Chapter 272: Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attacks (Part One)

 Chapter 272: Sixty Percent Sword Intent Attacks (Part One)

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"Sikong Sheng, take this! Blood Virus Break!"

Everyone had thought the battle was finished before Lin Yun reached out his hand in the air and made a gentle gesture as he was still being blown backward. All of his blood had been gathered together. After being burnt by the dark red flame, it made some cracking sounds, and eventually turned into a sharp bloody spear, attacking towards Sikong Sheng.


The spear tipped with blood was traveling extremely fast. It was like a bloody lightning which had appeared in front of Sikong Sheng within a second.

Sikong Sheng was slightly surprised as he threw out a punch onto that blood spear tip.


The blood spear tip was broken. The red flame started to burn heavier and heavier, which eventually devoured Sikong Sheng as it carried on burning.

"What?! Lin Yun still has this attack?!" There were a lot of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who had the power to take on a rank 6 tyrant beast. It took them one look before knowing that the final ace attack of Lin Yun had the power to beat any rank 6 tyrant demonic beast. That bloody red flame was no normal flame, it was indeed a special kind of fire that had combined with the energy of the blood power, which was a very powerful enhancement.

Sikong Sheng's zhen Qi layer had been melted down by the bloody red flame. It was like snow in winter or the ice frosts in the early spring, melting rapidly.

Stumbling onto the platform, Lin Yun wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth and said as he laughed, "I have designed this attack especially for you. Losing to this attack would be your honor."

"Lin Yun, do you really think you can beat me with this attack? How ignorant!"

Being wrapped in the flame, the right hand that he had kept in the back had finally been reached out. That palm was slim but powerful even, even though it looked like just a normal human palm. However, as he extended the palm, all of the space around started to shake drastically. It was like he had opened a new sky instead of just simply extending his fingers.

With this hand being in the center, the burning flame had started to twist and compress drastically, which eventually turned into an egg sized bloody fireball, landing on top of Sikong Sheng's palm. Only with half an inch distance from the palm, it stood still, waiting for further instructions.


Sikong Sheng squeezed his palm, and the fireball had turned into smoke, eventually disappearing in the air.

The corner of his mouth had been lifted up. Sikong Sheng looked extra majestic as he stared at Lin Yun and said: "The result is quite clear, do you want to continue?"

"Huh! Whatever." A frustrating and disappointed look flashed through Lin Yun's face. He had prepared for this attack for the longest time, but it still failed to beat Sikong Sheng. Although he still had other ace attacks that he hadn't used, they were all not as powerful as his Blood Virus Attack. It would be useless and beneficial to the other opponents if he carried on throwing out those attacks. 'Never mind, if I cannot be the champion, then I will take the second place.'

The dragon-shaped shadow on Sikong Sheng's body was already almost twenty-four and a half meters. After devouring part of Lin Yun's dragon fountain Qi, it had suddenly reached twenty-five meters, which was closer and closer to twenty-seven meters.

"Sikong Sheng's power is indeed overwhelming. Even Lin Yun could not manage to cause any damage to him. I wonder who can really fight against him in this year's Hidden Dragon Rank."

"Yah! If we cannot see the battles between the top warriors, what would be the point?!"

"Maybe Yan Chihuo can make him a bit more serious. As for Ye Chen who has not lost a single fight yet, I cannot really tell. Maybe when he becomes the no.1 sword artist of the young generation, he would have what it takes."

"Ye Chen, it will be a bit tricky for him. The fifty percent sword intent is a bit weak after all. He might not even be able to beat Li Daoxuan, not to mention Sikong Sheng."

"Now is still too early to talk about this. The sixty-third round is almost over. Maybe we would be able to see something different in the sixty-fourth round."

The battle between Sikong Sheng and Lin Yun was not that intense, and the crowd felt they were missing something. They could not help but get extremely excited about the incoming battles.

Soon, the sixty-third round had finished. The sixty-fourth round had not started immediately. Some of the wounded young warriors needed a little bit time off to heal their wounds and physical condition, especially for some of the top young warriors.

Right then, the power of martial institutions was under challenge. Bing Ling, Li Daoxuan, and Lin Yun were only lightly wounded. However, they had still used ten thousand mid-rank soul stones worth of great repairing medicine. With some of the Seas of Souls Realm warriors' help, they had fully recovered within an hour. As for Mo Yan who had only been wounded on the surface, it was not necessary for him to be treated, only a little bit of medicinal powder would do the trick.

One hour had gone past, and the sixty-fourth round had begun.

The first six battles did not involve any top young warriors. But for the seventh battle, it was Li Daoxuan, and his opponent was Mo Yan, who had lost to Ye Chen in the last round.

Facing Li Daoxuan, Mo Yan finally did not have to worry anymore. Earlier, he had lost to both Tuo Baku and Ye Chen and most of the reason was because that he was oppressed. Tuo Baku's extreme defense had made his Sky Demon Eyes useless, and Ye Chen's weakness detecting power had given him nothing to work with, which eventually led to his loss. Although Li Daoxuan was extremely powerful and was not weaker than Tuo Baku or Ye Chen, as long as his power was not oppressed, he would be able to use his Sky Demon Eyes Art as much as he wanted and attack his weaknesses.

"Mysterious Spirit Seven Finger Attack!"

Just like a ghost, Mo Yan walked around Li Daoxuan; no one could really see his body. Mo Yan put his index and middle finger together then pointed out a couple of times, attacking Li Daoxuan.


Five sword lights flashed pass, and the finger light had been cut open. Li Daoxuan extended his body as the sword intent spread out the platform, locking down Mo Yan's location. He then threw over a sword attack.

The black Qi flow had been torn apart like a piece of cloth. Mo Yan's body revealed from within, both of his feet taking a step back using all of his power as he shot out five finger lights in a row, shattering that unbearably sharp sword qi.

"Kill, Destroy!"

As soon as Li Daoxuan performed his Heartless Sword art, the whole space suddenly quieted down creepily. Water like sword light appeared on and off, aiming for Mo Yan's weakest spot.

Mo Yan knew how scary this sword would be. The dark red light in his pupils had been condensed to extreme. Quickly scanning his opponent with his eyes, he found three flaws in the air. Without any hesitation, his finger light shot out and landed heavily on those three spots.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The veil had been removed and the sword light exposed. It attacked heavily towards Mo Yan.


The clothes on Mo Yan's shoulder had been cut open. Tiny blood drops dripped out of his skin, slowly pouring down.

"Kill All!"

After successfully shattering and avoiding Li Daoxuan's two sword attacks, Mo Yan's confidence had been boosted. However, when the third sword attack of Li Daoxuan's had been thrown out, Mo Yan's eyebrows frowned. This sword had not got any sword light or sword Qi. All it had was tiny air vibration that was spreading out on the platform. It was like the whole place was covered in sword light or the other way around.

"How should I protect myself from this attack?"

Mo Yan thought to himself. Thoughts flashed through his brain with speed faster than lightning.

"You have lost!" Right then, Li Daoxuan's voice was heard right next to his ear. Meanwhile, a sharpness Mo Yan could feel it in his bones could be sensed. He turned his head to see a great sword with a cold shine less than one inch away from him, the invisible sharpness of that sword tip had even cut down some of his body hair.

"What had happened? Perhaps it was a fake attack?"

"I could not tell either. Besides that slight air vibration, I did not see any attack. Perhaps it was designed to confuse Mo Yan?"

"Even Mo Yan's Sky Demon Eyes could not see through the weaknesses. Fake attack or not, it was indeed horrifying."

The crowd could not tell what had happened and they started to discuss.

Yan Chihuo, who had fought Li Daoxuan before made a sound with his mouth instead of saying something. Li Daoxuan had used that attack on him before.

Hearing everyone's discussion, Ye Chen shook his head slightly. He knew that it was definitely not a fake attack, it was indeed a fatal attack. It was an attack made of two different attacks layered up together. One fake, one real; one in the light while the other one in the dark. When the opponent was attracted by the attack from the light, the dark attack had also arrived. While one was ignoring the attack from the bright side, that seemingly-fake attack had turned into a horrifying fatal attack.

This was an attack that would be regarded as perfect. It had to be either shattered completely, or there would be no attacks to be shattered.

With these thoughts in his mind, Ye Chen could not help but look at Yan Chihuo. When they were in the battle, Li Daoxuan's sword speed was very fast. Even he could barely see through the attack with only one look, since everyone had a limitation, and so did Ye Chen. It would be unreasonable if Ye Chen was able to break every single attack as he was still not at that level yet. When Yan Chihuo was facing Li Daoxuan's sword attacks, he had shattered it with only one blade attack. His power was even more powerful than expected, and it was completely different from his normal martial style.

Having a heart in details was a great quality that every powerful blade artist should have. Yan Chihuo as the first blade artist among the whole generation in the South Rudra Region, he surely earned his title. Even Wei Renjie, who was regarded as one of the best blade art master among the young generation, was one or two levels weaker than him, which would be incomparable.


After devouring Mo Yan's dragon fountain Qi, Li Daoxuan's dragon-shaped shadow that had shrunk to twenty-one meters after being beaten by Yan Chihuo had grown again, reaching twenty-two meters.

Walking down the stage, Mo Yan looked beaten mentally as well. Adding the fight against Li Daoxuan, he had already lost three times, the first two opponents being Tuo Baku and Ye Chen. If he lost two more, he would not be able to get into the top five in the Hidden Dragon Rank. Since he would not be able to win against Sikong Sheng and Yan Chihuo for sure, and Murong Qingcheng and Lin Yun would also be challenging, he had less than fifty percent of a chance, which really bumped him out.

Three battles had passed, and the second pair of top young warriors had gotten onto the platform.

"Haha, I did not get a chance to have great fight in the Black Dragon Empire. This time, I will use all of my power!" Tuo Baku had just got on the stage as he laughed brightly. His opponent was indeed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled lightly, "I also want to see your true power."

"Bring it on then! Ruin Eighteen Punch!"

In Tuo Baku's opinion, Ye Chen was the most mysterious top young warrior besides Sikong Sheng. He would not dare to even think about hiding his power from Ye Chen. His defensive art that had reached the eleventh level had been pushed to its extreme. His zhen Qi shot out into the sky as he punched towards Ye Chen. The power and aura were obviously more powerful than when he was fighting against Mo Yan.

Infusing his fifty percent sword intent onto the Sky Shattering Clouds poetic perspective, Ye Chen's body started to become unreal. He flew towards the area where the fist power was minimal. He held his sword with both of his hands, throwing out a sword attack and bringing up thunders and lightning. It sliced down with the power of wind and cloud. It was his most powerful sword attack under the enhancement of fifty percent of sword intent. It was also more powerful than before.


His zhen Qi layer had been broken by Tuo Baku's attack. Ye Chen formed a fist with his left hand before blowing that dragon-shaped fist power slightly towards the left. It scratched pass Ye Chen's body. As for his sword attack, it had completely landed on Tuo Baku's body, which had cut through his protective layer as well.

His clothes had been torn apart and a narrow white mark appeared on Tuo Baku's chest. He laughed: "Powerful, but it was still not enough to break my defense. Ruin Dragon Punch!"

This time, all of the fist power Tuo Baku had punched out had turned into a dragon. Countless dragon-shaped Qi flows attacked towards Ye Chen intensely. All of the dragons were dancing in the air without a pattern.


Ye Chen who was floating in midair shook a bit. A huge powerful invisible light spread out on the stage, shaking the air, bringing up countless vibrating patterns in the air.

At that point, sixty percent sword intent exploded!