Chapter 206 – Competition (Part Two)

Chapter 206: Competition (Part Two)

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The crowd thought all those beasts would arrive shortly after. However, after waiting for three days, besides the one or two small groups of beasts, there was nothing.

"It seems like that the beasts had learned from the past lessons. They knew that if they are just attacking groups after groups, it will not do much damage. It would only give us time to rest."

"If I am not mistaken, the beasts are planning the finale, gathering all the beasts to attack the Gold Tripod City at the same time."

"Hmm. Although this small beast wave does not seem simple, there are more than ten Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the Gold Tripod City right now. Besides that, there are thousands of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors and countless Condensing Reality Warriors. Even if there are billions of beasts, there is no way they could take down the Gold Tripod City."

"You are right. There were already a lot of rank 7 beasts who had been killed. The rest of the rank 7 beasts would not count to more than five. Adding that rank 8 beast, the Gold Tripod City still has the advantage. Towards the end, the Gold Tripod City would turn into a training field for the young generation."

"I am so excited for that. Not only the young generation would be able to make some breakthroughs, but it also gives us an opportunity."

The beasts' confusing behavior did not frustrate the warriors in the Gold Tripod City at all. Instead, they were all so excited about the final showdown.

On the seventh day...

A few warriors went up to the city walls for routine checkups. There were more than two million warriors in the Gold Tripod City, and even a small amount would be almost four hundred thousand people. The good thing was that the city walls were hundreds of miles long. The four parts of the city walls added up together had more than four hundred miles. Standing one right next to another, it could accommodate two hundred thousand warriors. Taking into account the width of the city walls, four hundred thousand people could fit up there easily.

On the city walls...

Ye Chen and Tian Hao stood right next to each other.

"It has been seven days. We have not even seen one single beast." Compared to Ye Chen, Tian Hao could not wait to increase his cultivation, since the next competition for Hidden Dragon Rank would start in nine months.

Ye Chen said, "Gathering all the beasts would take a while, don't worry."

Tian hao replied, "A small beast wave is so rare, maybe once in every thirty years. And each time, there would be a group of people able to make a huge breakthrough. I hope this time will be my turn."

"If you try too hard, it might have the opposite effect from what you expect. Staying calm is the most important thing." Ye Chen had already made his breakthrough recently, and it would be extremely hard for him to make another breakthrough. However, that was not his goal for now. His Lone Peak Thirteen Swords had only been combined to its ninth movement. Each fusion would be harder than the one before. And this huge battle with the beasts was a great opportunity for this. As for Tian Hao's feeling, he could fully understand it. However, he was also sure that in the path of getting more powerful, rushing things was always the no-go. Having a good mentality was the key to success.

Those words seemed to have woken Tian Hao up. He exclaimed in surprise, "The leader of our martial institution had said exactly the same thing to me once!"

Ye Chen did not say anything on that. A lot of things would have to be figured out by people themselves. It was the only way, and the other people could only make suggestions.


Waves after waves of beast roars suddenly came out of that emptied field outside the city. It kept ringing in the air, seeming nowhere near quieting down. The air started to boil, as a visible pattern appeared in the air.

Looking over, endless beasts had filled up all the space within ten miles radius. It was like a clear pond had been dyed with black ink. And the Gold Tripod City was the only part that was still clear.

"The beasts are here!"

After hearing yells from a lot of the warriors from different directions, all of the warriors nearby had been woken up. One told ten people, and ten told hundreds. Soon, all of the warriors rushed out into the streets and jumped up onto the city walls. That suppressed feeling similar to an incoming storm made all the ordinary citizens in the city frightened; they could feel their hearts almost beating out of their chests.

Actually, even without the reminders from the warriors on those city walls, everyone in the city would still have sensed the beasts. That was because the sky that was sunny two seconds ago suddenly turned dark. Beast qi was spread in the air, forming huge pieces of black clouds. On those clouds, one could visibly see electric sparks and hear some thunder sounds.

Running up to the city walls, a lot of people could not help but gasp.

"So many beasts! There should at least be a billion of them, right?"

"Probably more than that. There should be two billion. You cannot even see the end of it."

"If we didn't have all those Astral Reaching Realm warriors, I would be so afraid, to be honest."

"Who wouldn't? Two billion beasts! It is enough to turn the whole Gold Tripod City into a flat ground."

Among those endless beasts, the most noticeable were no doubt the six humongous beasts. Five of them were almost mountain sized. The one on the far left was indeed the beast Ye Chen could not be more familiar with - the Horn Dragon Snake. This Horn Dragon Snake beast was full of wounds, one of the two horns on its head had been snapped in half. It seemed like it had just come out of an intense battle. Besides the Horn Dragon Snake beast, there were also the Triple Head Wolf, the Six Eye Spider, the Lone Horn Cow with three tails, and the Silver Lightning Eagle that was covered with visible electricity. Each one of them was a rank 7 beast. Their beast qi shot out into the sky and combined with that dark cloud like beast qi.

In the middle of the five rank 7 beasts was a Gorilla Beast, who was hundreds of meters tall. Judging from its body type, it was even smaller than the Six Eye Spider beast. However, the aura it carried was way above most of those beasts. Its evil qi was like a tsunami attacking towards the human side.

Rank 8 beast - King Kong Demonic Gorilla!

"Let's go first! In case it gets too close to the city and damages the walls."

The Astral Reaching Realm warriors had gone out. They attacked those rank 7 beasts directly along with that rank 8 beast. In their opinion, only rank 7 and rank 8 beasts were worth fighting against. All those toys below rank 7 would better be saved up for the young generations.


Attacking towards that King Kong Demonic Gorilla were three Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors and a peak-level Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors. With the four combined together, no matter how powerful that King Kong Demonic Gorilla was, it should not be too hard to control. As for the rest of those ten Astral Reaching Realm warriors, they had all teamed up with one another and attacked towards the rank 7 beasts.

Their battles were so intense that every contact between the rank 7 beasts and the Astral Reaching Realm warriors would kill thousands of beasts that were around then, leaving not even ashes behind.

The King Kong Demonic Gorilla was very smart, it knew if this kept going, the two billion beasts would not last long. So it had to lead them away from the rest of the beasts.


The ground was cracked open, as the King Kong Demonic Gorilla took a huge leap and landed few miles away.

"Let's go!" Those four Astral Reaching Realm warriors followed right behind it.

Seeing the King Kong Demonic Gorilla had made that move, the rest of the rank 7 beasts understood as well. Pushing their beast qi, they all started running after the King Kong Demonic Gorilla.

"You don't want to hurt the other beasts, and we do not want to damage the city. Perfect."

"Haha, the past few times of exchanging attacks had killed at least ten thousands of beasts. No wonder that King Kong Demonic Gorilla would want to leave and find an empty space."

If fighting one on one, all those Astral Reaching Realm warriors still did not have that much of confidence on winning against a rank 7 beast. However, by teaming up with another Astral Reaching Realm warrior, it was much easier. At least their lives were secured. Since they would not be killed, then what more would be there to worry about.

After all those rank 7 and rank 8 beasts and Astral Reaching Realm warriors had left, it was the showdown between the remaining warriors and beasts.

When the beasts had reached within the three miles of the Gold Tripod City, some of the warriors ran down the city walls as they yelled, "Kill!"




Countless warriors had jumped down the wall, and the atmosphere was full of murderous intention.

It was indeed the fastest person among them - Wu Liangyu - who had made the first move. His wings vibrated; his body was like lightning, its speed reached near the speed of light. The warriors with lower ranks could not even see his shadow; all they saw was a black line that was made of dark qi.

"Death Kill!"

His body changed from extremely fast to still, the wings on his back waved towards the front, as two black attacking waves clasped together and turned into a ten-meter-long cross patterned attacking wave. With only that one attack, seventy beasts had been shattered into pieces. And the blasting wave carried on moving until leaving a large cross pattern on the floor.

After him, Ye Chen and some of the rest made a move as well.

Taking out his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen did not try to show off his power. He had performed Tornado Broken Clouds which had the biggest attacking range. The sword qi started to twist, combining with the natural qi flow, forming a huge light blue tornado. The tornado contained a frightening aura, taking over the whole place and attacking towards the beast wave.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All those rank 5 and below beasts that were in the ten-meter radius had been sucked into the tornado and shredded into tiny pieces. Even rank 5 beasts could not control their body in this mighty twisting power; they were eventually stabbed though by the sword qi within.


An enormous Two Head Wolf King ran out of the tornado attacking range and jumped towards Ye Chen.


Without even looking, Ye Chen waved his Star Scar Sword upwards.

An enormous amount of blood spilled everywhere. The Two Headed Wolf King's head had been cut off. Its body fell from the sky and slid on the ground.

"Burning Great Palm!"

Not far away, Meng Chao's whole body started to burn in fiery flames. Throwing out a palm attack, the burning zhen qi flame had condensed itself into a ten-meter big zhen qi palm. There was still a fire burning on the surface of that palm. The horrifying hand had dried out the air around and then attacked the beast wave.


The earth had been shaken thoroughly, as a huge palm mark appeared on the ground. All those beasts within the area had been crushed into the ground.


Meng Chao glanced at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not pay much attention to Meng Chao. He had his own goal which was to fuse all of the Lone Peak Kill movements. Then, judging from attacking power alone, his Lone Peak Kill would definitely be stronger than the One Sword Attack.

"Hundred Snake Attack!"

The Sixth Night's martial skill was quite odd. He extended both of his arms, letting all his zhen qi follow his palms and pour out, forming countless zhen qi snakes. Those zhen qi huge snake kept making sizzling sounds and sliding on the floor. They were all incredibly fast, stabbing though all those incoming beasts.

Compared to the Sixth Night, and as a female, the Fourth Night somehow appeared even more brutal. Her skinny right arm had been lifted up, and the top part of her body had been bent. She threw out a punch on the ground.


With the Fourth Night being at the center, three qi beams had shot out in different directions and exploded amongst the beasts. It had killed more beasts then the Sixth Night. However, she was not lucky enough. Three rank 6 flying beasts had been attracted by her. They all roared in the air and dived down towards her.


The Fourth Night's eyes were like lightning. Her right arm disappeared completely. Then the next second, hundreds of fist shadow appeared in the air.

The rank 6 beast's defensive beast Qi had become very fragile under the attack from the fist shadows. It was almost fragile as a piece of paper and was about to be smashed into a pile of mud along with its owner.

"So impressive!"

This was the first time that Guo Lanyue had seen the Fourth Night throwing out an attack, hence could not help but yell out.