Chapter 223: The Thousand Year Old Blood Ganoderma Lucidum

 Chapter 223: The Thousand Year Old Blood Ganoderma Lucidum

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On a big tree, Ye Chen had hidden behind all the leaves.

His legs bent slightly as he leaned forwards. It seemed like he was accumulating his power. With the sword in his right hand, he was preparing for a big attack. His sharp eyes were closed right now while he was tracking Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin's movement with his soul power. Without any surprises, they would arrive below him after three breaths. And that would be his perfect chance for an attack.

Shoo! Shoo!

The two were coming with Mr. Jin being on the left and Yuan Zongbo on the right. There was a five meters distance between them.

"Weird, how come I can't sense him anymore? Has he escaped?" Yuan Zongbo's body had been wrapped up by his zhen qi blood eagle as he communicated with Mr. Jin through zhen qi vibrations.

Mr. Jin said, "This guy is full of evil tricks. He would not be this easy to kill. I hope we still have time."

"Yah, the three brothers had never fought against him before. They would definitely let their guard down a little bit. Well, this is good, in case they got too proud and laugh at us."

Their speed was incredibly fast, and soon, they arrived under the tree Ye Chen was hiding in.


Ye Chen's feet bounced up as his Star Scar Sword was taken out of its scabbard. The sharp blue sword light went through the branch and the leaves, then appeared right in front of Mr. Jin within a second.

"My life is not going to end here!"

Mr. Jin screamed with all his strength. However, the next second, his head had already fallen down from his body. The blood shot out for more than three meters from the wound.

"Mr. Jin!" The sword light was way too fast. There was not even time for Yuan Zongbo to blink before Mr. Jin's head was already in the air.

"Your turn now!" His body went the opposite way from Mr. Jin's remaining body, Ye Chen's both feet stepping on the solid ground heavily. Then, using his strength to push himself up with the help of his zhen qi shooting out towards different directions, his whole body turned into a beam of light, shooting towards Yuan Zongbo.

All the hair on Yuan Zongbo's body had stood up. The sword movement Ye Chen had just performed gave him chills. It was so fast and so smooth, even Mr. Jin was unable to react in time. Honestly, if he were in Mr. Jin's position, he would not have been able to dodge that attack either.

What was even more horrifying was that he was sure that the other three brothers had also been taken care of by Ye Chen, exactly like how he took care of Mr. Jin, one sword attack for one person.


All his passion and confidence turned into the deepest, raw fear. Yuan Zongming accumulated his zhen qi and pushed it all into his zhen qi blood eagle. The eagle flapped its wings, bringing Yuan Zongming flying into the sky like lightning.


The Star Scar Sword had only cut down a small piece of zhen qi outside Yuan Zongbo. Ye Chen frowned as he landed on a huge branch of a tree. Yuan Zongbo was indeed the trickiest person to take on among the five. He had not only the Little Blood Demon Body Separating Art, but his flying speed was also impressive.


The huge tree snapped in half, as Ye Chen used the counter force to catch up with Yuan Zongbo.

"One Sword Kill!"

Midair, Ye Chen held his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, cutting out an angled blue sword qi. That sword qi only flashed once before turning into a blue beam of light, hitting Yuan Zongbo who was in the front.

"Ah! God damn it!" Yuan Zongbo's body wobbled a couple of times, almost ending up falling down. After restoring his balance, his speed once again increased rapidly. He used all his energy and power to fly at the fastest speed he could manage towards the Martial City, which was few hundred meters away. Once he got back into the Martial City, no matter how many tricks Ye Chen had, he would not be able to do anything to him.

With that sword attack before, the distance between Ye Chen and Yuan Zongbo had been shortened by more than ten meters. However, that method was obviously not very efficient. With Ye Chen's soul power right now, he could only perform One Sword Kill six more times. After that, his mental power would be drained, the slightest mistake could make him mentally exhausted and decrease his fighting power drastically. Plus, because it was all happening at an incredibly fast flying speed, the power of the One Sword Kill could only reach fifty percent of the standard, which was not powerful enough to break open Yuan Zongming's protective zhen qi layer.

Without the One Sword Kill, Ye Chen had another ace killer move.

The Void Shattering Finger Art!

The power of that art might not be the most powerful, but its zhen qi shattering power was extra effective.

Moved his sword to his left hand, Ye Chen lifted up his right index finger, pointing it out into the sky.


Yuan Zongbo fell down into the forest.

"Da** it, I am being pushed into this position?! Is this little forest where I, Yuan Zongbo, am going to die?" Yuan Zongbo landed on the ground, not daring to fly up into the sky again. So he started to fly close to the ground, as he thought to himself hopelessly.

"No way! I, Yuan Zongbo, would not die here!"

An evil look flashed past his face, as Yuan Zongbo took out a red object from his storage ring and put it into his mouth without any hesitation. Then he pushed his Minor Blood Demon Body Great Art to the limits. His zhen Qi was being pumped into his right arm in a tyrant pose, as his skin started to crack open. All of the blood had blended with the zhen qi, which made it thicker and bloodier. Eventually, it turned into a blood mist.


His right arm extended, as Yuan Zongbo held his great sword on with his hand and turned around to throw out a sword attack.


The bloody sword qi started expanding for the second time, which left an almost one thousand meters long crack on the ground. Looking down from the sky, it looked like the whole forest had been separated into two parts.

"I am not afraid the Minor Blood Demon art front on, but obviously he was trying to use it to slow me down so that he could escape."

Instead of facing the bloody sword face on, Ye Chen's body shifted and avoided the attacking range. He looked up to find that Yuan Zongbo had used this short time lapse to increase the distance between them.

"I want to know how many times you can do that." Ye Chen clearly remembered from back then that when Yuan Zongbo performed this martial art, his right arm dried out.

Moments later, all Ye Chen could see was a red light, as Yuan Zongbo performed his Minor Blood Demon Art again.

Dodging the sword qi, the distance between the two had been stretched from five hundred meters again to a full mile.

Ye Chen did not trust him, so he spread out his soul power to see what Yuan Zongbo was actually doing.

Inside his soul power sensing realm...

Yuan Zongbo had taken out a small red thing from his storage ring and put in his mouth. After chewing for a couple of times, Yuan Zongbo's dried out right arm had been visually repaired to its normal form. This kind of repair was not a full cure, and after using it for a couple of times, the side effects would be pretty severe. But he would probably be able to make it to the marital city, where he would have a chance to really heal himself.

"It turns out to be great medicine for blood boosting and flesh repairing... It does not look that simple." Ye Chen's eyes were squeezed into lines. He knew that if this continued, then Yuan Zongbo might actually successfully escape from this, and all of his efforts would be wasted.

Without a perfect plan, Ye Chen threw out a One Sword Kill attack at Yuan Zongbo. The sword qi that was faster than lightning had cut down trees after trees, clearing out a huge empty space.

"Void Shattering Finger!"

Without the blockade of the trees, Ye Chen pointed out his finger into the air.


Unforeseeably, Yuan Zongbo's body tilted, crashing into a huge tree on the right rear side, leaving a huge human shaped dent.

"Arms Release!"

Yuan Zongbo was furious and stuffed an even bigger red object into his mouth. His both arms that were covered in red light were holding his great sword, as he threw out an attack towards Ye Chen, who was one mile away.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground had been sunk while the trees had been cut to pieces and blown to the sides. The huge bloody sword qi was like a red storm, bringing its powerful aura as it shot out towards Ye Chen.

That horrifying aura had alerted the warriors who were a hundred miles away. They could not help but all look towards where it came from.

"Shadow Explosion!"

Facing Yuan Zongbo who had performed his Arms Release, Ye Chen did not dare to slow down. His body suddenly exploded, turning into ten shadows and scattered around.

The next second...

At least twenty zhen qi shadows had been shattered.

"Unfortunately, my Lone Peak Kill belongs to the close-up sword art. Otherwise, it would never be this tiring." Last time, Ye Chen was able to beat Yuan Zongbo was because he had tricked them at the beginning, which decreased his fighting power drastically. Plus, unlike last time, this time Yuan Zongbo was using all his strength to run away, leaving Ye Chen no chance to fight him. Even if Ye Chen was much more powerful right now, he still had no way of attacking him. However, even if Mr. Jin did not join the fight last time, the result of the battle was still unknown, since back then Yuan Zongbo was still concerned about the consequences, so he had only released one of his arms. But right now, he had the repairing medicine, which would allow him to bring out most of his Blood Demon Art's power.

The sword qi had been shattered. Ye Chen landed on the ground, with both of his hands on his sword, as he threw back a One Sword Kill.


Unlike the sword qi from the Minor Blood Demon Art, the sword qi from the One Sword Kill was not very huge; it was only one meter long. With an extremely fast speed, it turned into a blue light beam, cutting all the trees and objects in between, and eventually landed heavily on Yuan Zongbo's left arm.

Yuan Zongbo made a hysterical sound. His left arm had been cut off from his shoulder.

Normally, with that distance in between them, Yuan Zongbo could easily avoid that sword qi attack. However, although the Minor Blood Demon Art was very impressive, it would slow down his reflex speed. If he were only facing opponents of his cultivation, it would have been fine. But if the opponent were drastically stronger than he was, then that weakness would be fatal.

"Damn you! Today, even if I just have half a breath, I will still kill you in this forest." Yuan Zongbo had given up on escaping. The blood light from his hands flashed once, as a bloody Ganoderma Lucidum appeared in his hand. Without any hesitation, he opened up his huge mouth and swallowed it completely, leaving not even crumbs behind.

"The thousand year Ganoderma Lucidum!"

Ye Chen had recognized that plant. That Ganoderma Lucidum Yuan Zongbo had eaten was particularly called the bloody Ganoderma Lucidum, which was a great medicine for qi and flesh repair. According to the darkness of the color, one could tell the years of the medicine. That bloody Ganoderma Lucidum was almost the size of a human head and extremely red, which clearly indicated that it was a one thousand years bloody Ganoderma Lucidum. There was no way for people to buy it with gold, and its value was no less than a low-rank great weapon.

Seeing that, anyone with a brain could figure out what Yuan Zongbo was about to do. He was definitely planning to use the effect of the thousand years bloody Ganoderma Lucidum to release his Minor Blood Demon in a wide attacking range, exploding his best power and eventually killing Ye Chen in the forest.

"Very well, I am not afraid of you using all your strength. I was just afraid that you would run away."

Swallowing a zhen qi pellet to boost up his zhen qi level, Ye Chen lifted up his Star Scar Sword and started to approach his opponent.

"Eighty Percent Release!"

Standing where he was, Yuan Zongbo roared with all his strength. Besides his head, the other parts of his body started to pour out huge amounts of blood. The blood started to blend with his zhen qi, turning into thick blood light, which started to spin around his body without a pattern. It looked like his whole body had been wrapped up in his blood.


All of the trees and plants around him started to rot and die in that blood mist. They all melted down into the ground. Soon, the whole place turned into a small pond with only blood and nothing else.