Chapter 275: The No.1 Sword Artist (Part One)

 Chapter 275: The No.1 Sword Artist (Part One)

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"What an arrogant loser!" Yan Chihuo sneered. Even he would not underestimate Murong Qingcheng's power, and would have treated her seriously. Otherwise, the chance of him losing out of surprise would not be zero. The reason that Lin Yun had lost to Murong Qingcheng was mainly because he had underestimated her actual power, so he did not handle the battle that seriously and it got to the critical moment, by the time it was already way too late.

After taking one step wrong, each step would end up being wrong.

If Lin Yun had not limited himself to ten attacks and took out everything he had got to fight against Murong Qingcheng, then the result would be actually unpredictable. Therefore, in conclusion, he had really lost to himself.

The leader of the Sky Fall Martial Art looked extremely pale. The failure of Lin Yun was completely out of his expectation. He had already made up a conclusion that with Lin Yun's power, even if he could not be the champion, he would still definitely be in the top three. Among all the contestants, only Sikong Sheng and Yan Chihuo could be his opponents.

"Leader, he would still have a chance to take the third place, so no need to get mad yet." The headmaster of the Sky Fall Martial School let out a breath and suggested.

"I know. This battle would be a lesson for him - never underestimate your opponents."

The Hidden Dragon Rank was using the scoring system, and it was common to have a situation where the contestants' score could be the same. Therefore, Lin Yun still had the chance of fighting for the third place, and maybe even the second place. However, it would be very unlikely since Yan Chihuo's power was undeniably powerful. Besides Sikong Sheng, no one could really beat him.

Crawling up from the ground, Lin Yun puked out another chunk of blood. It was not caused by the wounds, but more from his frustration. He had never expected himself to lose like this, especially not in the hands of Murong Qingcheng. Thinking about the conversation with her before the battle, his brain went blurry. He felt both ashamed and embarrassed.

After devouring Lin Yun's dragon fountain Qi, Murong Qingcheng's dragon-shaped shadow had expanded to almost twenty-four meters, which was just below Sikong Sheng, Yan Chiuo and Ye Chen, ranking No.4.

Without saying another word of insult, Murong Qingcheng walked straight off the stage.

The sixty-fourth round had finished and the one whole hour break had begun.

Inside the training room...

The leader of the Sky Fall Martial School said as he was healing Lin Yun, "This battle, you had been very reckless. In the following battles, besides Yan Chihuo, I want you to win them all."

"Don't worry, leader. If I have a chance to fight Murong Qingcheng again, I will take it seriously." Lin Yun tightened his fists as his veins popped out on his forehead.

After one hour had gone past, the sixty-fifth round of the competition began.

"The first battle, Sikong Sheng against Gu Youyun!"

Sikong Sheng and Gu Youyun both were not only disciples from the Floating Mountain Martial School, but they also both carried the bloodline of King level warriors. One of them was the decedent of the Mysterious King while the other of the Stone King. Unfortunately, the gap between their power was way too big. Otherwise, it would be an epic battle between two king level warriors' decedents.

"Sister disciple, you shall go first!" Sikong Sheng reached out his left hand.

Gu Youyun nodded. She was naturally aware of her head disciple's power, which was not something she could handle. However, in the last nine rounds of competitions in the history of Hidden Dragon Rank, no one had automatically given up before. And she did not want to be the one breaking it. Plus, there was barely any chance for her to battle with her head disciple. It was not like he could beat her in one attack, since he would go easy on his fellow disciple.

Defense would be a simple joke in front of Sikong Sheng. Gu Youyun had attacked first this time, which was very rare. Each attack of hers was extremely powerful.

Sikong Sheng kept his right hand behind him, using only one hand to take on all the incoming attacks. He did not plan to beat his sister disciple instantly, which was why he was only using a small amount of his power.

After thirty attacks, Gu Youyun took back her hands and stood still, "Head disciple, thank you for your lesson."

"You have made quite a bit of improvement. In the next Hidden Dragon Rank competitions, you would have the chance in getting into the top three." This year's Hidden Dragon Rank was one of the most intensive one ever. After this year, besides him, Ye Chen and Tuo Baku, the others would reach beyond the age limitation. Plus, once he reached the Astral Reaching Realm, the Hidden Dragon Rank would be a simple title, no need to attend again since his dragon fountain Qi would not have any more growth. He might as well give the growing and learning opportunity to his brother and sister disciples.


"The seventh battle, Bing Ling against Lin Yun!"

After losing to Murong Qingcheng, Lin Yun looked extremely depressed. Combined with his burning hot aura, his whole body looked like a beast hiding in a burning flame.


Once the battle began, Lin Yun attacked towards Bing Ling with his most powerful attack. Sky Fire Four Spear, Sky Fall Kill...he had almost performed all of his ace attacks. The sky-filled flame had almost lit up the whole platform, as the heat waves spread out in the whole stadium.

If it were someone else, they would have already lost to those mad attacks. Fortunately, Bing Ling had trained the ice element zhen Qi, which could cancel out the heat when it was carried out with a similar level of power. Although Lin Yun's martial arts were one realm more powerful than hers, it would still be impossible to win against her easily. Watching from off the stage, the flame spread out over that humongous platform, where an ice storm stood still in the center, wrapping securely around Bing Ling's body.

"Ice Crystal Fist!"

After being hit by a couple of heavy attacks by Lin Yun, Bing Ling performed her most powerful attack. Her right forearms were wrapped by the ice crystals as she threw an attack with the speed of sound towards Lin Yun.

"Dark Fire Kill!"

Lin Yun stayed put without backing out. A nut sized fireball appeared on the tip of his iron spear. It attacked towards Bing Ling's deadly attack with a tyrant like aura.


A huge pile of burning clouds rose up between the two, as ice chips flew everywhere.

The next second, blood spilled out from the corner of Bing Ling's mouth. She had lost to Lin Yun's deadly attack.


"The fourteenth battle, Mo Yan against Murong Qingchen."

One battle had just finished, and now there was another intense battle that was about to start. It was also indeed between disciples from the same martial institutions.

Mo Yan had lost to Tuo Baku, Ye Chen and Li Daoxuan, which decreased his reputation and popularity drastically. He had dropped out of the top eight. Not only did he feel quite pressured, but he was also very depressed and frustrated like Lin Yun. His handsome features looked twisted on his face.

On the contrary, Murong Qingcheng was in a completely different mental state. As one of the top two beauties in the Black Dragon Empire and the top warriors among the young generation in the South Rudra Region, even if she had lost some of the battles, she was still very popular. Plus, up until now, she had won two and lost two. She had even won against Lin Yun in the second battle, which had increased her popularity to a very high level, almost as popular as Sikong Sheng - even higher than Ye Chen.

Different experiences led to different mentalities. When Mo Yan faced Murong Qingcheng again, he had a very complicated expression on his face. Even he could not tell what he was feeling exactly.

Murong Qingcheng said, "Head disciple, let's bring it on."

"Alright, I will not hold back." That "head disciple" had triggered some complex feelings, so he sounded a bit pissed off.

Murong Qingcheng shook her head unnoticeably and stopped talking.

Activating his Sky Demon Eyes, an extremely condensed dark red light shot out from Mo Yan's pupils. As he groaned in a low voice, both of his hands attacked out, performing a normal ace attack - the Sky Reaching Hands, which had a wide attacking range. It was the perfect attack to confuse opponents.


The palm shadows covered the whole sky. Mo Yan's body flashed before reappearing on the right side of Murong Qingcheng. He pointed with his finger at the weakest spot on the Sky Demon Power Field.

Murong Qingcheng and Mo Yan knew each other extremely well, so she naturally would not be fooled by the Sky Reaching Hand. She made a reaching gesture with her right hand; her Sky Demon Power Field spread out along her palm which misguided Mo Yan's finger light.

"Mysterious Spirit Seven Fingers!"

Mo Yan's body jumped up into the sky as he was throwing out another one of his ace attacks.

"Sky Demon Palm Print Attack - Destroy! Godly Punishment!"

Murong Qingcheng did not dare to underestimate him. Her both hands performed the two most powerful ace attacks from her Sky Demon Palm Print Attack; one of them was set to break the incoming attack while the other at attacking her opponent.

Looking like a ghost, Mo Yan avoided Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Palm Print attack before throwing out a dark purple finger light. It was fast like lightning, shooting right through Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Power Field and heading towards her vital organs.

"Sky Demon Protective Kill!"

In that critical moment, Murong Qingcheng used her body as the center and started to twist. The Sky Demon Power Field around her started to twist as well, making that incoming finger light miss her body; it was unable to harm her.

As she twisted her body, Murong Qingcheng did not stop her attack. She performed the Sky Demon Catch with her left hand while performing the Sky Demon Palm Print attack with her right. With the combined attacks, Mo Yan had to back out, which made him lose his upper hand position.

"Demon Spirit Killing Fingers!"

Touching his feet lightly on the ground, Mo Yan was about to throw out another one of his ace attacks. This attack had broken down Tuo Baku's defense before, its attacking power just as powerful as Li Daoxuan's. Unfortunately, the three previous opponents had completely destroyed his confidence - Tuo Baku had a way too powerful defense, Ye Chen was able to see through attacks, and Li Daoxuan's sword movements were just way too unpredictable. It was lucky for him to even block them all. However, right then, it seemed to be a good chance in using it on Murong Qingcheng.

Murong Qingcheng obviously would not underestimate Mo Yan. In fact, she suspected this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competitions were just not in favor of Mo Yan - all of his opponents had been tricky. Otherwise, it would not be unlikely that he could make it into the top five. However, on the other hand, adapting to the environment and situations and laughing from the bottom of the well should be the basic quality of a powerful warrior. Mo Yan's failure was proof that he was not ready yet.


Facing this incoming finger attack, Murong Qingcheng had to perform her Condensed Sky Demon Power Field. It had broken through that finger light as she waved her right hand in the air. A simple Power Field Cut had been thrown out, which cut right through Mo Yan's protective zhen Qi, leaving a scratch on his shoulder.

Murong Qingcheng had held back a bit of her power for this movement. However, Mo Yan said nothing but carried on attacking. His Demon Spirit Kill attacked right at Murong Qingcheng's vital organs.

Murong Qingcheng frowned as his body disappeared. Two Power Field Cuts had been thrown back while she performed her Sky Demon Catch. It grabbed Mo Yan, who was trying to escape. They knew every single detail about each other, and Murong Qingcheng could surely predict where he was going to escape to.

Mo Yan did not look good, and did not attack again.


"The twenty-first battle, Ye Chen against Li Daoxuan!"

The head judge looked like he was very interested in this battle. He stood up for the second time and announced both of their names, dragging the last syllables extra-long.


The whole audience seating boiled up all of a sudden. At last, they had finally gotten the chance to watch the epic battle between the top two sword artists among the young generation. Without exaggerating, this battle would decide who would be the No.1 sword artist among the young generation in the whole South Rudra Region. Would it be Li Daoxuan or Ye Chen?

As the head disciple of the Heartless Martial School, Li Daoxuan had trained sixty percent sword intent, who had lost to the No.1 blade artist Yan Chihuo by only half an attack. His power was undoubtedly impressive, and no one would dare to underestimate him.

Ye Chen, the new top young warrior, the top of the top ten new stars... he had carried the sixty percent sword intent just as Li Daoxuan. Adding his extremely powerful sword art realms and his horrifying ability to see through weaknesses, he was so famous that he was ranked top four in the top young warriors.

The epic battle between the top two sword artists would surely be intense, since the sword artists were different from the warriors. Their attacks were famous for their extremely fast speed. The slight flaw might cause their failure.