Chapter 288: Martial Art Treasure Land

 Chapter 288: Martial Art Treasure Land

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"The Hidden Dragon Secret Realm is the biggest martial art treasure land in the whole South Rudra Region. However, it had never come to surface before. I cannot believe that today we are lucky enough to see it."

"Yeah, if I have guessed it right, that extremely-real-looking dragon would be the only way in. Once it disappears, no one would be able to enter it anymore."

"I am so jealous. The young generation is already so powerful. Once they come out of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, their power would definitely reach the next level, especially for Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng. Their attacking power was already almost equivalent to Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors. If their power increases again, they might be able to actually take on Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors!"

Although the two had broken the sealing light wall before, even with the power equal to Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors, the sealing light wall was still only an object. It would be completely different and way harder to be able to hit actual Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Plus, once one reached the Astral Reaching Realm, all of the zhen Qi would turn into zhen yuan. Burning zhen yuan would provide much more powerful attacking power. With the two's general power right now, they would be able to barely take on a normal Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. There would still be a huge possibility for them to lose, or even die while fighting with Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors who were willing to fight for their lives. They were still nowhere near the Mysterious Queen, who was able to take on two to three Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors by herself.

Of course, the Mysterious Queen was the No.1 martial genius for the past one thousand years in this whole true spirit continent. It was reasonable for her to be that powerful. If the two could reach that level when they were still at the Clasping Yuan Realm, then the people would truly go crazy.

All of a sudden, everyone present voiced his or her own opinions. A lot of the warriors looked very envious, which included some of the most powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors. The martial arts treasure land was not a normal place. Once one entered it, they would be able to make huge progress in their martial arts. As for the amount of progress, it all depended on personal potential and abilities.

"The entrance of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm would only last three hours, so hurry up and heal yourselves, then enter with your peak condition."

All of the leaders had recalled their disciples who had entered the Hidden Dragon Rank, their voices sounding very urgent.

Soon, all of the young warriors from the Hidden Dragon Rank had all disappeared, leaving dozens of people standing around.

Ye Chen did not leave the battling platform. He sat on the ground and took out a mentality repairing pellet to restore what he had used before. As for Sikong Sheng, he was wounded pretty badly, and had already left the stage and entered a secret room to start healing his injuries with the leader of the Floating Mountain Marital School.

"Hehe, what a rare opportunity. I should go and prepare now." Tuo Baku flew on the battling platform and sat right in front of Ye Chen. He took out a bunch of great medicine from his storage ring and stuffed a couple of them into his mouth. Ye Chen took a quick glance at him, and could not help but feel speechless. These great medicines all looked quite precious, and some of them were so valuable that they were really hard to be seen even in huge auctions.

This Tuo Baku seemed to have an interesting background.

A whiff of nice smelling wind appeared as Xu Jing also landed on the battling platform. Her Qi and strength were extremely powerful, and so was her recovering ability. She would only get more and more powerful as she battled more and more. That was why she never needed to try to heal her wounds on purpose.

"They really have to thank you. If it were not for you, they would never be able to see the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm. Of course, I want to say 'Thank you' as well."

The medicine was doing its job. Ye Chen smiled as he said, "This year, someone was destined to reach twenty-seven meter. So the appearance of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm was more or less destined."

Tuo Baku barged in and said, "That is not necessarily true. To have a twenty-seven-meter-long dragon-shaped shadow is not just because of enough dragon fountain Qi. It is closely related to the person himself. If you did not win the champion place, the twenty-seven-meter-long dragon shadow might not even appear. Even one centimeter would make a huge difference."

'Really?' It was the first time Ye Chen had heard about it.

Time flew by. More and more Hidden Dragon Rank warriors appeared on the battling platform. No one said another word, and were all waiting in silence.

After about two and a half hours, the seventy-two warriors all arrived on the battling platform.

The leader of the Sky Demon Martial School's voice was heard, "You will all be tested in different ways once you have entered. If you fail, you will automatically be sent out of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm. There are still seven days before the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm closes, which means that everyone will be sent out in seven days. So try your best and seize the time!"

Right after that, the leader of the Sky Demon Martial School said to Ye Chen: "You are the key to the opening of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm. You will be entering first. The others could enter afterward as you wish."

Hearing him, Ye Chen did not hesitate before stepping into the tornado in front of the dragon's mouth.


The tornado vibrated slightly, and then Ye Chen disappeared within.

After him, Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Murong Qingcheng, Tuo Baku and the rest of the warriors entered one after another. They all extended their bodies and followed behind.

After everyone had disappeared in that tornado, the huge dragon head lifted into the air, then flew twice around the battling platform before disappearing in that deep dark cliff where the others could no longer see.


The leader of the Sky Demon Martial School sat down and exchanged a look with the other rank 6 martial institutions.

The appearance of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm was also a first for them. As for the benefit, the young generation could get, they could not say for sure. But they believed that their disciples would not be weaker than the others, and they would definitely get the best out of it, building a sturdy foundation for their future.

Over at the audience, no one had left. They prepared to sit here for seven days straight just to see what would happen. After all, once one reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, it was very normal to close up and train for months, so seven days were very short.

Two cracks in the space appeared out of nowhere.

"Dragon King, this is also our first time seeing the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, right?" A female voice was heard from the space crack on the left.

"Hehe, now that the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm has appeared, it means that the luck in the whole South Rudra Region is growing. This definitely tells us to try hard to hunt the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult down and wound him so severely that he would not recover for a long time." It was a very ancient sounding voice, but the power was so tremendous that even the air started to vibrate. The speaker then changed his tone and said, "Speaking of which, you are quite impressive, huh? You had only reached the Life and Death Realm not long ago back in the days and your power was already equivalent to the old school Life and Death Realm warriors. I, Dragon King, could also not break that record."

"Why so humble, Dragon King? You are one of the most long-lived Life and Death Realm warriors there ever have been. After beating the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult, your power has definitely proved."

The owner of that ancient voice forced a laugh, "Let's not discuss meaningless things anymore. Plus, this is not a place to stay for long. The Hidden Dragon Ancient City is a place even emperor-level warriors would not dare to underestimate. The good thing was that we had a history with the South Rudra Region. Otherwise, we would never be able to come here."

"Yeah, the reason that I could reach the Life and Death Realm was more or less because of the luck from the South Rudra Region. Hunting the leader of the Nine Ghost Cult was only me returning part of it."

"The Hidden Dragon Rank competition has already finished. There is no point for us to stay here."

Within the blink of an eye, the cracks in the space had disappeared completely. Even the leaders of the rank 6 martial institutions did not sense them, and it was like they had never existed in this world before.


It was a huge world, seemingly borderless.

The young warriors had appeared on a short hill one after another. The hill was connected to the ground with a string of stairs which was more than ten miles long.

"This is the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm? It doesn't look that different!" Some of the young warriors wondered.

"Huh! If even you could tell the difference in the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, then it would not be called the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm. Okay, bye now!"

Seven-days was not a long or a short period of time. Some of them walked down the hill in a hurry, hoping that they could make some progress in the next seven days.

Dozens of meters had been traveled within the second. Suddenly, some of the people walking in the front found something happening.

The ground started to crack as flame burst into the sky. The burning hot lava was like waves of ocean attacking towards the group.

"What's going on?"

Everyone freaked out a little bit, backing out continuously.

Yan Chihuo's eyes suddenly brightened up. He had seen the existence of his poetic perspective from within the lava, so he did not back out at all. Instead, he shot out towards it.

"Fire Cut!"

"Fire Dragon Cut!"

"Crack Ground Cut!"

"Golden Flame Cut!"

With the long blade in his hand, Yan Chihuo performed all that he had learned, and fought against that lava.

Soon, Ye Chen could tell something had changed. Yan Chihuo's fire poetic perspective had grown rapidly. Towards the end, his blade art had gotten more and more aggressive. His blade light had become richer and richer, and it had completely melted together with that burning lava, running along the cracked ground. Every wave of his blade gave people the feeling that it could crack open the earth and bring out more lava.

After the lava had backed down, Yan Chihuo stood still for a second before lifting up his head and laughing, "Good... No, great! My poetic perspective has not only grown twice its size, but it has also incorporated the poetic perspective of the earth."

Turning around, he yelled at Ye Chen, "Your poetic perspective had suppressed mine. But now that I have the poetic perspective of the earth combined with that of fire, you will not be able to beat me if we judged only in terms of poetic perspective."

All of the young warriors looked very shocked. They had not expected that the moment Yan Chihuo entered, he already made some progress. He even dared to challenge Ye Chen now. However, his blade art was indeed looking much more powerful. The title of him being the No.3 of the Hidden Dragon Rank was indeed unshaken. He had drawn a distinct line between him and the No.4.

The lava had appeared very quickly and it had disappeared soon as well. The cracked earth had closed up very quickly like nothing had happened there before.

People could not fly nor float in the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, so all of them would have to walk.


It started to get very windy. Snow flew along with the wind as well. It was everywhere, covering the whole world. The next second, a heavy snow storm appeared, which seemed extremely horrifying.

Lin Qi, who had not spoken a word, suddenly took out his Sky Breaking Blade and shot out into that snow storm.

The bright blade light shot out in different directions. Lin Qi's blade aura was getting faster and faster, as his blade art poetic perspectives became more and more powerful. Once he threw out a blade attack, his blade was no longer a blade. It turned into a huge heavy wind, a snow storm, giving people an illusion that it would be unstoppable. At this moment, Lin Qi's attacking power had gotten one level up. If they were going to have another Hidden Dragon Rank competition, he would definitely be able to make it to a higher ranking.

Right after, there seemed to be a flood arriving, within which were hidden countless swirl pools. All of those young warriors who had trained the poetic perspective of water learned from Lin Qi and Yan Chihuo before, so they did not panic but carried their weapons and started to fight against that flood, hoping they would be able to make some progress from it.

However, things were never this easy.

The warriors who could not handle the power of the flood had been transferred out of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm one after another. Everyone had just started to realize that the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm was a valuable place to train, but it was also a place to test them. The ones with weak potentials would be eliminated instantly and cruelly, and only the ones that were worthy would be able to benefit.

With this lesson, some of them started to hesitate. They did not know if they should start to take on the challenges that had been given by the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm. They could not help but worry about being transported out of here and losing such a great opportunity.

The young warriors who were ranked quite high up in the Hidden Dragon Rank sneered. They knew that if they did not grasp every opportunity to get stronger now, they would not stand a chance towards the end. The challenge of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm would only get more and more difficult. If they did not start to prepare for it in the early stages, they would be doomed to fail.