Chapter 270: Who is controlling who

 Chapter 270: Who is controlling who

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Looking at Yan Chihuo again, he was not wounded at all. However, a small bunch of hair had been missing from his sideburn. The hair danced along with the wind before he eventually landed on the ground.

"Being able to take my ace attack and not die, you are the first in the past three years." Putting his long blade back in its scabbard, Yan Chihuo touched his side burn which seemed to have some of Li Daoxuan's sword intent residue.


Li Daoxuan coughed out a chunk of blood, "Too bad, there is still something missing." When he was throwing out his one hundred and ninety-eighth attack, his sword had cut off some of Yan Chihuo's hair first before Yan Chihuo's attack arrived. The long blade attacked towards his shoulder. In that critical moment, he used his finger to flick away that incoming long blade from wounding him. However, that burning hot blade light had still touched his body, which caused some damages in his meridians.

Li Daoxuan had lost half an attack during the battle between them two.

Apetition, he had won every single fight he was in. His sword art techniques were just as powerful as the "Heartless Sword Artist" Li Daoxuan. Adding his fifty percent sword intent and that extremely calm personality, Ye Chen was considered one of the most frighteningly powerful new stars this year. With Tuo Baku, they were called the top two new star, and their reputation was catching up with the top young warriors like Sikong Sheng.

What was more interesting was that the "Demon Eyes" Mo Yan had trained the Sky Demon Skill, which allowed him to see through weaknesses. Each attack of his was targeted at the weakest spot of his opponent. Judging from the battles before, Ye Chen was just as powerful when it came to the same ability of seeing though weaknesses. However, unlike Mo Yan, Ye Chen was better at seeing through the flaws of martial arts. Once he got serious, no warriors would be able to perform their attacks completely. Bing Ling and Qian Yun would be great examples.

On the battling platform, Ye Chen stood eighty meters away from Mo Yan.

Just like those small amount of people, Ye Chen also did not dare to underestimate Mo Yan. In fact, among all the top young warriors, besides Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan and Murong Qingchen, Mo Yan would be the no.1 opponent for Ye Chen. Even Tuo Baku and Lin Yun were not really his opponents, because Ye Chen himself was specialized in techniques which Tuo Baku and Lin Yun were weak at.

However, Ye Chen knew that Tuo Baku and Lin Yun were both more powerful than Mo Yan since both their martial arts had reached its eleventh realm, which provided them with extremely powerful attacking power.

"The Sky Demon Eyes are very mysterious. They have the ability to see through the weakness of everything. Ye Chen's protective zhen Qi seemed to be relatively weak. I am afraid this will be a tough fight."

"Indeed. Among the top young warriors, some of them are of conflicting powers with others. For example, Mo Yan's power would not work on Tuo Baku, Murong Qingcheng's power controls Bing Ling's. In some ways, Mo Yan would be able to oppress Ye Chen."

"Theoretically, yes. But Mo Yan's martial arts might be seen through by Ye Chen as well. It might not even work for him. No one could really say for sure until they fight."

The battle had not begun, yet everyone had their own opinions already.

"Your protective zhen Qi layer has only got two weaknesses, what a surprise." Mo Yan had not started to attack instantly and said.

Ye Chen laughed gently as he said, "There's weakness in the natural, and as a human being, I for sure also have weaknesses. However, there is a distinguishing difference between discovering the existence of the weakness and actually hitting them."

He had already trained his Mysterious Art to its highest level, and the Mysterious Art had come from the Heaven Dream Battling Palace. Naturally, it did not have too many weaknesses. Although the other top young warriors had also trained their martial arts to a very high level, it was still not the peak. Therefore, they had only got more power while their zhen Qi protective layer had more weaknesses than him.

Mo Yan sneered, "I haven't finished talking yet. You indeed have two weaknesses in your zhen Qi layer. But in my eyes, your protective layer itself is a weakness. It would not last one second under one attack, maybe not even half a second."

"Since you are this confident, I have nothing else to say. However, your attacks will not even touch me once." The Star Scar Sword had appeared in his hand as Ye Chen stopped talking.

"Mysterious Spirit Finger!" Just as Ye Chen was talking, Mo Yan moved. He combined his right-hand index and middle fingers as a ghost-like light appeared, attacking towards Ye Chen.

He thought to himself, 'Real and fake, fake and real, it is my battling style. If you cannot adapt, then I am sorry.'

All of the warriors who were watching kept silence. They had known about Mo Yan's battling style. However, attacking while the opponent was still talking was a bit rude.

People from the Sky Clouds Martial School frowned. They always knew about Mo Yan's power, and even Tuo Baku was hit several times. If it were not for his extremely powerful defense, he would have lost to him already. The martial art that Ye Chen had trained was weak, which was a fact. They were afraid that his protective zhen Qi would not handle his finger attack.

The Mysterious Spirit Finger attack was shifting between real and fake and could change its traveling route instantly. This time was no exception. When it was still one meter away from Ye Chen, that finger light disappeared instantly. When it reappeared, it had already appeared in front of Ye Chen.


Right then, a beam of sword light sliced up, cutting open that finger light. It was like it had been waiting for it.

"How can this be? How did you see through the mechanism of my Mysterious Spirit Finger?" Mo Yan did not expect to win Ye Chen with only his Mysterious Spirit Finger. In his opinion, he would definitely beat Ye Chen or at least mess him up, making him lose all of his glory from before.

He had just never thought that Ye Chen would be able to see through his Mysterious Spirit Finger with only one look.

Cutting open that finger art, Ye Chen said lightly, "I told you, your attacks would not touch me even once."


Mo Yan was furious. His two finger touched together again, throwing out multiple attacks. It was indeed that Mysterious Spirit Seven Fingers that had taken one brow away from Tuo Baku.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting...

It did not need seven sword attacks to shatter all those seven finger attacks. It had only taken Ye Chen three sword attacks, and his body did not move an inch all that while.


After doing all that, Ye Chen extended his body, flying towards Mo Yan at an extremely fast speed.

"Back out!"

Mo Yan had changed to an even more powerful Mysterious Spirit Finger Art, attacking towards Ye Chen from a distance.


What had shattered was Ye Chen's zhen Qi shadow. His real body was already three meters away from Mo Yan. Ye Chen's blue robe danced in the air as the long sword in his hand had been swung four times.

"Ghost Shadow!"

His body turned into a black Qi flow before scattering. Mo Yan accumulated his zhen Qi as he got behind of Ye Chen. However, what was waiting for him was another beam of sword light.

Pop! His zhen Qi protective layer had been cut away in half. Mo Yan was shocked, looking like he had just seen a ghost. No one had ever seemed this relaxed and casual in front of him. It was like Ye Chen had got everything under his control, and he felt like a little bug on a spider web. No matter how hard he tried, it would be useless, and this kind of feeling pissed him off even more.

"I don't believe you can foresee my attacks again." Mo Yan continued to perform his Ghost Shadows. His whole body turned into a black Qi flow, wrapping around Ye Chen. Looking over, one could only see some black strings but no human figures.

Ye Chen took three steps to the right before he suddenly turned his body. The Star Scar Sword combined with the fast sword poetic perspective had been swinging in the air. There was no sword light but only blood in the air.

Mo Yan could not believe his fate. He pushed his Ghost Shadow art to its extreme and eventually, Ye Chen was completely surrounded by the black Qi flow. The audience could barely see what was real and what was fake.

Ye Chen's Star Scar Sword flashed again.

Another string of blood shot out, and this time, it was way worse than the last time.

When Ye Chen waved his sword for the third time, Mo Yan was already unable to move his body. It was not that he was physically unable, but more because he was too frightened to move. The tip of Ye Chen's sword was already pressing against his throat. The sharpness of the aura had even scratched open a little bit his skin as a drop of blood dripped out.

"You were alright when you did not move, but when you did, you are full of flaws."

Hearing him, Mo Yan's face went extremely red. From the beginning to now, he had always been under Ye Chen's control. Although his Sky Demon Eyes had seen through all of his weaknesses, it was no use for him. He now knew that once he attacked someone, all of his flaws would be exposed, and he would not have anything to even threaten his opponent.


Putting away his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen shook his head. Among the young generation, it would not take him much effort to take care of any opponents, and Mo Yan was no exception.

The dragon-shaped shadow outside Ye Chen's body had devoured some of Mo Yan's dragon fountain Qi and had expanded to almost twenty-three meters. It had a clear shape and a majestic look.

All of the people over at the audience seating remained silent.

The battle between Ye Chen and Mo Yan had ended with Mo Yan losing. In front of Ye Chen, Mo Yan's Sky Demon Eyes did not work because his martial arts had already been seen through by Ye Chen. This meant, that compared to Tuo Baku, Ye Chen was even more like Mo Yan's buster, busting every martial art he had got.