Chapter 286: The Kill Heart Attack

 Chapter 286: The Kill Heart Attack

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"The Lone Peak Kill!"

Sikong Sheng threw out a punch, and in that time gap, Ye Chen seized his opportunity. He turned his body and stabbed right back at Sikong Sheng. His immortal mentality was combined with his seventy percent sword intent, as the ultimate killing poetic perspective spread out in the whole stadium, covering all of the space within a ten-meter radius from Sikong Sheng.

Sikong Sheng knew that he was put in a bad spot. He broke through the ultimate killing poetic perspective with force and shifted instantly to meters away.


A straight sword Qi shot right through the sealing light wall behind Sikong Sheng.

All of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors watching the battle felt their mouths getting dry.

The two's attacking power was unbelievably powerful. One had blown through the sealing light wall, and the other had also stabbed right through. If the two attacks had landed on a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, no one could survive. Even normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be able to handle this power.

"Another unstoppable sword Qi." Sikong Sheng looked extremely serious. If it were not for his half-step zhen yuan and his extremely powerful mindset, that sword attack could have seriously wounded him.

The two had thrown out another attack as they continued to battle intensively. Sikong Sheng used his Second Step Art, which helped him track Ye Chen's movements, and then threw out his most aggressive attacks. Ye Chen used his Separating Shadow Art's extremely powerful avoiding skill to dodge all of those attacks. And when he found the right opportunity, he would throw back extremely powerful attacks as well. All of the audience could only hear horrifying exploding sounds, then see the sealing light wall being stabbed through again and again.


This time, the sealing light wall was torn apart immediately. The fist power and the sword Qi had combined together, attacking right at the young generation who was watching from the other side of the deep cliff. It turned out that Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng did not like the idea of not being able to win against each other, so they had thrown out one of their most powerful attacks.

The head judge frowned. His body shifted, crossing hundreds of meters' distance and appearing in front of those incoming attacks. He reached out to block the attacks before the horrifying Qi power landed on the members of the young generations.

Although the combined Qi power was extremely powerful and aggressive, the head judge was a powerful Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior. His casual hand wave could break down a huge mountain, so the Qi power was nothing for him.

After shattering the Qi power, the head judge turned to say, "Stand back."

Hearing him, the young warriors did not dare to take any chances and kept backing out. Ye Chen and Sikong Sheng's attacks individually could kill them, not to mention the combined power.

"Sky Shattering Clouds with Immortal Mentality!"

After getting used to Sikong Sheng's Second Step Art and his traveling distance, Ye Chen showed up next to Sikong Sheng in advance. He changed to holding his sword with only one hand, stabbing it out at an even faster speed.

The thunder roared, attacking right at Sikong Sheng at an awkward angle.

"Oh! You had calculated that I would appear there in advance. Too bad, my Second Step Art allows me to shift in midair." His feet had not landed on the ground yet when Sikong Sheng's body shifted again, landing back where he was standing before.


The sealing light wall had been torn apart. The thunder light sword Qi shoot out towards the audience, and was then caught by a Mid Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

Once Sikong Sheng landed back on the ground, he threw out an attack towards Ye Chen as well.


The sealing light wall on the other side had been blown through as well. As for Ye Chen, he had already started to perform his Separating Shadow Art when he realized he had missed Sikong Sheng, which allowed him to avoid that incoming attack on time as well.

Sikong Sheng had already prepared for it, aiming for the place where Ye Chen had escaped to. He bent his spine and tightened his left fist, throwing it out on the platform.

"Fist Mountain and Ocean!"

The unbearably powerful fist power spread out like an ocean or mountain range with different shapes. It attacked towards Ye Chen, locking down on the potential places that Ye Chen might escape to.

Ye Chen knew that there would be no places for him to back out to. He held his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands and threw out an attack into the sky.

The ocean raised up, the mountain collapsed. Ye Chen's sword attack had instantly broken down the fist power from the Mysterious Sky Tyrant attack. Naturally, the attack itself had also turned into electrical sparks and disappeared in the wind.

"Ye Chen, I was saving this fist attack as my ultimate ace attack, which I was not planning to use in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, because no one is worth for me to use it. Right now, there is still time for you to give up. Otherwise, it will be either some serious injuries or death that you will be facing. I will not be able to control it after I throw it out." As a king level warrior among the young generation, it was not surprising that Sikong Sheng had saved some power behind in case people saw through his true power, which might put him in a disadvantageous position. However, Ye Chen's power had completely reached beyond his expectation. It would be extremely hard for him to win against Ye Chen if he did not use this attack.

Ye Chen looked surprised. Another hidden ace attack? He said, "You have hidden some ace attack. Who said I didn't as well? Let's use all our ace attacks to see who the winner is, shall we?"

The Minor Blood Demon Separating Art would not be usable since all of the people from the Sky Eagle Castle were watching as well. Once he used it, it would be like him shouting that it was he who had killed Yuansong Bo. Also, the Minor Blood Demon Body Separating Great Art was the exclusive martial art from the Blood Demon himself, Ye Chen was not very sure how it would turn out to be, and he was not really a fan of uncertainty. Besides all that, he was not planning to use the zhen yuan that he had extracted from his Mysterious Art. He believed that once he used that pile of zhen yuan, it would be more than enough to beat Sikong Sheng who had only trained half-step zhen yuan. However, the zhen yuan would be his last resort and his most powerful ace attack. There would be so many uncertainties after this, and once he used it, his life would have a little bit more risk.

In that case, only the third ace attack was left.

"They still have ace attacks left?!" All of the spectating warriors were completely shocked. They had never seen such powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warriors in their entire life.

"Since you will not take my kindness, then don't blame me later for not warning you." Sikong Sheng yelled, as all of the aura around him suddenly started to expand. Although his physical body looked exactly the same, he now gave people an illusion that he was extremely tall like a giant.

"Fist Break Sky Shock!"

This fist attack was indeed the ace attack from Sikong Sheng's Mysterious Tyrant Fist Art. Along with his giant like aura and his aggressive unstoppable fist power, it shot out and sliced through the air.

Right after he finished saying the last word of his sentence, Ye Chen had already finished preparing his ace attack. He held his sword with both of his hands as his mind and heart sank into his sword intent. Amidst that ancient peacefulness, a horrifying power was secretly brewing, giving people a feeling that a storm was coming.

Waiting till Sikong Sheng had thrown out his attack, Ye Chen finally finished his preparation and threw out an attack as well.

"Kill Heart!"


The fist art and the sword Qi clashed heavily together. All of the sealing light walls that were surrounding the whole battling platform had been shattered completely by its force. The humongous powerful Qi power spread out, looking unstoppable.

In everyone's eyes, something surprising happened. Sikong Sheng's fist power was stabbed right through by that sword attack. It was then scattered and eventually disappeared while Ye Chen's sword Qi did not stop there. It landed heavily on Sikong Sheng's half-step zhen yuan layer along with that determined poetic perspective.

The half-step zhen yuan layer was torn apart a little bit. Sikong Sheng puked out a chunk of blood as he was blown away.


Ye Chen breathed heavily; throwing that sword attack had burned out a lot of his energy and mentality. He was a bit exhausted, so his condition was no longer at peak. However, he was very satisfied with its outcome.

He had performed this "Kill Heart" attack before; it was indeed when he was fighting against that Wind Wolf in the Gold Tripod City. Back then, he was still combining his Lone Peak Kill. He had unintentionally infused his One Kill Attack into it as well which killed that Wind Wolf instantly. At the time, he was still only a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, and two of his combined sword attacks had barely any real attacking power. His sword intent was still at fifty percent. In other words, it was nothing comparing to what he had now. However, the Wind Wolf was still killed, and although that Wind Wolf was not at its peak, it was still something.

Right now, Ye Chen had already completed combining his Lone Peak Kill, and also had the seventy percent sword intent, which even contained some immortal mentality. Plus, he had also trained his Mysterious Art to its eleventh highest realm. Along with his Late Clasping Yuan Realm cultivation, his Kill Heart sword attack's power had been increased more than ten times. Beating Sikong Sheng was not a surprise.

"Luckily, the Lone Peak Kill was completed, and the One Kill Attack had barely any flaws. Otherwise, combining them would have been extremely hard."