Chapter 274: Power Field Cut

 Chapter 274: Power Field Cut

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Ye Chen had analyzed it plenty of times and eventually shook his head; Murong Qinghcheng and Lin Yun had a fifty-fifty chance of winning this battle. However, who would have a better winning opportunity was still unknown. It was not entirely because they had similar cultivation, but the biggest problem was Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Great Art.

As everyone knew, the Sky Demon Great Art from the Sky Demon Martial School was a very powerful but odd martial art. It did not have any protective zhen Qi layer, and actually no zhen Qi at all. Its defensive part was the Sky Demon Power Field. It came with no shape or form, and needed to be pushed by Sky Demon Zhen Qi. Once the Sky Demon Power Field was formed as a protective art, it would be very hard for it to be shattered, which led to the common failure of most normal attacks. Her opponents could barely get close to her.

If it were another opponent, Murong Qingcheng would have a much higher winning chance, but her opponent Lin Yun was just as powerful as her. His horrifying attacking power could knock out any rank 6 tyrant demonic beast, and the battle before with Sikong Sheng had already proven it.

Therefore, even if Ye Chen had a great observation skill, he could not tell who had a higher winning chance. They would only be able to find it out after the battle.

On the battling platform...

Murong Qingcheng, who wore purple robes, floated her way onto the platform. Standing in front of her was Lin Yun, who carried an extra intense heat around as he held the black iron spear in his hand.

Lin Yun laughed, "Qingcheng, we have not fought against each other for more than three years now. Your power had really shocked me. In my opinion, you are definitely powerful enough to be ranked in the top five, maybe even top four. However, if you want to get into the top three, you are still lacking something."

Lin Yun was very clear about his view. Although he had lost to Sikong Sheng, only Yan Chihuo could threaten him at this moment. Murong Qingcheng's power would be ranked at least after the top three. Within the top five, she would not be able to win against him, but it was that he just did not want to say it out loud.

Murong Qingchen said lightly, "You think so? Why do I have the feeling that I can win against you?"

"Hehe, I will not make you give up because I know you would not. How about this? Within ten movements, if you can get the upper hand, I will give up automatically." Lin Yun forced a laugh. He was not sure if Murong Qingcheng did not understand him or she was just simply aggravated.

"Ten movements, sure!"

Murong Qingchen stopped talking. She secretly started to push her Sky Demon Zhen Qi, forming an invisible Sky Demon Power Field ten meters around her.

"Sky Fire Four Spear!"

Without taking out his ace attacks, Lin Yun had only used his normal attack against Murong Qingcheng. No matter if he admitted it or not, he unconsciously did not think her as a rightful opponent.

Dark red flame exploded. The air was like a pot of boiling water. A pile of flame shot out towards Murong Qingcheng, who was dozens of meters away.


The space within ten meters radius around her shook a little bit, and the qi flow started to scramble.

"Sky Demon Palm Print, destroy!" Extending her five fingers, Murong Qingcheng threw out a palm attack.

The fire spread out as Lin Yun's spear attack was slowed down. He did not panic at all, and instead, he took a step and jumped through that palm attack at an unpredictable angle. His Sky Fire Four Spear attack continued, and was even more brutal than before.

However, his iron spear had lost control on the third stroke. Murong Qingcheng, who was not so far away, made a grabbing gesture in the air with her right hand, pulling his spear to the side before throwing back a palm attack.

Lin Yun did not dare to underestimate Murong Qingcheng's palm attack. His body shook, as a shield made of flames appeared out of nowhere in front of him. It was extremely thick and solid, full of mystical patterns. Sparks kept shooting out, and it looked as if it was like made of gold or extremely heavy stones.


The palm power that contained the Sky Demon Power Field had been blocked completely by the fire shield; Lin Yun was not hurt at all.

"Sky Demon Palm Attack, Godly Punishment!"

Murong Qingcheng carried on throwing out attacks; she had thrown out four palm attacks in a row. The last palm attack was indeed the ace attack from the Sky Demon Palm Attack - the Godly Punishment. It was based on converting the power from the Sky Demon Power Field, then creating a huge counter force, bouncing out the locked target from the space.


Lin Yun groaned. The flame around his body shot out into the sky as he swung his iron spear everywhere. He continued to fight against that powerful counter force which was everywhere without backing out an inch.

"Lin Yun is indeed powerful. He could even fight against Murong Qingcheng's power field."

"Murong Qingcheng's cultivation is still one realm lower, it would be hard for her to bring out the true power of the Sky Demon Great Art. Otherwise, even Lin Yun would not have it this easy."

The two were both testing the waters. However, in most people's eyes, Murong Qingcheng had obviously got the lower hand since her "supposedly unstoppable" Sky Demon Palm attack could still not hurt Lin Yun.

"Double Punishment!"

Murong Qingcheng had her left hand over her right hand. The counter force had increased two times more powerful. It landed on Lin Yun within a second, which eventually blew him dozens of meters away, dragging out a dark red line in the air.

While he was still in the air, Lin Yun flew back like a floating dragon. He threw out a spear attack towards Murong Qingcheng; it was indeed one of his deadly ace attacks - the "Sky Fall Kill".

Once the spear attack had been thrown out, the earth seemed to start to shake, and even the air around Murong Qingcheng had been dyed dark red. It was as if the sky was on fire.

The Sky Demon Power Field could not keep out the heat, Murong Qingcheng's body suddenly disappeared, and she appeared in the air the next second. She performed the Sky Demon Catch with her left hand while throwing out another palm attack with her right hand. The two counter powers had been combined together, which surprisingly broke down the deadly attack from Lin Yun.

"Sky Demon Kill!"

It was still not finished. She twisted her left hand, which made her Sky Demon Power Field move as well. It had completely shattered the protective zhen Qi layer outside Lin Yun's body, making it disappear in the air.

After six movements, although she still did not gain the upper hand, neither did Lin Yun. The look on his face had gotten worse and worse, and he decided it was not the time to hold back any power. So, his feet stepped on the ground, bringing up endless flame waves while his body shot out into the sky, stabbing towards Murong Qingcheng directly.

This Sky Fall Kill was extremely brutal. The air had been stabbed through, and a black vacuum tunnel had appeared out of nowhere, spreading out towards Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Power Field.

The latter was drastically disturbed; it had tried to devour her internal zhen Qi. She pushed her tongue against the top of her mouth, trying her best to control her boiling Qi and blood, throwing out a palm attack towards that incoming spear light.


A loud sounded exploded. Murong Qingcheng took a few steps back. Lin Yun did not throw out another attack, as that powerful palm attack had also almost made him lose control over his body. So all he could do was just stand over there.

"Do you want to continue?" Lin Yun held the spear with his right hand. Dark red flames wrapped around his spear, slowly gathering towards the tip.

Landing her feet on the ground, Murong Qingcheng put on a low-rank great weapon - the gold strong gloves, as she said lightly, "It was only the seventh attack and you had still don't have the upper hand, right?"

"In that case, I will make you admit your failure in three attacks." As he spoke, the amount of zhen Qi that he poured into his iron spear increased drastically. A nut-sized fire ball had been accumulated on the tip of the spear, spinning continuously. Its color was getting darker and darker.

"Dark Fire Kill!"

The serious Lin Yun was extremely horrifying. He activated his martial arts that had reached the eleventh level. The flame shot out like a human-shaped meteorite towards Murong Qingcheng. That fire ball on the tip of the spear had been stabbed out in advance, which was extremely brutal.

Murong Qingcheng had performed the Sky Demon Catch and Sky Demon Great Palm Attack once again, and with the enhancement of her Gold String Glove, its power field had been increased by more than ten percent, shocking Lin Yun's spear power.


The power field had been broken down and Lin Yun's spear power had been slightly weakened. However, after pouring in more zhen Qi, a dozens meter long spear light shot out, hitting Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Power Field.

"The ninth attack, prepare to lose!"

Lin Yun yelled as his iron spear carried an unstoppable aura.

Murong Qingcheng's expression did not change. She suddenly did something out of everyone's expectation - she bent her left-hand fingers, wanting to grab Lin Yun's iron spear while her right hand still hid behind her back. The tip of her fingers carried on shooting out invisible sharp blades, hitting on the platform and making loud noises.


The fire ball on the iron spare exploded. The flame shot out into the sky, which wrapped the two inside, creating hundred meters high fire columns.

Lin Yun sneered. He knew the power of the fireball; it was an ace attack that contained twenty percent of his zhen Qi. Once it exploded, even people who had more powerful cultivation would be seriously wounded, not to mention Murong Qingcheng, who was slightly weaker than him. Without any surprises, she would have been wounded already by now.

However, what happened in the next second had shocked him completely. In that fire column, Murong Qingcheng's left hand was still in perfect condition. However, there was a pile of black light growing. He was very familiar with the light ball, which was indeed the extremely condensed Sky Demon Power Field.

The scattered Sky Demon Power Field was already very powerful, and it would be not hard to imagine the power when it was condensed. It was indeed because of the condensed Sky Demon Power Field that Murong Qingcheng was able to perfectly handle Lin Yun's ace attack. Otherwise, even with the protection of her gold string gloves, her arms would have been shattered by the power of the explosion.

Right then, Lin Yun could not care about anything else. He knew that Murong Qingcheng would have another attack coming soon. If he did not try to attack before that, he would most likely lose.

The skin of his left palm center was cracked open, as a beam of blood shot out, being wrapped by that dark red flame. Lin Yun backed out instantly as he threw out that final ace attack when he was fighting against Sikong Sheng.


His blood turned into bloody spear tip, shooting out at an unbelievable speed.


Murong Qingcheng waved her left hand, as her condensed Sky Demon Power Field clashed onto the tip of that blood spear. She then shot out again before the bloody flame exploded. The right hand she had been hiding behind her back reached out. Her five fingers extended, as a new Sky Demon Power Field was created, forming into countless invisible blades, attacking towards Lin Yun.

"Power Field Cut!"

The fire shield had been shattered. Lin Yun watched his protective zhen Qi layer being cut through, as that Sky Demon Power Field containing two counter powers landed heavily on his body in front of his own eyes.


Puking out a huge chunk of blood, Lin Yun flipped twice in the air before hitting heavily on the light wall. Right then, his Blood Fire Break attack had just exploded right behind Murong Qingcheng. The blood flame was burning the air, growing stronger and strong under the wind.

In the last critical moment, Murong Qingcheng had won from the least advantageous position!

Everyone over at the audience seating could not believe what they had just witnessed. Lin Yun had somehow lost to Murong Qingcheng, who had just risen up this year. And he had lost while performing his final ace attack, without holding anything back. It had really shocked everyone.

"Power Field Cut... I cannot believe Qingcheng's martial arts have already reached such level." The leader of the Sky Demon Martial School was in a great mood. Although the head disciple Mo Yan had already lost his chance of being in the top five, all the hopes had landed on Murong Qingcheng's shoulder, and she definitely did not disappoint him.