Chapter 280: Knocked out Gold Flame Cut

 Chapter 280: Knocked out Gold Flame Cut

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After Ye Chen had beaten Murong Qingcheng, in the later battles between the top young warriors, Mo Yan had broken through Gu Youyun's Stone King Protective Fist Art with his Sky Demon Monster Eyes and got his first victory in the last nine round of the battles, which had redeemed some of his reputation. Right next, Bing Ling, who had used all of her ace attacks and still lost to Tuo Baku with his inhuman protective arts. What was worth noticing was that Bing Ling's ace attack - the Ice Crystal Fist attack -had gotten so much better that even Tuo Baku had a hard time winning against her.

Right now, it was the battle between Sikong Sheng and Li Daoxuan.

On that battling platform, Li Daoxuan kept performing his sword steps, barely avoiding Sikong Sheng's vast and powerful fist power. Waiting for the right moment, he pushed his sword intent to its limits. The sword light flashed and the sword Qi became extra sharp and unstoppable, cutting towards Sikong Sheng's protective zhen Qi layer.

"Fist Tyrant River!"

Keeping his right hand behind him, Sikong Sheng formed a fist with his left hand and threw out a punch. That powerful fist power brought heavy turbulence in the air, bringing up the air like waves of oceans.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The sword Qi had been shattered, and the fist power carried on its attack, shooting right through Li Daoxuan's flying body and landed heavily on the dark blue light wall.

The light wall expanded a little bit towards the outside. It looked like it could barely handle the force and was about to burst.

"What realm of power was that fist power? That light wall looked like it was about to shatter." There was a complete silence in the audience seating, and only after a long while did someone say with a shaky voice.

"The strength of that dark blue light wall was about the protective zhen yuan of an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. It is normally unlikely to burst, but Sikong Sheng's fist power was indeed horrifying, because even if it were a most common protective zhen yuan layer, it would be almost impossible for a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior to break it."

"The young generation... he is in the lead with such a huge gap!"

The dark blue light wall on the edge of the battling platform was called the stage sealing light wall. Although it had nothing much to do with zhen yuan layer, its defense strength was not that different from the protective zhen yuan layer. During the past thousand years, no one had ever broken the light wall front-on; there was rarely anyone who had ever shaken it that much before. Naturally, the crowd did not expect that Sikong Sheng could actually break open the light wall, but judging from the previous scene, Sikong Sheng's fist power had obviously pushed the light wall to its limit.

"So powerful! Even the most casual attack could have this level of power! How do you even block that?"

"I think Sikong Sheng had not even used all of his power yet. Otherwise,e the light wall might have actually broken"

All members of the young generation were just as shocked. Only the disciples from the Floating Mountain Martial School had faces full of pride - once their head disciple won the first place again, they would be able to benefit from that endless luck as well. Even the slightest drop of that luck could save them years of hard work.

"Silence Sword Attack!"

Pushing his sword steps to its limitation, Li Daoxuan jumped through hundreds of meters and appeared out of nowhere on the right side of Sikong Sheng. A sword attack was then thrown out without any warning.

The sound coming from the outside had been completely blocked out. There seemed to be no sound in this whole universe, only that breathtaking sword light that was shooting towards Sikong Sheng.

"Silent ace attack, it is worth for me to use my right hand!"

Without any huge movement, his body shook and turned around, facing Li Daoxuan. He took out his right hand from the back, and squeezed it tightly together with the left hand in the air. The peaceful air suddenly tightened up, and it was like it had been extracted from nature and become his own.

Under that horrifying tightening power, the sword light's speed started to decrease rapidly. It had become eventually visible to the human eyes, along with the horrifying sword Qi as well.

"Fist World!"

The clothes on his body started to move on their own without any wind as Sikong Sheng threw out a punch while he was at it.


The sword light was half a meter away from Sikong Sheng when it was shattered into thousands of pieces and then exploded. Without any delay, they had all started to shoot back like bees returning to their nest, or like rain drops.

Li Daoxuan's body kept on flashing, each stop of his was for less than half a second. However, unfortunately, there were just way too many broken sword lights. His shoulders, legs, arms had been scratched by those light dots, blood spilling everywhere.

Sikong Sheng put his hands behind his back and stood still, "You have quite an impressive power, and your Silence ace attack has gotten a little stronger as well."

After sealing up the bleeding points, Li Daoxuan lifted up his head and said, "Among the young generation, you are indeed the most powerful warrior. I heard that after this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competition, you will go travel to other regions?"

"Precisely. I don't feel any pressure in the South Rudra Region anymore. Only leaving here and meeting other top geniuses in other regions could help me train faster and get more powerful." Sikong Sheng had planned about it earlier. Although his training speed was No.1 in the South Rudra Region and no one could compete with him, wanting to train all the way to the Life and Death Realm was still extremely hard. One had to know that among the same generation in this whole true spirit continent, there were rarely more than three people that made it to the Life and Death Realm. Its difficulty was unimaginable. Therefore, he would be heading to the other regions in the next one or two years.

The dragon fountain Qi was being devoured by Sikong Sheng's dragon-shaped shadow, Li Daoxuan put away his long sword and said, "I have an instinct that this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competition would not end this easily."

"I will end it without any doubt." Sikong Sheng's voice sounded extremely calm, like an ancient well that had seen through the years. A confidence that normal people could not imagine at all had revealed a little bit from that sentence.


The sixty-seventh round, the thirty-fifth battle...

Yan Chihuo versus Lin Yun.

"The Sky Fall Attack!"

"Fire Dragon Cut!"

There was a slight difference zhen Qi the two had trained, but they both belonged to the fire element zhen Qi, which was very famous for its brutality. Each movement of theirs was reckless and powerful, bringing up flames that had spread out on the whole platform.

"Falling Star Steps - Step Wave Kill!"

His body turned into a falling star shooting out like lightning - Lin Yun had performed the ace attack that was similar to the Dark Fire Kill - the Step Wave Kill. The burning spear shot out along with that endless flame wave.

"Fire Cut! Crack Ground Cut!"

Yan Chihuo did not back out or escape. He used his blade and blown away the tip of that spear, then stabbed the long blade into the ground and pulled it all the way up, bringing up an even more horrifying flame.


He pushed his eleventh level Sky Fall Great Art to its extreme and placed all those Fire Yuan Shields around his body, which seemed very heavy and thick. They had blocked out that fatal blade attack of Yan Chihuo.

"You are underestimating me now. Lose! Gold Flame Cut!"

After Crack Ground Cut, there were more even stronger ace attacks ready to strike. The blade was covered in flame, its color turning from burning red to golden red, burning all of the air to nothingness and turning it into a vacuum space. Without a sound, the golden, shiny blade light shot out, increasing its speed to its limit in that vacuum space, cutting Lin Yun's Fire Yuan Shield brutally like lightning.


Lin Yun could not control his body, and was blown away carrying that burning flame with him while his Fire Yuan Shield had been shattered completely and disappeared into the air, leaving nothing behind.

"F***! Blood Flame Break!"

There were too many bleeding spots, and as Lin Yun casually swung his hand in the air, a huge amount of blood accumulated into a pile and turned into a forearm-sized blood spear after being burnt by that flame. It sliced through the sky and dragged out a dark red line in the air because of its extremely fast speed.

"Second Kill - Gold Flame Cut!"

Yan Chihuo would not dare to underestimate the power of that Blood Fire Break, so he took odd steps as he backed out. While he was backing out, the long blade in his hand suddenly performed its deadly attack, clashing with that incoming blood spear.

A golden-red mushroom cloud raised up in the sky, and all of the sealing light wall surrounding the stage had been expanded like a stomach that had been stuffed, continuing its expansion.

Stepping one of his feet into that tough platform, Yan Chihuo was able to regain control over his body. The long blade that was covered in flame in his hand was pointed to the ground as he said, "Lin Yun, you still have a long way to go, man."

Lin Yun was furious but he sneered, "If it is a battle of life or death, I doubt I would lose to you. The limitation of my Blood Fire Break does not stop there."

"Huh! Why do you have so much crap to say when you are losing? A life or death battle? I think you might not get a chance to talk then." Along with Yan Chihuo's brutal aura, his dragon-shaped shadow jumped at Lin Yun, devouring his dragon fountain Qi to grow itself.

"Yan Chihuo should indeed not be underestimated. Judging from the fact that he had just broken Lin Yun's Fire Yuan Shield directly, his attacking power is extremely horrifying."

"Right now, there are only three people who have maintained an all-win record - Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo and Ye Chen. It is doomed for them to have a battle together, and I wonder what the result would be."

As the competition had reached its ending, all of the audiences knew that the peak of the competition would arrive soon. They could barely control their emotions.

The next battle had also finished, and it would be the end of the sixty-seventh round of battles.


It was the sixty-eighth battle.

This round was not a challenge for Ye Chen as his opponent was Bing Ling. After exchanging dozens of rounds, Bing Ling gave up again.

The battle in front of him was between Murong Qingcheng and Yan Chihuo.

Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Great Art was very tricky to take on, and Yan Chihuo was almost facing some difficulties when he tried to break down her defense. Plus the fact that his flying art and techniques were not as powerful as Ye Chen's, so he was still unable to gain the upper hand of the battle. He could not only use his inhuman attacking power to try to beat Murong Qingcheng head on.

"Gold Flame Cut!"

The flame covered half of the sky as Yan Chihuo threw three blade attacks in a row at Murong Qingcheng. Three gold-red-colored blade lights sliced through the air, attacking towards her.

"Power Field Cut, Protective Sky Demon Kill!"

Murong QIngcheng performed her Power Field Cut separately with both of her hands, breaking those two incoming blade lights instantly. The last remaining blade light attacked right into her Sky Demon Power Field, but it was then shattered by Murong Qingcheng's twisting power field. It seemed to be almost impossible to wound Murong Qingcheng, but Yan Chihuo obviously did not really expect three blade light attacks to beat her. His purpose was to get close.

Once he had gotten close, he had performed his Second Kill Gold Flame Cut instantly.


The Sky Demon Power Field had been cut almost in half. The attack was eventually blocked out by Murong Qingcheng's ace attack - Condensed Power Field. However, the power that came with the blade light had still blown her away at once.

"Crack Ground Cut!"

Yan Chihuo would not let this great opportunity go. He stabbed his blade right into the ground, beating his opponent shortly after.

The top four young warriors had all made their appearance in the battle, and there were only six people left.

Without any surprises, Sikong Sheng had beaten Mo Yan without an effort. Li Daoxuan had broken Gu Youyun's Stone King Protective Fist Art with his excellent sword art cultivation, and Tuo Baku and Lin Yun had also got their battle.

On a serious note, the battle between the two was indeed epic, since the two's cultivation and power were quite similar. Tuo Baku had an inhuman defense while Lin Yun's defense was not weak either. It would be impossible for the two to beat their opponent's defense that easily. Eventually, Lin Yun had performed his Blood Fire Break and melted right through Tuo Baku's protective zhen Qi layer while Tuo Baku had performed his Dragon World and blown away Lin Yun, who landed heavily on the dark blue light wall,

The battle did not have a result still.

After crawling back up from the ground, the two continued their battle, and now it was no longer about fighting power but more about endurance and physical strength. Whoever could last until the end would be the winner. After half an hour, Tuo Baku had the better physical strength after all, barely winning against Lin Yun. And right then, he was already losing his breath.

After the battle between the two, the sixty-eighth round would not have another battle between the top young warriors. The audience had lost their interest. However, the situation did not last very long. After the sixty-eighth round, the sun had already set, and it would mean the end of the day's battles.