423 Hundred Toxins Palm

 "Zhang Ruochen, I will kill you."

Seeing the burning wreckage in front of him, Master Shenhai shuddered from rage and roared loudly.

The power in his body, spewed out like a hurricane, blowing up the sand in the Darksplitting Mountain. The tree branches shook, and the leaves flew, making whistling sounds.

Zhang Ruochen calmly stood on the edge of the cliff, with his hands behind his back, and stared at the two people under the mountains far away. He replied in a subtle way, "If you can, then come."

The seemingly calm voice, being pushed by the Genuine Qi, delivered to the ears of Master Shenhai and Nie Wenlong like layers of waves.

"What a prideful junior!"

The anger rose from the heart of Master Shenhai and his face turned red as if he was going to explode. He couldn't even wait one more second to charge in the Evil Wood Palace and kill Zhang Ruochen with his own hands.

Nie Wenlong felt that something was wrong and said, "Master Shenhai, you are practicing supernatural power, and you are better at attacking from range. If you get baited by Zhang Ruochen and fought him in close quarters, I'm afraid that you would be in a disadvantage."

"What do you mean?" Master Shenhai raised his eyebrows.

Nie Wenlong said, "I feel that Zhang Ruochen is eccentric. It seems that he deliberately tries to lure us into the Darksplitting Mountain. He probably has arranged some traps to deal with us. If both of us are get trapped, he will win."

"So, let me deal with Zhang Ruochen. You stay outside the mountain. Be alert to see what kind of tricks he will play. If I can't kill him, it will not be too late for you to help."

Master Shenhai gradually calmed down, thinking that the arrangement of Nie Wenlong is much safer. He nodded his head and said, "Well, I will do as you said."

In fact, only a small part of the reason why Nie Wenlong agreed to the plan was because he felt that Zhang Ruochen was unusual and was afraid that both of them would jump into the trap of and be annihilated.

The other important reason was that he wanted to kill Zhang Ruochen himselfand take credits alone. Furthermore, he wanted to get Zhang Ruochen's treasures.

Nie Wenlong understood Zhang Ruochen's abilities better than anyone else.

If he was careful and avoided tricks by Zhang Ruochen, he was sure that he could kill Zhang Ruochen.

In the first round of the examination in the Saint Academy, Zhang Ruochen was only slightly more powerful than Xu Qing. He broke the realm during the fight and thus defeated the descendants of the four Saint powerful families.

Nie Wenlong had been practicing in Saint Academy for ten years, his martial cultivation had already reached the limit of the Heaven Realm, and he was much more powerful than those descendant of the Saint families.

Killing Zhang Ruochen would be all too easy.

In his view, Zhang Ruochen was far from being a worthy opponent.

"With his ability, how could Zhang Ruochen kill the two masters".

"Those two idiots must've goten tricked by Zhang Ruochen and died."

"Or maby Zhang Ruochen organized many students for the Combined Attack and killed the two masters. But regardless, Zhang Ruochen must have had an incredible trump card. I should be careful to not fall to his tricks."

Thinking so in his heart, Nie Wenlong walked toward the Darksplitting Mountain step by step.

Meanwhile, he maximized his power of sight, hearing, and smelling to find the trump card of Zhang Ruochen for an advance preparation.

It was worth noting that Nie Wenlong was very cautious, but he did not know that when he took the first step, he had already entered Zhang Ruochen's Space Domain. It would be strange if he could find the difference.

Zhang Ruochen frowned slightly.

Originally, he was planning to lure Nie Wenlong and Master Shenhai in that corner of the holy array and kill them both with the holy array.

Unexpectedly, they were cautious enough to only send Nie Wenlong up the Darksplitting Mountain.

Being able to cultivate into this kind of realm, they were indeed slippery, and it was difficult to plotted against them.

Nie Wenlong seemed to walk slowly, but in fact, he had displayed a clever body movement. In a few moments, he had already climbed more than a thousand meters high.

Standing on the opposite side of Zhang Ruochen, Nie Wenlong stood straight and said, "Zhang Ruochen, do you still remember me?"

Zhang Ruochen heard about Nie Wenlong's news from Xu Qing, and he also saw him at the second round of Saint Academy's examination. How could he not recognize him?

"Nie Wenlong, as one of the first ten thousand masters in Heaven Board, you had accumulated a hundred and eighty thousand military merits, many indigenous masters had been killed by you, how can I forget such a powerful warrior like you?" Zhang Ruochen said.

Nie Wenlong smiled and said, "If you can kill me, although you can't get into the Heaven Board, but you will still gain a big reputation."

Zhang Ruochen responded, "Do you think that I can't kill you?"

Nie Wenlong also looked carefree, and with a faint smile, he said, "Although you are called the king of the new generation, I am not so weak. You cannot exceed me in three years."

Three years.

With this expectation, Nie Wenlong thought he was already overestimating Zhang Ruochen.

After all, he would also make progress at the same time. Within three years, he would break through the Fish-dragon Realm. It was impossible that Zhang Ruochen could exceeds him in three years.

Nie Wenlong added, "It is a pity that you won't even get the three years you need to catch up with me. Maybe you don't know that I've practiced the Treasured Body of Wood and Spirit, even if a master in the top thousand of the Heaven Board may not be my opponent. Fish-dragon Realm is already within my reach, and within a year, I will surely break through the realm."

Zhang Ruochen was silent for a moment and said, "You sure are confident. We'll see who the last one laughing is."

Nie Wenlong smiled and said, "I know that you must have a trump card in your hand. Unfortunately, I am not Master Qingmu or Master Zuxin. You can't trick me."

He added, "Actually, death is not your only option. There is still a way to go. I will let you go as long as you give me the sarira."

On behalf of the Buddha emperor's heritage, the sarira was something that Nie Wenlong desperately wanted.

With the sarira, Nie Wenlong wouldn't need to rely on the family of Saint Xu and could become successful by himself.

It was precisely the reason why Nie Wenlong was eager to get sarira. When he was sent to the Five Elements of Primitive World to kill Zhang Ruochen, he agreed without hesitation.

Nie Wenlong said, "Anyway, even if you don't surrender the sarira to me, after I killed you, the sarira will still fall into my hands. I give you three breaths to consider. Which path will you take?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and stared at Nie Wenlong as if he was looking at an idiot. He said, "Do you believe that I can beat you within three breaths?"

With anger in Nie Wenlong's eyes, he said coldly, "Only by meeting death will your arrogence fall."

"Hundred Toxins Palm."


Nie Wenlong, with both his legs thrust against the ground, flew out and reached twice as fast as the speed of sound.

Genuine Qi in his body swiftly ran to the palm and slaped it out.

The palm became colorful. In the pores, a highly corrosive mist was emitted and hit Zhang Ruochen's chest.

Zhang Ruochen's arms spread out like a big bird flapping his wings, and he got knocked backwards. He used the celestial bodyshield to constantly defuse the power of Nie Wenlong's palm.

Hundred Toxins Palm was a inferior-class martial of ghost level. To successfully practice the palm, the body must had taken hundreds of refined poison.

Every time a poison was added, the power of your palm would increase.

If thousands of highly toxic poisons were refined into the body, the Thousand Toxins Palm will be practiced and the technique will reach the martial technique of Mid-class ghost level.

Correspondingly, Ten Thousands Toxins Palm would reach the superior class.

When the palm technique was practiced, even if you couldn't destroy a city with palm power, you could rely on the poisonous gas contained in your palm to kill all lives in a city.

Nie Wenlong had refined 173 types of highly toxic poisons into the body, so the palm stength could let the surrounding vegetation wither with astonishing speed.

Every step he walked left a black and corrosive footprint on the ground, giving the earth a buzzing sound.

Zhang Ruochen had a dragon pearl and was not afraid of his Hundred Toxins Palm.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Master Shenhai in the distant and made up his mind that he should remove Nie Wenlong as quickly as he could. Then he would slowly deal with the final boss.


On his head, a light column rushed out, and the martial soul was released.

The martial soul, hanging on Zhang Ruochen's head, quickly maneuvered the spiritual Qi in the sky and the earth.

Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi rushed toward Zhang Ruochen, forming a huge whirlpool, before being sucked into the sacred mark above his eyebrows.

Nie Wenlong's face suddenly changed and screamed, "How can your martial soul be so powerful?"

Although Nie Wenlong didn't release his martial soul, he could feel that Zhang Ruochen's Martial soul made huge power and pressure that almost forced out his martial soul.

It was not the martial soul that a warrior in the Heaven Realm should have.

Of course, Nie Wenlong could also release his martial soul, and maneuver the Spiritual Qi to fight Zhang Ruochen.

But by doing so, he would lose even faster.

With abundant fighting experience, Nie Wenlong was not flurried. He ran his genuine Qi immediately, protected his martial soul, and retreated.

He immediately turned his body, thrusting his legs on the ground, jumped of the cliff and rushed down the mountain.

"Is it too late to escape?"

Following him, Zhang Ruochen jumped down the cliff and performed his Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm to activate the power of the dragon pearl.

With a sound of swoosh, a layer of dragon scale exposed, and two big golden dragon wings rushed out from his back.

Zhang Ruochen's speed became faster when the wings fanned. His palm pushed down when he was right behind Nie Wenlong.

"Divine Dragon's Steal."

Tens of lightings rushed from Zhang Ruochen's palm and flew in all the directions. A dragon shadow vaguely appeared in the lightings.

With the martial soul, how powerful was Zhang Ruochen's palm.

The scene in front of Nie Wenlong disappeared completely on the impact of the palm power. Only a golden dragon claw of hundreds meters wide pushed from the above like a Five-finger Mountain.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen didn't perform the hundreds-meter dragon claw, but the momentum of the palm gived a false impression to Nie Wenlong.