Chapter 293: Killing An Astral Reaching Realm Warrior

 Chapter 293: Killing An Astral Reaching Realm Warrior

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"No time to waste, kill!"

The middle-aged man with a mask on his face worried that there would be more uncertainties as time passed. If another Astral Reaching Realm warrior showed up, there would be nothing they could do. They would definitely not be able to get the other half of the paycheck.

Thunder Freer was furious. He expanded his palms and formed them into tiger claws.

"Mad Thunder Catch!"

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Mad thunders flashed through the sky, forming a huge tiger claw, which wrapped the two men in masks within.

"Go kill that brat! I will block him!" The middle-aged man yelled. His right hand formed a fist, as a burning halo appeared, throwing it towards the incoming Thunder Tiger Palm.


The Thunder Flame disappeared while Thunder Freer and the middle-aged man both backed out for dozens of meters.

"Brat! Die now!"

The other masked man grasped that opportunity. A dark iron stick appeared on his right hand, a bright green halo surrounding it. His palm tightened, held that iron stick and smashed it towards Ye Chen's head. The stick was still not there, yet, the air was already starting to break down. In the eyes of the people from the Sky Cloud Martial School, that short stick looked like it had just brought up hundreds meters' high waves, attacking towards Ye Chen.

"Let's go together...!" Luo Xinglie planned to gather everyone and fight against those men in masks together before he noticed the changes in Ye Chen's body.


The bloody red zhen Qi shot out into the sky, turning Ye Chen's hair and brows bloody red as well. He held his Star Scar Sword without taking one step back, and stabbed out his sword along with his bloody red thunder light. His whole body looked like a blood battle warrior.


The sound of the iron stick and the Star Scar Sword clashing together exploded, and the solidified after wave blew them both away.


The man in mask looked shocked. He opened his mouth as a chunk of smoking blood was spewed out of his mouth.

"How can this be? Your battling power should not be this powerful!"

Ye Chen looked extra cold, "There are a lot of things you don't know, and I don't have the responsibility to tell you about everything. Since you've made such a long way here, you don't need to leave."

Taking one step forward, Ye Chen's aura grew richer. He held his Star Scar Sword up high with both of his hands.

The masked man had taken a huge attack. He got distracted for a second, which cost him the opportunity to escape. So, he had to lift up his stick and try to face the attack head on. The result was predictable - he was blown back for another dozen of meters. Blood poured out of his mouth endlessly, looking extremely messy, which was completely different from the grandeur he was portraying earlier.

"This is Ye Chen?" Long Xinglie felt like he did not know Ye Chen at all. That masked man was an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior, but it only took Ye Chen one attack to seriously wound him, leaving him no chance of fighting back.

"Brother Ye is so powerful!"

All of the core disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School could not help but yell out. They were shocked, and so were Luo Hanshan, Zhu Mei and all of the masters from the Sky Cloud Martial School. It was like it was the first time they had met Ye Chen. They could not help but be shocked senseless.

Although Ye Chen had shown more power than a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior should have in that last battle of the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, it should still not be as powerful as Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Now, he had made an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior puke blood with only one attack, which was an obviously different level of power he was bringing forth.

It meant that Ye Chen still had some power hidden in that last battle.

With those thoughts in mind, everyone from the Sky Cloud Martial School was a bit relieved, because it was great that Ye Chen was one of the disciples from the Sky Cloud Martial School instead of an enemy. Otherwise, it would be an extremely scary thing to take on a warrior with unknown ace attacks, because no one could really tell his limit.

Ye Chen's attack was very simple, almost like thunder; it was fast and aggressive. Its aura was extremely heavy, and every single sword attack would bring up lighting and countless Qi clouds. He looked like a battle warrior on the clouds or a warrior God with the power of thunder. He had suppressed the masked man completely, leaving him only option of trying to defend himself.

The masked man puked out another huge chunk of blood. He was seriously wounded, his face extremely pale. His voice was low and hoarse as he said, "You evil brat, I will break you into pieces, then burn you to ashes."

The bright green colored zhen yuan outside his body started to rub together, bringing up sparks, looking like stars in the sky. Suddenly, it spread out in his whole body, being devoured within his body. The next second, a bright green flame started to burn on his body, as his aura grew drastically.

"What? Burning his zhen yuan already?" The middle-aged man and Thunder Freer were still fighting without knowing who would be the winner. They were both too occupied to notice what was happening over on the other side. It was by the time that the burning zhen yuan had made a huge impact did they finally glance over. After seeing what had happened, the other masked man widened his mouth. In his sight, his partner had been beaten so heavily that he kept on puking blood, left no choice but to burn his zhen yuan. They had seriously underestimated that little brat!

"Little bro, nicely done! Thunder Destroyer!"

Thunder Freer had also noticed what was happening over Ye Chen's side. He was totally shocked by his power. Although Ye Chen's poetic perspective of thunder was not as powerful as his, Ye Chen's poetic perspective was obviously that of thunder and clouds. So, overall, it was not weaker than his at all, and the only difference was that Ye Chen did not have zhen yuan. Thunder Freer remembered himself saying once that even if Ye Chen's sword intent had reached completion, he would still be only able to fight against Early Astral Reaching Realm. He forced a smile. He knew that Ye Chen now would not need a completed sword intent. He would be able to fight against Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors with only his powerful sword movements and poetic perspectives. Not only just fighting, but he was actually able to hurt his opponent. Thunder Freer could not imagine what would happen when Ye Chen mastered his sword intent to completion.

Thunder Freer stopped himself from thinking further. He was afraid that he would hurt his own feelings. While his opponent was also distracted by Ye Chen, Thunder Freer expanded his right hand. Countless arm-wide thunder light shot out aggressively towards his opponent at the speed of sound.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The protective zhen yuan layer started to vibrate drastically, as the other masked man was blown away. Blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. A scary thought passed through his mind. His body shook and the fire light over his body become extremely bright. It started to burn, turning his body into a human torch.

"You are not the only person knows how to burn zhen yuan. I can do that too!" Thunder Freer gave up on chasing as electric beams appeared on his long hair. The next second, a blue flame shot out into the sky with lightning, as both of his aura and zhen yuan grew to twice of its size.

The two extremely powerful peak-level Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior started to burn their zhen yuan. It had caused the clouds in the sky to scramble, as the sky started to become unstable.

Over on the other side, Ye Chen had ignored the fact that his opponent was burning his zhen yuan. He held his sword with both of his hands, pointing it downwards to the ground. His body leaned forwards before shooting out with a speed that was faster than the speed of sound. The bloody zhen Qi had dragged out a long bloody red Qi flow, and even the light from the corner of his eyes had drawn two lines in the sky.

How beautiful, bizarre and aggressive!

Right then, it was the feeling everyone felt when they were watching Ye Chen. Zhu Mei and Xu Jing, who were attracted to Ye Chen, could not help but feel something different as their hearts skipped a beat. Not just them, some of the female core masters were blushing as well. They secretly thought to themselves, 'If I were twenty years old younger, I would probably be very attracted to him as well.'

"Piss off!"

Burning zhen yuan had wounded the masked man even more. Blood seemed to have leaked into his meridians. He did not dare to stall anymore, so he held his dark blue iron stick and attacked out with all of his power.


Waves were brought up, clouds scrambled, and thunder roared. A huge blasting wave spread out rapidly towards all directions, clearing out a huge area of clouds.

Backing out with the Star Scar Sword in his hands, Ye Chen was not wounded at all.

On the contrary, the masked man was bleeding out from everywhere possible. It drew countless bloody lines over his body, and he looked like a ghost. He groaned with huge frustration, "This is impossible! I had already burned my zhen yuan. My attacking power has already increased drastically. How can I still lose to you?"

Calming his Qi and blood, Ye Chen took out another two Bloody Sun Flowers which were both five hundred years old. After extracting the medicine out and swallowing them, he thought to himself, 'When I was fighting against Sikong Sheng, my attacking power was already as powerful as a normal Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Right now, after performing the Minor Body Separating Great Art, my attacking power has increased by at least fifty percent. Adding the fact that I had just successfully combined the sixth movement of my Sky Cloud Sword Art, Astral Reaching Realm warriors with burning zhen yuan would not be a problem anymore. The reason that he was able to put the masked man in a disadvantageous position was because he was wounded before already, so burning zhen yuan had only made it worse.

"Brother Ye is scarily powerful!"Some of the core disciples mumbled. Luo Xinglie's tightened body and mind finally relaxed. A smile appeared on his face. As long as they had Ye Chen, there was no need for them to make a mess.

"Sky Shattering Cloud with immortal mentality!"

With the same movement, Ye Chen's aura increased to the peak. His body flashed, appearing instantly above where the masked man was standing, throwing out that bloody Star Scar Sword with lightning.


Sparks were everywhere, and the internal organs and blood of the masked man started to boil. It was not only a matter of being wounded or not. Without immediate medical treatment, he would most likely be disabled for life. With these thoughts in mind, he threw the dignity of an Astral Reaching Realm warrior all the way to the back of his mind and escaped with his fastest speed. Compared to life, the dignity worth nothing.

"He escaped!" Zhu Mei cried out loud.

"Heart Kill!"

Leaving enemies alive was not Ye Chen's motto. Right then, with his Minor Blood Demon Art in its peak, it would have affected his mind and heart without a doubt. But due to his powerful soul power, he was able to keep it at an odd balance. However, no matter how powerful his soul power was, he was only able to maintain it for a certain amount of time. The power of his Heart Kill sword attack would definitely be affected, but all he needed was eighty percent of his attacking power.

With a sword attack thrown out, the sword Qi had turned into a column.


The burning zhen yuan layer of the man with the mask had been punctured through as a bloody hole appeared on his chest. As he screamed uncontrollably, he fell down the sky facing the ground.

The other masked man was shocked, and so was Thunder Freer, Luo Xinglie, and everyone else from the Sky Cloud Martial School. It looked like even the Windy Eagles were shocked, as their eyeballs stopped moving.

Fighting against the Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior and killing them was completely different. No one from the South Rudra Region had been able to do so for a long time, but Ye Chen had managed to do exactly that. He had done something no one could do for hundreds of years - with only the cultivation of Late Clasping Yuan Realm, he had killed an Astral Reaching Realm who had burned his zhen yuan. Once this was spread out, he would be even more famous than he was already right now. And his name would even be recorded in the history of the South Rudra Region.