Chapter 228: Wang Juan

 Chapter 228: Wang Juan

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The Star Region Lake, just like its name, contained countless scattered islands like stars in the sky. Only within the Black Dragon Empire area were more than ten thousand islands. Among those countless islands, only a small amount of them had people living on them, because there were a lot of islands with uninhabitable environment. Some of them were occupied by huge powerful demonic beasts, and some other islands had the weird power that would kill whoever entered.

The Snake Island was one of the habitable islands.

Over that endless lake, the light had been reflected at different angles. A huge boat with smooth designs was sailing at a fast speed.

On the head of the boat, Ye Chen was looking into the distance.

"Brother Ye, are you going to join the Hidden Dragon Rank competitions in the South Rudra Region this year?" The door was opened, with Wang Snake approaching him.

Ye Chen replied, "Yes, I think so."

"I want to do so too! Unfortunately, I am not powerful enough. I heard that only Clasping Yuan Realm warriors are allowed to join." Wang Snake said with admiration.

"Clasping Realm warriors? I suppose so!"

The competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank had its moments. Since it was only raised once every three years, it was unpredictable that there would be a huge amount of top geniuses joining. As for the way to tell if it was a good competition, one could only tell by joining.

After chatting for a while, Wang Snake felt there was nothing much he could do at all, "Brother Ye, don't you get bored? It has been half month since we have been on this boat. If I knew this, I would have brought Blackie."

"It is fine. Who is Blackie?"

"Blackie is a two-headed snake, a rank 4 beast. It is very powerful, even Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors would not be able to beat it." Wang Snake said with pride.

Ye Chen said surprisingly, "You can control snakes?!"

"It seems so. I am not sure myself."

Wang Snake seemed to be confused.

'Five headed tattoo on the body, being able to control snakes... that horrifying vibe... ' Ye Chen shook his head. He had no idea what all that meant. So he asked, "Wang Snake, so what is up with that five-headed snake tattoo on your body. It does not look like it was tattooed at all."

"You mean this? Of course, it is not tattooed. I was born with it, and my father has one as well. But apparently, there are rarely other people in our family who have it." Wang Snake did not think before he answered.

Cough! Cough!

Zhou had heard what Wang Snake had said as he walked into the control room. His face changed instantly, so he hurried with a fake cough for a few times to mask his intent for Wang Snake to stop talking.

"Oh, sorry, young warrior Ye. These are our family secrets, not necessarily a good thing for you to know more." Zhou seemed very sorry and sounded very sincere.

Ye Chen did not care for it at all.

The weather over the Star Region Lake changed unpredictably. It was sunny the last second, and now it was cloudy already. Thunder kept roaring in the sky while huge waves had been brought up on the lake.

Waiting until the bad weather went past, it was already the second day afternoon.

The perfect sky had a rainbow hanging on it, the air seeming extra fresh.

Right then, the body of the boat suddenly started to shake drastically. Huge waves started to disturb the peace of the lake. There seemed to be a huge black shadow hiding under the water.

"What is happening?"

"What's going on?"

All of the passengers started to run out, seeming to be shocked.

Wang Snake slightly frowned, then seemed to calm down again. He said to Ye Chen, "Brother Ye, I had sensed something familiar. It seems to be some kind of powerful demonic snake beast."

Just as Wang Snake was taking, the front side of the dock went dark. The crowd looked over and could not help but scream.

"It is the tyrant of the rank 6 beasts, the Three Headed Snake!"

"No way. I would still be able to fight against a normal rank 6 beast, but a tyrant among the rank 6 beasts is definitely not something we can take on."

Three huge snake heads appeared in front of the boat, each one of it carriage sized. Its eye balls were like lanterns that hung in front of houses. They were shining with a red light at the moment. A three-meter long tongue was like spear, sticking in and out, looking extremely horrifying.

Ye Chen was about to throw an attack when Wang Snake stopped him, "Brother Ye, let me try."

Wang Snake did not panic like the others. He slowly walked towards the front of the boat, lifted up his head said with a gentle voice, "My name is Wang Snake. Can I be friends with you?" Normally, demonic snake beasts would not actively attack him, and they seemed to be able to understand him. Therefore, Wang Snake did not think the Three Headed Snake would attack him, so he let his guard down.


The snake stuck its tongue in and out extremely fast. Its eyes from the three heads all stared at Wang Snake. Slowly, its body sank, seeming like it was about to leave.

"Sneaky bastard!"

Ye Chen's reflexes were extremely fast. He knew that the three-headed snaked who seemed to about to leave was, in fact, preparing to attack. Without thinking, Ye Chen's body flashed and appeared in front of Wang Snake in the next second.

Just like how Ye Chen had expected, the three headed snake did not want to leave. One of its head shot out towards them at lightning speed.

A bright yellow light halo twisted drastically as Ye Chen threw out a punch.


Water column shot out into the sky above that lake. Ye Chen took one step back, leaving a deep footprint on that deck.

The three headed snake was not having a good time either, the head that had attacked them was concussed heavily, unable to see a thing.


Taking out his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen threw out two sword attacks in a row, blowing the other two heads away. The burning red sparkles were extra bright like fireworks.

"Wang Snake, get back." Ye Chen was planning to get serious. Although the three-headed snake was a tyrant among rank 6 beasts, it was still no Wind Wolf. If attacking with full strength, Ye Chen had thirty percent confidence that he would kill it. But of course, because of the advantage of the fighting environment, it was highly likely for it to escape.

Wang Snake backed out as he mumbled, "Why did it attack me?"


Waves went crazy. The three headed snake was very mad due to Ye Chen's attacks. The head in the middle opened its mouth as a bright blue beast Qi accumulated, eventually forming into a light ball.

"Swallow it!"

Ye Chen flew up, his Star Scar Sword along with that unreal sword light stabbing right into the throat of that three-headed snake. He twisted his wrist, making the brutal sword qi shoot out in all directions.

The bright blue light ball shattered, as the three headed snake groaned into the sky. The intense sword wave shook the lake, making loud sounds, splashing the water everywhere.

"So powerful! That was a tyrant of the rank 6 beasts. Still, it was harmed to this extent."

"He looks like he is only seventeen or something... Perhaps he is some top genius warrior from some super powerful martial institutions!"

"It is very likely. I wonder what rank is he in that Hidden Dragon Rank?"

Most of the passengers that took the boat to the Snake Island were warriors, and among them were quite a lot of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. They knew that full-on attack on the Three Headed Snake was fatal to a lot of Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, not to mention warriors like them, hence the admiration towards Ye Chen.

Three Headed Snake was still a beast carrying an ancient bloodline. After being hit by Ye Chen's Lone Peak Kill, it still had a great attacking power left. Its column like tail was lifted up from the back of the boat, aiming to crush the entire boat.

"Sky Shattering Clouds!"

Ye Chen would not let that happen. He lifted up his Star Scar Sword into the air, throwing out a sword attack.


The Three Headed Snake did not have time to react. Its huge body slid out on the surface of the lake for a few hundred meters. The head in the middle was covered in blood, the strong front jaw had a visible deep sword mark which had almost cut its head in half.


Performing his Separating Shadow Flying Art, Ye Chen's both legs bounced on the ground slightly, dragging his body into the air. He appeared above the beast within the second, and he was about to throw a serious attack on that three headed snake. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out towards them, while a crispy sound was heard, "Please go easy!"

Hesitating for a second, Ye Chen's body flashed and landed a few hundred meters back.

Soon, a beautiful human figure appeared above the three headed snake. What was surprising was that she slowly landed on the left head of the three headed beast.

It was a teenager girl around eighteen years old. She seemed to be at Early Clasping Yuan Realm. Just like Wang Snake, she was wearing black robe, but there was gold threading on the bottom of her sleeves, which made it look quite fancy. Adding her gorgeous appearance and cold expressions along with her beautiful figure, she gave people a dark, mysterious vibe.

It might just be a mistake, but Ye Chen could sense a familiar aura coming from that girl. That aura was coming out from a deep part of their soul, slightly cold and spooky. It was almost impossible for normal people to detect it.

"This snake beast belongs to you?" Ye Chen asked.

The teenager girl said, "Sorry! I lost track of it for a second, and it had run out to do whatever it wanted."

Ye Chen said again, "Your last name is Wang?"

"How did you know?" The teenage girl in black asked curiously.

"There is another person named Wang here. He seems to be in the same family as you."

Freezing a little bit, the girl in black seemed to have thought of something, "He must have come from the Wang family from the Black Dragon Empire! Show him to me!"

"Not yet. Not everyone in your family wants him here." Although the Wang family from the Star Region Late seemed mysterious, it did not mean it was powerful. According to what Zhou had said, Wang family in the Star Region Lake was only a rank 9 family. It was not even powerful in the Wind Nation, and normally, there would be no Astral Reaching Realm warriors from a rank 9 family. Only rank 8 families or martial institutions would have Astral Reaching Realm warriors unless this Wang Family was like Sky Cloud Martial School that had been attacked badly before.

With Ye Chen's cultivation and power, he did not indeed have to worry about rank 9 families.

The girl in black was quite concerned about Ye Chen's power. She could not be clearer about the Three Headed Snake's power. Even peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would not be able to beat it, but Ye Chen was able to wound it so badly. If it were not for her saving it, it would have been killed for sure. That member of the Wang family from the Black Dragon Empire would be safe under the protection of Ye Chen from those people from the family.

"I am Wang Juan. I am sorry for the Three Headed Snake. I will bring it away now." Wang Juan took out some bottle of medicine powder from her storage ring and sprinkled it on the wounds of the beast as she said.

"Help yourself."

Flashing his body, Ye Chen went back on the boat.

Waiting till the girl and the beast had left, the boat started moving away. But the atmosphere was pumped again. With the arrival of the three headed snake and Ye Chen being able to beat it, as well as the appearance of the owner of the beast... all of this had amazed and shocked the passengers on the boat.

Wang Snake was staring at the back of the girl as she left. That deep bloodline inside of his body started to boil, and he could barely control it. Ye Chen could clearly sense that Wang Snake's power had increased. Spreading his soul power through his clothes, he could see that the five-headed snake tattoo's eye blinked.