Chapter 197 – Training in the Cave

Chapter 197: Training in the Cave

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With a sound similar to paper being torn open, Mr. Jin's zhen qi layer did not last long under that sword attack, and was soon sliced into two parts. The light blue sword light drew a bloody line in the middle of his chest, slightly tilted, but neat.

"How dare you break my defense layer?! You are going to die."

His body that was soaked in blood flew backwards, his face having a scary expression on it. His golden finger that was resting on his thumb bounced away, and its powerful finger power had also gone through Ye Chen's protective layer, eventually landing on his chest.


All Ye Chen could feel was as if his chest was hit by thunder. He could hear his ribs breaking, and was blown away by a huge blasting wave.

Watching from Yuan Zongbo's angle, he could not tell who was hit first. All he could see was Ye Chen waving his sword, and Mr. Jin flicking his finger. The next second, both of them were blown backwards.

"Hehe, if they are both badly wounded, then it would be perfect. Blood Eagle Five Sword!"

With the thick zhen qi poured into his great sword, Yuan Zongbo turned his arm into a shadow and threw out five sword qi out the second Ye Chen was hit.

These five sword qi, with one being in the front, two being above, and two being at the bottom, formed the beak of a male eagle. Its huge wings and those steel sharp claws attacked towards Ye Chen in a high speed. The air around the eagle had been visibly sliced into pieces.

"I am waiting for you."

Ye Chen's body was still flying backwards in the air. God knew when Ye Chen's index finger started to look surreal, and the air surrounding it started to twist in an extremely fast speed, almost looking like the water patterns in a river.


Without actually looking, Ye Chen pointed at his left rear side with his finger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The sharp bloody sword qi was shattered instantly, and the shadow of his index finger had gone right through, eventually landing on Yuan Zongbo's zhen qi layer.

The protective zhen qi layer exploded instantly. Yuan Zongbo made a noise before his dried out body fell onto the ground.

Three parties were all wounded!

The current status of the fight was obviously none of the three parties winning the fight.

"This brat is so annoyingly tricky."

Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin were thinking the same thing. They were both annoyed by the fact that if any one of them was in Ye Chen's position, and even with extra thirty percent attacking power, they would still not be able to survive the joint attacks of their opponents. Not only that, ever since they started fighting, they could not help but unconsciously follow Ye Chen's lead. In the beginning, they had the winning advantage without a doubt, then somehow it became less of a done deal, and now the remaining advantage they had had disappeared. The situation had developed into one in which all of them were wounded.

"If we don't kill this guy, we will never be able to see the end of it."

Puking out a chunk of blood, Mr. Jin sprinkled some repairing powder on his wound. Once he touched the ground, he jumped towards Ye Chen like a mad man, dragging his figure into a long shadow.

"Yes, we can never let him walk away alive. Even if it means it will cost us a bit more than usual."

If it was not for Mr. Jin, Yuan Zongbo would have escaped ages ago. Right now, with the two of them, there was still a chance for them to kill Ye Chen. But once Ye Chen escaped, they knew they would have to be worried for the rest of their lives. Seeing Mr. Jin jump towards Ye Chen, Yuan Zongbo had no time to care about his wounds. He formed a bloody male zhen qi eagle in front of his body, which expanded its wings and drew a blood line in the air.

The attack from the two almost arrived at the same time, and shattered Ye Chen's body.


It was the zhen qi shadow again. It was made of three zhen qi shadows, which made it look extremely real. Damn, being fooled again by this brat!

Mr. Jin and Yuan Zongbo turned their heads, trying to find where Ye Chen really was.

Right behind a ten-meter-high small hill.

Ye Chen stood there with his body straight like an arrow.

'Wounding them is the most severe damage I could make. If I become greedier, then I would be taking too many unnecessary risks.' He knew, being able to get to the three-parties-all-wounded situation was not because he was that powerful, it was only because he was great at controlling the battling situation, and his Separating Art was the only reason he was able to pull it off.


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen punched the hill.

Boom! The whole hill cracked open into pieces, turning into few hundreds of huge rocks, flying towards Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin.

After doing all that, Ye Chen left a zhen qi shadow before he ran into the distance.

The sky was full of huge rocks that had been shattered. Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin took a glance at Ye Chen's zhen qi shadow and were just about to make a movement before the two froze at the same time out of the blue.

"He escaped!"

Shattering the zhen qi shadow with his finger, Mr. Jin had a bad look on his face.

Yuan Zongbo tried to calm himself and said: "Being able to reach the Late Clasping Yuan Realm would take a long time; it is not just a one-or-two-day job. There is no reason to be afraid of him, since we are still more powerful than he is now. If it was not for his evil tricks, he would've been killed by us by now."

"True, I will leave him no chance the next time I see him."

The two exchanged a look as they spoke. Yuan Zongbo suddenly took ten steps back. He was in worse shape because of the wounds than Mr. Jin, and fighting against him alone would give him no advantage.

Mr. Jin was a bit disappointed; if he had been able to take out Yuan Zongbo, then at least it would not have been a complete loss.


There was a normal looking mountain few thousand miles away from the Multi Mountains. It was few thousand meters high, around eight miles long. There was basically nothing in the surroundings, and barely any people at all.

There was a hidden cave right in the middle of the mountain, and a huge rock had covered half of the entrance, while the grass had grown everywhere.

"Mr. Jin's finger power was extremely strong, even my King Kong Body Boosting Art had almost been pierced through. Without half month of resting, it will be hard to get back to the peak condition. Ah well, I will rest in this cave for a while, and will see if I can master the tenth level of my Mysterious Great Art. The tenth Mysterious zhen qi is even more powerful than zhen qi that came from normal Mid Earth Realm martial arts, and its attacking power must be even more powerful."

Sitting on the dry ground, a lot of thoughts had gone through Ye Chen's head. The Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell was a low rank Earth Realm body boosting art, of which Ye Chen had already mastered the fifth spell long time ago. With this extremely strong body, Ye Chen was able to get away from that fight with only being slightly wounded. Although Mr. Jin's finger art was extremely powerful, it was almost impossible to go through his King Kong Jade Body after going through his mysterious zhen qi layer. He believed that Mr. Jin had definitely gotten more wounds than him, since the One Sword Attack was not that of a simple attack.

As for his Great Mysterious Art, he had gotten it from the Heaven Dream Battle Palace, which belonged to the top of the Mid Rank Earth Realm. Especially with its eleventh stage, where it could easily produce a mouth full of zhen yuan which was only producible for an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, it would definitely become Ye Chen's new ace attack. When the time came, killing Yuan Zongbo and Mr. Jin would be doable in just two attacks. Plus, with his peak-level ninth stage, the quality of his zhen qi had already reached Mr. Jin's level, who was at Late Clasping Yuan Realm.

"I am not in the condition to think about that yet, let's rest first."

Clearing out his mind, Ye Chen swallowed a repairing pill, closed his eyes and started his meditation.

There was no sense of time in the mountain.

Ten days of time had gone by in the blink of an eye.

On that day, Ye Chen opened his eyes again. A sharp light flashed through his eyes, which was like the sword light of a sword artist, and could not look any sharper.

"I have guessed it, only fighting with other people could lead to faster improvement."

During the almost half-a-month training time, Ye Chen had stabilized his cultivation even more, and was only one step away from the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. Besides that, his Mysterious zhen qi which had seen no improvement for a long time finally started to boil, and seemed like it would reach its tenth level in no time as well.

'Since I am at the peak of my training, I might as well stay here until I reach the tenth level.'

Having made up his mind, Ye Chen stood up and walked out of his half sealed cave. After taking a couple of breaths, he walked right back into the cave and completely sealed it. Judging from the outside, the scene looked nothing out of normal, only comprising of huge rocks and weeds. No one could realize at first glance that there was a cave right behind it, and someone was training inside.

Ye Chen swallowed three qi boosting pills at once. Because he was not training his zhen qi, he did not need to use his low rank soul stones.

The Mysterious zhen qi followed the special meridians from the Great Mysterious Art and moved in a slow but firm manner. After each loop, Ye Chen could feel his zhen qi had been purified a little bit, which made him a little bit closer to the tenth level.

The thirty-sixth loop.

The seventy-second loop.


The three hundred and sixtieth loop.


Only when his meridians started to ache a little did Ye Chen stop his zhen qi circulation. He did not move at all, but kept sitting there with his eyes closed to rest.

The human body was able to repair itself, and a warrior's body had an even better repairing function. Their meridians would also grow strong with the growth of their cultivation. According to rumors, once reaching the Astral Reaching Realm, a warrior would be able to keep the zhen yuan circulation for a month without hurting the meridians. And once having reached the Soul of Seas Realm, the time could be extended to ten times more, which would be almost a year. As for what would happen when one reached the Life and Death Realm, no one knew. Even Ye Chen could not understand how the Life and Death Realm warriors trained.

Waiting until the meridians had finished recovering, Ye Chen continued his Mysterious zhen qi circulation.

The three qi boosting pills slowed burned out as the days went by.

The grass outside started to die, as a thin layer of frost formed on top of it. It turned out that winter had arrived, and all living creatures in the wild went into a long sleep.

An axman was walking on the mountain, carrying a huge wild boar.

The huge boar was a rank two demonic beast, called the Red Eye Battle Boar. A Mortal Realm level 8 warrior would not be its opponent, and this axman was able to kill this beast, so his cultivation would probably be somewhere above the Mortal Realm level 8.

"Below Mortal Realm Level 5 are just mortal people. I think I can be considered as the No.1 warrior in the village, haha." The axman thought to himself as he found a pile of stones to sit on.


The natural yuan qi seems quite odd here, why is it rushing towards the cave?

As a Mortal Realm warrior, the axman was quite familiar with the natural yuan qi. There was only one possibility that he could think of was, that there might be some treasure hiding in that pile of rocks, perhaps a spirit plant.

The spirit plant that had absorbed the natural yuan qi was worth a huge fortune, and could easily be sold for more than few thousand gold. If it could help in increasing one's cultivation, then it would worth even more.

All of a sudden, the axman could not control his excitement. He also wanted to become a Condensing Reality Realm warrior and travel the world. However, he was too old now, and it would be impossible for him to do so in the following decade. But, if he had the spirit plant that could help with his cultivation, then he would be able to realize his dream.

Without any hesitation, the axman put down the Red Eye Battle Boar and started to move the rocks.

Half way through, the axman took few steps back. Within the gap of the rocks, there was a sharp blue light shooting out. And that sudden chill made all the hair on his back stand up. It was scarier than looking at a rank 4 demonic beast from far away.


The air started to vibrate. A visible air wave slowly spread out. The frost on the ground started to crack and turn into ice chips, and eventually turned into white fog. The white fog was then blown lose, spreading out in all directions. The next second, the rest of the stones started to shake, making loud noises.

Seeing that, a shapeless depression suddenly surrounded the axman.