Chapter 45: An Eight-game Winning Streak, A Ceaseless Battle

 Chapter 45: An Eight-game Winning Streak, A Ceaseless Battle

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Among all of the weapons, whips were the nemesis of swords.

They used softness to overcome hardness, longness to overcome shortness.

Just like Hong Tao now, he could easily attack Zhang Ruochen even though he was standing over ten meters away.

His whip movements changed unpredictably, like a golden snake serpentining and hissing sharply in the air.

There was a three-inch spine on the tip of the golden long whip, which was even sharper than the sword tip.

"Very interesting!"

Zhang Ruochen finally made a move!

He transferred his Genuine Qi to the legs and revolved all his 27 Meridians at the same time. Stepping out, he turned into an afterimage shuttling back and forth among the golden long whip.

Zhang Ruochen dashed through the distance in only a second and appeared in front of Hong Tao.

Hong Tao's face changed color. He immediately tried to pull his long whip back and attack Zhang Ruochen again.


Zhang Ruochen smashed Hong Tao on the neck with the scabbard in his hand.

Hong Tao stumbled and fell off the Coliseum.

Hong Tao somersaulted at the moment he fell off. So unlike the six warriors before him who fell off with a great discomfiture, he landed on the ground stably with both feet.

Standing under the stage, Hong Tao stared at Zhang Ruochen deeply and said, "I lost."

Zhang Ruochen's movement just now was too fast. He was doomed to lose even if they fight again.

Another movement!

"With Hong Tao's cultivation, he couldn't even block Zhang Ruochen's one movement! How terrifying!"

Xue Bingsheng waved his folding fan slightly and smiled evilly. "Quite interesting!"

"Let me stop your winning streak in Round Eight." Xue Bingsheng turned into a white shadow and leaped onto the Coliseum lightly as a leaf.

"Xue Bingsheng!" shouted Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had seen the battle between Xue Bingsheng and Nie Heng previously. At that time, Xue Bingsheng killed Nie Heng with only one movement.

He was very fast, and indeed a strong opponent.

Xue Bingsheng gave a wee smile and said, "Among the geniuses I've seen in my life, you are the most talented other than the Seventh Prince. "Only two months have passed since the Year-end Assessment, but you have broken two stages and reached the Final State of the Yellow Realm. I admire you. I do."

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Are you from the Minister's Mansion?"

"Exactly." said Xue Bingsheng.

"Are you confident in defeating me?" asked Zhang Ruochen.

Xue Bingsheng laughed and said, "Your biggest advantage is the Advanced Stage of Sword Following the Mind and your biggest disadvantage is the lack of Genuine Qi. I assume that you have just broken through the Final State, right?"

Zhang Ruochen did not respond.

Xue Bingsheng continued. "You are fast, but I'm not slow. You can defeat others with your speed, but it won't work on me. And in terms of power, I'm afraid I still outweigh you with my cultivation at the Completion of the Yellow Realm."

"Really?" said Zhang Ruochen.

Xue Bingsheng nodded and said, "It's time to take your sword out!"

"I will take my sword out if I think you are powerful enough," said Zhang Ruochen.

"You should be careful then! My Iron Bone Fan is a Third-class Genuine Martial Arm. There were altogether nine warriors at the Completion of the Yellow Realm died because of it."

Xue Bingsheng closed his eyes, and the folding fan suddenly spread. There was a three-inch sharp blade came out of each leaf.


Xue Bingsheng was extremely fast. He dashed in front of Zhang Ruochen in just a second, like a white ghost.

He had been practicing a movement at the Superior Class of the Human Stage, namely "Eight Steps in the Air". Each step he made was ten feet long.

He made eight steps, and eight afterimages appeared on the stage.

It looked like eight Xue Bingsheng were attacking Zhang Ruochen at the same time.

Zhang Ruochen stayed still, like a divine tree which rooted there, and kept wielding the sword scabbard in his hand.

Every time their weapons collided, there was a sharp noise, and sparks flew off in all directions.

"Bang Bang!"

Just in a second, Zhang Ruochen and Xue Bingsheng had fought over 20 movements. It looked like a shadow fighting on the Coliseum. Warriors of the lower cultivation could not even figure out how they made their moves, only shadows of shadows were seen.

Standing on the highest bleacher, Liu Chengfeng stared at the Coliseum and sneered. He said, "Even Xue Bingsheng went to a duel with him. It's really hard to predict the result!"

"Good day, Master Liu!" Han Fu knelt to Liu Chengfeng with the utmost respect.

Han Fu was very tall, about 260 or 270 cm. His one fist was much bigger than an ordinary person's head. There were leopard spots all over him.

He was not a purebred human, rather, he came from Leopard-Human clan and had the blood of the savage beast, Fire Lion-leopard.

In Kunlun's Field, there were many half-humans developing into an independent clan. For example, the strong Dragon-Human clan, Elephant-Human clan, and Ape-Human clan; the beautiful Fox-Human clan and Fish-Human clan.

The status of these half-human clans, however, was very low. Many of them were enslaved.

Han Fu was a half-human slave and since he had a record of a nine-game winning streak in the Yellow level Colosseum, Liu Chengfeng bought him with a high price.

Liu Chengfeng said, "Stand up. Did you see the boy on the Coliseum?"

Han Fu stood up and stared at Zhang Ruochen. Then he said, "He is powerful!"

Liu Chengfeng said, "Of course he is. So, if Xue Bingsheng loses to him, you should go and kill him in the next round."

"I will never let you down. I will kill him even if it means perishing together." said Han Fu with determination.

Liu Chengfeng nodded and said, "Xue Bingsheng has tested his real power. Take a look at them. It will help you to the next round."

Han Fu nodded.

"Xue Bingsheng is so powerful! I'm really worried about my brother!" The Ninth Commandery Princess was very concerned.

Surely, Xue Bingsheng didn't dare to kill Zhang Ruochen, but who could make sure no accident would happen?

Xue Bingsheng was nothing like other warriors in the Completion. He was a really powerful warrior who suppressed Zhang Ruochen in every field. It was almost impossible for Zhang Ruochen to win.

All of the warriors in the Yellow Fighting Palace was very nervous now. They all wanted to know whether Zhang Ruochen could defeat Xue Bingsheng or not.

Could he achieve an eight-game winning streak?

"This is it!"

Zhang Ruochen's look turned sharp. He stabbed with his sword scabbard and cried, "Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!"

The speed was three times faster than before, making an unusual scene. The Sword Breath turned into the white flash, piercing through the void space and coming directly for Xue Bingsheng's glabella.

Xue Bingsheng changed color and stepped back immediately.

But it was too late!


The tip of the sword scabbard dashed onto Xue Bingsheng's glabella directly.

Xue Bingsheng felt dizzy and fell on the ground. He fainted.

It was lucky for him that it was just the scabbard. If it were the sword point, his glabella would have been transpierced.

An old servant from the Minister's Mansion quickly rushed towards the Coliseum and bowed to Zhang Ruochen. He said, "Thank you for mercy!"

After saying that, he carried the fainted Xue Bingsheng off the Coliseum and quickly left the Yellow Fighting Palace.

An eight-game winning streak!

The whole Yellow Fighting Palace was seething! It was very extraordinary for a young man at the age of 16 to achieve an eight-game winning streak.

Even Liu Chengfeng, the Warrior of Yellow Board, was not so powerful when he was 16.

"My ninth brother is so powerful! If our father-king knows that, he will again fete the officials to share his happiness." The Ninth Commandery Princess let out a long sigh of relief. Her hanging heart finally went back to where it should be.

She found that, however, Zhang Ruochen didn't walk off the stage. Did he want a Round Nine?

In this moment, the stalwart Han Fu came onto the Coliseum step by step.

Completely covered in metal armor, he held a 600 kg battleax in his hand. His metal armor was not simply overlapped onto the body but inlaid in his flesh and bones. It became one with his body.

"No! It's Han Fu! No!" The Ninth Commandery Princess turned pale and shouted to Zhang Ruochen. "My ninth brother, please give in! Han Fu is a martial-addict! No one can survive him!"

Shan Xiangling's color also changed. She said, "Han Fu is Liu Chengfeng's slave. He will definitely kill you on the Coliseum. The ninth prince, please give in. There is absolutely no need to put up a desperate fight with a bloodthirsty lunatic."

Han Fu gave a loud laugh. "Did you hear them, boy? The two women over there ask you to give in. If you don't, my battleax will cut you into two pieces."

Zhang Ruochen looked up to the highest bleacher and happened to see Liu Chengfeng up there.

Liu Chengfeng was also staring at Zhang Ruochen. He sneered and said in a clear voice, "If you fear death, you should better give up. Once you die on the Coliseum, I might find it hard to explain to the Commandery Prince."

Zhang Ruochen said, "Really? But we need to fight to find out who will die and who will live!"

"You just don't stop, do you? Very well. Han Fu, show him your real power. Don't let him look down on you!" said Liu Chengfeng in a somber tone.