401 Won by One Move

 Sixteen sergeants who were guarding the gate also turned their gaze to Chen Tianran and Zhang Ruochen.

They had not expected that this young man was the young conqueror recorded in the Eastern Region Report.

"Is he really so strong?"

The Fire Lycan tribe sergeant who had kept Zhang Ruochen out before became nervous. If Zhang Ruochen was a respected guest of the East Region Saint Mansions, it would be easy for him to punish a gatekeeping sergeant.

"I don't know whether he is really that strong or not."

The sergeant stared at the two men, who were ready to fight in the distance, hoping that Chen Tianran would beat Zhang Ruochen.

When Chen Tianran stabbed with a spear, rather than dodging Zhang Ruochen attacked actively.

He could test the sixth Palm, Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm that he had just learned.

"Divine Dragon's Steal."

Zhang Ruochen looked calm. He mobilized his Genuine Qi without any reservation, gathered power into his palms, and then threw his palms with full strength.

The center of the palm emitted a flash of lightning that turned into a spectacular electric cloud.

The sound of thunder and dragon howling came out from the cloud.

A 10 meter long Divine Dragon's illusory image flew out with a strong Genuine Qi fluctuation. It struck against Chen Tianran's Ghost King Spear. In a flash, it dissolved the power of the Ghost King Invisible Spear.

But the strong palm power did not disappear completely.

Chen Tianran's expression changed. He realized that he was quite far from Zhang Ruochen.

He quickly opened his arms, mobilized his Genuine Qi. He immitted it into the Ghost King Spear, activating the inscription.

He placed the spear horizontally to block attacks.


The dragon shadow hit against the long spear. It shattered Chen Tianran's Celestial Bodyshield and struck him down.

Chen Tianran fell to the ground heavily 70 meters away. His robe was torn.

His arms were covered with bloody wounds.

Chen Tianran climbed up with difficulty. His arms were sore and his whole body was shaking, but his eyes were full of excitement. "What great strength. Let's fight again... Eh-hem... "

Chen Tianran felt a sharp pain in his internal organs, just as he tried to mobilize Genuine Qi.

He was suffering internal injuries and could not fight again.

In the younger generation of Chens, the ten genius juniors could almost all rank in the top 100, and all of them were masters of the Heaven Realm.

But at this moment, they were so stunned that they could not speak.

Chen Tianran had not expected Zhang Ruochen to even be a match. Yet Chen Tianran couldn't even catch up with one move. It was horrible.

Were the top masters of the East Region Saint Mansions this vulnerable?

In fact, they didn't know that Zhang Ruochen had used all his power.

It was amazing that Chen Tianran could take a move and stand up again.

If a warrior in the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm was in the same position, he would have probably been broken to bits.

Chen Tianshu stepped forward and laughed. "Sixth Brother, you should know this by now: 'However strong you are, there is always someone stronger.'"

Several of the Chens god's favored daughters were also amazed. They were staring at Zhang Ruochen with great admiration with their beautiful eyes.

Some people even made eyes at him, brazenly expressing their affection for him.

The Chens had always been able to draw top geniuses over to their side by way of marriage.

With his talent Zhang Ruochen was definitely an ideal candidate. If they could marry him, their status in the family would be promoted greatly.

The reason the Chens had thrived eternally from the ancient times to the present was not that each generation had geniuses who could bear the burden. The more important factor was that they knew how to draw geniuses in.

Arranged marriages were the best way to draw geniuses.

Besides, few geniuses did not want to find one of the Chens God's favored daughters. Not only could they have a beautiful wife, they would also be sheltered by the Chens and get cultivation resources. Only fools would refuse it.

And the Chens had never been short of beautiful female descendants.

Chen Tianran squeezed his fists tightly. "Zhang Ruochen, do you think that you have defeated the genius of the East Region Saint Mansions? Even if you defeat me, the top talent of the East Region Saint Mansions is learning Kungfu from a Saint in Liangyi Sect. If he goes downhill, he can compete with you."

Chen Tianshu laughed. "Sixth Brother, what are you fighting for? Brother Zhang is not an outsider, he is one of us. He is cousin Yanchen's fiancé. He probably came here to see her."

"What? Cousin Yanchen's fiancé?"

Chen Tianran slapped his forehead. "You are one of us. Brother Zhang, you should have told me that earlier!"

The major reason Chen Tianran wanted to fight with Zhang Ruochen was that he was not reconciled with the thought of the East Region Saint Mansions being defeated by a warrior from a small place.

Since Zhang Ruochen was one of them, it was completely different.

The god's favored daughters chasing Zhang Ruochen were also somewhat discouraged. They didn't expect that Zhang Ruochen was already engaged with Huang Yanchen. They didn't stand a chance.

Chen Tianran quickly changed his attitude and became quite enthusiastic. He took Zhang Ruochen into the Saint Prince's Mansion and ordered a Fire Lycan tribe sergeant,"Asi, go and ask cousin Yanchen to come meet her fiancé."

"Forget it. Ask her to my Fenglin Pavilion directly. Today, I'm going to have a good drink with my Brother Zhang. All of you go and call out the brothers and sisters of the Saint Prince's Mansion. I'm going to have a banquet for Zhang Ruochen, one of Six Young Kings of the Eastern Region. Tell them all to come and join in. Hey-hey! It's not every day they can see one of the Six Great Kings."

The sergeant who had kept Zhang Ruochen from entering quickly knelt on the ground and apologized to him. "Sir, I apologize to you. I failed to recognize your identity. Please forgive me."

Sir, of course, meant Zhang Ruochen.

Chen Tianran looked down. "What? You, an understrapper, dare to offend Brother Zhang? Drag him down and hack him to pieces..."

Zhang Ruochen quickly stepped in with a smile. "It's just a trivial matter. In fact, he didn't offend me. It's not necessary to punish him."

Chen Tianran thought for a moment. "Okay! Since Brother Zhang has plead on your behalf, I will let you go. From now on, you have to recognize him clearly. Brother Zhang is one of the Six Young Kings in the Eastern Region, you can't afford to offend him. Capital crime can be forgiven but punishment is inevitable. From tomorrow onwards, you will go to the Ten-thousand Meteorite Mine and serve in hard labor. It will be 30 years before you can leave."

"Thank you, childe. And thank you, sir."

The sergeant bowed three times on the ground and retreated gratefully.

Chen Tianran wasn't an outrageous man, he was rather clever. He had reprimanded the sergeant only to show Zhang Ruochen that the Chens already treated him as one of their own.

Wasn't it nice to sacrifice a servant in exchange for Zhang Ruochen's sense of belonging to the East Region Saint Mansions?

Zhang Ruochen understood this clearly too. That's why he had stood up for him.

He was still an outsider because he hadn't actually married Huang Yanchen yet.

The sergeant was a master of the Heaven Realm after all, and he was a faithful slave.

What would other descendants think when an outsider who had not even entered the East Region Saint Mansions yet caused the death of a faithful slave of the Heaven Realm over a small incident? Would they feel that Zhang Ruochen was too arrogant and self-righteous?

The Chens were powerful and influential, but their internal battles were also very fierce. Zhang Ruochen did not want to get involved in the internal competition of the Chens. He had to be careful about everything and try not to bring trouble on himself.

That night, Chen Tianran held a banquet in Fenglin Pavilion and hundreds of descendants came.

Many people had seen the most recent issue of the Eastern Region Report and learned of Zhang Ruochen's recent achievements. They were very curious about his sudden rise and wanted to get to know him.

Of course, there were also some people, who thought their own cultivations profound enough. They wanted to challenge him.

But when they found out that Zhang Ruochen had only used one move to defeat Chen Tianran, suddenly, no one dared to challenge him.

Chen Tianran ranked 12th in the young generation of Chens. If he could not defeat Zhang Ruochen, it would be even more difficult for others.

Huang Yanchen also came to Fenglin Pavilion. After seeing Zhang Ruochen, her face grew cold. "Sir, you are so noble that I have to meet you personally."

"Zhang Ruochen, are you dizzy with your overnight success?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly. "Senior Sister Apprentice Huang, I think you misunderstood me. I have come to the Saint Prince's Mansion to give you the Sword Heart Pill."

He took out an elixir bottle full of Sword Heart Pills and handed it to her.

Huang Yanchen saw the elixir bottle and felt warm in her heart. Her cold face thawed and there was more tenderness.

Of course, she knew that the Sword Heart Pills were Zhang Ruochen's reward for coming first in the Sword Technique Department.

The Sword Heart Pill was a seventh-class pill, so it was very valuable. Although it had little effect on Zhang Ruochen, his sword technique and cultivation would certainly be enhanced if he took it.

However, Zhang Ruochen had not taken them. Instead he'd traveled thousands of kilometers to the East Region Saint Mansions to give them to her personally.

His thoughtfulness touched her deeply.

In the past, Huang Yanchen had always felt that Zhang Ruochen had no affection for her, that he had decided to marry her because of the bond of the marriage contract.

But now she realized that Zhang Ruochen might care about her. But he was not good at expressing himself.

Huang Yan Chen bit her lip tightly and tightened her face. She took the Sword Heart Pills and squeezed them in her hands. She said, "You still have some conscience."

Zhang Ruochen smiled. "The third round of the Saint Academy examination will surely be dangerous. If you can improve your strength a little, you will be much safer."

Huang Yanchen sighed. "It's a pity that you didn't come a day earlier. My mother left yesterday to visit a friend. Otherwise, I could take you to see her."

Zhang Ruochen touched his nose with fingers. "Even if we don't see each other this time, there will be other opportunities."