Chapter 294: Fighting Together, The Heaven Thunder Great Attack

 Chapter 294: Fighting Together, The Heaven Thunder Great Attack

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It was not a good feeling when performing the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art. Ye Chen could feel his whole body's Qi and blood start to burn, bringing up waves of needle-pinning pain. As the time went on, even with his super endurance, one could still see the cold sweat on his forehead.


Turning around his body, a bloody line was drawn across the sky. All of a sudden, Ye Chen appeared above the middle-aged masked man, stabbing his sword down at him.

"You are looking for death!"

The middle-aged man came back to reality as a horrifying killing vibe appeared in his eyes. He threw out a fist with burning flame towards Ye Chen.


The clouds had been vaporized away. Looking down from high up in the sky, it looked as if the sky had been punctured with a huge hole. The edge of the hole was filled with burning flame and lightning.

That scary blasting power had blown Ye Chen away. After sliding for hundreds of meters, he finally regained the balance of his body. His feet stepped on those unreal clouds, and the paleness of his face disappeared instantly.

The power of the peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm was unbelievably powerful. Even Ye Chen's Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art combined with the seventy percent sword intent infused Sky Shattering Clouds was not powerful enough to take it on. Plus, the middle-aged man was barely wounded earlier, unlike the other masked man. His fighting power had increased drastically once he started to burn his zhen yuan.

"Great. You and I can take him out."

Thunder Freer was not planning to leave the masked man alive. But, he knew he would not be able to kill him with his own power alone; it would be his limit to even wound him. But now, Ye Chen had already killed the other one, and with the two of them working together, it would be very likely for them to achieve that.

"Dream on! Have a taste of my Three Colored Fire Fist!"

The middle-aged masked man groaned, as his clothes started to dance on their own in the air. As his zhen yuan started to burn, the edge of his clothes was covered with flame. They looked like dancing flame, and his aura seemed endless. On his right fist, the gold flame burnt furiously through the emptiness.

"Three Colored Fire Fist?" Ye Chen was a little bit confused. Before, he feared that he did not have enough varieties of attacks, so he went to the trading place to find a replacing fist art. Among the two fist arts he was interested, one of them was indeed the Three Colored Fire Fist. As for the other one, it was the Five Mountain Fist Art. The Three Colored Fire Fist art was worth one hundred and seven thousand low-rank soul stones. It contained three movements: the first one could produce red fist power while the second produced purple, and the third movement was golden. Obviously, the masked man had trained the Three Colored Fire Fist to its highest level, and was able to turn the fist power into a golden burning flame. It was almost ten times more powerful than normal flames.

Although the Three Colored Fire Fist art was a middle-rank Earth Realm fist art, which was not the highest Realm it could be, in the South Rudra Region, normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors would rarely have martial arts that were above the mid rank Earth Realm. So, a high-rank Earth Realm martial art would be already extremely valuable, people might not even be able to buy it even if they had the money. There would still be a big chance that one would not get it since there were way too many powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the South Rudra Region, and the martial arts that were above the high-rank Earth Realm were relatively too little. Therefore, it was almost impossible for every Astral Reaching Realm warrior to have a martial art which was above the mid rank Earth Realm.

But of course, mid rank Earth Realm martial arts would mean different things in the hands of a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior and an Astral Reaching Realm warrior. While the Clasping Yuan Realm warrior cast zhen Qi, the Astral Reaching Realm would cast zhen yuan. With simply that factor alone, there would be a huge gap between the two. Because the Astral Reaching Realm had a higher cultivation and a greater understanding of martial arts, they would be able to perform their martial arts to the extreme. This signified a completely different realm from the normal Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. In the competition of the Hidden Dragon Rank, Ye Chen's sword art poetic perspectives were just as powerful as the ones an Astral Reaching Realm warriors would have, which had already shocked a lot of people.

Therefore, even if a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior had got top rank Earth Realm martial arts, they would not be as powerful as Astral Reaching Realm warriors performing mid rank Earth Realm arts. What was more extreme was that an Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be able to beat and kill a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior easily even with the attacking power of his zhen yuan,. People like Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng, who were able to compete in cross-realm battles, were extremely rare; they would be counted as rare exceptions.

The Three Colored Fire Fist art was regarded as one of the most powerful mid rank Earth Realm fist arts. As the masked man performed it, the bright gold flame heated up the place rapidly. It was like the whole area had turned into a flame Qi field; whoever entered the field would be influenced more or less.

"Haha, I may not be able to kill you, but I can kill him." The masked man saw that Ye Chen had used a martial art that would enhance his attacking power. Since this kind of a martial art could not last very long and normally came with huge side effects, he did not believe that Ye Chen would be able to use it for long.

"You will not kill anyone in front of me, Thunder Freer! Heavenly Great Thunder Battle Armor!" Thunder Freer made a noise before his zhen yuan started to burn and be compressed, turning into a battle armor covered with thunder. Two lights shot out from the back of his armor, as a bowl-sized thunder pellet started to form and the electricity started to create an audible vibration.

The combined martial art from the Heavenly Thunder Great Art - the Heavenly Great Thunder Battle Armor!

Thunder Freer had a great encounter before in his earlier years - he had discovered a set of martial arts in one of the ruins. It was indeed the Heavenly Thunder Great Art, which contained martial skills, defense martial skills and battling martial skills. Judging only the effects of the increased battle power, it would be almost equivalent to normal high-rank Earth Realm martial arts. Besides some of the Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors from some of the super martial institutions, with the aggressive power from the Heavenly Thunder Great Art, Thunder Freer would definitely be counted as one of the top Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

"I will kill you first." The trickiness of Thunder Freer had reached beyond the masked man's expectation. His body flashed, shooting towards Ye Chen, drawing a straight flame behind him.


The Heaven Thunder Great Battle Armor had been formed and Thunder Freer's speed had been increased to his limit. The thunder exploded, as his whole body suddenly appeared in front of the masked man. He then threw out an attack.

"So Fast! It does not matter. Back out now!" Raising up his gold-flame wrapped fist, the masked man attacked towards the Thunder Freer unwillingly.

With a huge sound, both of them were forced to back out.

Right at that moment, Ye Chen moved, seeming like a bloody battle God. He took a step forward, instantly ignoring the distance between the masked man and him and stabbing out his sword.

"Kill Heart!"

The Kill Heart attack was the combination of the Lone Peak Kill and the Heart Kill Attack. It was designed for both close combat and distance battle. In comparison, it would be more powerful when used in a close-up combat. With the coverage of the killing poetic perspective, warriors with the same cultivation would not be able to stop it, and even Astral Reaching Realm warriors could not ignore it.


The burning protective zhen yuan layer had been punctured through, as an egg-sized blood hole appeared on the shoulder on that middle-aged masked man, with blood pouring out continuously.

The man yelled and backed out instantly, increasing the distance between them.

"What a shame. It was so close." Ye Chen's soul power was scanning for the flaws of that masked man without a break. While that man was fighting against Thunder Freer, that flawless protective zhen yuan layer had some disturbance. The window of opportunity was seized by Ye Chen as he stabbed with his sword. However, Astral Reaching Realm warriors had extremely powerful soul power as well. The Lone Peak Kill's poetic perspective was not enough to shake his mind or heart, which helped him escape that fatal attack.

With that sword attack failing, Ye Chen scanned through the surroundings. He had noticed that Thunder Freer was preparing his Thunder Attack. He was completely focused when he attacked that middle-aged masked man again.

"Now, you are really pushing it. Piss off!"

After being hit in the shoulder, the masked man blushed and then went pale. It was an expression of him being so embarrassed that he turned furious. He threw out another Three Colored Fire Fist attack, bringing up a golden flame wave.

Waving his sword and shattering the flame wave, Ye Chen suddenly backed out for ten meters.

In the next second, a fifty meter long, dark blue lightning shot out from where Thunder Freer was standing. The lighting was two-fingers thick. It came from that thunder pellet from his back and landed on the masked man. All people could hear was a huge exploding sound. The masked man had been blown away for hundreds of meters. Wherever he went, the clouds were burnt right out.

After that success, the Thunder Freer caught up with him while the thunder pellet behind him kept on brewing. He shot out the second dark blue lightning, which landed again on the body of that masked man.

The latter was seriously wounded. He had underestimated Thunder Freer and Ye Chen and thought that if he were not able to kill Ye Chen, he would at least be able to escape without a scratch. He was an Astral Reaching Realm warrior after all, and he had already pushed his battling power to the extreme.

"Heavenly Thunder Attack!"

The armor on his body started to fade, as Thunder Freer took a deep breath while pushing his thunder-element zhen yuan. He was gathering all of the energy onto his thunder pellet, using the explosion of his thunder pellet as his final and most powerful attack.


The straight lighting had shot right through the masked man's protective zhen yuan layer. It went through his chest, yet not even a single drop of blood had been spilled.

"I don't believe it!"

The masked man deeply regretted his recklessness. He regretted taking this tricky job, regretted not backing out immediately, and underestimating Ye Chen once again. If it were not for Ye Chen, Thunder Freer would not stand a chance in wounding him in a one-on-one fight. Taking one step wrong ended up going in a completely opposite direction, costing him his life.

"F*** it! If I die, one of you will die with me!" Right then, running away was impossible. So, the masked man ignored his fatal wound and burnt his zhen yuan to the extreme. It eventually turned into flame and attacked towards Ye Chen - he planned to kill one of them before he died.

Ye Chen looked the same as he pushed his Separating art to its peak and disappeared with the wind. When he reappeared, he was already on the right side of the masked man.

Throwing out a sword attack, the Heart Kill sword Qi shot out.


The masked man's head tilted, and the life in his eyes disappeared. After taking so many attacks, his battling power had declined drastically, and he was not able to escape from Ye Chen's Heart Kill Attack anymore.

Seeing the masked man die with his own eyes, Ye Chen let out a huge breath filled with the heavy aura of blood. The Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art had a huge side effect. Only thanks to the great supply of the Blood Sun Flowers was he able to last until now. However, the Blood Sun Flowers could only fix some of the side effects of the blood, flesh, and Qi, which was different from zhen qi and was not that easily repaired. It involved a complex converting process.

After releasing the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art, Ye Chen's face looked extremely pale, and he looked a bit exhausted. After swallowing a Qi repairing pellet, Ye Chen looked over to Thunder Freer, who looked slightly better than him. The Heavenly Thunder Attack had burnt out almost all of his zhen yuan, so he was also swallowing medicines to repair it.

The two's eyes met, and they both forced a smile. Killing a peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior was harder than expected. The stronger the cultivation, the harder one would be to kill; it was not saying that had been just made up.