405 Indigenous Savage Beasts and Humans

 The Jade Tablet absorbed Zhang Ruochen's drop of blood. From now on, his actions in the Primitive World would be under the monitoring of the Heaven Board.

It wasn't a big deal.

It was true that Zhang Ruochen was hiding some of his power, but in the eyes of the Vessel Spirit of the Heaven Board, he was like an ant having the power of a cockroach.

Whether he was an ant or a cockroach, the Vessel Spirit could easily crush him to death. Therefore, the latter couldn't be bothered even if he used his hidden power.

Besides, the Vessel Spirit's main purpose was calculating the warriors' military merits. It didn't have the energy to peek at the secret of a mere student in the Heaven Realm.

A deep voice came from behind him.

"Zhang Ruochen, the Five Elements Primitive World will become your burial ground."

Zhang Ruochen turned and looked in the direction of the voice. He happened to see Xu Qing's cold smile.

"Judging from your power, I suspect there's still some distance for you to catch up to." Zhang Ruochen said.

Standing 10 steps away from him, Xue Qing smiled. "Is that so? Didn't you know that I've already entered the Medium State of the Heaven Realm? Zhang Ruochen, your good days are ending."

Xu Qing was at the Peak of the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm in the first place. After Zhang Ruochen defeated him at the Stairway to Heaven, he didn't sink into depression. Instead, he broke free of the shackles of his realm and advanced his martial cultivation.

"In the Five Elements Primitive World, I won't just kill you personally! I'll also capture your fiancee, Huang Yanchen, and make her my woman. Haw-haw!"

Xu Qing's confidence had grown greatly after achieving a breakthrough in his realm. He revealed a playful gaze as if he was purposely provoking Zhang Ruochen.

What Six Great Kings of the new generation? They were just a group of kids. In front of him, they were useless.

Zhang Ruochen's eyes narrowed and glinted with a cold, sharp light. "If you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish."


The power of the Heaven Board acted on Zhang Ruochen's body.

Just as he felt his body become lighter, he had already left the Chaotic Millionverse Mountain and entered the passage heading toward the Five Elements Primitive World.

The voice of the Vessel Spirit of the Heaven Board suddenly rang in his head. "There's one more thing I need to tell all of you. In the Five Elements Primitive World, there are five types of precious Spirit Treasures that can raise your cultivation. They're Golden Ganoderma Lucidum, Purple Cloud-patterned Eaglewood, Black Glazed Spinel, Source of Spiritual Fire, and Bloody Saint-cultivating Soil."

"Even Half-Saints would fight for these treasures. If you can find any one of them, you can save 10 years of hard practice. Of course, the treasures won't be so easy to find. There are great dangers ahead and I hope you'll act according to your abilities."

After the voice of the Vessel Spirit disappeared, Zhang Ruochen felt the world spinning around him as if he had fallen into an abyss.

Shortly after, a curtain of light appeared in front of his eyes. He jumped and passed through it.


He was dropped mid-air, falling about half a dozen meters to the ground. He instantly steadied his center of gravity and landed firmly.

He found himself at the halfway point up the mountain. There wasn't anyone around him. Towering trees grew not too far away from he was, with vines as thick as bowls. They grew out of the ground and wrapped themselves around the tree, reaching for the sky.


He took a deep breath. He felt a breath of fresh air entering his body, carrying with it the faint scent of vegetation.

"The concentration of the Spiritual Qi here is probably one-tenth that of Kunlun's Field. It's pretty thin, so creatures of the Half-Saint class shouldn't be able to grow here."

It was possible to make a rough estimation of the limit of cultivation that creatures in a world would be able to reach based on its Spiritual Qi concentration.

The Five Elements Primitive World was only an Inferior Primitive World. In general, the most powerful creatures were only at the level of the Fish-dragon Realm. The probability of a Half-Saint being here was very low.

Of course, these worlds had been around for a very long time and had spawned many geniuses. Some of these geniuses were able to reach a high realm.

Zhang Ruochen's location seemed to be an ancient forest. Though it wasn't comparable to the ancient forests in Kunlun's Field, it still held many dangers. He had to proceed with caution.

"Let's look for the five kinds of Spirit Treasure first."

He wasn't in a hurry to complete the examination. Getting 100 military merits wasn't difficult for him.

What was more important was finding treasures and improving his cultivation.

He mobilized his Spiritual Power and activated the Skyeye between his mid-brows to investigate his surroundings.

In just a moment, he discovered something.

In the northeast, 30 kilometers away, there was an aura of a fourth level savage beast.

Where there were savage beasts, there must be treasures.

With a swoosh, he executed his bodily movement and charged in that direction.

With his speed exceeding the speed velocity, he soon arrived at the forest where the lair of the fourth level savage beast was located.

The indigen of Primitive World didn't necessarily refer to people in the Primitive World.

Savage beasts were also classified as such.

He smelled the strong stench of blood just as he entered the forest. There were piles of white bones on the ground.


Feeling a superior entering its territory, the savage beast let out a ground-shaking roar and aggressively charged out of its cave.

This fourth level medium level savage beast was a Nine-teeth Winged Tiger.

The beast was four meters tall and seven meters long. Its overall strength was comparable to a warrior in the Medium State of the Heaven Realm. It was the king of this area.

It flapped its wings and immediately created a giant gale. With a swishing sound, 17 streaks of wind blade flew out of the gale and sliced Zhang Ruochen.

"To encounter such a powerful savage beast as soon as I arrive, it looks like the overall strength of the indigens here is still pretty high. No wonder this is selected as the venue for the third round of the examination."

He unleashed his Celestial Bodyshield and easily blocked the wind blades.

The beast was a highly intelligent creature. When it saw that Zhang Ruochen was too powerful to overcome, it immediately turned and fled inside the deep forest.

"You want to run?"

"Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave."

Zhang Ruochen pointed with his right thumb and fired a cold Sword Wave at the savage beast.


The body of the savage beast was split into pieces of flesh and blood. Blood splattered the scene as it died on the spot.

Zhang Ruochen entered the savage beast's cave and found some medicine and fruit. They were all nearly one or two hundred years old and could only be considered low-level Spiritual Doses.

Putting the Spiritual Doses away, he picked up a blue spiritual fruit and took a bite. He began to analyze it and said to himself, "Though I see none of the treasures that the Vessel Spirit speak of, there are still things to be gained. I've earned at least 20 military merits."

"When the Nine-teeth Winged Tiger found out that it wasn't a match for me it rushed directly into the depths of the jungle. Could there stronger beasts in the jungle capable of protecting it?"

His interest was immediately piqued. In any case, given his current power, he had the power to escape even if he meets a fifth level savage beast. Why not have a look in the jungle?

Finishing the spiritual fruit in two bites, he immediately headed toward the depths of the jungle with his Violet Thunder Sword.

Though the Five Elements Primitive World was only an Inferior Primitive World, it was very spacious.

Zhang Ruochen probably walked 300 kilometers before reaching the depths of the ancient forest. The surrounding peaks became even taller, the trees became thicker, and the ground was covered with thick layers of fallen leaves.

On the way, he also killed four other savage beasts. Three were low-level fourth level beasts while one was a medium level fourth level beast. He obtained 22 military merits.

Zhang Ruochen now had 42 military merits.

With an advanced cultivation, one could easily pass the third round of the Saint Academy's examination.

Of course, there was another condition.

Not only did they have to accumulate 100 military merits, they must also survive in this world for a month.

Many evidently had the power to obtain the necessary military merits but died at the hands of the indigens. It was a common occurrence.

Thus, no matter how powerful you were, you had to be careful to be able to pass the examination.

For example, Zhang Ruochen was doing something very dangerous at the moment. He was actually running right into the depths of the Demonic Ape Ridge. Other students certainly wouldn't do something this stupid.

The Demonic Ape Ridge could be considered as one of the most dangerous places in this world.

Zhang Ruochen once again activated his Skyeye and found a deep valley filled with miasma.

There were unusually strong fluctuations in the valley. Even with his current cultivation, he could tell it was slightly dangerous.


Zhang Ruochen was talented and daring. He didn't pull in his aura and walked straight into the deep valley.


Two human shadows flashed past him at the mouth of the alley.

One of them wore a yellow robe while the other wore a blue robe.

They wore metal masks on their faces.

The yellow-robed man was holding a crystal wand in his hand. In a deep voice, he asked, "Who goes there? Don't you know this is the practice place for Master Longze?"

"It's the indigenous Monks of the Five Elements Primitive World!"

Zhang Ruochen frowned. He thought he would run into powerful fifth level savage beasts in the forest. He didn't expect to encounter indigens so quickly.

He knew nothing about this world, so it was a good time to learn some information from them.

He guessed that they weren't aware of the huge group of foreign masters in this world.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen didn't answer, the yellow-robed man scolded him. "Kid, if you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude!"

He lifted the crystal wand.

A cluster of yellow brilliance emerged from the spherical spinel at the top of the Holy Staff and formed a great wave of power.

The rules of this world weren't the same and their practice methods seemed different from that of Kunlun's Field as well.

Even the language wasn't the same but his Spiritual Power had reached the fortieth level. Thus, he could easily understand and learn any language.

Only people whose Spiritual Power had reached the fortieth level had this ability.

Zhang Ruochen finally opened his mouth. "Who are you? And what kind of person is Master Longze? If you honestly answer my questions, I'll let you live on the simple fact that we're all humans."