Chapter 277: The No.1 Sword Artist (Part Three)

 Chapter 277: The No.1 Sword Artist (Part Three)

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It was almost a blink of an eye. The sword light that Li Daoxuan had thrown out had already appeared right in front of Ye Chen. It did not have any kind of vibration, and was shaped like a half moon. The tip of the half moon was attacking towards Ye Chen at an inhuman speed, and there were no words to describe how sharp it was.

Right at the second before the sword light was about to touch Ye Chen, he finally moved. He held his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, throwing out an attack that was even faster than the incoming sword light. As for how exactly Ye Chen managed to do it and what angle he chose to throw out, no one really had the answer.


There was no way that this sword attack could be broken, so it could only be blocked out. Li Daoxuan's sword light was way too fast and way too powerful. Extremely powerful sword attacks could not be blocked out in advance. It could only be achieved with the purest fast sword poetic perspective. However, the power of the fast sword poetic perspective was not as powerful as the poetic perspective of the Lone Peak Kill and the Sky Shattering Cloud. It was solely focused on the speed, aiming to swing out the fastest sword art within the shortest time.


Countless sparks spilled around the place, and because of the momentum, all of these sparks had shot out right at Ye Chen, wrapping him up within. It was like a fire flower blossoming at him, which was breathtakingly beautiful.

Li Daoxuan's sword light had not disappeared yet, and it started to bounce drastically, seeming to break through Ye Chen's blockage and deal him a fatal attack.


The Star Scar Sword backed out an inch before throwing another attack back with even faster speed. It had landed exactly at the same spot as the previous spot.

The sword light targeted the attack, and somehow made a metal breaking sound.

The next second!

The remaining two lights - both right and left - left two deep marks on the platform behind Ye Chen, which was dozens of meters long.

"Silence! It compressed the power of the sword light to the extreme, which had cut off all of the connection to air as well as to the outside world. Sound travels through air, which naturally could not get in, and thus, manually created a silent world."

Ye Chen's blockage was not completely meaningless. It had used the vibration of the sword light and the Star Scar Sword as well as his sensitive soul power, which allowed Ye Chen to discover the mechanism of the fatal Silence attack in such a short time.

However, knowing did not guarantee success. It would be extremely hard to be able to perform this attack without a long time of practice.

For example, everyone knew about the theory that if one compressed the zhen Qi to a certain degree, it could be used to kill Astral Reaching Realm warriors or even Seas of Souls Realm warriors. But no one really had the power to manage such high intensity of control. It would be harder to achieve than becoming a Life and Death Realm warrior.

There were many mysterious things that reached beyond humans' perception. Most of them were useless, because it could not be achieved with normal methods.

Therefore, techniques and skills were invented to help achieve similar effects.

The learning of techniques could be seen as a shortcut. It allowed the warriors to master something that was very abstract more easily, allowing them to do something that they normally could not do.

The Silence attack was indeed containing a high leveled technique. By mastering such techniques, it could compress the sword light to an extreme level, increasing the speed and the power drastically and killing people in silence.

"You blocked it?!" After performing the Silence attack, Li Daoxuan looked like he had been completely drained, looking extremely pale. Seeing that Ye Chen had blocked out that sword light without a scratch, he could not be more shocked. However, before he could realize and let the emotions sink in, he could see his sword light being cut in half.

Slowly letting out a breath, Ye Chen smiled and said, "This sword attack is very impressive. Unfortunately, you have not fully mastered it yet. Otherwise, even I would not be able to cut it open."

The sword light was like steel, but with great leverage that even Ye Chen was not able to cut it open at once;, he had to cut twice since he did not have Mo Yan's Sky Demon Eyes that were able to see through weaknesses with his human eyes. In fact, if it was Mo Yan, there was still nothing he could do since his reaction speed was not even half of Ye Chen's.

Regardless, the Silent ace attack was indeed a deadly attack. If Li Daoxuan were able to improve it in the future, Ye Chen would have to train his fast blade poetic perspective to the extreme as well in order to block it out successfully.

"I lost... You are indeed very powerful. You have the power to compete with Yan Chihuo." Li Daoxuan knew that Yan Chihuo was still holding some of his power back, but there was a lot of luck involved when Li Daoxuan cut off some of his hair. And Ye Chen was able to take on that Silent ace attack safely, which meant he had definitely enough power to compete with Yan Chihuo.


The dragon roar was heard. The dragon-shaped shadow devoured Li Daoxuan's dragon fountain Qi. It had grown once again, reaching twenty-five meters and looking extremely majestic.

Right then, the discussions under the stage had already exploded.

"After beating Li Daoxuan, Ye Chen is now the No.1 sword artist among the young generation in the South Rudra Region. What a surprise!"

"Indeed! Now that even Li Daoxuan has lost to Ye Chen. Who would be next? Would he become a defeated contestant to Ye Chen or would he end Ye Chen's all-win record?"

In everyone's eyes, Ye Chen had turned into an epic dark horse from just a normal one. He had made it all the way through to the top ten. Not only that, he had now beaten four top young warriors. Gu Youyun, who he hadn't fought before was definitely not his opponent. Then there were Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Lin Yun and Murong Qingcheng coming up. Among the four, no matter who he managed to beat, it would make his halo even brighter. And even if he lost now, the 5th place in the Hidden Dragon Rank was definitely an honor already. It was not something everyone could have.

The leader of the Heartless Martial School sighed. Li Daoxuan in his prime condition had still lost to Ye Chen - there was nothing more he could say really. The No.1 sword artist among the young generation in the South Rudra Region would no longer have any relation to the Heartless Martial School. 'Ah well, it is good in a way. Only competition could inspire growth. After this battle, Daoxuan might be able to make some drastic improvement and push his martial arts to the next level.'

"He will be a powerful opponent!" Yan Chihuo started to look serious for the first time. Ye Chen's halo was way too bright right now. If Yan Chihuo did not use all of his power, there was a huge possibility that he might lose. The good thing was that this past battle had let him see and understand a lot of things about Ye Chen, giving him some basic information to work with.

"Li Daoxuan, you have done me a huge favor!" Yan Chihuo thought to himself.


"The thirty-third battle, Yan Chihuo against Tuo Baku!" Compared to the battle between the top sword artists, the battle between Yan Chihuo and Tuo Baku had also attracted a lot of attention.

Although Tuo Baku had lost to Ye Chen, everyone knew that with his extremely powerful defense, it would still be tough for Ye Chen to beat him completely during a real fight.

"Perfect, another powerful one." That ocean-life zhen Qi started to compress rapidly, accumulating on the surface of Tuo Baku's skin. It looked like he was wearing a greenish-black light layer. An excitement flashed pass his eyes as he threw out his Ruin Eighteen Punches.


Yan Chihou took out his long blade. A burning red flame appeared on the body of the blade. That flame made of fire element zhen Qi was unlike Lin Yun's brutal zhen Qi. It looked more relaxed but purer. After Yan Chihuo threw out a blade attack, the area in front of him had been cut open into a vacuum space.


Tuo Baku's fist power had not been performed to its limit, yet it had been shattered by that blade attack. The burning flame wrapped Tuo Baku within.

"Dragon Sky!"

The flame had been broken open as Tuo Baku shot out. He threw out an ace attack, as a humongous dragon-shaped Qi swallowed Yan Chihuo, who was not too far away.