Chapter 210: Combining the Eleventh Movement

 Chapter 210: Combining the Eleventh Movement

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"The Wind Wolf is about to use its ancient power from its bloodline!" That elder called Zhao said seriously.

The guy right next to him said, "I have heard about that before, but I have never seen it with my own eyes before."

"The ancient beast's bloodline is not that simple. However, that Wind Wolf did not seem to have a great ancient power. It can only perform it once or twice."


The tornado disappeared. All of the blood and qi had been gathered into the throat area in that Wind Wolf. It rested all its four claws on the ground, relaxed its body, and roared into the sky with all its strength.

Its roar turned into sound waves spreading out with the Wind Wolf as the center. All of a sudden, even the time seemed to get slower. The expressions on people's faces all froze at that second. Some of them were still in the middle of killing a beast, and even all the blood drops in the air had stopped moving. It was like a movie scene being paused.

Among all the people, only Ye Chen looked frightened. He had not expected that the Wind Wolf's roar could have an impact on warriors' sense of time. However, for him who had already mastered the Poetic Perspective, what he saw was completely different from the crowd. The speed of the blood dropping was normal for him, and it had already reached the ground.


His body exploded as Ye Chen turned into countless human shadows and shot out towards the outer area.

The next second!

That sound wave ball had expanded to a few hundred meter radius when it turned into a tornado. Within its attacking range, no matter if it was a warrior or a beast, they had all been bleeding out from all of their organs. Their bodies were blown away into the air. Then something even more horrifying had happened: more than half of the warriors and the beasts' bodies had cracked open into pieces, then eventually turned into a blood mist and disappeared completely.

Although Ye Chen was very fast, he was still not able to outrun the wave. Just from a gentle touch, blood instantly rushed out of his ears, and he could feel his heart beating like a drum, almost jumping out of his chest and exploding into ashes. His feet touched the ground, and Ye Chen escaped from the most dangerous zone within a second.

Turning his head, Ye Chen saw about ten human figures shooting out to different directions like falling leaves, which included Wu Liangyu and the Fourth Night. As for the rest of the people, their bodies had already been shattered into ashes, disappearing altogether.


Wu Liangyu and the Fourth Night landed on the ground heavily, looking like ghosts, blood continuously pouring out of their bodies. As they tried to lift up their bodies from the ground, they could not help but puke out a huge chunk of blood with a little bit of flesh in it, looking extremely frail.

Standing on the city wall, the Fire Spirit said curiously, "Crow, that attack was definitely not light... You could have just stopped it."

The Black Crow Man shook his head, "It is good that he faces some obstacles... he will live. It will be all right."

"Hehe, it is indeed your style of teaching."

"However, about that teenager in blue, I think I have seen him before. A few months ago, I was on the Sea Beast Ferry to the South Business Market. And I believe he was on that boat as well." The Black Crow Man did not pay much attention to his disciple Wu Liangyu. Instead, he kept on staring at Ye Chen who was not wounded at all.

The Fire Spirit said, "Fighting one on one, I don't think he would win against your disciple. But comparing their surviving skill, I think even your other disciple could not catch up with him."

"Yah, indeed. Wu Liangyu lacked this. You cannot just rely on training only to become a truly mighty warrior. You would have to go through all kinds of different tough situations and challenges, which will eventually give a steel mind."

That one roar from the Wind Wolf had already killed more than one hundred warriors and hundreds of beasts. It was so powerful that was beyond belief.

Even Zhao, who was standing far away, had to avoid when facing the full strength roar from the Wind Wolf, instead of facing it head-on.

However, the extreme power came with a price. The light in that Wind Wolf was weakened. Obviously, he had pushed his limit when he tried to use the power of his bloodline, which might have taken a toll on his yuan qi.

"Right now, it would be the best chance of killing the beast." Zhao was full of experience and mumbled to himself.

Right then, someone stepped in.

A burning heat appeared as Meng Chao laughed, "I will take care of this Wind Wolf! Burning Great Palm!"

A zhen qi huge palm started a red flame around it and attacked heavily on that Wind Wolf's body.


The Wind Wolf's legs bent. It sank into the ground, bringing up all the dust in the air.


Meng Chao knew that this was his chance of becoming famous, so he pushed his Burning Great Palm to its limit. A huge fire that was as bright as the sun suddenly burst out of his body. In the flame, both of his hands looked like they had heavy metal in it. Each palm attack was heavier than the last. They kept attacking the Wind Wolf, and the fire eventually turned into a fire wave, spreading out in the whole area, eventually burning the ground into a crystal-like form.

The Wind Wolf that was wrapped up in the flame was fighting to stand up. However, Meng Chao did not give it a chance to break at all, ultimately putting it in his control.

On the side, Ye Chen did not try to stop him. Analyzing the beast with his incredible soul power, Ye Chen knew that the blood qi inside that Wind Wolf had not completely disappeared yet, and instead, it was being pushed into all of its meridians and being absorbed into its body. Right then, after being beaten by Meng Chao, that blood qi seemed to start growing back together.

"Haha die!" Although it was a cheeky win, Meng Chao was in a good mood. He was about to kill the beast that badly wounded Wu Liangyu. It was an honor, after all, an unforgettable win.

Ye Chen frowned. That blood qi had been gathered and focused on the right claw of that Wind Wolf. And because the beast's right claw was buried underground, no one had noticed besides him.


The ground was torn open. A blood claw light burst out of the ground and attacked Meng Chao's protective layer without a second of delay.

Under the attack from the power of the ancient bloodline, Meng Chao's protective zhen qi layer seemed so fragile that it was easily torn apart into pieces. All one could hear was a loud "Dang" sound. Then, Meng Chao opened his mouth as a huge amount of blood and flesh of his poured out from there. His whole body was blown away while he was still in shock. Eventually, his body landed among the beast wave after killing few beasts on the way.

"Meng Chao!" On the city wall, the Great Master from the Alchemist Martial School's body flashed. He traveled thousands of meters within the second and saved Meng Chao, who was in a coma amidst the beast wave.

"Oh wow, even Meng Chao had been knocked into a coma."

"That Wind Wolf is too evil! I cannot believe he had saved that attack for so long."

"There was only one person from the young generation still standing. What an unforeseeable surprise!"

In everyone's opinion, among the young generation that had come to the Gold Tripod City, the most powerful ones were no doubt Wu Liangyu, the Fourth Night, Meng Chao and Ye Chen. And right then, Wu Liangyu and the Fourth Night had been badly wounded, losing most of their fighting power, while Meng Chao was in a coma and being taken home by the Great Master. The only person still standing there without any wounds and still looking great was Ye Chen.

"The blood qi has disappeared completely! Now is the time!"

The second he decided to fight again, Ye Chen cleared out his mind. All of the natural sounds around him had been excluded; he had entered an empty realm which was really hard to be in. Without any human desires, Ye Chen pushed his Separating Art to its limit. In the beginning, one could still see the vague human figure, but towards the end, he had completely disappeared in front of the crowd. Only that light pattern in the air could be proof that he still existed.

"Lone Peak Kill!"

When he was only three meters away from the Wind Wolf, Ye Chen took out his Star Scar Sword, stabbing right into the beast's throat.

The Wind Wolf could do nothing but stare as it happened. It had lost most of his yuan qi, which forbid it from escaping in time, and its reflexes had also delayed. When he realized what had happened, that sword was already in his body.

The second the sword went in the beast's body, Ye Chen shook his wrist and the eleventh movement of his Lone Peak Thirteen Swords was perfectly infused into his sword movement.


Once the sword went in, everything else was so much easier. Although the Wind Wolf had an incredibly robust defense, its internal organs were definitely its weakness. Even though it carried the ancient bloodline, it was still impossible to train its organs and muscles to be as tough as its surface defense.

After that sword had been stabbed into the beast, the sword qi that was carrying sword intent suddenly exploded brutally, starting to slice repeatedly inside the Wind Wolf's throat. If one could see through the skin and flesh right now, one would see that all the blood and flesh within had already been mixed up together. Instead of the original organs, there were only small chunks of flesh.


Taking out the Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen's human figure exploded, turning into ten shadows that scattered around.

Just as he expected, the Wind Wolf threw out a powerful attack right before it died, which tore apart the whole area within a hundred meter radius. The dominant claw power had gone into the ground for miles. That loud but suppressed sound had not stopped for a long time as it traveled further and further away.

After throwing out that fatal attack, the Wind Wolf seemed to run out of its power. The wound on its neck started to pour out blood. It seemed like a fountain, which was almost ten meters' tall. Soon, its humongous body slowly softened, falling on the ground and stopped moving altogether.

Few hundred meters away, Ye Chen was still breathing loudly.

"So exhausted. I think that last sword attack was infused with the Burning One Sword Attack. I wonder how I managed to do that." With only the combination of the eleventh movement of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords, it could only severely wound the Wind Wolf. There would be no chance for it to kill the beast with only one single attack. Even if the Wind Wolf had run out of its evil blood qi and most of the yuan qi, the Wind Wolf was still one of the tyrants among the rank 6 beasts. It would not be this easy to kill it. And judging from how Meng Chao tried to kill the Wind Wolf, for most of these kinds of ranks of beasts, it was very unlikely to finish them in one movement.

Right then, Ye Chen, who was in that empty mindset, unconsciously performed his Burning Sword Art, and somehow it had perfectly infused with the Lone Peak Kill along with his own intent into that one sword attack. In that moment of infusion, he managed to combine the eleventh movement of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords.

However, it was impossible for Ye Chen to do it again because right then it was a mess in his brain and he could not recall how he actually managed to do so.

"If I could train that sword movement, I will have no competition below the Astral Reaching Realm. I will become one of the top young warriors in my generation. Unfortunately, I don't have what it takes yet, it was pure luck that I was able to do it once. Being able to do it again, I would need more than luck." Ye Chen shook his head, as he decided not to think about it for now.

"Killing the Wind Wolf with only one sword attack. I thought it would at least be a tough fight." Some of the warriors mumbled to themselves.

"His fighting power had increased drastically. I think he definitely made a breakthrough during that long fight."

"I am so jealous! How come I did not have a breakthrough?"

"If you could make a breakthrough, then it will just be useless. Being able to make a breakthrough in that endless battle is definitely rare, which is why he is one of the battling geniuses."

After the Wind Wolf had died, the crowd started chatting. And the topic was no doubt Ye Chen, who seemed to have risen out of nowhere. Although not many people in the crowd knew his name, they all thought he had the power of being in the top twenty in the Hidden Dragon Rank, competing with the top geniuses in the South Rudra region.

"That sword attack of his was even stronger than mine!" Zhao's eyes brightened up as he stared at Ye Chen.

His companion said, "That powerful?"

"Being able to kill a rank 6 tyrant of a beast with only one sword attack, according to my knowledge, there are no more than ten warriors in the whole South Rudra region capable of that. But of course, he is still not able to get into the top ten, because those ten people had faced rank 6 beasts at their peak, instead of the one in front of us which had lost its power from its bloodline and was severely wounded. However, he is still scarily powerful. And he is only at the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm! If he could reach Late or even peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, I cannot imagine how powerful he would become."