Chapter 271: Sky Tyrant Fist

 Chapter 271: Sky Tyrant Fist

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"That's so horrifying. He can even see through Mo Yan's movement? How did he even do that?" A lot of people were extra shocked. If it was someone else who had been seen through, they could still understand it as they would probably have not completely mastered their martial arts. However, Mo Yan had trained the Sky Demon Eyes and had a very deep understanding when it came to martial arts. He was a technique-oriented warrior, how could he be so easily seen through by another technique-oriented warrior?

"Mysterious Spirit Finger, the Ghost Shadow...they had all been seen through, and Mo Yan had lost completely."

"It was like they were not even on the same level."

Standing right next to Li Daoxuan, a core disciple of the Heartless Martial School asked, "Head disciple, do you know what was going on? Perhaps Ye Chen's level of martial arts had really reached beyond Mo Yan that much that it was a completely different realm?"

"Ye Chen is undoubtedly more powerful than Mo Yan, but the gap is not that big. The reason that Mo Yan had lost was because he was not fast or powerful enough." As one of the top sword artist, Li Daoxuan could definitely tell more than the others.

"No fast enough, not powerful enough?" That disciple was a little bit confused.

Li Daoxuan explained, "Not fast enough, which had led to Mo Yan always being one step slower than Ye Chen. Even though he was the one attacking first, he still did not have the upper hand, which was the key. Not powerful enough because his Sky Demon Eyes art was not as good when it came to attacking power. It focused more on techniques, which made him weaker than Ye Chen in two things now. Naturally, he would not be able to cause much damage to Ye Chen."

After listening to Li Daoxuan, that disciple finally realized it, "I see. If he were fast enough, even if Ye Chen had seen it through, he would not have been able to react in time and have his attack arrive before Mo Yan's. And if he were powerful enough, he would not have to worry about weaknesses. He would be able to choose to go for a head-on. He would have to have either of the advantages. Otherwise he would not be an eligible opponent for Ye Chen."

"Yah, it should be like this. Judging from the surface, Bing Ling's attacking power is weaker than Mo Yan, but Bing Ling could last longer than Mo Yan."

Li Daoxuan was more or less correct. However, no one knew Ye Chen better than himself. Mo Yan's specialty in weakness targeting seemed to be very powerful in other people's eyes, but he was the weakest kind of opponent for Ye Chen. If Mo Yan were slightly more powerful, maybe he would be able to exchange a couple of more blows with Ye Chen.

But of course, there were still some differences.

Among Mo Yan, Tuo Baku and Lin Yun, Ye Chen would think that Mo Yan was slightly harder to take on. Although the other two were powerful enough, it would still not take Ye Chen much effort to beat them. As long as he pushed his attacking power to a certain level, he would be able to hit them easily. On the contrary, when facing Mo Yan, Ye Chen did not choose to use the Sky Shattering Clouds which was normally a direct attack, because he knew that the Sky Shattering Clouds would be very hard to hit Mo Yan. So it was really better to use the fast blade poetic perspective, which had less power yet higher speed, on Mo Yan.

Facing different people with different techniques, it had always been Ye Chen's style. Obviously, attacking face to face would be the easiest solution.

Besides those three, Sikong, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan and Murong Qingcheng would be real tough opponents. It would be impossible for Ye Chen to win against them easily. He could only use all of his power to try to fight against them, and he would not be able to have full control over the battle like before.

However, Ye Chen had still got some power saved up, such as his seventy percent sword intent.

"This guy is different. Everyone who had got weaker attacking power than him would have been beaten with only one attack. There was barely any surprise." The head judge opened his mouth after a long time.

Hearing him, all the other judged nodded. In their eyes, Ye Chen was indeed different. Normally, if warriors with very powerful power wanted to beat warriors with similar power, it would barely be the situation where one opponent had the control over the whole battle. It would take them at least dozens of attacks to emerge as the winner. However, Ye Chen was a complete exception. If his opponent did not have enough power to take him on, they would not even have the chance to even try.

"The battle is finished. Announce the next one." said the head judge.

The judge sitting right next to him stood up, "Ye Chen won, the twenty-seventh battle, ..."

The competition continued as Ye Chen went back down the stage.

Normally, winning against Mo Yan would make him the spotlight of the crowd. However, Sikong Sheng and Lin Yun had completely stolen his thunder. Actually, it was Sikong Sheng to be more precise. So far, eight of the ten seeded contestants had been on the stage. Only Sikong Sheng and Lin Yun remained.

Sikong Sheng, the head disciple of the Floating Mountain Martial School, was twenty years old. He had been in three Hidden Dragon Rank competition. The first time, he was only fifteen years old. At that time, he had taken down the second place, which shocked everyone. What was more horrifying was that right then, he had not even reached the Clasping Yuan Realm. He had beaten a lot of young Clasping Yuan Realm warriors with only his Condensing Reality Realm cultivation. The second time, he was eighteen years old. People thought it would have been a tough fight. But he had beaten all of his opponents, including the champion of last Hidden Dragon Rank, the "Fire Spirit Prince" Yan Chihuo, the top prince of the Black Dragon Empire and the "Heartless Sword Artist" Li Daoxuan with his inarguable power, and became the champion and the top warrior among the young warriors in South Rudra Region. He was so famous that most of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors could not compete with him. And this year was his third time competing for the Hidden Dragon Rank. No one really knew what his true power was. Rumors said that he had already reached the limit of the Clasping Yuan Realm, and that he was purifying his zhen Qi, preparing for reaching the Astral Reaching Realm.

Regardless, Sikong Sheng's power was agreeably powerful. Everyone thought that he would still be the champion of this year's Hidden Dragon Rank and no one could change that.

Although the head disciple of the Sky Fall Martial School Lin Yun was neither as shining and attention attracting as Sikong Sheng nor reckless as Yan Chihuo, he was still ranked fifth in the last Hidden Dragon Rank. As one of the top genius of the South Rudra Region, no one could know for sure what kind of improvement he had made. It was just like Murong Qingcheng. Three years ago, she was only ranked twenty-seventh. However, she had raised up suddenly this year and become one of the new top warriors, popular contestants for the top five places. Lin Yun, who was ranked even higher than Murong Qingcheng, would not be simple either.

The title of the head of the young warriors in South Rudra Region was just way too loud. A lot of people had set their target at it. If Sikong Sheng wanted to keep his position, he would have to have enough power. Right now, it was his first challenge.

The battle between the two had attracted too much attention.

"The thirty-first battle, Sikong Sheng against Lin Yun."

Battles after battles, finally, the head judge announced the contestants for the thirty-first battle.


Not only the warriors who were watching, every single one of the young warriors looked over at the battling platform without blinking once. One could almost hear their heartbeats.

"Sikong Sheng has finally come out. Even if Lin Yun was not worthy enough as an opponent, but he might be able to push out most of his power, right?" Someone said.

"Indeed, if it was someone else, I thought it would definitely be less interesting."

"I wonder how far Lin Yun can push Sikong Sheng. Let's wait and see!"

Lin Yun's aura exploded after hearing his name. His body shifted, shooting towards the battling platform like a falling star. That kind of recklessness was frightening.

Unlike Lin Yun's drastic entrance, Sikong Sheng looked like he did not care about Lin Yun at all. He put his right hand behind him as he walked towards Lin Yun.

The top two young warriors stood against each other face to face.

"Sikong Sheng, I thought our battle would be placed in the end. I did not expect it to be this early. But, it is good this way, saving me effort hiding my power." Lin Yun's clothes started to fly in the sky. His aura showed that he was ready to fight. A burning sensational Qi spread out the room, which was unlike Yan Chihuo's.

Sikong Sheng kept his right hand behind him and left hand resting as he said lightly, "You are not my opponent. If it was Yan Chihuo, I might have an interest in exchanging some attacks."

"Huh! I will show you my true power." A bright light shone through Lin Yun's eyes, which contained the poetic perspective of a meteorite falling. It attacked towards Sikong Sheng brutally. Meanwhile, he yelled as an iron spear appeared in his hand. A dark red flame was burning around the iron spare as he attacked out.

"Sky Fire Four Spear!"

After throwing out that spear, that dark red flame started to burn and twist rapidly. It turned into countless piles of flame and shot out. That unbearable heat had even lighted up the fire element in the air, bringing up even more aura.


Sikong Sheng reached out his left hand and extended his five fingers, trying to catch those burning flying flames.


The flame had been put out.

Right then, Lin Yun's other three spear attacks also arrived. Each spear attack was faster and more powerful than the last one. A huge area of fire element had turned into pure fuel and started to burn, turning half of the battling platform into a world of flame. In the center of the flame, three falling-star-like spear lights shot out.

"Interesting! Empty Palm Attack!"

Empty Palm Attack was an exclusive Floating Martial School martial art, but it wasn't one of the top ones. Its rank was only high-rank Earth Realm. However, performed by Sikong Sheng, the whole space looked clearer. The flame was pushed to roll back, no longer able to move forward.

That three falling star spear lights started to slowly break down under the palm power. Soon, they were completely shattered, disappearing in the wind.

The other leaders of the rank 6 martial institutions were shocked. Sikong Sheng had already mastered his martial arts to an inhuman level, and he had completely seen through the meaning of the Empty Palm Art.

"Sky Fallen Attack!"

The attack had been shattered. Lin Yun took a deep breath before pouring all of his zhen Qi into his iron spear. He and his spear had been combined together into one as they attacked towards Sikong Sheng with a self-destructive aura. A lot of young warriors nearby had been affected by the poetic perspective. They felt that they somehow entered a world of war, as if countless giant fiery meteorites were falling from the sky.

Still having his right hand behind him, Sikong Sheng looked slightly more serious. He formed his left hand into a fist and tightened it before he threw it out into the sky.

"Sky Tyrant Fist!"

As he threw out the fist attack, all of the natural elements seemed to have been infused into the fist aura. Along with the mentality of the sky, it attacked towards Lin Yun, seemingly high-powered and mighty.

The air in front had been twisted and blurred. The space started to vibrate drastically. The crowd down the stage could barely see where Lin Yun was. All they could see was Sikong Sheng standing there peacefully like a king in his palace.


The hard battling platform cracked open. Lin Yun held his iron spear as he puked out some blood and was blown back. His poetic perspective had been obliterated.

"Sky Tyrant Fist, it was the exclusive martial art that had been created by the Mysterious King. Combined with Sikong Sheng's status, no one would be able to beat that."

"Lin Yun had pushed Sikong Sheng to use his Sky Tyrant Fist Art, so he did not really lose completely. Unfortunately, Sikong Sheng is just too powerful, completely above all of the young generation."