416 Senior Sister Apprentice Yanchen

 500 kilometers away.

Master Shenhai, the Palace Master of Evil Wood Palace, stood on the edge of a cliff. He looked afar and saw a purple light column shooting up to the sky towards the southeast.

Master Shenhai squinted his eyes. He spoke to himself, "How could this happen?"

Nie Wenlong sat on a stone table not far from him, and he also looked at the direction of the light column. He grinned and said, "Master Shenhai, it seems that Master Qingmu has encountered some troubles. Should I go help?"

Master Shenhai looked cold and serious. He said, "It's only a small matter, Your Excellency. You don't need to worry about it. I will send someone to help right now."

A moment later, another Master King of Evil Wood Palace received an order from Master Shenhai. He immediately rushed to the direction of the light column.

Nie Wenlong was somewhat curious and said, "The young masters of the Kunlun's Field are descending on the Five Elements Primitive World in a large number. The major forces are ought to be fully prepared to defend themselves. How could someone dare to have the idea of attacking the Evil Wood Palace?"

Master Shenhai also revealed a confused expression and said, "Your Excellency, do you think it is the master of Kunlun's Field?"

Nie Wenlong instantly shook his head and said, "Impossible. This time, all the young students who came to Five Elements Primitive World are not true masters except me. No one can threaten a superior of Master King level. Unless... dozens of students come together to form a Combined Attack. Only in this way will Master Qingmu send out a signal of help. However, this possibility is even smaller."

Nie Wenlong had been practicing in the Saint Academy for 10 years before he got his current strength.

Other students had not yet entered the Saint Academy. Even if some of them had a higher level of cultivation, there was still a big gap between them.

In ten years, the growth did not just mean in cultivation, but also in the advanced martial technique, the accumulation of fighting experience, and the understanding of Martial Arts.

Even though some people upgraded themselves forcibly by talents and treasures, there was not enough time for them to practice the martial technique. For such a warrior, their actual combat capability was probably be worse than those who were lower in the realm below theirs.

Therefore, Nie Wenlong could be sure that none of those students would threaten Master Qingmu. Even Zhang Ruochen, the Buddha Emperor's descendant and Luo Shuihan, the Holy Body of Golden Light, were incapable of that.


Nie Wenlong took a deep breath. A purple light ring rushed out from above his head. The wood-natured Spiritual Qi in heaven and earth madly condensed toward him.

A rustling sound came from the ground around the stone table. A bunch of emerald grass grew out at a speed that is a hundred times the normal speed. They quickly grew up to more than 33 centimeters tall.

Master Shenhai exposed a surprised expression at the sight of this scene, "Amazing. He has practiced into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit in such a short time."

Master Shenhai also had practiced into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit when he reached the King of Master Realm (Fish-dragon Realm).

Master Nie apparently did not reach the King of Master Realm, but he actually succeeded in practicing into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit. Were all Monks in Kunlun's Field so powerful?

Master Shenhai did not know that Nie Wenlong could become a Saint and enter the top 10,000 places on the Heaven Board. He was an extremely talented genius. It was not difficult for him to practice into a treasured body successfully.

Nie Wenlong stood up and took a deep breath. He smiled slightly, "It indeed saves me from 10 years' hard practice. My martial cultivation seems to advance again, and I have already touched the threshold of the Fish-dragon Realm. I believe it won't take me long to break through the realm."

Moreover, Nie Wenlong's strength also improved greatly when he practiced into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit. He should now possess the strength to confront the top 1,000 masters on the Heaven Board.

In other words, Nie Wenlong was already one of the top masters among Saintly Beings who were in the same realm.

After all, there were not too many young warriors who could practice into the treasured bodies in the entire Kunlun's Field.

"Master Shenhai, thank you for your Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewood. You'd better prepare some more of these treasures. If you can present them to the Half-Saint Patriarch of the Saint Xu Gentry, your future will be so much brighter." Nie Wenlong said.

Master Shenhai showed a bitter smile, "It takes 10,000 years to get half a kilogram of the Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewoods. The entire Evil Wood Palace has collected only a little of it for thousands of years. And with the consumption of each generation, there are less than 50 kilograms of Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewood in Evil Wood Palace left."

Nie Wenlong did not believe what Master Shenhai had said. There were definitely more than 50 kilograms of Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewood in Evil Wood Palace. Master Shenhai just did not want to offer them.

Of course, Nie Wenlong wasn't too bothered by it. He had already practiced into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit. His future was bright, and he would not stay in such a small place like Five Elements Primitive World.

And if he killed Zhang Ruochen, it would be another great merit on his name.


Master Qingmu was heavily injured with his fight against the monster ape. The battle between them had only went on for 15 minutes.

He wanted to run away, but he was slowed down by Zhang Ruochen who was wielding the Holy Sword. Then he was caught up by the monster ape.

With his hair disheveled and his face full of blood, Master Qingmu kept swinging the crystal wand. He thought that as long as he could delay for a moment, the reinforcements could possibly arrive. At that time, this situation would be reversed.

Zhang Ruochen certainly discovered that Master Qingmu was delaying for time, so he did not give him any opportunity.

"It's time to end his life."

Holding the Holy Sword, Zhang Ruochen rushed to left side of Master Qingmu and displayed one move called Soul-repose Shadowing.

Master Qingmu was severely wounded and exhausted. How could he block the Holy Sword?


Master Qingmu gave out a chilling and loud scream.

The Holy Sword chopped off the crystal wand. The cold sword edge fell on Master Qingmu's head and tore his body in half.

Zhang Ruochen took the sword back, and there was no stain of blood on the sword.

"Master Qingmu had almost reached the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. I can get 1,000 military merits by killing him."

Zhang Ruochen picked up Master Qingmu's Holy Staff that was cut in half. A piece of the purple wood bar of cloud pattern was mounted inside the Holy Staff.

Holding that piece of wood bar in his hand, he could slightly smell the delicate fragrance.

A slight smell of it would comfort people physically and mentally.

Zhang Ruochen opened his Skyeye and saw streaks of Spiritual Qi of wood nature which were continuously sent out from the wood bar.

"This should be the Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewood, but unfortunately there were only 250 grams of it, which were far from enough to practice into a Treasured Body of Wood Spirit."

Zhang Ruochen picked up the piece of wood bar and stood up. He returned the Holy Sword to Huang Yanchen and said, "The masters of Evil Wood Palace should be here soon. Senior sister apprentice Huang, we must leave here now."

Huang Yanchen took back the Holy Sword and looked coldly at Zhang Ruochen. She said, "You haven't answered my previous question yet. Did you stand there and watch me being chased on purpose?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "If I really did, why would I save you? Senior sister apprentice Huang..."

"Call me Huang Yanchen, " Huang Yanchen said.

Zhang Ruochen stopped smiling and remained silent for a moment. He said, "It should not be long before the deadline of the Three-year Agreement?"

Huang Yanchen nodded and dared not look directly at Zhang Ruochen's eyes. She slightly lowered her head and said, "It should be soon! By the end of the third round of the exam, we must start the preparations of the marriage."


Zhang Ruochen said.

Huang Yanchen raised her head and showed a pair of cold eyes. She said, "If you really don't want to, I won't force you. Anyway, I'm not without a pursuer. Xu Qing of Saint Xu Gentry has been chasing after me for a long time, but I just ignored him."

Zhang Ruochen said, "I literally just killed him!"

Huang Yanchen widened her eyes and was both delighted and curious. She asked tentatively, "Did you kill him because he was trying to ask me out?"

Zhang Ruochen said, "How would that possible? He wanted to kill me first. Even if I didn't kill him, he would hire stronger people to kill me."

Huang Yanchen was a little disappointed. She said, "Oh. I see."

Zhang Ruochen said again, "Well, you are certainly one of the reasons. After all, he united Evil Wood Palace to bother you first. In order to prevent him from continuing to bother you in the future, I certainly cannot let him live."

Hearing these words, Huang Yanchen was very pleased. She felt a pang of sweetness as if she just tasted honey.

For the first time, she found out that talking about murder could be so romantic.

In fact, Zhang Ruochen still had some feelings about Huang Yanchen.

However, he still could not accurately judge whether it was Huang Yanchen or the shadow of Chi Yao that he loved.

Chi Yao was as cold and proud as Huang Yanchen. They had many similarities in their characters.

However, although Chi Yao was cold, arrogant, and looked down upon all men, she was very gentle to Zhang Ruochen. They grew up together and were each other's childhood sweethearts. Their soul was closely linked. She was definitely the special person in Zhang Ruochen's heart.

It was precisely because of this, that when Zhang Rouchen was killed by Chi Yao, he could not believe that she was the one who did it.

When Zhang Ruochen came to life again, he thought of countless possibilities. Perhaps someone pretended to be Chi Yao, or maybe that he did not see clearly at the last moment.

However, he rejected them all eventually.

Zhang Ruochen could only think that maybe he never really knew Chi Yao.

Pocketing his thoughts, Zhang Ruochen took a long breath. Looking at the pair of cold yet beautiful eyes of Huang Yanchen, Zhang Ruochen said, "Senior sister apprentice Yanchen, we really should leave now!"

Hearing the address of "senior sister apprentice Yanchen", Huang Yanchen was still somewhat dissatisfied. She did not force Zhang Ruochen, because she knew that it was really difficult for Zhang Ruochen to change his words immediately.

It was a great progress to make him call her senior sister apprentice Yanchen, which at least proved that she had a place in his heart.

If Zhang Ruochen had no affection for her at all, he would not change his words with his temperament.

"Whatever you say."

Huang Yanchen said as softly as possible.

However, when she finished, she still felt awkward and could not help but pursed her red lips.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen seemed to feel something. He looked up into the distance.

The Skyeye in his glabella emerged with a loud bang.

"What happened?"

Seeing Zhang Ruochen's face, Huang Yanchen asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, "I had told you to leave earlier, but you did not listen to me. Now, it's not easy to run now. Another superior in the Fish-dragon Realm is approaching, and, his strength exceeds Master Qingmu and should also be a master of the Evil Wood Palace."