Chapter 285: The Sky Shattering Cloud with the Immortal Mentality

 Chapter 285: The Sky Shattering Cloud with the Immortal Mentality

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"Indeed, as I expected. The two had already reached beyond our level way before." Before the Hidden Dragon Rank competition had even begun, Tuo Baku had guessed that Sikong Sheng and Ye Chen were the two most unpredictable people with his wild hunch. Now, his guess had been confirmed. Sikong Sheng's last revealed ace power was his half-step zhen yuan while it was the seventy percent sword intent for Ye Chen. No one among the whole young generation could threaten them.

On the battling platform...

Ye Chen held his Star Scar Sword while he pushed his zhen Qi, turning in at extremely fast speed. The sharp sword intent and aura kept on rising up, preparing for his next powerful sword attack. In front of him, Sikong Sheng had also started to prepare his ace attacks. His fist aura was extremely rich, turning into a brutal poetic perspective.

The two stopped testing, focusing on battling with full attention.


It was almost at the same time that the two threw an attack at each other.

"Sky Shattering Clouds, Five Movement Combo!" Ye Chen's pupils had almost been dyed a bright blue; it was the color of thunder. His body was traveling at an extremely fast speed, his Star Scar Sword in his hand seemingly turning into lightning and shooting out. Within that aggressiveness, there was still a hint of relaxedness.

"Fist Tyrant River!" Sikong Sheng looked very serious. He had thrown out an ace attack, and his strong fist aura punctured through the air in front of him instantly.


The thunder-like sword light clashed with that aggressive fist power. The whole battling platform started to shake. All of the small rocks on the ground floated up into the air and just stayed there creepily. The next second, the air started to vibrate like boiling water. The brutal Qi power suddenly exploded, spreading out in all directions.

Ye Chen could not stop his body and had been blown hundreds of meters away.

"What a highly condensed fist power!" Ye Chen pushed down his boiling Qi and blood. Although that sword attack was still his Sky Shattering Cloud, it was combined with five different Sky Cloud sword movements, which were more than two times more powerful than the Sky Shattering Clouds that had combined four sword movements. The past few days had enlightened him and made him learn a lot.

However, Sikong Sheng's fist power was even more brutal. It had completely been united. With the power of that one fist attack, it was enough to shake the whole world. Even Ye Chen's sword intent and his poetic perspective of thunder and clouds had been shattered.

"His Mysterious Sky Tyrant Fist art would, unfortunately, be the most frightening top rank Earth Realm fist art. Both its movement and poetic perspective are the best of the best. I am slightly losing in terms of the ranking of my martial arts." Although combining sword movements could make him very powerful and fast, it would not be a long term plan after all. In order to have more power, he would have to go search for a top rank Earth Realm sword art to train. But the high-rank Earth Realm martial arts would be helpful as well.

"However, my poetic perspective of thunder and clouds is not at a normal level as well. Combined with my seventy percent sword intent, its exploding power is definitely one of the best."

Ye Chen let out a breath, looking at Sikong Sheng who was standing in front of him.

After the Qi power had exploded, Sikong Sheng had backed out dozens of meters less than Ye Chen. However, he was also having a rough time as well right now. That thunder-like sword had such a powerful exploding power. It had released a huge amount of power in such a short time, which took a longer time for his fist power to shatter.

The reason he was able to back out dozens of meters less was that Sikong Sheng's fundamental power was more stable than Ye Chen. His cultivation, quality and quantity of zhen Qi were all more powerful than Ye Chen, which was his biggest advantage and Ye Chen's largest disadvantage.

"Good, great! In the last three years, you are the first person to have made me back out. You should be proud of yourself." Lifting his eyes, Sikong Sheng's eyes were extremely bright and crystal clear. One could see that powerful confidence in them, "However, from now on, I will not hold back anymore. You should prepare to get horribly wounded."

"Bring it on. No need to say more." Ye Chen's sword intent had been accumulated, and was getting sharper and sharper. All of the air around him started to vibrate like crazy.

In fact, up until now, he had never really unleashed his seventy percent sword intent before, because his seventy percent sword intent was different from the others. From the two strings of sword intent he had gotten from the Battle King, he had learned the anti-decaying secret. After months of accumulation, his sword intent could finally last for about five blinks of an eye in the real world, which was a very scary progress, knowing that the other's completed sword intent did not even have this effect.


Moving his body instantly, Sikong Sheng was about to get close to Ye Chen and give him a fatal attack.

"My flying art is not weaker than yours!"

The wind blew and Ye Chen's shadow disappeared into the air like a pile of black smoke. Seeing that, Sikong Sheng couldn't help but frown. In his eyes, there was no longer Ye Chen's figure anywhere. He was a bit surprised at the fact that Ye Chen had also trained the top rank Earth Realm flying art, which seemed to contain some special kind of an effect as well. His whole body had changed into shadows.

"In that case, take my Fist Broke River attack!" Stopping his body, Sikong Sheng locked onto Ye Chen's body once again, throwing a punch right at him.

"Sky Shattering Clouds - No Decay!"

Pouring all of the immortal mentality from the sword intent into the sword movement, Ye Chen held the Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, throwing a dark blue thunder light towards Sikong Sheng. That thunder light was like a waterfall, and the power within it kept pouring out.

Crack! Crack!

Something weird happened. Sikong Sheng's fist power was extremely condensed and had the power to look down on all beings. However, no matter how aggressive and brutal it was, it was still unable to shatter the thunder light that was made of the sword Qi. It looked like the thunder light had the power to repair itself; it kept absorbing the power from the air.

In the blink of an eye, the fist power and the sword Qi exploded at the same time. They then twisted and started to combine together, creating a horrifying Qi tornado that spread out across the whole stadium.


Ye Chen's back crashed into the sealing light wall. He could taste the sweetness as blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth.

His protective zhen Qi was still slightly too weak after all; it was unable to block out all of the after wave from the fist power. Added with that blasting power from the Qi tornado, he was slightly wounded.


After backing out for almost hundreds of meters, Sikong Sheng's confident expression had frozen on his face. From the Qi tornado, a small string of sword Qi shot out, slicing right past his left arm and bringing up a bit of blood.

Such a horrifying Qi tornado had still not completely shattered the sword Qi, leaving that little bit to attack Sikong Sheng.


What kind of a sword qi was this?

All of the audience present gasped one after another. All of the young warriors were completely shocked. That intensity of the battle had completely reached out of their expectations, and even imagination. The sealing light wall looked like a broken balloon, Qi power shooting from it continuously; it looked like it was about to break any second.

"Sikong Sheng has been stroked by the sword Qi."

"Ye Chen's seventy percent sword intent is way too powerful than the normal seventy percent sword intent. It seems to be almost impossible to shatter within a short amount of time. Otherwise, Sikong Sheng would not have gotten hurt."

In the beginning, although Ye Chen had unleashed his horrifying seventy percent sword intent, not many people thought he had got a chance, even including the thirteen judges. However, after they exchanged a couple of attacks, Ye Chen had not been bumped to a disadvantageous position, and was still fighting against Sikong Sheng on the same level.

Right now, Ye Chen had crashed into the sealing light wall and got slightly wounded, but Sikong Sheng had also been scratched by the sword Qi. His unwounded record from last Hidden Dragon Rank competition had been halted.

"Is this still the young generation? Even warriors who have just reached the Astral Reaching Realm are not this powerful!"

"The epic battle between the top young warriors... I think it would be extremely hard for people to outdone this battle. Maybe it would be impossible even in the next hundreds of years."

"Indeed. Their battle is almost like the battle between normal Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors. It would be hard to see one in one thousand years. I cannot imagine what would happen once they reach the Astral Reaching Realm."

Everyone was still in shock. Up until now, the battle had already reached beyond their imagination. No one knew what would happen next.

"Ye Chen!" Ji Xueyan could feel his heartbeat going very fast. It felt like it was about to bounce out of her mouth. She could only see Ye Chen, who had blood dripping out of his mouth.

Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng were also focused on him.

"Damn, how is this possible?" The leader of the Purple Sun Martial School Tu Chongshan gasped, and soon lost his calm. He had never thought that there was anyone could fight against Sikong Sheng like this. He thought once Sikong Sheng got serious, Ye Chen would lose instantly.

"How scary! He is definitely a monster. Right now, he already has the power to threaten an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior." A lot of the core masters of the Purple Sun Marital School exchanged a look containing a rich worry and an undisguisable killing intent.

Tu Chongshan tried his best to control his emotion, and announced word by word in his head. 'Regardless of what happens, you are going to die. Enjoy your last moment!'

"What an odd sword Qi! It seemed so hard that it was almost indestructible." Sikong Sheng stopped the bleeding vein in his left arm as he looked at Ye Chen, who was standing hundreds of meters' away.

Even though he had the protection of his half-step zhen yuan, under that almost indestructible sword Qi, his zhen yuan layer still got stabbed through. If it was not for his extra fast reflexes, that sword Qi would have gone all the way through his left arm instead of just scratching past it. It was quite a close call indeed.

"The immortal mentality is indeed impressive. Within five blinks of an eye, the sword Qi seemed to be very hard to destroy completely. Some sword Qi could survive and complete the attack after all." Ye Chen was a bit surprised himself. Ever since he had mastered the seventy percent sword intent, he had not got a chance to fight with someone with all of his power, so he never got a chance to figure out what the immortal mentality could actually do. Now, with this battle, he had a better understanding of himself. Meanwhile, he could not help but be shocked at how powerful the Battle King was. It was a tiny piece of sword intent from five hundred years ago. Imagine how much immortal mentality it actually contained back in the days.

"From now one, you will not have another chance like that." Sikong Sheng looked extra cold as he said that. His body flashed, moving extremely fast towards Ye Chen, as if the distance meant nothing to him.

Ye Chen performed his Separating Shadow Art to increase the distance between them. It was not the time for him to use his Lone Peak Kill yet. In fact, he did not really know at this point if his Lone Peak Kill would work like it should anymore. Sikong Sheng had also surprised him with his half-step zhen yuan. It had drastically lowered the possibility of him winning with a one kill attack.

In everyone's eyes, there wasn't anyone really on that huge battling platform. There were only piles of black smokes and flashing shadows.

The former was from Ye Chen's Separating Shadow Flying Art. When it was pushed to its limit, the black shadow would turn into smoke. On the other hand, the latter was from Sikong Sheng's Second Move Step Art; because of its inhuman fast speed, his body would only appear once after a certain amount of time. It was almost impossible to predict his movement.


All of a sudden, Sikong Sheng flashed twice, appearing not too far from Ye Chen, throwing a punch right at him.


Ye Chen turned into another pile of black smoke, disappearing in the wind.


Missing the target, that fist power carried on stabbing right through the sealing light wall, leaving a huge irreparable hole.

"No way! The sealing light wall was... stabbed through." Before, the sealing light wall had been stabbed through by the combined Qi power from the two. Furthermore, it was only a small tear. Right now, with Sikong Sheng's one punch, the seal light wall had been punched right through, which had tremendously shocked everyone. They knew this meant that Sikong Sheng's full power punch could already stab through an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior's protective zhen yuan layer.