Chapter 287: The Hidden Dragon Secret Realm

 Chapter 287: The Hidden Dragon Secret Realm

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Lifting his eyes, Ye Chen looked at Sikong Sheng, who had been blown into the air.

Sikong Sheng was still in the air, his left hand forming a claw like gesture. It was trying to block out that Kill Heart sword Qi even now. One could see the blood coming out of his palm, which was a sign of the sword Qi breaking into his half-step zhen yuan layer.


Letting out a breath and pushing again, Sikong Sheng finally shattered that Kill Heart sword Qi and stumbled to land on the ground. He had backed out more than dozens of steps before he finally regained the balance of his body.

His eyes looked both shocked and confused. He said with a smoky voice: "I did not expect you to have another sword ace attack hidden..."

The Kill Heart sword attack not only contained the horrifying killing poetic perspective, but its attacking power and speed were almost unimaginable as well. It was just like its name, one sword to the heart.

Ye Chen was slightly surprised. Among the top three ace attacks of his, the zhen yuan that had been extracted from his Mysterious Great Art would be the most powerful one. There was barely any technique in that, just pure power; The Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Art would affect the application of the One Kill attack, but the one kill attack and the Lone Peak Kill combined together would make the Kill Heart sword attack. Comparing only the attacking power, the Kill Heart attack would be the most powerful one for sure. Without any exaggeration, the Kill Heart sword attack would be his best sword movement. Yet, it was not able to beat Sikong Sheng in one go, which meant Sikong Sheng's fundamental power was unimaginably great.

Of course, although Ye Chen's condition was not at his peak, his attacking power was at least more than ninety percent. Sikong Sheng had blocked out that Kill Heart sword Qi by force, and right now, it would be great if he managed to restore even sixty percent of his attacking power. So, he was no longer a threat to Ye Chen anymore.

"Right back at you!" Ye Chen slowly let out a breath and did not say another word.


Sikong Sheng's condition was worse than what Ye Chen had expected. After saying that, Sikong Sheng puked out another chunk of blood. The Kill Heart sword Qi looked like it had failed to break through his blockage, but a tiny sword Qi had still gotten into his body and clashed with the half-step zhen yuan, which had caused quite a damage.

All of the warriors seemed to have become stuck at being shocked.

The last battle, Ye Chen had won!

None of them had expected this result since Sikong Sheng seemed so untouchable and unstoppable before, and had left a huge impression. Now, that immensely powerful Sikong Sheng had lost to Ye Chen! What a huge shock!

"This is indeed a dark horse! He has beaten all the way through and now... even Sikong Sheng." On the audience seating, someone said it out loud.

"You guys, look! All of those leaders from the rank 6 martial institutions have been shocked!"

"Hehe! I think they had never expected to see the champion place of the Hidden Dragon Rank be stolen by a new star, who no one had even heard about before, instead of their core disciples."

The leader of the Floating Mountain Martial School looked extremely pale. This was the first time that he had been shocked ever since he reached the Seas of Souls Realm before. It was indeed such a shock that Ye Chen had brought him, so huge that he still could not believe it. He even thought it might be an illusion. He shook his head, hoping that it would just disappear like a dream. When he realized it would not work, he looked even more depressed. The first place of the Hidden Dragon Rank competition was not just a title, it came with an extremely powerful luck. Not just to the Floating Mountain Martial School, but also for Sikong Sheng himself, it was something that was very important. And now, it had been taken away by force. It was so frustrating, and he had no outlet for his anger.

"Damn, where did this little brat come from?" All of the leaders from rank 6 martial institutions' attention had landed on Ye Chen. The remaining pieces of sealing light wall suddenly started to vibrate. All of that attention coming together had somehow caused a disturbance in the natural yuan Qi.

All the other five rank 6 martial institution leaders had also been frozen for a while. Then, a light smile appeared on their faces. Although their own disciples had not gotten the champion place, neither did the Floating Mountain Martial School. In that case, they were even in a way. But, it would be great for Ye Chen and his martial institution; with this level of luck, they would only bloom day by day.

All of the people from the Sky Cloud Martial School were still in shock; it was all like a dream.

The champion place of the Hidden Dragon Rank... No one had even dreamed about it. It was not because they would not dare, it was more because they did not think it was possible. The top six rank 6 martial institutions were extremely powerful and full of exclusive martial arts. The young warriors that they had trained with all of their resources would be almost incomparable to the others. Disciples from those rank 6 martial schools had taken the top ten places in eight of the past ten Hidden Dragon Rank competitions. There had been only one or two disciples from the rank 7 martial schools, that too from a long time ago. There was barely anyone from a rank 9 martial institution who had made it in the top ten, not to mention the champion place.

"Leader, this potential and achievement should not be coming from our martial institution. It was definitely from Ye Chen himself!" The headmaster from the Sky Cloud Martial School said suddenly.

Luo Xinglie said, "How so?"

"From the ancient times, the Life and Death Realm warriors would show an inhuman potential when they were young. They could easily break the norm and create miracles. Just one thousand years ago, each Life and Death Realm warrior had run all the way into the Life and Death Realm, especially for the Battle King, the Surreal King and the Mysterious Queen. They had the best potential, which was even stronger than Ye Chen's. Of course, Ye Chen had some inborn flaws and he is only starting to rise up, and it would be hard to say now what kind of achievements he could get. But, he definitely has the potential to get into the Life and Death Realm."

Hearing him, Luo Xinglie lifted up his head. The headmaster was right, the Sky Cloud Martial School could never have this kind of potential. So, the reason that Ye Chen could be this powerful would probably be because of himself. When one person's potential reached beyond his or her martial institution, they would have a chance and opportunity to get into the Life and Death Realm. And Ye Chen was very likely to be one of them.

"It seems like he had sensed it somehow before, and thought he would not make it very far if he only stayed in the martial school. That was why he decided to travel."

Martial institutions were like locks. They would restrain the growth of the young warriors with the potential to get in Life and Death Realm. The locks would only become heavier and heavier with time. Therefore, they should get out in the early stages. Otherwise, no matter how great their potential was, it would disappear eventually, and they would become just normal martial geniuses.

"The path to becoming a Life and Death Realm warrior will be decided by him. Let him fly as high as possible!" The headmaster of the Sky Cloud Martial School said emotionally, and his aged Qi and blood could not help but start to boil again. What could be more exciting than to see a young warrior grow into a Life and Death Realm warrior?

While the Sky Cloud Martial School people were extremely shocked and excited, over at the South Rudra Martial School, they suddenly started to quiet down.

Long Biyun let out a long breath, "I will have to say...I had misjudged him before. He was not just a normal dragon. Instead, he is a true dragon that had been hidden in the deepest cliff. And now, he has finally risen up. His power is enough to compete with the top martial geniuses in the whole true spirit continent."

"According to the old leader himself, the whole purpose of the Hidden Dragon Rank competition was to find the truly hidden dragon. If he did not appear, the luck for the whole South Rudra Region would be affected. It seems like that there had not been a Life and Death Realm warrior in the past five hundred years." Hearing her, the headmaster from the South Rudra Region started to talk.

Long Biyun sighed and said, "A Life and Death Realm warrior is not that easy to appear. Every now and then, there will be one, and it would burn a lot of luck in nature. It is surreal, so no one really knows how to fix that kind of a flaw in nature. Therefore, because of the long history, the luck in the South Rudra Region has already been almost burnt out. Only the last of it in the Hidden Dragon Ancient Town is left, and no one can do anything about it. The leader of the Nine Ghost Cult had come here before, trying to suck out the luck from the bottom of the Hidden Dragon Ancient town to push himself to the limit of the Life and Death Realm. If he had succeeded, then there would never be another Life and Death Realm in the whole South Rudra Region, and it would become a dead land!"

The term 'dead land' seemed to contain endless magic, which made the headmaster stop talking.

As the king level warrior among the young generation in the whole South Rudra Region, and the most likely Life and Death Realm warrior, Sikong Sheng had lost. Everyone was simply stunned. They could not help but wonder if it meant that Ye Chen would be the warrior with the largest potential in becoming a Life and Death Realm warrior instead of Sikong Sheng. Because every time the warriors who carried the potential to become Life and Death Realm lost, their luck would be shaved down a bit. Even with the help from the dragon fountain Qi, losing luck would make a huge difference. Countless people in the whole true spirit continent had just missed that little bit luck and got stuck in the peak of their realm.

There was a rumor saying that if one man had walked through a mountain of corpses and blood river enough and not lost once, they still had the chance to make it into the Life and Death Realm, even without the potential. And if a warrior had endless potential but they lost too much, then the potential would not guarantee his and her chances.

In everyone's eyes, Sikong Sheng had lost too badly this time, and even ten normal losses would not make up to this one. If Sikong Sheng had made it to the champion place of the Hidden Dragon Rank, then the rest of his life might have ended differently; at least he would have saved a lot of time.

The leader of the Floating Mountain Marital School sneered. Sikong Sheng had the enhancement of his dragon fountain Qi and his bloodline of a king level warrior; his luck and potential would never be affected. If he beat Ye Chen again in the future, he would still have a chance in taking his Qi and luck back.

"Sheng'er, don't let me down."


Just as the audience was still shocked, something else happened again on the stage.

The almost-twenty-seven-meter dragon-shaped shadow of Ye Chen's jumped at Sikong Sheng, and after devouring a huge amount of dragon fountain Qi, it kept on growing. Twenty-six... Twenty-Six and a half...Twenty-seven...After it had grown all the way up to twenty-seven meters, the dragon-shaped shadow stopped expanding. Its claws started to look extremely clear. It was full of sharpness and majesty. Once one looked at it, it was like looking at a real dragon among the clouds.

The dragon opened its eyes, its pupils scanning the stadium without any emotions. Wherever it looked at, it always received silence. Even the six Seas of Souls Realm warriors would not dare to challenge its majesty. They unnoticeably tried to avoid making eye contact with the dragon, which was quite frustrating for them. It was not because that they were afraid of Ye Chen's dragon shadow, they were more afraid of the Hidden Dragon Ancient City that was deeply connected to the dragon-shaped shadow. They would never doubt that once they had something evil in their mind, it would bring endless bad luck to themselves and their martial institutions. The lesson they had learned before was still vivid.

While that was happening, the battling platform on the deep cliff suddenly started to vibrate. The sealing light wall went bright, and then dark, starting to look extremely unstable.

The next second...

A huge amount of dragon-shaped Qi flow started to accumulate, creating a huge dragon shaped Qi. The dragon roared into the air, the sound wave shattering and blowing away all the tear drops in the air. A bright red sun appeared from beneath, shining on the whole Hidden Dragon Ancient Town.

After finishing down all this, the huge head of that dragon hit the sealing light wall and landed on the edge of the battling platform. Its mouth was wide open, and it was so deep that no one could see its bottom.

Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng were both naturally calm people, so they did not get disturbed easily. However, their hearts started to race at the appearance of the dragon. In their eyes, the head of the dragon was almost half of the battling platform, which was fifty meters wide and two hundred meters long. The dragon hair were dancing in the wind, and looked blurry wherever they moved.

However, a small pile of the tornado was forming at an extremely fast speed in the dragon mouth. It was like a black hole, sucking out of all the power.

"This is... The Hidden Dragon Secret Realm! A realm that hadn't shown up for a thousand years!"

Someone who had learned about it yelled, his voice spreading out in the whole stadium.

The rumors said that there had been someone from the young generation whose dragon-shaped shadow had grown to twenty-seven meters, and they could sense the Hidden Dragon Ancient City and open the most mysterious Hidden Dragon Secret Realm.

The secret realm was only allowed to be entered with dragon fountain Qi.