424 A Hard Battle

 In spite of his fear, Nie Wenlong bit the bullet and mobilized his Genuine Qi. He displayed the Hundred Toxins Palm again.


Zhang Ruochen broke the Hundred Toxins Palm with one palm.


Nie Wenlong spat out a mouthful of blood.

He fell to the ground.

With a bang, he dropped to the bottom of the 100-meter cliff, forming a human-shaped pit. His body was covered by mudstone; no one knew whether he was alive or not.


Zhang Ruochen lowered to the ground and walked towards the large hole.

Without the protection of a Celestial Bodyshield, even a warrior at the Completion of the Heaven Realm would die after a 100-meter drop.

However, Nie Wenlong had experienced numerous life-or-death battles in the Battlefield of the Primitive World. Most of the time, he managed to kill stronger enemies in unfavorable situations.

In terms of reaction speed, many warriors at the same Realm were incomparable to him.

Just as he was about to touch down, he had injected Genuine Qi into his amulet treasure, to ward off the impact of the fall.

Nie Wenlong remained where he had fallen, not moving, waiting for opportunity to strike.

When Zhang Ruochen approached, he would kill him.

What he didn't know was that Zhang Ruochen had seen through his scheme with his strong spiritual power.

Zhang Ruochen walked beside the pit. His face expressed that he was defenseless, and the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned.


Nie Wenlong suddenly charged out from the ground. Holding a black poison needle, he stabbed into Zhang Ruochen's eyebrows.

"Go to hell!" he roared.

The black poison needle was made from hundreds of highly toxic poisons. He had refined this original treasure through the practice of A Hundred Toxins Palm.

If the needle pierced the skin, the poison would enter into the bloodstream. Even superiors at the First Change of the Fish-dragon Realm would fail to escape from death.

Only "Skin Refining to Gold" cultivators at the Second Change of the Fish-dragon Realm could resist the attack of a poison needle.

Nie Wenlong seemed to act quickly, but Zhang Ruochen reacted even faster. He was ready.

Zhang Ruochen struck Nie Wenlong in the chest, slamming his ribs.

His lungs and heart turned into blood mud. Blood began to seep through his clothes.

"How... How... could it... possible... "

Nie Wenlong was trembling from head to toe, his eyes open wide in shock. He had never thought that he would be killed by a junior.

Zhang Ruochen walked towards him leisurely. "You haven't practiced the Treasure Body of Wood Spirit to completion. If it was perfect it, it couldn't be broken by the palm power I just exerted."

Zhang Ruochen squatted down and took out Nie Wenlong's black poison needle. He observed it carefully, nodding his head. "This should be effective enough to defeat superiors at the First Change of the Fish-dragon Realm. It's really a treasure."

He put the needle away, figuring that even if it was useless to him, he could sell it and get a good price.


Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen's pupils shrank. He quickly turned and activated the Dragon Pearl's defensive force, forming a golden defensive cover.


A mass of purple supernatural power condensed into a spear was flying towards him from far away. It hit his golden defensive cover.

The golden defensive cover generated a circle of ripples and flew away. It hit the cliff.


A large number of boulders collapsed, burying Zhang Ruochen underneath.

Master Shenhai flew to the top of a pine tree, as if walking through the clouds. He gazed out over the cliff. He did not get close but rather stayed in the distance.

"Was he killed in one blow?"

Master Shenhai had wanted to rescue Nie Wenlong. However, he had been defeated too quickly.

Master Shenhai was now aware of Zhang Rouchen's powerful strength. He no longer looked down upon him. He did not get close; he planned to attack from a distance.


The scattered stones were broken into fine powders.

Zhang Ruochen walked out from the dust, unscathed, just a little embarrassed.

He glared at Master Shenhai in the distance. "Your cultivation is much stronger than that of the other three masters from the Evil Wood Palace."

"Humph! Zhang Ruochen, you destroyed the Evil Wood Palace millennium foundation and killed my disciples. I'll smash you to pieces!" Master Shenhai shouted.

"I have nothing to say. Let's see your true power."

Zhang Ruochen took out the Violet Thunder Sword. He moved his feet to the left and right separately, lifted his arms, and placed the sword horizontally, forming an opening posture.

Master Shenhai shook his head. In a cynical tone he said, "Your sword can't hurt me, Zhang Ruochen."

"Don't be so sure."

Zhang Ruochen displayed the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon and rushed out.

"King of Treemen."

Master Shenhai mobilized his supernatural power to the Bone Stave. As he waved his arms, wisps of cyan Spiritual Qi of wood nature gathered together. It formed a ball of light, then condensed into vines, leaves, branches, and finally a 30-meter-high Treeman. It launched its attack.

The Treeman King's power was comparable to that of cultivators at the Second Change of the Fish-dragon Realm. Just one swipe forced Zhang Ruochen to retreat.

Even if he mobilized the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth with his Martial Soul, his power was still inferior.

"Ten-thousand-feet Prairie Fire."

Zhang Ruochen released his Genuine Qi, triggering a vision of heaven and earth. The Spiritual Qi gathered within the 3300-meter surrounding area and formed into a large sea of raging fire.

Zhang Ruochen put his hands together, mobilizing the flame into a blazing python. It wound its way towards the huge Treeman.

But the Treeman appeared not to fear the flame at all. It moved forward and punched Zhang Ruochen in the head again.

Master Shenhai laughed. "The Treeman King is made from the original power of wood nature. A common flame can do nothing to it."

"Even if you had a cultivation at the Third Change of the Fish-dragon Realm, you couldn't defeat it. Unless you had Source of Spiritual Fire from the Temple of Holy Fire and refined it."

"Zhang Ruochen, you can't even reach my sleeves. How can you expect to fight with me?"

Zhang Ruochen remained silent. He thrust his feet against the ground and bounced up above of the Treeman's head. He infused Genuine Qi into the Violet Thunder Sword and swung it.


Dozens of vines protruded from the Treeman. They wrapped around his arm.

Zhang Ruochen had not finished his sword move. He felt a great gust of power and was thrown back.

BANG! He fell to the ground more than 30 meters away. He slipped back another 30 meters from the impact.

The treeman raised his hands to attack Zhang Ruochen again before he gave a sigh of relief.

Zhang Ruochen hit the ground with his left hand. He turned over and flew up, allowing him to escape the attack.


The Treeman thudded to the ground, leaving two giant holes. The rock was crushed into powder.

Treeman? No, an absolute iron giant.

"Master Shenhai, do you really think I can't hurt you just because the Treeman is blocking me?" Zhang Ruochen asked, dodging the Treeman's attack.

Zhang Ruochen drew out a White Jade Hairpin. He injected Genuine Qi into it and the Jade Hairpin immediately turned into a white Holy Sword.

"Soul-breaking Windwhisper."

Zhang Ruochen mobilized all his Genuine Qi. He slashed and chopped at the Treeman. The Treeman was hacked into two pieces. It's upper body flew back.

The Treeman was reduced to wisps of fog.


Master Shenhai stared at the scene before him in disbelief.

"Sword Defending Technique!"

Zhang Ruochen didn't give Master Shenhai an opportunity to react. Holding the Holy Sword in one hand, and the Violet Thunder Sword in the other, he stabbed Master Shenhai from a distance by wielding Sword Defending Technique.


The Violet Thunder Sword gave off a dazzling light as it sped toward Master Shenhai at a speed faster than sound.

Master Shenhai waved the Bone Stave to exert supernatural power, stopping the sword.

The Violet Thunder Sword flew back quickly, whamming, cutting, slicing and chopping; it kept Master Shenhai busy.

Before Master Shenhai could stand steady, Zhang Ruochen had reached him with the Holy Sword in hand. He slashed at him with a long Sword Breath.

Master Shenhai made a quick evasion.

He managed to avoid the Holy Sword, but not the Violet Thunder Sword.


The Violet Thunder Sword pierced his robe and stabbed him in the back with a crash.

Master Shenhai had not only finished practicing the Treasure Body of Wood Spirit, he had also reached Skin Refining to Gold. Even the Violet Thunder Sword, a tenth level Genuine Martial Arms couldn't break through his defense.

Master Shenhai snorted derisively. He wielded his Bone Stave to hit Zhang Ruochen's right shoulder.

Zhang Ruochen waved his Holy Sword to meet it.


Zhang Ruochen was repelled again. His arm that held the Holy Sword was spilling a stream of blood.

The Dragon Scales on his arm had totally cracked, scarlet blood and flesh came out.

Master Shenhai snorted. "Even if you can boast the same power as cultivators of the Fish-dragon Realm, you're still a mortal."

Master Shenhai had often talked with Nie Wenlong about Martial Arts. He knew that he was in the Fish-dragon Realm.

He also knew a warrior from Kunlun's Field who could practice his soul into a Martial Soul.

Zhang Ruochen had a stronger Martial Soul, however, Master Shenhai hadn't fought with Zhang Ruochen in that way. Instead, he had kept his Martial Soul inside his body and exercised supernatural power to protect it.

So it was far beyond the range of possibility for Zhang Ruochen to kill Master Shenhai using Martial Soul.