402 The Six Great Kings of the New Generation

 After the banquet, Zhang Ruochen left Saint Prince's Mansion of Lake Jiangyue and bought the latest edition of the Eastern Region Report when he passed by the Martial Market Bank.

The cover of Eastern Region Report was a drawing of the landscape of the Holy Land in the Eastern Region. It was vividly drawn by the hand of the master painter.

It was said that the cover of the Eastern Region Report had always been a drawing of a place that had scenic spots and historical sites in the Eastern Region. This was done so the newspaper could promote the culture and history of the Eastern region, drawing in people to travel there.

On the lower right corner of the cover, four small texts were printed-

Compiled by: Saint Lady.

Zhang Ruochen heard a lot of legends about that Saint Lady, but all the legends were vague. It seemed that no one had actually seen her in person.

Some people said that Saint Lady did not practice martial arts, but she read many books and was proficient in chess and calligraphy. She used the "lyre-playing", "chess", "calligraphy", and "painting" to enter the way. All four had reached a saint-like stage.

Although still at a young age, her Spiritual Power had reached fifty level or more, and she had become a Psychic Sage.

Rumors said that she could read astrological signs and communicate with gods. Also, she could speculate about major events around the world. There were nothing she wouldn't know about and no person she wouldn't recognize.

Since she started writing the Eastern Region Report, there had never been any flaws in her writing and she had always been the first to know of any major events in the Eastern Region.

Moreover, she also had good relations with the Saints of the Eastern Region, and she often spoke with them and invited the saints to discuss on the events of the world. At the same time, she also published their comments in the Eastern Region Report.

There were too many rumors about that Saint Lady, but Zhang Ruochen had never taken her existence seriously.

Not considering anything else, for a Saint to have insights into the entire Eastern Region affairs merely relying on her own power was impossible.

To write the Eastern Region Report, she surely had control over the huge intelligence agency in the Martial Market Bank. The number of intelligence personnel under her command must also be uncomparable. All she needed to do was to organize the information.

But in any case, the Saint Lady was certainly a great figure. If there was a chance, Zhang Ruochen would like to go meet her.

If she really was omniscient, Zhang Ruochen wanted to ask her what actually happened eight hundred years ago and whether the Nine Emperors were really all killed by Chi Yao.

On the first page of the Eastern Region Report, the title was marked with a line of eye-catching characters- The Six Young Kings of the New Generation in the Eastern Regions.

Next, with a great number of words, she had described in detail, of the rising stars of the Eastern Region.

Each of their age was all between 16 and 22. They were truly young warriors.

Before the six people were introduced, it was a large segment of rendering, such as:

"The era of the four Saintly Beings had passed. The Six Young Kings will become the new stars of the young generation of the Eastern Region which will belong to them in the next decade. After 100 years, the Eastern Regions would be dominated by them."

In the Eastern Region, a generation lasts about 10 years.

10 years ago, four Saintly Beings were born there, becoming the talents of the new generation, and none of their peers could match them. As a result, they could only look for opponents that were two or three generations older than them.

Nowadays, the four Saintly Beings almost reached the age of thirty. They were exalted and their martial cultivation was unfathomable. Although they were still young, they could not represent an era anymore.

The Six Young Kings would now replace them, becoming the leader of the younger generation in the Eastern Region in the decade to come.

The Six Young Kings were-

Yunwu Commandery Prince, Zhang Ruochen.

Holy Body of Golden Light, Luo Shuihan.

Saber God for Guard, Bu Qianfan.

Heartless Saint Being, Di Yi.

Heresy Saintness, Mu Lingxi.

Yang Spirit, Gai Hao.

Zhang Ruchen read carefully and found that Saint Lady was indeed smart as she had written Zhang Rushen's deeds in great detail.

For example, the article wrote that Zhang Ruochen opened the Sacred Mark at the age of 16 and began to practice. He had achieved such astonishing accomplishments in a mere three years.

It also recorded several major achievements of Zhang Ruochen, including the battle with Di Yi on the Tongming River, and his victory over the disciples of the four Saints on the Stairway to Heaven by himself.

In addition, the Saint Lady also invited a Saint to analyze Zhang Ruochen's martial arts and wanted to find out the true teacher of Zhang Ruochen.

They thought that Zhang Ruchen's Master was not Lei Jing.

There was someone else.

Lei Jing could not teach disciples like Zhang Ruochen.

The Saint analyzed that Zhang Ruochen had practiced the unique technique of Thousand Buddhism Sect, the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, and the unique technique of Liangyi Sect, the Yin-Yang Two Forms Sword Array and Sword Ripple of Ten Channels.

In the end, the Saint came to the conclusion that the Master of Zhang Ruochen should be the superior in Buddism, Golden Dragon.

800 years ago, Golden Dragon probably did not die, but had been hidden in Omen Ridge. In recent years, Zhang Ruochen was accepted as an apprentice. When he was about to die, he gave his Dragon Pearl and Buddhist Emperor Sarira to Zhang Ruochen.

Of course, these were all speculations of the Saint. Even the Saint Lady was very cautious when writing this paragraph, and she put a question mark behind it.

"There are indeed many smart people in the Eastern Region, although they didn't get everything right, they have already correctly guessed some parts."

Zhang Ruochen thought to himself that he must proceed with extreme caution in the future.

The Dragon Pearl's getting exposed was unexpected by Zhang Ruochen.

As long as he entered the Saint Academy , the Dragon Pearl in his body would be seen by Half-Saint's cultivation.

The key was that his identity must not be noticed by Empress Chi Yao. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

Of course, for Empress Chi Yao, there were many important events to be dealt with. For the time being, the story of a young genius in the Eastern Region would not be noticed.

Zhang Ruochen went on reading. After seeing the name of the Heresy Saintness, he secretly guessed that the Heresy Saintness Mu Lingxi refers to Duanmu Xingling, but he too had no idea which one was her real name.

When he saw the introduction of Di Yi, Zhang Ruochen stopped again.

"Why's the evaluation of Di Yi is 'Heartless Saint Being'?"

Zhang Ruochen clearly remembered that Di Yi was a Saintly Being of five elements, and he also had a Heart of Flame Demon.

Of course, that Demon's Heart had been dug out by Zhang Ruochen and was swallowed by the rabbit Guoguo.

Since Saint Lady dared to write this on the front page of the Eastern Region Report, she must've been certain about it.

As a result, after losing his heart, Di Yi still did not die. Instead, he became a Heartless Saint Being.

"Heartless Saint Being represents an immortal. It seems that Di Yi may become even more terrifying in the future."

After learning this news, Zhang Ruochen did not have a trace of fear in his heart. Since he already beat Di Yi once, he could do it for the second time.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen had a lot of pressure at the same time. In the future, he must work harder to cultivate to stay ahead. If he slacked even a little bit, he may be overtaken by others.

Among the six new generation kings, Luoshui Han, Diyi, Mu Lingxi, and Gai Hao were all Saintly Beings. Only Zhang Ruochen and Bu Qianfan were not.

However, in the writing of Saint Lady, except for Bu Qianfan, the four Saintly Beings did not seem to reach the Ultimate Realm in the Yellow Realm.

At the same time, the Saint Lady also boldly speculated that Zhang Ruochen was likely to reach the Ultimate Realm twice.

The reason was that Zhang Ruochen's physical quality was weak three years ago, and there was a large difference between him and ordinary people, not mention to the Saintly Being.

Only if he reached the Ultimate Realm twice could he close the gap between him and the Saintly Beings.

This is the same with Bu Qianfan, it was his Ultimate Realm that made up the gap with the Saintly Being. If not, non-Holy ones could never be opponents of the Saintly Beings.

Of course, those were the speculation of the Saint Lady and could not be confirmed. Therefore, they did not cause much sensation.

At the same time, the Saint Lady also made an analysis on the four Saintly Beings. The reason why the four Saintly Beings did not reach the Ultimate Realm was probably because the Saintly Being itself had incredible physical quality and was suppressed by the heavenly way. So the difficulty of practicing to the Ultimate Realm was much greater than the non-Saintly Being.

Since ancient time, there had been an analysis of the Saintly Being and the Ultimate Realm. Many Saints had spent their entire life on studying and practicing, but ended up just wasting their time.

At the end of the article, the Saint Lady predicted that with the birth of the six new generations of kings, a great era of opportunities would come. In the future, not only would there be fierce collisions between geniuses, but also fierce confrontation between Saints.

Previously, in the Eastern Region, if a certain generation could produce a Saintly Being, it would have been able to lead a golden age.

After the sanctification of the Saintly Being, it represented the invincible fighting strength.

However, geniuses were emerging left and right. The last generation was born with four Saintly Beings and this generation produced six young kings, which indeed gave people a feeling that martial arts were in vogue.

After seeing Eastern Region Report, Zhang Ruochen also admired the Saint Lady. She was indeed very talented and knew many secrets that ordinary people did not know.

Some of these secrets could not be explored with information networks, and they needed to be deduced with human wisdom.

Perhaps, she really could calculate the major events in the world.

"It is no wonder that the Eastern Region Report has caused such a scene that everyone wants to challenge me. Conquering the six young kings of the new generation is the fastest way to become famous."

"The Eastern Region Report must have passed through the Vessel Spirit of Earth Board and spread all over the Eastern Region, and Zhang Ruochen has become a target for many young fighters."

Zhang Ruochen smiled and put away the Eastern Region Report.

Returning to the Courier Station of Martial Market, Zhang Ruochen continued to absorb the Divine Dragon Strength of Dragon Pearl and worked hard to enhance his cultivation.

On the second day, Zhang Ruochen, Duanmu Xingling, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi left the Courier Station of Martial Market and went to the Saint Academy together to participate in the upcoming third round of assessment.

All the students who passed the first two rounds of examinations arrived one after another, and there were more than 35,000 people gathered in the martial-arts arena below the Stairway to Heaven.

According to different departments, students stood in different teams and were ready to travel to the Five Elements Primitive World.

Of course, before that, they must first go to the camp of the Battlefield of Primitive World- Chaotic Millionverse Mountain.

Only there could they find a passage into the Five Elements Primitive World.