Chapter 209 – Fighting Together

Chapter 209: Fighting Together

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The Black Crow Man was shocked, 'Although this guy's sword art is very simple, and it was only one sword movement being repeatedly performed, being able to perform it to such extreme power is very rare. Which marital institution did he come from? How come I had never seen him before?' All of a sudden this thought occupied his mind.

"Crow, you noticed it too, right?" The Fire Spirit saw the change of expression on the Black Crow Man's face, smiled and asked.

The Black Crow Man nodded.

The Fire Spirit sighed, "The young generation is indeed in the peak era. All these top martial geniuses keep showing up, God knows which one of them would be able to step on that top seat and lead the whole young generation."

"It is too soon to tell. Once they reached the Astral Reaching Realm, it would become pretty clear." said the Black Crow Man.

"Yah, you are quite right. The Astral Reaching Realm is a challenge where ninety percent of the young generation will be eliminated."



Soon, Ye Chen's brutal killing had attracted a top rank 6 beast. Furthermore, the beast was indeed the ancient beast breed - the Wind Wolf - the tyrant among the rank 6 beasts. It was covered in gloomy beast qi, which had a grayish hue. Even the slightest beast qi could freeze a lot of low-rank warriors' bodies and blood within minutes, which led to their fate of being stepped to death by beast groups.


"For me right now, it is still a bit hard to take it on." The ancient beast had an incredibly strong defense. In the Heaven Dream Ancient Palace, Ye Chen had already encountered its power, but that was only a rank 3 or 4 beast. He had not met one that had reached the top rank 6 level.

The Wind Wolf had a humongous body. Its four claws resting on the ground, it opened its mouth and let out a lump of beast qi towards Ye Chen.


Ye Chen's real body flashed quickly as it walked very fast out of zhen qi shadows.


All of those zhen qi shadows had been frozen instantly, cracking open as if they were something solid. Seeing that, Ye Chen could not help but be surprised from the bottom of his heart.

"Let me help you," said Fourth Night. Out of nowhere, Guo Lanyue, Fourth and Sixth Night showed up nearby.

Ye Chen dodged a couple of Wind Wolf's attack and said, "You can come. He and Guo Lanyue should not come along." With his powerful soul power, Ye Chen could sense that the Fourth Night was a top young warrior. Even comparing with himself, there was not too big a gap. As for Guo Lanyue and the Sixth Night, they would just be handing over their lives.

With the help of the Fourth Night, Ye Chen suddenly felt a little bit relieved, able to fight back now and then.


The sword qi sliced open the protective beast qi layer of that Wind Wolf. Not only that, but it had also left a slight sword mark on its skin. However, compared to its massive body, it was almost nothing.

Ye Chen frowned. Although he had already known that the Wind Wolf had a great defense, he had not expected it to be this powerful. He knew this battle would be tough.

"Earth Dragon Attack!"

The Fourth Night pressed both of his hands on the ground. A mud Dragon appeared from below and shot out into the sky, hitting the Wind Wolf with all its power.

The mud dragon disappeared. And that Wind Wolf did not even get a single scratch.


Carrying the ancient beast heritage, the Wind Wolf was inherently proud. Therefore, those shallow marks on its skin still aggravated it. It raised its right paw and slapped down heavily.

The earth shook from the immense force of impact. Starting from the Wind Wolf's right paw, spider-web-like cracks spread out on the ground, including the ground Ye Chen and the Fourth Night were standing on.

The next second, beast qi cold enough to could freeze people's internal organs shot out from the ground, spreading through the entire area.

"Be careful!"

Ye Chen's biggest concern was indeed the Wind Wolf's beast qi. That beast qi contained a horrifying evil power, which could easily freeze warriors' blood and muscles. Once they got hit, unless they were able to get help from other people, they would be killed by the Wind Wolf instantly.

His body suddenly exploded, Ye Chen turned into ten zhen qi shadows and spread out in the area, with his real body moving at the fastest speed.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!...

Just by judging from that noise, Ye Chen knew without even needing to look that most of his zhen qi shadows had been frozen by the beast qi. Even with the gentlest touch, it would be shattered to ashes.

Looking over to where the Fourth Night was, Ye Chen let out a deep breath.

Facing the incoming beast qi, the Fourth night did not choose to escape. Instead, she threw a punch on the floor, creating a huge mud ball which wrapped her inside of it. This mud ball contained a huge amount of zhen qi which provided a great defense. However, right then, the mud ball was also being frozen, with an ice-cold shine over it.

The mud ball exploded, and the Fourth Night jumped out of it, her face looking a little bit paler.

Nearby, quite a number of warriors had been drawn to this fight.

Someone clicked his tongue and said, "Two great young, powerful warriors fighting the Wind Wolf, how brave of them."

"What can you do with bravery? They would be dead soon if it keeps happening like this."

"Yah! The biggest difference between the Wind Wolf and the normal top rank 6 beasts is that it has the great ancient beast bloodline which gives it unbelievably strong defense. Without enough fighting power, there is no way of winning against it."


Right then, a pitch-black cutting wave landed on the Wind Wolf's body.

It slightly tilted, as a narrow but long wound appeared on its body. It was very shallow, not even able to break through the top layer of its skin.

"It was Wu Liangyu. He could not just leave it alone."

With three top young warriors gathering together, it had attracted even more attention.

Flapping his wings, Wu Liangyu floated midair while slightly frowning. He had wanted to see the legendary top rank 6 beast that carried the ancient beast bloodline for the longest time. However, beasts like that were hard to come across. And this time, the small beast wave had gathered two billion beasts, and the ones that carried the ancient bloodline were less than ten, and those too were mainly low-rank beasts. There were only three top rank 6 beasts. One of the three had already been killed just before, and this Wind Wolf might be the last top rank 6 beast with ancient bloodline around the whole Gold Tripod City area. However, what made him surprised the most was that even his one attack that contained all his power was not able to break open the Wind Wolf's defense.

The Wind Wolf temporarily gave up on hunting Ye Chen and the Fourth Night. It turned its head and blew out a lump of intensely twisting beast qi.


The pitch-black wings flapped, as Wu Liangyu suddenly appeared outside of the attacking range.

"Death Tornado!"

Wu Liangyu attacked the second he stopped.

The pitch-black attacking waves layered upon one another, forming a tornado like attack which swallowed the Wind Wolf, attacking wave after wave. When the tornado finally disappeared in the air, the zhen qi layer of that Wind Wolf was completely worn down. The countless hairs on the beast's skin were also broken. However, if one was to look closely, one could see that besides the small marks on its skin, there was not even any blood. It meant Wu Liangyu's attack was not really able to break its defense layer either.

On the other side, Fourth Night and Ye Chen attacked again.

"Triple Earth Dragon Attack!"

The Fourth Night pressed both of her hands on the ground heavily once again. Because of the excessive strength, both of her hands had sunk into the ground. The next second, three mud dragons burst out of the ground and landed one after another onto that Wind Wolf's neck. If one didn't look closely, one would have thought that they had all attacked out at the same time.

Before being able to react to the incoming attacks, the Wind Wolf lost its balance, its four paws sliding out on the ground.

"Lone Peak Attack!"

Ye Chen's figure kept disappearing and reappearing. When he appeared completely again, he was already standing right next to the Wind Wolf's face. The Star Scar Sword stabbed right into its eye with that sharp sword light.

If it were anyone else, that sword attack would no doubt kill anyone who received it. However, that Wind Wolf decided to close its eyes at that critical moment.


The sword light stabbed through the Wind Wolf's eyelid, but Ye Chen could not tell if he had wounded its eyeball.

The Wind Wolf was furious. Its right claw sliced through the air and landed on Ye Chen's body at light speed.


All of the zhen qi shadows were torn open. Meanwhile, Ye Chen's real body puked out a chunk of blood. 'What a fast speed! My own body was not even able to escape. The good thing was that the Wind Wolf did not pull too much beast power in a hurry. Otherwise, it would not be me just puking blood.'

Opening its eyelids, the Wind Wolf's pupil had a small blood hole on there.

"I did wound it. Unfortunately, it was just not deep enough. There is no way that it would affect its attacking power." Ye Chen looked unsatisfied.

Near them, waves of beasts had been killed.

"Zhao, my man. Among all of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, only you could kill the top rank 6 beasts with ancient bloodline by yourself. Why don't you just go up there and take care of it?"

"No need to rush. They are all top warriors of the young generation. If I just go up there with no reason, they would not be too happy about it."

These two were indeed the ones discussing Ye Chen's sword arts before. That elder in his seventies seemed extra powerful, and with one casual attack of his, rows of beasts had fallen down. And top rank 6 beasts were not able to get past one of his attacks.

"I had not thought about it."

The elder laughed, "Although I could kill the Wind Wolf, I am not sure that I could win against those three fighting together since my defense is not as powerful as the Wind Wolf. Only my attacks are powerful."

Wanting to kill the Wind Wolf, one would have to have a high attacking power. For example, the elder was able to kill the Wind Wolf, but when facing three top young warriors, there was still a significant possibility of being killed. However, the three top young warriors were struggling in front of the Wind Wolf because of not having powerful enough attacks.

So, it was all about attacking and defending after all.


After being attacked so many times, the Wind Wolf went completely ballistic. The beast qi around its body was raised up and shot towards the sky. All the warriors that were standing nearby could only feel their bodies become colder and colder, their limbs going numb. The warriors with higher cultivation hurried to activate their zhen qi as they backed out.


Ye Chen's protective zhen qi layer started to make cracking noise from being frozen. He could no longer control his body and hence backed out three steps. Each step left a deep footprint on the ground.

The Fourth Night and Wu Liangyu were also suffering. The Wind Wolf's beast qi contained horrifying evil qi which immediately decreased their protective zhen qi layer's power by thirty percent. The remaining seventy percent could only protect them from being wounded, but not able to keep their body in control.


The Wind Wolf hated Ye Chen the most, so it chased after him first.


His figure exploded once again, as Ye Chen's real body ran away from the attacking range.

Tearing open all those zhen qi shadows, the Wind Wolf turned around and jumped at Ye Chen again.

"How dare you ignore me?!"

Seeing that the Wind Wolf was only chasing Ye Chen, Wu Liangyu was very mad. He activated his Black Crow Great Art to its extreme and two angled blades appeared in his hands.

"Death Tornado!"

If his wings counted as two blades, then Wu Liangyu would have four blades now. Four blades along with the deadly tornado could be considered a dangerous combination.

The cutting waves kept overlapping, gathering together and forming into a huge tornado. All of a sudden, it attacked towards the Wind Wolf.

The Wind Wolf had to keep backing out after being attacked by those blasting waves. The huge force had cracked open the ground, making a big mess. The beast's eyes started to get redder and redder, the original evil vibe starting to have a light bloody qi, which blocked the incoming attack easily.