Chapter 226: The Teenager with the Snake Skin

 Chapter 226: The Teenager with the Snake Skin

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Right before he left, Ye Chen accumulated all his strength and punched the training column.


The training column made a squeaky noise, as the top part of the column started to twist to an angle. Judging only on power, the fist power was obviously stronger than sword qi. Plus, because it was a short distance attack, Ye Chen's powerful physical strength had also been blended into that fist power of the Five Mountains Godly Fist Art.

After mastering his Pure Jade King Kong Body Art, Ye Chen's physical strength alone had reached almost fifty thousand pounds, which was enough to blow away a normal whale.

The servant who had come in to clean the field happened to see what had happened, his mouth widely opened in shock.

Leaving the Martial City, Ye Chen did not take off his hat. He used his flying art and started to fly in a particular direction.

"What a fast speed. Right now, my speed should not be slower than Wu Liangyu." When he was in the Gold Tripod City fighting against the beasts, Wu Liangyu had performed martial arts just like the Black Crow Man, which was the top rank Earth Realm Black Crow Great Art. The most interesting part of that martial art was that the user would be able to form a pair of zhen qi wings behind them, which would increase their speed drastically. That was also why that Wu Liangyu was able to have the speed of a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior when he was only at Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. Right now, Ye Chen had also trained a top rank Earth Realm flying art, which was the same as the Black Crow Great Art. What was different was that Wu Liangyu's martial art had used its martial skill to increase his speed, and Ye Chen had trained a pure flying art, which meant that Ye Chen's speed should be faster.


All the sceneries on both sides had turned blurry and eventually blended to form black shadows flying backward at an extremely fast speed. The heavy wind was like blades, cutting +Ye Chen's zhen qi layer continuously. The Mysterious Mountains were getting further away until they disappeared in the horizon.


Inside a restaurant in a small village...

The lights were still on inside one of the guest rooms on the second floor.

"Sir, our Black Hill Wang Family is incomparable to the Star Region Family Wang Family. They are a huge mainstream family, a rank 9 family; we are only a small branch, a normal family. Therefore, once we get there, please do not get too passionate or rude." Inside one of the rooms, an elder with robes was warning a teenager in black.

The teenager was about fifteen years old, his body slim and tall. His not-too-good-looking appearance had a unique vibe. His eyes were extremely dark and bright. Although he gave people a cold vibe, the smile on his face was very gentle. He said, "Uncle Zhou, we all belong to the same family, the main family should be just as warm and friendly as ours! So you should not have to worry. After all, I am not someone would piss people off, right? I could just try to be quiet then if that is easier."

Uncle Zhou sighed, "You did not understand what I was trying to say. Why did you think the main family wanted to see you?"

The teenager in black said, "Didn't they think I had the pure blood and wanted me to go there and inherit some kind of power?"

"That is the problem, my child. You are only a member of the branch family, but have the power to inherent the main family's bloodline. What do you think the other main family members would think? They would definitely get pissed off, and might even try to kill you because once you are dead, then they would be the people inheriting the bloodline."

"No way! It was not like I wanted to go there. In fact, I did not even know about the main family until the other day."

"They would not care for your attitude. All they care is who will inherit the power. Never mind, no point telling you this. Everything has to do with power. Sleep early! It should be a long way."

The third guest room to the right.

"Master Liu, why go through such troubles? Just take both of them out now." By the edge of the bed, a middle-aged skinny man said evilly as he sharpened his great sword.

Master Liu leaned on the windows with a creepy look in his eyes which were extremely dark. He shook his head and said, "No. That Zhou was a powerful warrior. I do not think I am confident enough to kill him. And once they escape, the consequences would be unimaginable. It has to be done without mistakes. Just wait until those powerful warriors the first master had hired to regroup with us reach here. Then it would still not be too late."

"For Christ's sake, I had no idea that a branch family member would have such pure blood. It is really unforeseeable."

"It is not that rare. After few generations, there might be a mutation in one of the newborns. It only meant he was just really lucky."

"Hehe, soon, this good luck would become his bad luck. And he would have only himself to blame for having something that he should not have."

The skinny middle-aged man licked his lips, his eyes full of hatred and cruelty.


"I had asked a couple of owners of the medicine store, and they had all said that the Star Region Lake area would have the most medicines. Hopefully, I could find some blood and flesh repairing great medicine."

Ye Chen's destination for this trip was the Star Region Lake. It did not belong to the Black Dragon Empire, nor the other huge nations. Because its space had reached beyond the total space of the three nations, which was almost few million miles, it had reached all the way to the Snow Mountains. There were also some overlaps with the Cloud Region and the Thunder Region. It was one of the super lakes in the whole true spirit continent, which was even few times larger than the oceans in the world Ye Chen had come from. But in here, it was only considered as a lake.

Ye Chen did not plan to travel all of the Star Region Lake. With his cultivation right now, he was afraid he might get eaten before he covered one-tenth of the place. There were a lot of forbidden places in the Star Region Lake, some extremely dangerous places even Seas of Souls Realm and Life and Death Realm warriors would have to be careful at.

Ye Chen just wanted to look around the edge of the Star Region Lake in the Black Dragon Empire.

In front of him was a quite empty area. There were not too many plants, only rocks. It seemed to cover the next hundreds of miles.


Ye Chen's body extended as he shot out like a huge bird.

On one of the ancient-looking pathway in the empty mountain, there were rock mountains on the both sides of the path. Some dried out little weeds were growing on the ground. Small rocks were everywhere, giving people a lifeless vibe.

Four human figures were walking at the same speed.

"Let's stop here for a while. Wait for the people from the main family." Master Liu turned his head, disguising the killing intent in his eyes, and said with a smile.

Uncle Zhou frowned and said, "Isn't your mission sending us to the main family as soon as possible? I think it might be against the rule to stop here."

Master Liu explained, "What happened was that the main family had sent groups of people to come and look for you guys. Each group has powerful warriors, and the rest of the way might be quite dangerous. With more powerful warriors, it might be safer."

"How long would that be? Our Wang Family in the Black Hill City was not originally from the Black Hill City. Plus, we had not communicated with the main family for so many years now, it is impossible for them to find us instantly. If they could not find us, then they would have carried on searching. There was no way for them to regroup here."

Master Liu's expression froze a little. He had not thought about the contradiction so he could not find an explanation on the spot. He could not say that they were waiting for powerful warriors sent by the eldest son to kill them both.

The skinny middle-aged man saw that Master Liu was having some difficulties. He yelled, "Old man, who do you think you are? We have asked you to wait, so wait! No need to talk sh**!"

Uncle Zhou snarled, "Please watch your language."

"What? Who do you think you are?"

The teenager in black thought Uncle Zhou might get into trouble, so he suggested, "Uncle Zhou, never mind it. Let's wait a bit longer. It should not take too long."

Zhou sighed as he let out a breath of air. He could sense something was not right, especially that skinny middle-aged man. He had an evil undertone when he talked, and did not look like a friendly guy at all.

He communicated via zhen Qi to the teenager in black, "Snake, if anything happens, you just run. Don't worry about me."

The teenager in black looked at Uncle Zhou in surprise. He did not understand what he had meant.

Soon, three human figures had shown up in front of them.

"They are here!" Master Liu let out a breath.

The skinny middle-aged man laughed. He looked at Uncle Zhou and the teenager in black with a bad intention.

The man standing in the front was an elder looked dried out like dead wood, and the two people standing right next to him were both huge. Judging from the zhen qi pattern, the three were all at Late Clasping Yuan Realm. Among them all, the elder had the strongest qi, which indicated he was at peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm already.

"You sure it is him?" After approaching, the elder asked directly.

Master Liu nodded, "Yes, one hundred percent."

The elder studied the teenager in black without any emotions. He reached out his hand and made a pulling gesture. The invisible power dragged the young man towards him, "Nothing could go wrong in this. I will have to check it for myself."

Uncle Zhou yelled, "What are you doing?!"

"Old man, stay where you are!" The skinny looking middle-aged man blocked Uncle Zhou's way and said with a creepy, threatening voice.


The elder casually grabbed in the air, causing the top part of the teenager's clothes to be torn apart. On that slim but muscular body, there was a huge snake pattern. The snake was extremely realistic, every single scale being very clear. As the teenager breathed, the snake moved slightly. What was surprising was that the huge snake had five heads, which were all identical. Their eyes shone light red light.

"A five headed huge snake? I don't think there were beasts like this? Does it have other meanings in this?" Ye Chen had appeared on top of the rock mountains over there. He had performed his Hidden Qi Spell, and as long as people did not look at him directly with their eyes, there was no way anyone could sense him since he was just like air right now.

Leaning against the huge rock, Ye Chen shook his head. Before the three had arrived, he had already sensed the killing vibe from Master Liu and the skinny middle-aged man. He knew that they did not start the attack because they were worried about the elder standing right next to the teenager.

"Five headed snake. The bloodline matching level is indeed high. It is him!" The elder smiled, his voice sounding parched.

The smile on Master Liu's face had disappeared completely, "Let's kill them here!"

Zhou's face also changed completely. What he was worried about the most had still happened. These people obviously wanted to take out Snake to make sure their master inherited the power.

"Piss off!"

His zhen qi exploded, as Zhou blew away that skinny middle-aged man with one palm attack. His body ran at a tremendous speed towards the teenager in black, wanting to get him back.

"Don't be rude in front of me." The dried-looking elder waved his hand in the air. His zhen Qi had formed into a pitch dark huge snake, wrapping around Uncle Zhou.

The latter could not help but stop. He also reached out his hand and made a grabbing motion. A huge zhen qi palm appeared and grabbed that pitch black huge snake.

"You are like an ant trying to stop an elephant."

As the elder's voice was heard, the pitch black huge snake slipped out of the zhen qi huge palm and started to crawl towards Zhou.


The zhen qi layer was shattered, as Zhou puked out some blood as he was blown backward.

"Brat, dying in my hands is your honor." After beating Zhou with one attack, the elder's palm formed a claw and attacked towards the teenager in black.


A sword qi shot out. The elder looked frightened, as he hurried to pull back his body to avoid that sharp sword light.


Between the teenager and the elder, a ten-meter long sword mark appeared.