419 Flounder

 Master Shenhai was raging in the Evil Wood Palace.

The master who was dispatched to investigate about the news came back. Someone discovered more than a hundred bodies of masters from the Evil Wood Palace on the battlefield. Master Qingmu was also dead.

It did not matter that the other masters were killed. However, how could Master Qingmu die?

There were only four masters in the Evil Wooden Palace. All of them were the backbones of the Palace. When one died, the foundation of the Evil Wooden Palace would be unstable, and the strength would be weakened greatly.

Moreover, they had also lost in touch with Master Zuxin who rushed to rescue. This made Master Shenhai have a bad feeling.

"Damn, who on earth are these people?"

His eyes gleamed with keenness and anger. He slapped the copper pillar in front of him and made a huge dent.

In the palace, those other masters kept silent out of fear. They all lowed their heads and no one dared to make a single noise.

Suddenly, rapid sounds of footsteps was heard from outside the room. A burst of rapid footsteps was heard from outside.

"Palace Master... Palace Master...There's an emergency..."

With two wood caskets, Master Wu Teng rushed in from the outside, tumbling and scrambling.

"What's the matter? Why are you so nervous?"Master Shenhai said coldly.

Seeing that Master Shenhai was sitting on the top like Demon Lord, Master Wu Teng was immediately scared and kneeled on the ground. He held the wood caskets in both hands and lifted them forward. He said with a shaking voice, "Your Palace Master, Master Qingmu and Master Zuxin have been killed by Zhang Ruochen and their crystal wands are in the wood caskets."


The blue veins of his face bulged. He swung his arms and a surge of supernatural power poured out to open the lids of the two wood caskets.

Two broken crystal wands fell from the caskets.

They were really the holy wands of Master Qingmu and Master Zuxin.

Two Masters actually died in one day. Master Shenhai flew into a rage. His robust supernatural power was released from his body, almost tearing the entire Evil Wood Palace apart.

"Where's Zhang Ruochen? I'll tear him to pieces."

Master Shenhai shouted madly, forming a hand with great supernatural power, and lifted Master Wu Teng across the air.

When suspended in mid-air, Master Wu Teng felt that his body was pulled by an invisible force like dismemberment by five horses. He panicked and quickly said, "Palace Master, please spare my life... He said... he'll wait for you in Crescent City to have a fair fight with you ten days later."


Master Shenhai twisted his five fingers to mobilize supernatural power. Master Wu Teng's body was torn into pieces and turned into a blood fog.


Master Shenhai rushed out the Evil Wood Palace and proceeded to the Crescent City.

Nie Wenlong immediately rushed forward to stop Master Shenhai and said, "Even if you proceed to the Crescent City now, you'll certainly not find Zhang Ruochen. Since he asks you to fight after ten days, why not wait?"

Master Shenhai snorted and said, "We lost two Masters in succession. How can I let this go? I can't wait for a single moment."

Nie Wenlong shook his head and said, "How can you flounder after two Masters died? If Zhang Ruchen schemes to lure you away from your base, the entire Evil Wood Palace be in danger."

"What do you know? The reason why Zhang Ruochen decides to fight me ten days later is definitely that he doesn't have the confidence to beat me. In these next ten days, he'll surely set an ambush in the Crescent City to attack me. So I must take him down before he's prepared."

Nie Wenlong was speechless and cursed in his heart. If that Zhang guy wasn't prepared, then why would he come to declare war so early?

Nie Wenlong still needed to utilize the Evil Wood Palace to deal with Zhang Ruochen. The deeper the hatred between the Evil Wood Palace and Zhang Ruochen was, the better it would be for him, so he didn't speak out those words.

He said, "Since Palace Master has determined to rush to the Crescent City right now, there must be someone to guard the Evil Wood Palace. I'm willing to stay and help you guard it."

In any case, Nie Wenlong was only an outsider, so Master Shenhai did not trust him.

Therefore, prior to his departure, Master Shenhai invited another Master named Master Masheng, who secluded himself for refining, in order to look over Nie Wenlong.

Seven days later, Master Shenhai returned to the Evil Wood Palace. As Nie Wenlong said, he did not find Zhang Ruochen in the Crescent City.

"Was Evil Wood Palace attacked in the last seven days when I was away?"

Upon his arrival, Master Shenhai immediately asked Nie Wenlong.

He immediately returned for fear that he was lured out and the Evil Wood Palace was attacked.

Nie Wenlong said, "Everything is all right. Though several disciples came to provoke us, they've been killed by me."

On the way to and from the Crescent City, Master Shenhai had calmed down. He was confused, "What on earth is Zhang Ruochen thinking? He has neither attacked the Evil Wood Palace nor set an ambush in the Crescent City. Is he really that confident to fight against me?"

Nie Wenlong was also confused.

In the past, he would definitely not believe that Zhang Ruochen could challenge Master Shenhai.

However, if Zhang Ruochen could kill Master Qingmu and Master Zuxin, he might indeed have reached an incredible realm. Therefore, it was entirely possible for him to fight on even terms with Master Shenhai.

Now, even Nie Wenlong was puzzled and had no idea what Zhang Ruochen's plan was.

"Does he merely want to kill Master Shenhai for the huge military merits that would come from winning the fight?"

Master Shenhai had reached the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. If a warrior of the Heaven Realm could kill him, the warrior could obtain 10,000 points of military merits and be directly listed on the Heaven Board.

Certainly, it was almost impossible for a warrior of the Heaven Realm to kill a master who had reached the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

The Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm was called "Skin Refining to Gold." In other words, the skin was like metal and stone, and no knife and sword could damage it. Moreover, it could stay intact even when standing in the fire.

Only by using Holy Weapons, a warrior of the Heaven Realm could break the defense of a practitioner of the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

ALso, even if you had mastered a Holy Weapon, the practitioner of the Second Change in the Fish-dragon Realm would not just stand still to let you cut him down.

Nie Wenlong said, "Palace Master, you only have three days left until the time appointed by Zhang Ruochen. What's your plan? Will you go to the Crescent City?"

"Yes. Why not?"

Master Shenhai looked solemn and said, "Zhang Ruochen has killed two Masters of the Evil Wood Palace, if I can't kill him, I won't be able to assuage our anger.

"However, if Zhang Ruochen attacks the Evil Wood Palace during this period, what should we do?" Nie Wenlong asked.

Master Shenhai replied, "If he really wants to lure me away, he would have already attacked the Evil Wood Palace in the past few days. Since he didn't do this, it means that he really wants to fight me straight on."

Master Shenhai smiled as if he had seen through Zhang Ruochen's mind. He said, "After killing Master Qingmu and Master Zuxin, he must be full of himself, so he wants to kill me and obtain more military merits. However, he's afraid of the array of the Evil Wood Palace. Therefore, he doesn't dare to challenge me in an upright manner. In the end, he can only ask me to fight in the Crescent City."

"He doesn't know that there's an essential gap between the First and the Second changes in the Fish-dragon Realm. Wait and see. Three days later, I will have his head."

Nie Wenlong frowned slightly and was a bit displeased.

He came to the Five Elements Primitive World to kill Zhang Ruochen.

Now, Zhang Ruochen had not been killed yet. On the other hand, Xu Qing, the successor of Saint Xu Gentry, was already killed by Zhang Ruochen.

If he couldn't bring Zhang Ruochen's head back, Demi-saint Sandao would definitely not make things easy for him.

Nie Wenlong said sternly, "In case of an emergency, I'll go to the Crescent City together with you."

Master Shenhai gave him a glance and gently nodded, saying, "Okay! Come with me to the Crescent City. There's a holy array left by the Patriarch of the Evil Wood Palace anyway. No matter how many masters want to break through this mountain, they're doomed to die."

Master Shenhai gave him a glance and gently nodded, saying, "Okay! Come with me to the Crescent City. There's a holy array left by the Patriarch of the Evil Wood Palace anyway. No matter how many masters want to break through this mountain, they're doomed to die."

Master Shenhai also had a grudge against Nie Wenlong.

He was satisfied that Nie Wenlong was willing to go with him to the Crescent City.

The Evil Wood Palace was handed over to Master Masheng to defend. Meanwhile, the holy array was initiated to ensure everything would be alright.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen did not go to the Crescent City. He was in the Fengling City only five hundred miles away from the Evil Wood Palace.

In the past few days, he had been perceiving the first three levels of the Roc Martial Classics and learning the essence of martial arts.

"Any Martial Arts Cheats can be practiced to the end. Thus, a person can find the true meaning of Laws of Martial Arts only by perceiving hundreds of martial arts and initiating one's own martial arts."

Although the Roc Martial Classic was a rare book at King's Stage, it was only the first three levels. Zhang Ruochen had already absorbed its essence, though he perceived it for about twenty days in the internal space of Time and Space Spinel.

He spent another few days in practicing martial arts to merge the Roc Martial Classics into his own martial arts.

Although he had not made a breakthrough in the realm, his martial arts was more complete.

"Almost ten days had passed in the outside world. It's now about time to attack the Evil Wood Palace."

Zhang Ruochen stood up and lightly pointed his finger forward and the space in front of him distorted. He took a step forward and left the internal space of Time and Space Spinel.

During this time, Si Xingkong had refined two-catty Black Glazed Spinels. As a result, two years of bitter practice was saved. He had reached the peak of the advanced stage in the Heaven Realm, and he might reach the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm any time.

Chang Qiqi had refined half a kilogram of Black Glazed Spinels. As a result, one year of bitter practice was saved. He also made a great progress in martial cultivation.

Huang Yanchen had broken through to the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm during the period of practice. Therefore, she refined one and half kilogram of Black Glazed Spinels and saved three years of bitter practice. Although she had not practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit, her cultivation was greatly enhanced.

"Why can't I continue to refine Black Glazed Spinel after I've refined half a kilogram of spinels? My body seems to be saturated already." Chang Qiqi held the rest Black Glazed Spinels and gave a long sigh.

It was sad that a person could not refine the Peerless Spirit Treasure he had.

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile, "When you reach the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm, you can naturally continue to refine Black Glazed Spinel to improve your physical quality and enhance your cultivation."