Chapter 179 – Take their lives!

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Chapter 179 - Take their lives!

All the apprentices who had surrounded them, exclaimed out simultaneously, and some of them, who were relatively closer to Taisi and Ji Hao, quickly stepped back.

A sharp stream of cold and evil power suddenly shrouded the area for miles around, and within this area, those Southern Wasteland Society's boys, who had attacked Ji Hao earlier, had thick, glowing blood-red mist gush out of their mouths, ears, eyes, and noses. At the same time, their faces were becoming old and withered, at a visible rate. In only a span of a breaths, after Taisi had unleashed his power, the backs of few of those boys had gained a hump and they had become similar to old and dying people.

Once a Magus had broken into the Senior level, he or she would have a lifespan of at least a thousand years. But under influence of the power of Taisi's horrible and weird spell, nearly a hundred young Senior Magi grew old simultaneously, and within the span of few breaths, they aged over six to seven hundreds years old. If Taisi's spell continued at this speed, all of these boys would run out of life and die in another span of few breaths.

Taisi let out a vicious and creepy laughter, while his whole body shook with excitement. Under his thin and pale skin, his bones clashed against each others and let out slight clashing sounds that sounded like a shaking skeleton.

Those Southern Wasteland Society's boys looked in despair at Taisi. They had never even thought once that this weak boy, Taisi, who had always been bullied by them, was actually such a terrifying being. They were unable to believe that Taisi had directly inflicted heavy losses on nearly a hundred Senior Magi.

The other apprentices were also shocked and frightened badly, and stared at Taisi in fear, with wide opened mouths.

Taisi had challenged Senior Magi with only the power of a Junior Magus and won, although in a very weird and terrifying way. If he was not a genius like Ji Hao, who was talented in nearly all subjects and had the ability to borrow powers from the nature itself, then the only possible explanation for the victory of Tais - the boy who seemed weak to such extent that it looked as if he could fall and die at any moment - was that he actually was a descendent of the Gods!

Man Man was a pure blood descendent of gods; both, her father and mother, were pure blood gods. Even if they were traced back to the ancient times, generations of their ancestors had been gods as well. The bloodline of Man Man's family was kept pure, never mixing with any other bloodlines for all these years.

All the pure blood offsprings of Gods had terrifyingly great powers contained in their bodies, the kind of power that was only possessed by Gods. The powers of the Gods were able to effect, or even control certain kinds of natural rules. Taisi was probably a pure blood offspring like Man Man, so he possessed some kind of scary power that allowed him to directly take life forces from others. With only the power of a Junior Magus, Taisi launched the attack on nearly a hundred Senior Magi, but none of those inherited magic treasures carried by those Senior Magi didn't even show any sign of defence.

In other words, even if the most powerful Senior Magi had activated the most powerful inherited magic treasure with his power, he still would be unable to reverse the natural rule and would die at the end of his life.

Taisi's power was the same as the flow of time, he directly accelerated the time on these young Senior Magi and took their life forces away. No matter how powerful these Senior Magi were, and what kind of marvellous inherited magic treasure they possessed, they could never resist such an attack.

Some truly powerful human Magi may possess powers that were equally great as the power of the gods, and were able to resist creepy attacks like this, but none of these Southern Wasteland Society's boys seemed to have that kind of great power.

Ji Hao was shocked as well, and he looked at Taisi stunned. He naturally knew what pure blood offsprings of Gods meant, all of them were just like Man Man, who was a pure monster. He never thought that he would meet another of them by simply standing against an injustice. He had clearly heard that Taisi called him 'brother' when he shouted out earlier. This guy indeed had a simple mind, Ji Hao had only defended him a little bit and he began seeing Ji Hao as a real brother! Ji Hao cunningly thought that he was quite lucky that such a powerful boy, Taisi, hasn't yet been 'sold' as a piece of valuable treasure to the others.

Along with a sizzling sound, a water-tank-sized sphere of blood-red life force floated in front of Taisi, and was emitting a terrible heat while spinning fiercely. A strong stream of life power, which would make many people quiver, continuously spread out from this blood-red sphere of life force.

This blood-red sphere was condensed by a half of the life force of all these young Senior Magi, which meant that a great part of their lives were gathered in this sphere!

If one could absorb this sphere of life force into his or her own body, then this person could live at least tens of thousands of years longer than he was supposed to.

All of the other apprentices immediately thought of this, and a greedy luster leaked out of their eyeballs. Just think, which clan didn't have a few old and dying, yet important Maguspriests or elders? And which one of these old people weren't longing for a longer life and an opportunity to break into a higher level?

A boy who was releasing a very sharp sense of power abruptly laughed out and said, "Taisi, do you remember me? Last time when we were out for a task that the Magi Palace had assigned to us, we were a team, and I had taken an arrow for you! Is your sister Shaosi out for a task? We should have a nice dinner together when she comes back, you and your sister, with me and my brothers."

Another boy, whose skin had been shrouded by faint cyan mist, and was very handsome, laughed as well and said, "Taisi, I didn't know that our Magi Palace had interesting people like you staying here. I am Qing Peng, from the Ten Day Country. Our Dong Yi Clan girls are well known for their beauty, quite a few sisters of mine admire young geniuses like you the most."

Once the two of them had started talking, leaders of the other small apprentice groups sent out invitations to Taisi one after another. It seemed that everyone was now seeing Taisi as a valuable rare commodity.

Ji Hao looked at Taisi with a bit envy. He was pretty good too, having fought against nearly a hundred Senior Magi and forced them back all by himself, but why did nobody even notice such a terrific combat success?

He looked down, saw his tight armour that was still surrounded by streams of clear light, and sighed helplessly - apparently, all those people were seeing him as only a lucky kid, who had got a powerful and reliable treasure, and no one took his real power seriously.

Taisi let out a frosty grin, scornfully glancing at those eagerly attentive apprentices, then said in a low and vicious voice, "You time servers, opportunistic idiots...when I, Taisi, hadn't let out my spirit magic, did any of you treat me as a person?"

Taking a deep breath, Taisi stood side by side with Ji Hao and continued blandly, "Only Ji Hao has treated me as a person with dignity, so I will treat only him as my brother. Idiots like you...hehe...better stay away from me."

Taisi pointed his finger at the blood-red sphere while speaking. Followed by his movement, the sphere of life force, which was as big as two water tanks, quickly shrank into a fist-sized blood-red crystal, which weighed over ten-million stones, and flew into Ji Hao's hands.

Nearly a hundred young Senior Magi of the Southern Wasteland Society now were all lying on the ground at their last breath. Their hairs had turned completely white and their faces seemed extremely withered. They tried so hard to open and close their mouths, but none of them could make even the slightest sound.

"Ji Hao, all these people's lives are now held in your hands," said Taisi while laughing in a cold and creepy voice, "the life force I took with my [Life-Taking Magic] is completely useless to me. It very nice to meet you today, please take these 'lives' as a gift from your new friend."

Taisi grinned evilly, then continued, "I suggest you swallow it immediately, after all, that's the life force of nearly a hundred Senior Magi, and can extend your life for at least fifty-thousand years."

The other apprentices gasped in shock, and their facial expressions changed instantly changed, which had become full of anger because of Taisi's unfriendly curse to nice and smiling.

The entire square had fallen into a deadly silence, and suddenly, clear sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from afar.