406 Master Longze

 "If you answer my questions honestly, I'll let you live for the simple fact that we're all humans."

Zhang Ruochen wasn't trying to trick the indigens of the Primitive World. He truly intended to let them live.

Why was it that only killing indigens above the Completion of the Earth Realm could be counted toward the military merits?

It was because Empress Chi Yao's wish wasn't to have the indigens massacred. She only wanted to control the large Primitive Worlds.

He himself was against genocide. He considered it the best situation if he could reduce the number of killings that he had to do.

If they could kill the top masters in the Primitive World, the First Central Empire could easily control this world and its indigens to build a new culture.

Thus, if the indigens were willing to go with the flow, unnecessary killings could be avoided.

This was, of course, impossible. No one wanted to be dominated by people from a different world. They would certainly fight back and began a battle that would see blood flow like rivers just to see who was stronger.

In reality, the indigens referred to the warriors from Kunlun's Field as the "Extraterritorial demons". It was impossible for them to submit to Kunlun's Field.

The Five Elements Primitive World was newly discovered Primitive World. The indigens here had yet to learn other worlds and they didn't know that Zhang Ruochen came from another world.


Hearing Zhang Ruochen's words, the two indigens laughed out loud like they had heard the best joke.

They were both Master Longze's disciples. In the Five Elements Continent, there had only been people who were terrified of them. This was the first time that someone had said they would let them live.

Had they not seen that Zhang Ruochen was able to enter the Demonic Ape Ridge alone and seemed to have some true ability, they would've wondered if he was insane.

"Child, perhaps you truly don't know our identities. Do you know where you are? Who you're talking to?" The blue-robed man said.

"No. That's why I was just about to ask you," Zhang Ruochen replied seriously.

"Then I'll tell you now. You're currently at the Demonic Ape Ridge that stands right beside the edge of the Fine Gold Federation. The master of the ridge is Master Longze. We're both his disciples. Even the nobility of the Fine Gold Federation wouldn't dare be so impudent as you did when they see us." The blue-robed man said proudly.

It was indeed a source of pride to be able to become Master Longze's disciple.

Zhang Ruochen nodded, wearing a thoughtful expression. "How many factions are there in the Five Elements Primitive World? How big are they, roughly? How big is their territory?"

The yellow-robed man finally realized that Zhang Ruochen had been using a condescending tone to speak to them. What madness!

He smiled coldly. "Kid, do you really think you're a big shot? I want to see just what you're truly capable of."

"Ground Stone Beast."

The yellow-robed man drove the strength in his body into his crystal wand. He raised the wand and brought it down ferociously, striking it against the ground.

With a boom, fine cracks appear in the ground.

Pieces of stone flew out from the cracks in the ground, bundling together to form a six-meter-tall behemoth.

Zhang Ruochen watched very carefully. The yellow-robed man had moved a power like Genuine Qi from his body and immersed it into the crystal wand. The power then transformed into another type of Power of Origin, capable of moving the Earth elemental power of the Five Elements Primitive World.

The practice methods here were outdated. They couldn't be compared with the methods of Kunlun's Field at all.

However, the yellow-robed man was strong. His power was even greater than that of a warrior at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. He was doubtlessly a top master in the Five Elements Primitive World.


Kicking with its hooves, the Ground Stone Beast caused an aftershock that shook the ground and rocked the mountain. He began to charge at Zhang Ruochen.

The yellow-robed man revealed a pleasant expression, already seeing the picture of Zhang Ruochen being grounded into a bloody mess in his head. It was a sight worth anticipating.

Zhang Ruochen neither moved nor dodged. He stood where he was.

Just as the beast came within three meters of his position, he struck it with lightning from his right palm. His palm power split the beast into pieces of fist-sized rocks.

He then moved and vanished without waiting for the yellow-robed man to strike again.

"How could this be? Where did he go?"

The yellow-robed man was shocked. He hadn't expected the young man would be so powerful as to crush the Stone Beast into smithereens with just one palm.


Zhang Ruochen reappeared next to the yellow-robed man.

The yellow-robed man quickly waved his crystal wand, preparing to strike again.

Zhang Ruochen extended his arm and stole the crystal wand. Activating his Spiritual Power, he began to investigate the wand.

The yellow-robed man looked at his empty hands in a daze. Before he had time to react, Zhang Ruochen struck out him in his chest with a palm and sent him flying.


The force of Zhang Ruochen's attack broke three of the yellow-robed man's bones and forced him to spit a mouthful of blood. He flew backward and slammed into the cliff in the valley, sending pieces of rock cascading down.

"You dare hurt my junior fellow apprentice! Go to hell!!"

The blue-robed man held his crystal wand with both hands and struck the ground. With the crystal wand as the center, a blue light shot outward in all directions.

"Century-old Thorn Vine."

With a whoosh, two meter-thick black vines sprouted around him and shot into the sky.

The two vines morphed into two dragons lined with thorns and reached for Zhang Ruochen, trying to twine around him.

"The power of the wood nature."

He moved his Genuine Qi and converged it in the Meridians in his two hands. He extended his arms and struck with his two little fingers at the same time.


The Sword Waves carried with them a powerful sword Qi and sliced the black vines into pieces of wood shavings.

With the crystal wand in one hand, Zhang Ruochen struck with his palm across the air. Genuine Qi converged to form a large handprint that struck against the blue-robed man's chest. It also sent that blue-robed man flying out and caused heavy injuries.

Both men lay on the ground and couldn't rise, the fear in their heart reaching its peak. This was the first time they had met such a powerful adversary besides their Master.

Furthermore, he was still so young. He was already powerful on his own.

How much worse he would be if he used the crystal wand?

"Ah, so the crystal wand is only used to transform power and communicate with the five elements of supernatural power in this world."

Shaking his head, Zhang Ruochen withdrew his Spiritual Power. He lost interest and threw the crystal wand on the ground.

To him, the crystal wand that was considered priceless in the Five Elements Continent couldn't even live up to a seventh level Genuine Martial Arms.

"What power to be able to so easily defeat my two best disciples! Dare I ask where Your Excellency is from?"

An elderly voice rang out from the depths of the valley full of miasma.

Zhang Ruochen placed his hands behind his back and looked in the direction of the deep valley. "You're Master Longze? Why pretend to be so mysterious? Why don't you come out and show yourself?"

"Hoho! Young man, your power is truly strong. It's a pity about your condescending attitude. Today, I'll teach you that there'll always be someone better than you regardless of how strong you are!"


A black shadow rose from the ground like a streak of light, landing on top of the cliff to the left of the valley.

It was a black-robed elder. He revealed only a pair of dry hands. They were tanned and full of wrinkles.

He was gripping a crystal wand fastened with a skull in his right hand.

Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel an enormous cold power seemingly contained within that skull there. It made his skin crawl and he felt a chill.

When Master Longze raised his crystal wand, all of the Spiritual Qi in the air shook violently. That cold power became even more intense.

The wind turned into a gale in the wood in the mountain.

Snowflakes began to fall in the vault of heaven.

Master Longze's voice was hoarse like a devil letting out a long cry. He spat out three words, "Polar-icy Dragon."

He pointed the crystal wand forward.


Streaks of cold air converged into a giant, roaring dragon made out of ice crystals. Its head, body, scales, and claws gradually materialized.

Seeing such a shocking scene, the heavily injured disciples crawled up from the ground and knelt. They continuously kowtowed at Master Longze like they were worshipping a god.

With such a powerful force, who was he if not a Deity?

"Master Longze is so powerful. Who dares to compete against him in the Five Elements Continent?"

The two men's worship of their Master had reached an extreme. In their eyes, their Master was synonymous with invincibility.

Master Longze's power was indeed great, far superior to many warriors at the Completion of the Heaven Realm.

However, he had yet to reach the level of Fish-dragon Realm. His overall strength was slightly beneath the weakest warrior on the Heaven Board.

"Perfect. I'll use him for some practice."

Zhang Ruochen decided to not use his Spiritual Power and Martial Soul power for now. He wanted to use this battle to test his strength. Would he be able to measure up against a superior warrior like Master Longze?

"Ten-thousand-feet Prairie Fire."

Zhang Ruochen sent out the Blue Genuine Qi in his body and immediately drew down a vision of heaven and earth.

The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi transformed into fire, forming blossoms of blue flames that hovered in the void space.

It was like the three kilometers in the surrounding area had become a smelter. In a flash, it burned the grass and wood to ash. The Ten-thousand-feet Prairie Fire continued to disperse Master Longze's Icing cold power.

The disciples had long escaped to three kilometers away. They were shaking all over, feeling a great fear in their hearts. They didn't expect such a young man to wield such terrifying power.

Master Longze appeared surprised. "Are you that rare Genius that the Temple of Holy Fire nurtured?"

There was a rumor that the Temple of Fire had produced an exceptional, once-in-a-millennium genius. The genius had apparently practiced the Sutra of Holy Fire to the seventh level at a very young age.

Master Longze didn't believe the rumor until he saw Zhang Ruochen. This young man might just be the Genius of the Temple of Fire.