Chapter 278: Tricky

 Chapter 278: Tricky

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The sparks had all shot out into the sky, Lin Yun's Sky Fall Kill was already prepared, but still had not yet been shot out before being shattered instantly by Ye Chen. The time was just right - Lin Yun had just spent most of his energy at the time on the preparation, and his power had not been repaired.

After his one sword attack had helped him gain the advantageous position, Ye Chen moved around his body. The Star Scar Sword in his hand used its advantage of having a powerful sword aura and exploding power. It was waved horizontally as well as vertically. The intense sword light was like thunder and lightning, like clouds and oceans. Each movement and each attack gave people an impression that it was unstoppable.

"Damn! Dark Fire Kill!" Lin Yun was both shocked and aggravated. He did not expect Ye Chen to change his battling style all of a sudden, becoming extremely sharp and aggressive. At the beginning of this battle, Ye Chen was definitely just breaking attacks as they came along, and he rarely attacked actively. Seeing that his battling rhythm had been completely destroyed, Lin Yun did not even have a chance to fully perform his ace attacks. Without another choice, he used his left hand instead of his iron spear, accumulating an egg-sized dark red fire ball, and threw it towards Ye Chen.

In fact, the Ye Chen right now was the real Ye Chen - extremely aggressive, full of sharpness, cutting through whatever was in his way. Every opponent that was blocking his way to success would be eliminated without hesitation. Before that, he was only trying to learn something from the others, and that was the only reason that he hid away his sharpness and was only breaking attacks instead of attacking.

Right then, that learning curve was almost done. As for those who he had not fought yet, there was already no need for him to figure it out movement by movement, since most warriors' ace attacks had already been exposed during the competitions so far. There was barely any valuable movement left to be figured out.

The fireball was very brutal, and its power spread out on the platform.

"Shadow Explosion!"

Countless shadows that had been overlapped together suddenly exploded. The real Ye Chen flashed his body and avoided the blasting zone of that fireball, appearing on the right side of Lin Yun instantly. He shook his wrist lightly, and a thunder-like sword light appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around Lin Yun. Each attack looked like it had been carefully measured, extremely fatal.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

Lin Yun's zhen Qi layer had been shaved to only a thin layer, and he could not help but start to be frightened. He was not like Tuo Baku who had put most of his zhen Qi on the surface of his skin, which was way more powerful than the protective zhen Qi layer that was outside his body. Actually, he was completely opposite to Tuo Baku; his protective zhen Qi had already reached the highest eleventh level, which was extremely strong. However, under Ye Chen's continuous sword light attacks, it somehow looked like it was about to break any second, and how could that not shock him?

"Fire Yuan Shield!"

More burning zhen Qi had flushed up and accumulated a shadow shield made of fire in front of Lin Yun. The shadow shield was extremely heavy, thick and covered with patterns. Because the burning zhen Qi kept on compressing with each other, sparks kept spilling out.


The sword light had finally been canceled out and bounced away by the Fire Yuan Shield; it could not move forward another inch.

"Fast Blade!"

Ye Chen's step was very unpredictable. He took a big leap and got very close to Lin Yun instantly. The Star Scar Sword in his hand stabbed out at a tilted angle, and with a speed that was so fast that the human eyes could not even catch its sight.


The shadow shield had been blown away a little bit, and the sword light was still extremely sharp and unstoppable, hitting directly onto Lin Yun's chest.

"Now you are just being a bully." Lin Yun was furious. Ever since the beginning of the Hidden Dragon Rank competitions, there had not been anyone who pushed him to a spot that he could not even perform his ace attacks fully. The anger in his chest kept on growing. Suddenly, the Sky Fall Great Art, which was exclusively from the Sky Fall Martial School, exploded, accumulating five whole shadow shields instantly outside of his body and blocking every dead angle.

Ye Chen flicked his eyebrows and changed his sword movement from the Fast Blade to the Lone Peak Kill. Suddenly, the poetic perspective that had been carried out by the sixty percent sword intent spread out the whole platform, covering the area where Lin Yun was standing.

"I don't believe you could break open my Fire Yuan Shield."

Under the influences of the Lone Peak Kill's poetic perspective, Lin Yun's reaction was obviously slowed down. Right then, he did not have time to escape, and the center of his right palm had been cracked open, blood spilling out from within. He prepared to throw back a deadly attack while taking on Ye Chen's incoming attack.


Out of Lin Yun's expectation, Ye Chen backed out instantly without any sign, which frustrated him a lot, since his fist attack had missed completely. Even the Blood Fire Break had almost been ruined. However, right at that confusing moment, Ye Chen, who was at dozens of meters away, attacked again.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

Holding the sword with both of his hands, Ye Chen's robes danced in the air as he threw out a sword attack at Lin Yun.

The latter had a twisted look on his face. The blood on his right hand had already formed into a bloody spear tip, which he then swung out. The spear attack shot out as it sliced through the sky.

The burning flame shot out into the sky, bringing up thunder and lightning, and an incredibly strong wind. The two kinds of different ace attacks had layered up together, under which every single Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would die if came in contact.


The ace attacks had canceled out each other. Ye Chen's body exploded again as dozens of shadows shot out at Lin Yun. All of a sudden, Lin Yun could not tell which Ye Chen was real and which was fake. Without being noticed, a sword stabbed right into the tiny gap of the Fire Yuan Shield and landed on the shoulder of Lin Yun. A small string of blood spilled into the sky.

"What an impressive strategy! He had first burnt out the final ace attack of Lin Yun, then threw out a one kill attack, leaving his opponent no chance to fight back."

Li Daoxuan took a deep breath as he thought to himself.


The leader of the Sky Fall Martial School looked extra gloomy right now. The chair handle had been cracked open by the squeeze of his hand.

"This boy is indeed tricky!" Right next to him, the headmaster of the Sky Fall Martial School did not really know what to say in these circumstances. He finally exclaimed after thinking for a long while.

The leader of the Sky Fall Martial School sneered, not saying another word.

After devouring Lin Yun's dragon fountain Qi, Ye Chen's dragon-shaped Qi had grown to the largest it had ever been, which was almost twenty-six meters, right below Yan Chihuo and Sikong Sheng.

"You..." Lin Yun looked down at that tiny sword hole, he seemed to still have a hard time accepting the fact that he had just lost. That unnamed anger had no outlet to be released.

Over at the judges' panel, all of the judges all looked at each other - they could not really process what had just happened. Soon, they announced that Ye Chen had won the battle.

Soon, there would be the battle between Sikong Sheng and Tuo Baku.

Tuo Baku's power could definitely be regarded as one of the top among the youngsters. However, his opponent was Sikong Sheng, the king warrior among the young generation in the whole South Rudra Region. If the attacking power could not reach Yan Chihuo's level, the warrior would have no chance in even competing with Sikong Sheng. Tuo Baku had lost without a doubt.


The sixty-seventh round...

"The first battle, Murong Qingcheng versus Ye Chen."

Once the sixty-seventh round had begun, the audiences started to get extremely excited. Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen were both very popular young warriors right now. The popularity only could rank them in the top three. With their equally powerful strength, the audience could not wait to find out who was more powerful.

Over at the battling platform...

Murong Qingcheng had worn a light layer of fabric for covering her face, and had a slim body. Her dark eyes had a hint of purple, and were like two bright stars in the dark night, making people easily get lost in her eyes. Ye Chen stood in front of her with a long sword around his waist. His movement was very slow but firm, looking very majestic.

At this special moment, everyone was shocked at the beauty of this image.

Murong Qingchend showed a light smile, "I haven't seen you for more than a year now. I did not expect you to make such a huge progress and keep an all-win record. I am afraid even I cannot beat you."

It would be a lie to say that she was not surprised. When they were both in the Three River City back then, Ye Chen was only an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior and his sword intent had only just reached the entry level, which was similar to Wei Renjie. However, after one year, his sword intent had not only reached sixty percent, but his sword art and cultivation had also made a huge growth, reaching an unbelievable level. It made even her, who never showed an expression, start to wonder.

"Everyone's path is different, I guess." Ye Chen said.

Murong Qingcheng nodded, "Let's start then!"

After controlling her expression and starting to look serious, Murong Qingcheng performed her Sky Demon Power Field instantly while she performed the Sky Demon Catch with her left hand and attacked with her right hand, performing the Sky Demon Palm Print Attack.

Facing Murong Qingcheng's attack, Ye Chen's body flashed. While he avoided the Sky Demon Catch attack, he took out his Star Scar Sword. The sword Qi was extremely sharp and aggressive. It clashed with Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Palm Print attack.

The sword Qi had been shattered, but Murong Qingcheng started to frown, because Ye Chen had just performed his Separating Shadow Art and the whole place was covered in his shadows. There were layers after layers, making it almost impossible to tell which was real and which was fake.

"Sky Demon Kill!"

Murong Qingcheng clapped her hands in the air as she activated her Sky Demon Power Field. She then slightly twisted her hands.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

At least ten dozens of zhen Qi shadows were shattered by the Sky Demon Power Field, clearing out a huge area. However, what awaited her was that thunder-like sword light, which landed heavily on her protective Sky Demon Power Field, bringing up waves of turbulences and disturbing the peace of her blood and Qi.

"Power Field Cut!"

Her body moved as per her thoughts, Murong Qingcheng threw out a Power Field Cut where the sword light came from. The Power Field Cut that contained the two opposite powers was extra horrifying. It had completely torn apart the battling platform, leaving a deep mark that spread out in a straight line.

Swoosh! - another zhen Qi shadow had been cut open.

"Lone Peak Kill!"

Ye Chen's real body appeared ten meters from Murong Qingcheng, pressing his body extremely close to the Sky Demon Power Field. He had completely ignored the effect of the Sky Demon Power Field. He then twisted his wrist and his Star Scar Sword stabbed out without hesitation. His pre-prepared poetic perspective happened to cover his opponent within.


The sword Qi clashed with the Sky Demon Power Field, the after wave spreading out and impacting both Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng's bodies.

Murong Qingcheng's face went pale. In that critical moment, her reaction speed had been affected, which caused her failure in throwing an attack back in time. Not only that, she had been wounded lightly by her own Sky Demon Power Field. Ye Chen, on the contrary, had already backed out in advance. He had only gotten a little splash from the after wave of that Power Field.

With only the sixty percent sword intent, Ye Chen naturally was not able to break open Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Power Field, so Ye Chen had used his Separating Shadow Art and pressed himself ten meters away from Murong Qingcheng. He carried on performing his Lone Peak Kill and Sky Shattering Clouds, aiming to break down the stability of the Sky Demon Power Field, leaving his opponent no chance to rest.

After dozens of exchanges, Murong Qingcheng's face looked even paler. People had commented on her Sky Demon Great Art as very tricky to take on, but no one had expected Ye Chen's trickiness. Once he had gotten the upper hand, he would not give his opponent any chance to fight back. And now, she knew exactly how Lin Yun had felt.

After another ten rounds, Murong Qingchen said, "No need to continue, I have lost!"

Hearing her, Ye Chen put his Star Scar Sword back into its scabbard and took ten steps back.

"Good battle!"

Ye Chen's victory was expected, but also unexpected at the same time. No one had expected Ye Chen could be this powerful when he decided to be aggressive. The Sky Demon Power Field that had troubled Lin Yun and Li Daoxuan seemed to face an even more powerful wall when faced with Ye Chen.

"Head disciple, this guy is too tricky." Right next to Sikong Sheng, a core disciple from the Floating Mountain Martial School frowned as he said.

Sikong Sheng, on the other hand, looked just the same. He said lightly, "He has quite a lot of impressive battling experience. Unfortunately, when facing extreme power, all of that would be useless." In his eyes, only Yan Chihuo had the power to make him slightly serious, but it was still not threatening at all. As for Ye Chen, he would be just like Yan Chihuo, maybe even weaker.