried with the Sky Cloud Martial School, she naturally did not plan to leave the school. Being a core master would not really get in the way of anything, since she would be a disciple of the Sky Cloud Marital School one way or another.

"I am happy with your decision." Although Cloud Dreamer had already expected the answer, he was still glad. There were not many talents like Xu Jing in the South Rudra Region, and she had the potential to reach beyond him and play a true vital role in the Sky Cloud Martial School.

After clearing his throat, Cloud Dreamer moved his focus to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, are you willing to be the Great Master for the Sky Cloud Martial School?"

Ye Chen was slightly surprised, "The Great Master? Ye Chen still lacks experience, so it would seem to be inappropriate!"

Luo Xinglie said, "Ye Chen, being a Great Master depends mostly on power. Experience doesn't really matter much. Plus, with your cultivation now, you will reach the Astral Reaching Realm sooner or later. We might as well decide it now, so you have time to do the things you need to do."

"Since the Great Master and the leader think I can be one, then I will take it." Taking a huge breath, Ye Chen nodded.

"Great, it is for the best!"

Cloud Dreamer glanced at both Xu Jing and Ye Chen and laughed, "Don't worry. The school will not drag you down. You still can do whatever you want to do, the school will not restrain you. We just hope that when the school is desperately in need, you guys can come and help us."

"Naturally." Ye Chen and Xu Jing nodded at the same time.

His finger touched his storage ring as Cloud Dreamer took out two name tags for Ye Chen and Xu Jing. "These are the core master and Great Master tags. Although they are only titles, you should probably hold on to those since only the five of us knew about your true identity. Those should come in handy some days."

Taking over the tag, Ye Chen said, "In the next few days, I want to go back home to check on my families, then come back to the school, close up and train."

"Yeah, I have already prepared a training mountain for each one of you. There will be no one disturbing you."

Waiting until Xu Jing and Ye Chen had left, Cloud Dreamer and the leader exchanged a look then smiled. The things had all been settled, and now they could relax for a bit.

On the second day, Ye Chen got on the Windy Eagle and flew towards the Ye family that was in the Luo City.


The Windy Eagle could travel two hundred miles per day. Within a day, Ye Chen had arrived outside the Luo City. Without stopping, he flew directly towards the Ye family, which caused the people in the city to gasp.

In the Ye family...

Ye Batian rarely came back home. As an inner master of the Purple Sun Martial School, he had been isolated by the management level and other inner masters because of Ye Chen. He was already extremely frustrated. He did not even know if it was because of Ye Chen or his own experience. But he was just not in a great mood.

"Father, that is the Windy Eagle." His eldest son, Ye Feng, had also come back with him. He was already at Mid Condensing Reality Realm. Normally, it would be considered an above average potential, but now, it did not make much of a difference anymore.

Ye Batian lifted up his head and sneered, "This is the Ye family. Who dares to ride the Windy Eagle to come here. It is like ignoring my existence."

"Come down now!"

Reaching out his right hand, Ye Batian's zhen Qi poured out, creating an extremely powerful sucking power.


A wave of heavy wind appeared out of nowhere, and the Windy Eagle started to wobble.

The Windy Eagle had blocked his sight, so Ye Chen stood up and saw it was Ye Batian. He frowned, then waved his right hand casually, cutting down the sucking power.

"Ye Chen!" Ye Batian squinted his eyes.

Ye Feng pushed himself to say, "Ye Chen! Why haven't you come down to greet my father?"

It had barely been two days since Ye Chen came back to the Windy Nation. What happened in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition had not been spread out yet. Barely anyone in the world had gotten the news. In Ye Feng's eyes, Ye Chen was only at peak-level Early Clasping Yuan Realm or maybe mid rank. There should still be a huge gap between his cultivation and his father's.

Ye Chen said without an expression, "Greetings, uncle!" After saying that, he turned to fly towards the plaza of the Ye family.

"Rude!" Ye Batian screamed. The fact that Ye Chen had just cut down his palm power had shaken him a bit. But, he had reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm for a long time, and he would be ranked even among the inner masters in the Purple Sun School. He swore to himself that he would not be looked down at by Ye Chen. He threw out a palm attack into the air, trying to make Ye Chen pay for his ruddiness.