413 Overwhelming Victory

 Xu Jiali stood by, arms crossed, holding two silver flying knives. A smile on her beautiful face revealed that something interesting would happen.

She was quite confident of Xu Qing's strength. After refining the Golden Ganoderma Lucidum, Xu Qing had progressed in cultivation rapidly, leaving Zhang Ruochen far behind.

The battle seemed to be without suspense.

She only hoped that Xu Qing would give her some Golden Ganoderma Lucidum once he felt better after killing Zhang Ruochen.

To her surprise, Zhang Ruochen gently shook his head and said, "I won't fight with you."

Xu Qing had expected that and looked calmed. He knew that Zhang Ruochen did not dare to fight him with his current cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen patted the monster ape's skull and said, "Buddy, go kill him!"

Zhang Ruochen was not going to bother dealing with Xu Qing himself.

"What? Asking a savage beast to fight me?"

Xu Qing looked stiff. He had not expected that Zhang Ruochen could be so arrogant.


The monster ape raised its head, opened its bloody mouth, and roared.

A gigantic savage beast breath rushed out of its body like tides surging in all directions.

At first, the animal did not burst out any power. Although its aura was strong, Xu Qing did not worry about it.

Until this moment, when he was shocked by its force.

This was not a fourth level beast at all. It was a fifth level beast.

Both Xu Jiali and Xu Qing changed their expressions and stepped back. They could not imagine how Zhang Ruochen could tame such a ferocious beast.

"Flee away! It's a fifth level savage beast. We cannot resist."

With a ferocious look, Xu Qing turned his head and stared at Zhang Ruochen. "How is it possible? He is not a tamer. How can he tame a fifth level beast as his mount?"

Originally, he had thought that he could beat Zhang Ruochen. Unexpectedly, he had been chased by the mount before Zhang Ruochen even began to make a move.

Although they had profound cultivation, they were not strong enough to compete with the monster ape.

The monster ape had caught up with Xu Jiali. It hit her head with its giant black fists.


The necklace Xu Jiali wore was an amulet treasure. Driven by Genuine Qi, it emitted silver brilliance and formed a spherical shield, resisting the monster ape's attack.


For a split second the Genuine Qi shield was broken.

The monster ape's fist, as big as a water tank, fell down on Xu Jiali, smashing her into a mass of blood and scattered crushed bones.

Even a beautiful God's favored daughter was unable to escape death in the face of absolute power. They could not withstand a single blow.

Xu Qing felt a tremble in his heart. He immediately pushed his Genuine Qi and displayed a body movement to the extreme.


The monster ape slammed against the ground and bounced up like a cannonball into the air. It quickly caught up with Xu Qing and took a slap at him.

Xu Qing gritted his teeth. He took out a Half-Saint bone bead, and injected Genuine Qi into it.


A pattern of inscription emerged on the surface of the bone bead. It burst out a white glaring brilliance that formed a 10 meter Half-Saint illusory image, with him protected in the center.

The monster ape beat against the top of it. Immediately a circle of ripples recoiled the palm power. The monster ape stepped back in shock.

As a Saint Gentry descendant, Xu Qing obviously had a much more powerful amulet treasures than Xu Jiali.

A general cultivator in the Fish-dragon Realm could not break through his defense.

The Half-Saint bone bead contained a whole Half-Saint skeleton that had been refined for nearly a year. It had eventually condensed into a pigeon-egg-sized bead.

Half-Saint bones were inherently hard and contained Saint Power.

The solidity of a Half-Saint bead was comparable to that of a Holy Weapon.

Moreover, an Array Master had carved defensive inscriptions onto it. Its defensive power was astonishing.

Of course, every time he used the Half-Saint bone bead, it consumed a lot of Genuine Qi. Even if Xu Qing had profound cultivation, he could only activate it ten times at most before exhausting his Genuine Qi.


The monster ape pounded its chest and attacked Xu Qing again.

Its huge fists hit Xu Qing again and again, unleashing its power almost to the extreme.

Even with the defense of the Half-Saint bone bead, Xu Qing had to step back. He was like a leaf under the force of stormy waves, he could be torn up at any time.

"This animal's strength is horrible. Even with the Half-Saint bone bead, I may not be able to resist against it much longer. Moreover, it's surprisingly quick. Even if I tried to escape, I couldn't get away. What should I do?"

Xu Qing had never expected that he would even fall into such a desperate situation in the Five Elements Primitive World.

If he had known, he would have acted together with Nie Wenlong.

Nie Wenlong was the master Demi-saint Sandao had been looking for. He was ranked 6,547th on the Heaven Board and was even stronger than Xu Qing. He had once killed a cultivator at the First Change of the Fish-dragon Realm.

Warriors on the Heaven Board were superiors at the peak of the Heaven Realm.

Generally, they were not comparable with cultivators in the Fish-dragon Realm.

However, almost all the top 10,000 warriors on the Heaven Board had the strength to compete with cultivators at the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. A few could even kill weaker cultivators.

The Heaven Board encompassed the entire Kunlun's Field. Warriors of the Heaven Realm in Kunlun's Field could be listed on the Heaven Board as long as they accumulated 10,000 merits.

There were more than a million warriors on the Heaven Board.

Heaven Realm Warriors in the top 10,000 had to have accumulated at least 100,000 military merits.

Demi-saint Sandao had sent Nie Wenlong into the Five Elements Primitive World in advance to assist Xu Qing in killing Zhang Ruochen.

It was no use lamenting. Nie Wenlong was in the Evil Wood Palace now; he would not be able to come save him in time


As time passed, under the attack of the monster ape, Xu Qing's Genuine Qi was consumed in large quantities. The defense of the Half-Saint bone bead was weakening.

Xu Qing shouted anxiously, "Zhang Ruochen, if you are a man, fight me yourself! It's shameful for you to send a beast to fight with me."

Zhang Ruochen said seriously, "If you can't even defeat my savage beast, how can you fight with me?"

Xu Qing was so angry that he vomited blood.

The Half-Saint illusory image began to crack.

Xu Qing said, "Stop the monster ape. I have something important to tell you about your fiancée, Huang Yanchen."

Zhang Ruochen's face changed. He waved his hand slightly, signalizing the monster ape to stop.

The monster ape exposed a pair of huge red eyes and roared at Xu Qing, almost blowing him backwards. The blood scent in its mouth made Xu Qing feel extremely ill; he almost vomited again.

It stopped attacking and stepped back two steps to stand behind Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Tell me!"

Xu Qing drew a long breath and stared blankly at the monster ape. "I won't tell you until you let me go."


Zhang Ruochen's footsteps were a stream of light. He charged at Xu Qing, grabbed his neck, and lifted him up.

"Eh... You... "

Zhang Ruochen's two fingers held Xu Qing's trachea like iron pliers. With just a bit more strength, he could burst his trachea.

"Spit it out!"

Zhang Ruochen said in a low voice.

He released a strong spiritual force to hit Xu Qing's Martial Soul with an overwhelming Spiritual Determination. Xu Qing began to tremble all over.

Xu Qing had thought there was a huge gap between himself and Zhang Ruochen. Even if he practiced to the Completion of the Heaven Realm, he would probably never compare to him.

Zhang Ruochen's strong Spiritual Power defeated Xu Qing's firm heart of Martial Arts. It daunted and terrified Xu Qing.

Xu Qing said shakily, "Okay, okay. I'll tell you. Yesterday, the Evil Wood Palace intelligence organization discovered Huang Yanchen's trace and dispatched masters to catch her. Today, I came here to meet them. I did not expect to meet you."

Zhang Ruochen frowned. "The Evil Wood Palace? How can you cooperate with them?"

Xu Qing said, "I did not contact the Evil Wood Palace, but rather Nie Wenlong, who made contact with the Evil Wood Palace on behalf of both of us. He promised the Evil Wood Palace that if Saint Xu Gentry takes over the Five Elements Primitive World in the future, he will allow the Evil Wood Palace to manage the Five Elements Primitive World. From then on, the other four Holy Lands in the Five Elements Primitive World would be wiped out."

In general, if an Inferior Primitive World was conquered, it would be handed over to a Saint Gentry.

Only the medium level Primitive Worlds and the superior class Primitive Worlds had to be managed directly by the imperial court.

If Saint Xu Gentry fought hard for it, it would indeed have the opportunity to take control of the Five Elements Primitive World.

"Who is Nie Wenlong?" Zhang Rouchen asked.

Xu Qing hesitated for a moment before replying. "Nie Wenlong is a Saint from the Saint Academy. He is one year ahead of us. He is also a warrior on the Heaven Board. He snuck into the Five Elements Primitive World to take your life under order from the ancestor. Zhang Ruochen, I've told you everything. Can you let me go now?"

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment. He raised his head and stared at Xu Qing. "I never said I would let you go."


He clenched his fingers and broke Xu Qing's trachea.

Then he snapped his neck.

With a bang, Xu Qing fell to the ground. He was dead.

Zhang Ruochen would never be lenient to people like Xu Qing, who had tried all means to kill him.

"Since Xu Qing has been waiting here, the master of the Evil Wood Palace, who was sent to catch Huang Yanchen, will surely pass through. I'd better wait for them here."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Xu Qing's corpse. He knelt down and picked up the Half-Saint bone bead.