Chapter 220: Going Back to the Martial City

 Chapter 220: Going Back to the Martial City

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Swallowing a repairing medicine and a Qi boosting pill, Ye Chen reached out his right hand and made a pulling moment. The storage ring on the ghost head's finger automatically came off and flew towards his palm.

"Let's get out of here first, the wounds are quite bad."

While fighting against the ghost head, Ye Chen was wounded three times. One time was when he stabbed the ghost head and the latter's brutal zhen Qi shook him; another time was when he was hiding under the ground and the ghost head had thrown a punch at him. The last time, he was wounded by himself. Although he had the protection from his low-rank light armor, once his zhen qi layer had been broken, the light armor could only block out the power on the surface. But once the remaining power went through the light armor, it would hit right onto his body. If it were not for his Pure Jade Body Art, his wounds would have been more severe.

Putting away the storage ring, Ye Chen's body flashed again and disappeared into the night.

The forest once again went back to its complete silence, which seemed extremely creepy. After some time, suddenly birds' high-pitched tweets were heard.

Soon, a huge shadow started to cover the ground.

The broken moon appeared behind the lotus-like clouds. With the dim shine of the moonlight, one could see that huge shadow was a weird-looking bird with four claws, whose eyes were bloody red like a fire torch. They were bright like two lights in the dark forest. It had an extremely evil aura.

On the back of that weird bird, a human figure was standing there.

He closed his eyes, looking like he was sensing something. After a short while, he suddenly screamed, "Who dared to kill my godson of the Ghost Art?"

Because of his scream, a lot of the trees and leaves in the forest started to dry out, and then automatically started to burn, eventually turning into ashes and spreading out.

"Corpse Ghost Man! He has shown up in here! Quick! Notify the others." Nearby, an Astral Reaching Realm warrior who was traveling by was shocked. His body immediately extended, turning into a shooting light flying towards the Gold Tripod City, its speed increasing rapidly.

Shoo! Shoo!

Two white shadows blocked his passage.

These two white shadows were wearing long white robes, their sleeves extremely long and their heads wrapped in that white cloth. They gave a creepy impression, not looking like humans but more like ghosts.

"Piss off!"

That Astral Reaching Realm warrior who was about to escape reached out his palm and shook it, causing the air to suddenly twist and shatter. A brutal yellow blasting wave spread out from his direction, like a bright sunset light.


Out of nowhere, another two white shadows appeared behind him carrying sharp blades. They smoothly stabbed them into his heart and neck.

The blood had dyed all his clothes red, and that Astral Reaching Realm warrior was forced to land on the ground.

"Bring him back. I will make him into a rank seven zombie warrior." Hidden in the dark, the Corpse Ghost Man flew over on his weird-looking bird. His voice sounded extremely calm, which was a huge contrast from what he was like before. The sudden mood change also could give people a frightening feeling.

"Yes, sir!"

One of the white shadows waved its hand. A chain appeared and wrapped around the dead body of that Astral Reaching Realm warrior, then easily dragged it up.

"Actually, don't worry about it. You two go back first. The other two will come with me for a meeting." The Corpse Ghost Man thought of something, as he spoke with a dry voice.

The night had turned darker.

Five of them had parted in two different directions, disappearing from the sky.


Instead of going back to the Gold Tripod City, Ye Chen found a small town and stayed for the night.

"Young warrior, I have prepared your bath." Inside the hotel guest room, the servant said respectfully.

Ye Chen said, "Okay, you go out first. Without my order, do not come in or disturb me."

"Yes, sir!"

Walking out of the guest room, the servant closed the door behind him.

After having a hot bath and washing away all the dried blood and dust, Ye Chen put on some clean clothes and walked into his bedroom.

"Let's see what we've got here." The wounds on his body would not be healed anytime soon, so there was no rush in that. Plus, Ye Chen was really interested in the ghost family's belongings. Maybe there would be something he needed right now, like healing great medicines or something else.

First, he opened up the storage rings from those three men in black.

Eighty-five thousand low-rank soul stones!

Seventy-two thousand low-rank soul stones!

Seventy-eight thousand low-rank soul stones!

Compared to a normal Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, these three were quite wealthy. If Ye Chen were not to be mistaken, these would not be all the stones they had. Only those lone travelers would like to put all of their belongings in their storage rings, just like Ye Chen.

Putting away those low-rank soul stones and some of the random things, Ye Chen opened the ghost head's storage ring.

The ghost head was obviously wealthier than the other three and had more than one hundred and fifty thousand low-rank soul stones, a couple of millions of gold, three manuals, two of which were low-rank Earth Realm manuals and one beast transformation secret manual. Right next to that were two small see-through bottles. There were labels on top of the bottles, which said "Rank 6 demonic wolf spirit and blood", "Rank 6 demonic gorilla spirit and blood". "The beast transformation secret manual requires a huge amount of beast spirit and blood; one drop of it could be used once. Once turned, the zhen qi would be immediately drained." Opening up the manual and scanning through the pages, Ye Chen soon closed the manual. This martial art cost too much. In order to become strong for a short period of time, it would take a huge amount of time to repair, and it was just like using today to gamble for tomorrow.

Eventually, Ye Chen opened up the teenager's storage ring.

It did not disappoint him at all. The teenager was definitely from a wealthy family. He had three hundred fifty thousand low-rank soul stones, ten million gold, which by themselves had already gone beyond most of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Besides those, there were a lot of other valuable things, including a top self-healing medicine.

"This bottle of repairing medicine would cost at least few millions of gold. And the trickiest part is that even if one had the money, one might not even find a place to buy it. It should be able to shorten the healing time by half."

Unplugging the top, Ye Chen took out a pill and held it in between his thumb and index finger. The pill was blue with a twisting pattern on the surface. Its body was completely clear and see through, and a light, fresh smell spread the room instantly. Ye Chen was not sure if it was only an illusion, but once he sniffed that fresh smell, he could feel that his wounds were healing.

"No, you could never buy this bottle of repairing pills with gold." Although Ye Chen did not recognize the name of the pill, but judging from the smell, he knew that this bottle of pill was not that simple. It would not be worse than those great items from the auctions.

Ye Chen did not have much time to waste. He soon put away all the treasures, swallowed a repairing pill and entered the healing mode.

Three days had passed, Ye Chen opened his eyes, looking extra fresh.

"I was indeed right, a repairing pill could cure all of my wounds and repair my natural yuan qi."

Standing up, Ye Chen performed one round of his fist art. The fist brought up wind, and his meridians and bones started to make a cracking sound.


Second day morning, Ye Chen left the small town.

His destination was the Martial City.

Before, Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin had fought him together, and because he was not powerful enough back then, he had no choice but to run away. Now that his cultivation and fighting power had increased rapidly, not only had he reached the peak level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm, he had also infused the eleventh movement of his Lone Peak Kill, which was incredibly powerful. There was no reason for him not to go back and have his revenge.

"I hope you two are still in the Martial City." Midair, Ye Chen sneered as he pushed his speed to his limit, flying towards the Martial City.

The Martial City located in the middle of the Mysterious Mountains. It was surrounded by endless cliffs, and inside the endless cliffs, the gravity was extra strong. Even Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would not be able to fly across. However, there were still countless warriors rushing into the Martial City every minute, wanting to buy some rare treasures. But of course, there were a lot of warriors rushing out of the Martial City as well, wanting to experience the world outside

On those thick chains, Ye Chen was like lightning, and slid to the other side at a fast speed.

What was weird was that the zhen qi pattern of Ye Chen was not that of peak-level Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. Instead, it reflected peak-level Early Clasping Yuan Realm, which was a whole level down.

Walking on the street of the Martial City, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'If I reveal my true cultivation, Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin would definitely get worried and would not dare to challenge me. But now that I used the Qi spell, hiding one level of my cultivation, they would not even think twice.'

The Martial City was too big, Ye Chen naturally did not know where exactly the two were, but he had a plan.

By the counter of the training rooms...

"Give me a mid-rank training please, three-day time is enough." Ye Chen paid three thousand low-rank soul stones. The beautiful lady did not remember Ye Chen at all. She laughed, "Okay, here is your jade tag. Within three days, you may enter the training room whenever you like."

Taking the jade tag, Ye Chen turned to leave.

Behind Ye Chen, among that roll of servants close to the counter, one of the servant tried to disguise that happiness in his eyes.


In one of the restaurant rooms.

"Master, the person you wanted me to spy on a few months ago has come back. He also booked three days in a mid-rank training room. Right now, I think he is headed for the trading palace." The servant who had changed into normal clothes laughed.

Yuan Zongbo looked calm. After hearing the servant, he froze for a while, then got extremely happy, "Haha, it seems like he did not know that I have people in the training room areas and thought he could just roll up in there like nothing had happened. You did great. This is your reward."

Yuan Zongbo casually threw a bag of low-rank soul stones at the servant.

The servant opened up the bag which was carrying at least hundreds of low-rank soul stones, which were enough for a year of training. He said with joy, "Sir, if you need anything else in the future, I am more than happy to help."

"Don't worry, I will not forget you."

Waiting after the servant had left, Yuan Zongbo paced around the room and said with a deep voice, "This time I will definitely not let him go again. I would have to find some helpers. Counting Mr. Jin, but who else?"

"Oh right, I will ask the three brothers of the Wolf Head Mountain. These three were extremely brutal, specializing in killing people. Their targets are mainly old generation Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who were definitely not much weaker than I am. With those three, our team would be extremely powerful. I will see how he can get out of this."

Yuan Zongbo was really confident about this kill. Besides the others, he had also trained his beast for the past four and five months. He had not only fully recovered, but also trained one of his martial art to its highest realm. Furthermore, he still had his ace martial art - the Small Blood Demon Body Separating Art, which was already at the highest realm it could be. If it were not because of Ye Chen's tricks, he alone would have been able to wound Ye Chen badly, and maybe even able to kill him. However, he also liked to be cautious; he did not want to take any chances and had remembered clearly the lesson he learned from the last encounter. If it was not for Mr. Jin's help, he might not be alive right now. So, he could never be careless with it came to Ye Chen.