Chapter 273: Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attack (Part Two)

 Chapter 273: Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attack (Part Two)

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"What?! Sixty percent of sword intent?!"

"I thought he had only got fifty percent! And now he has sixty percent sword intent? Perhaps this is his hidden power after all?"

"Hiding sword intent level is quite hard to achieve, isn't it? How did he do this?"

Maybe it was very rare to see someone with sword intent, but in the competition of the Hidden Dragon Rank, there were more than twenty people who had learned the sword intent, which was a little bit more than any other Hidden Dragon Rank competitions. Among all, Li Daoxuan was the most outstanding one. Right now, he had got sixty percent sword intent while Tang Xiaoshan had entry level sword intent. Ye Chen had fifty percent sword intent before, which made him second. However, as soon as he exposed his sixty percent sword intent, it made him just as powerful in the sword intent area as Li Daoxuan. Plus Ye Chen had such a powerful sword arts which was even a better bonus.

More importantly, was hiding the Sword Intent level easy? A lot of sword artists would be able to do so as well. However, hiding their fifty percent sword intent and changing it to forty percent would be ten times harder than before, because the sword intent was not a solid thing. One could barely draw a boundary anywhere. The so-called forty percent or fifty percent was only a rough measurement. Normally, there were only three levels of sword intent: entry level, expert level, and the completion. Using the percentage measurement was the last thing they could do since it was so hard to master, and every little progress would make a huge difference. After a long time, the sword artists who had learned the sword intent had come up with the percentage system.

If hiding the fifty percent sword intent would be ten times harder, then hiding sixty percent sword intent would be even twice as harder as before. The more powerful the sword intent was, the harder it was to hide it. People who were able to hide their sword intent easily were the ones who had completely mastered the application of the sword intent. They would be able to use exactly the same amount of sword intent to beat another sword artist.

With all these thoughts, all of the people in the crowd were shocked. 'Ye Chen has a better understanding of the application of the sword intent than Li Daoxuan?!'

"It cannot be! Li Daoxuan had reached sixty percent of sword intent half years ago. And with his talent in sword arts, his techniques in sword arts should be more powerful than anyone else."

Everyone was having a hard time to believe.

Once he let out sixty percent sword intent, Ye Chen could feel that his sword aura had increased drastically. For sword artists, sword intent could not only increase aura but also attacking power and repair flaws in the sword arts, pushing the sword arts to the next level. Therefore, with sword intent, it was not only related to the attacking power but also the general condition of a warrior.

The effect on the general power would increase as the sword intent leveled up. If the entry level sword intent were a challenge, then each level after that would be a brand new challenge. Therefore, Ye Chen with fifty percent sword intent was completely different from Ye Chen with sixty percent sword intent.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! ...

Countless sword lights flashed past, and the "dragon heads" had been cut off one by one before exploding.

"Impressive! He had hidden a whole level of sword intent!"

Ye Chen's sword intent was so powerful that Tuo Baku had already noticed something off when he threw out the attack. The sword intent that came out from Ye Chen had made the hair on his back stand up. His fist aura had been blocked like it was being cut down by countless invisible sharp blades. It was on the edge of being shattered.

"Ruin Tyrant Body!"

Tuo Baku yelled. His reckless zhen Qi had been compressed to the extreme. It wrapped around his skin like a thin layer of light layer that was dark blue colored.

Pushing his defense to its limit, Tuo Baku widened his eyes. Two beams of sharp light shot out as he threw out another even more powerful fist attack towards Ye Chen. The dragon shaped Qi opened its claws and attacked towards Ye Chen.


Ye Chen threw out a sword attack, and the whole space seemed to have cracked open. The dragon-shaped Qi had been cut open and was on the edge of being shattered. The next second, that sword Qi turned into lightning and landed on Tuo Baku's body within the second.


The burning sparks were like fireworks that shot out into the sky. After being hit by this sword attack that contained the sixty percent sword intent, Tuo Baku had been blown into the air. His whole body eventually landed on that dark blue light wall. However, the sword qi kept going, crushing Tuo Baku with full power.

"No! My Ruin Tyrant Body is about to shatter!"

Tuo Baku was frightened. The dark blue light layer over his chest looked like it was about to break. And it would be unrepairable. For the first time, he had felt what unstoppable actually was.

All of his muscles started to twist together. Suddenly, a wildness flashed through Tuo Baku's eyes. His right arm that had been expanded to twice its size and then pulled back. It attacked towards that sword qi.


The sword qi was shattered while Tuo Baku's right fist was covered in blood.

"Dragon World!"

The blood had been blown away by his fist power. Tuo Baku's left hand hit the light wall, and with that powerful counterforce, a horrifying dragon-shaped Qi appeared which roared into the sky. Its huge head could devour a whole house. Under that huge pressure, the air turned into water, bringing up waves after waves as the "dragon" "swam" in it freely.

All of the sharpness had gathered together and been infused into the Star Scar Sword. Ye Chen's feet stepped in the air and in the next second, his body flashed as a dragon-shaped Qi appeared. A sharp narrow sword light shot out from the stomach of the dragon, which was then split into two. Tuo Baku, who was still in the back, had both of his hands crossed in front of him as he was blown away.

With throwing a follow-up attack, Ye Chen stood in midair. He put his sword back in its scabbard, then landed lightly on the platform. His blue robe was dancing in the air.


Tuo Baku had also landed on the ground. However, he had fallen. The ground under him was full of cracks, was almost like a spider web.

"My most powerful ace attack could not even wound you - I have lost." Wiping away the blood on the corner of his mouth, Tuo Baku laughed. He still looked as peppy as before.

Ye Chen said, "With the sixty percent sword intent, it would still be hard to kill you." Tuo Baku's defense art was inhumanly powerful. A normal top rank Earth Realm defense art would not even be able to do the same. It would have to be at least the best kind of top rank Earth Realm defense art. Besides that, Tuo Baku himself was perfectly adapted with this martial art. Therefore, his eleventh level defense was not much different from the others' twelfth level.

"Compared to my defense, my attack was indeed slightly weaker." Tuo Baku knew about his own flaws, that was why he decided to give up now. Otherwise, it would not be just light wounds.


The dragon shaped shadow jumped out and devoured Tuo Baku's dragon fountain Qi.

Soon, Ye Chen's dragon shaped shadow had reached beyond twenty-four meters, which made him right below Sikong Sheng and Yan Chihuo, ranking no.3.

"This battle will not be easy!" The leader of the Heartless Martial School frowned. Ye Chen's sixty percent sword intent had come out of nowhere, and it had made him start to doubt Li Daoxuan's power. Although there was only ten percent difference between the fifty percent sword intent and sixty percent, the gap was humongous in reality. Right now, Ye Chen had just as much understanding as Li Daoxuan on the sword intent, and they would have to compete with their understandings in sword arts now.

A core master from the Heartless Martial School said, "Leader, no need to worry. Daoxuan's Heartless Sword Arts are perfectly matched with his heartless sword intent. It would have reached beyond sixty percent sword intent."

The leader of the Heartless Martial School nodded, "Without this advantage, Daoxuan's winning chance is less than thirty percent now. He would have at most fifty percent chance of winning."

"Sixty percent sword intent... indeed impressive. I though he would make it to the top five or six tops. But now, I think he would be able to get one or two places higher."

Yan Chihuo's eyebrows flicked, seeming to be interested.

Lin Yun who was in the not far distance sneered a little. So far, he thought only Yan Chihuo could fight against him for the second place. However, Ye Chen, who had revealed his sixty percent sword intent, was starting to threaten him. Fighting against Sikong Sheng had made him reveal his most powerful ace attack. Since the others would still have one or two ace attacks saved up, he would have to be careful.

"Damn, when the two were fighting against me, they did not use all of their power!" Mo Yan was really shocked. His fist was tightened.

Right now, the discussion had already spread out in the audience seating.

"Ye Chen seems to be more powerful after all. Even Tuo Baku has lost to him."

"Top ten new stars. Ye Chen has clearly won his title of being no.1. Although Tuo Baku was powerful, he had still lost to Ye Chen, so he would have to be in the second place."

"So far, Ye Chen has beaten three top year warriors, including Bing Ling, Mo Yan, and Tuo Baku. Without any surprises, Gu Youyun would not be able to be his opponent. Removing these four, then his opponents would be Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan, Lin Yun and Murong Qingcheng. I wonder if he would still be able to keep his all-win record."

Ye Chen's out-of-nowhere appearance had shocked a lot of people. Ever since the eliminating battles, he had not lost a single battle. And somehow, even at this point in time, no one really knew for sure how much more power he had been hiding. All people knew was that he would only reveal a little more power every time he encountered a much more powerful warrior, which was a horrifying fact.

The next battle was Yan Chihuo against Gu Youyun.

Gu Youyun, who had the Stone King Body Protective Fist Art, was very powerful. But unfortunately, she had to face the No.1 blade artist Yan Chihuo. Yan Chihuo's blade aura was very unique and reckless. With only two blade attack, he had broken his opponent's protective zhen Qi. His power had made a lot of people frown. Among the young generation, maybe only Sikong Sheng could put him under control. Whether Lin Yun would be able to fight against him was still unknown.

"The twenty-seventh battle, Sikong Sheng versus Bing Ling!"

The competition went on at a fast pace. Sikong Sheng had gotten onto the stage once again.

Bing Ling bit on her lips. Giving up without putting up a fight was never her style. So without hesitation, she pushed all of her zhen Qi and gathered them into her right arm before performing one of the ace movement of her Ice Break Fist Art - the Ice Crystal Fist.

Sikong Sheng stood still, waiting for Bing Ling's attack.


The Ice Crystal Fist had been prepared. Bing Ling's speed had been pushed to its limit as she threw out a punch. Sikong Sheng formed a fist with his left hand before he threw a punch at the incoming attack.

The ice chips had filled the platform.

The Ice Crystal Fist had been completely shattered, and Bing Ling had lost completely.

The dragon shadow for Sikong Sheng was reaching closer and closer to twenty-seven meters. The closer it got, the slower it grew. After devouring Bing Ling's dragon fountain Qi, it had only let Sikong Sheng's dragon shaped shadow grow to twenty-six meters, with only one more meter to go.

"The twenty-eighth battle, Lin Yun versus Murong Qingcheng."

Although there had been nine battles between the top young warriors so far, only three of them were actually intense. One was between Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan, then Sikong Sheng versus Lin Yun, and the current battle right now - Murong Qingchen versus Lin Yun.

Murong Qingcheng was just like Ye Chen, who had risen up so fast that no one had really seen it coming. She had also not lost a single battle yet. The Sky Demon Great Art that she had trained had made most of her opponents feel useless. It had this shapeless and invisible Sky Demon Power Field, within ten meters of which, it was all under her control. Her Sky Demon Power Field and Sky Demon Palm attack combined together had made her become so powerful that even Bing Ling was not able to get close to her.

However, Lin Yun was just as powerful. When he was fighting against Sikong Sheng, that final ace attack that he had revealed could beat any rank 6 demonic tyrant beast within a second, which was indeed horrifying. He was definitely one of the strong contestants for the top three. In most people's opinion, his power was even greater than Murong Qingcheng's.

The battle between the two could be expected to be an epic one.