Chapter 198 – The Beast Wave (Part One)

Chapter 198: The Beast Wave (Part One)

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"Weird! I think I should take a few steps back first."

Picking up the Red Eye Battle Boar, the axman took ten steps back, then jumped up to a higher ground and hid behind the huge rock. His eyes stared at that pile of rocks without blinking once.


The blue light exploded. Hundreds of rocks suddenly looked like they were in the middle of a tornado, scattered all over the place and even shot out towards different directions.


The axman went pale instantly. He threw away the dead beast in his arm and laid down on the ground to avoid the danger.

The high ground shook like in case of an earthquake. Looking from the cave, the whole high ground was full of holes and cracks, almost like a bee have. The reason it was still standing was because it contained numerous iron ore deposits that no one had discovered yet.

After a long time, the axman was finally brave enough to stand up. He saw the high ground that was barely standing; he could not help but get scared again. His eyes unconsciously landed where that pile of rocks used to be.

Those rocks had disappeared completely. A dark cave appeared instead. The air right outside the cave had unique pattern, continuously vibrating.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

A stepping sound with echo came from the cave, as a human figure walked out.

"I finally reached the tenth level of the Great Mysterious Art. The quality of the zhen qi is indeed different." That human figure was indeed Ye Chen. He shut himself inside that cave to train until reaching the tenth level. The mysterious zhen qi from the tenth level was extremely powerful, way stronger than the ninth level. Ye Chen started to wonder if this Great Mysterious Art really was a Mid Earth Realm martial art. How could it be so much more powerful than the normal Mid Earth Realm arts? Even if it was one of the top quality ones, the quality of zhen qi would not be this powerful.

Causally waving his hand in the air, all the small rocks that were piling up on the ground were shattered into ashes and flew away in the air. Ye Chen looked at the axman, "I did not hurt you before, did I?"

'Training inside that dark cave with all the rocks sealing up the cave...this man must be so powerful.'

The axman stuttered, ", I was the one in...interrupting. I...I will leave now. Please do...don't kill me!" Although the axman hadn't traveled at all, but he had heard rumors and stories from warriors that traveled by. The senior warriors hated when they were interrupted during their training. Once they were pissed, they would kill without thinking. 'This guy seems quite friendly, this should not be a sign of killing, should it?'

Ye Chen laughed a little, "If it was few days ago, I might be really angry. But now, you did not disturb me." Ye Chen was not joking when he said that. Few days ago was the opportunity for him to make a breakthrough, and if someone had interrupted him, he would have been furious. Although killing someone for that reason was quite impossible, but he was not sure what he would do.

"Oh! What a relief!" The axman patted his own chest, trying to calm himself.

"Right! Are you from nearby?"

The axman nodded, "My house is located in the Huai Yang Village twenty miles away, which is not that far away from here. I always come here to hunt when I have nothing to do, and share some of the meat with the people from the village."

"Sharing with the people from the village, huh?" Ye Chen laughed again. He could see that the axman was at the peak of Mortal Realm level 8. Although he would be at the bottom of the bottom out there, but he would be considered as a powerful warrior from where he came from. Not everyone had the opportunity to train.

"I was about to get off the mountain, do you care to join me?"

Flashing his body, Ye Chen appeared on the road.

"Yah! Wait for me!"

Picking up the Red Eye Battle Boar, the axman pushed his zhen qi to his feet, following right behind Ye Chen. Being able to talk with a powerful warrior, even if it was just while walking together, would be a really precious experience for him. If the people from the village knew about it, they would definitely admire him more. The most powerful person in the village was only a Mid Condensing Reality Warrior. And judging from the qi, he was nowhere close to Ye Chen, not even one-tenth close.

The mountain was not too high, and the two soon reached the bottom.

Ye Chen was about to say goodbye when he started to frown.

"What happened?" The axman was a bit sad, knowing that Ye Chen was about to leave.

Ye Chen said in a serious tone, "Very strong beast qi. And it is everywhere. It does not look like one single beast. More like a lot of beasts combined!"

"A lot of beasts?" The axman froze a little, then he yelled out, "Is that the beast wave?! Maybe this winter, there really is a beast wave."

Ye Chen looked at him, "You know about this?"

The axman shook his head, then nodded, "Two months ago, a warrior who was traveling past here said to me that the winter this year would have a beast wave. A lot of beasts will be flooding in here and he asked me to get to the city, otherwise I will lose my life. I thought he was only joking. There had been no beast waves for more than three hundred years within this ten thousand miles radius. How could it happen now?"

"But he was right. The beast wave is indeed here."

Ye Chen looked up the sky. Before they noticed, the bright sky had become dark. There was a grey air flow floating above them, forming massive dark clouds, covering the sun. It was traveling at a high speed towards them. Even Ye Chen was shocked by that horrifying vibe.

"No! They are all normal people in the village, I have to go warn them!"

"You are too slow, I will carry you."

Grabbing the axeman by his shoulder with his right hand, Ye Chen's body expanded, flying out like a giant bird. He said," Point me towards the direction."

"Thank you. This way." The axman was very grateful. He knew Ye Chen was a senior powerful warrior, but yet he did not have that superior attitude they all had.

Ye Chen did not think too much. After arriving in this world, he had learned about the rule that only the strong ones could survive here. But inside, he was still carrying a lot of the memories from his world, where people helped others in need. Otherwise, what was the point of being a powerful warrior? Ye Chen's insane speed brought them ten miles away within ten blinks of an eye.

"Yah! There are plenty of beasts in the sky."

The beast wave happened quite often on this true spirit continent. As for why it happened, no one could really explain it. All people knew was that, at some point at some place, the beasts would go crazy and start to attack people in the residential area. The beasts that were close arrived the earliest with no doubt, among which the flying beasts traveled the fastest, and they had the most powerful attacking power. Therefore, they were the ones killing the most in the beginning of the beast wave.

"They are flying over."

The axman looked up at the sky. There was a huge pile of darkness in the not so far distance. There were the rank 3 beasts Red Burning Bird, the Blood Crow, The Flamingos; the rank 4 beasts, Joint Head Bird, Four Claw Eagle, Flying Gecko; and rank 5 beasts like Ghost Head, Wing Wolf... there were endless different kinds of demonic beasts, and every single one of them had the power to tear him apart. He could not feel more powerless.

"Tornado Broken Clouds!"

The Star Scar Sword appeared in Ye Chen's hand, as he threw out a sword attack towards the area where there were more beasts.

The next second!

The tornado that had zhen qi hidden in it flew towards the group at a drastic speed. The sword qi shot out in all directions. No matter if it was a rank 3, 4, or 5 flying beast, they all fell from the sky after being hit. It looked like a heavy black rain.

"Killing dozens of flying beasts in one attack!"

The axman's eyes widened; he thought Ye Chen, who was only at the Early Clasping Yuan Realm could probably fight against a rank 5 beast. But now he knew that even a rank 6 beast might not be able to hurt him. And Ye Chen looked so young, he was probably only at his nephew's age.

He did not guess wrong. Although Ye Chen's cultivation was not that impressive, but with the enhancement of his sword intent, plus the tenth level of his Great Mysterious Art, Ye Chen's fighting power had almost reached the level of old-fashioned Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Right then, if Mr. Jin or Yuan Zongbo fought against him alone, Ye Chen would have seventy percent chance of badly wounding his opponents, and twenty percent chance of killing them.


A huge creature with wings on its back and eagle claws attacked towards the two, its speed almost reaching the speed of light, which was even faster than Ye Chen.

"No! It is a rank 6 beast - Eagle Tiger Beast!" In town, with few hundred gold, one could buy a category book for all the demonic beasts which included all the beasts from rank 1 to 6. And that Eagle Tiger Beast was indeed one of them; its power could be ranked in the top one hundred. The axman bought one of the books before which he had cherished and stored nicely at home.

Ye Chen did not care much about it. Compared to the Evil Wind Wolf, this Eagle Tiger Beast was way too weak, and judging from its aura, it was only equivalent to normal warriors at Late Clasping Yuan Realm.

"Shocking Clouds!"

Waving his sword in the air, a loud thunderous sound was heard.


The Eagle Tiger Beast was extremely fast, and it died extremely fast as well. Its head was cut in half by Ye Chen's sword qi.

"It was killed...just like that."

The axman's mouth was wide open.

Soon, the two arrived in the village.

"The beast wave is here! Everyone! Let's go to town." Once landing on the floor, the axman started to yell with all his energy.

"What?! The beast wave is here?!"

"How is that possible? They hadn't come here for at least three hundred years. Brother Gao, are you messing with us?"

"Yah, although you are the No.1 warrior in our village, but you cannot just mess with us like that."

Hearing him, most of the young teenagers did not believe him.

Shattering the little hill just right outside the village with only one sword movement, Ye Chen said with a cold voice," If you don't want to die, then go to town right now. Soon, you will not be able to leave even if you want to."

"A senior warrior?!" All the village people who had ran out from their house were shocked.

The leader of the village was an old man with white hair, he yelled," The senior warrior would not lie to us. Let's hurry to the town. No need to pack, just bring some food and valuables."

The village people screamed as they ran home to grab their stuff. All of a sudden, the place was full of different noises; there were people yelling, babies crying, the futurities banging together... the whole village was covered in a stressful atmosphere.

Standing on the wall surrounding the village, Ye Chen frowned.

In the far distance, a group of flying beasts was shooting towards their direction. He was definitely outnumbered, and it was impossible for him to protect so many people. Furthermore, those were only the leading group of the beast wave. The longer it took, the more beasts would get here. Then, there would be more than one millions beasts to face. It would not be anything that a village or even a town could block out. Only a huge town with massive town river might be able to hold on for a while. As for how long it could handle, it all depended on what size of the beast wave it was. A small beast wave would not have beasts that were above rank 7 beasts. However, there would be plenty of rank 7 beasts in a medium-sized beast wave. And only Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be able to fight against them. With his cultivation, being able to survive would be good already.

As for a huge beast wave, Ye Chen dared not to even think about it, because once a big beast wave was formed, even a royal palace would not be able to survive. Then it would be the end of the human kind.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Popping three zhen qi repairing pills in his mouth, Ye Chen held the Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, and threw out a couple of Tornado Broken Clouds at once.

Tornadoes were formed one after another, attacking towards that group of flying beasts.


The flying beasts kept falling down from the sky. The sky started to clear up. All the beasts that had been gathered were mostly from the mountains nearby, so there were not a lot of them.

Following the leader of the village, all the people who had finished packing started to rush to the east. A few hundred miles away, was a small city - the Iron City.