400 East Region Saint Mansions

 The Sword Heart Pill was put in a thumb-sized jade elixir bottle.

Zhang Ruochen opened the lid of the elixir bottle. With a swishing sound, a white light sword flew out of the bottle.

It was not a real light sword but a stroke of the Pill Spirit.

Zhang Ruochen immediately closed the lid and tightly held the bottle in his hands.

"I have reached the Heart Integrated into Sword. The Sword Heart Pill is not much of a use to me now. Who should I give it to?"

Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi did not practice the sword technique, so he could only give it to Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling.

Duanmu Xingling was the Saintess of the Moon Worship Demonic Sect, if she wanted a Pill like Sword Heart Pill, it would be very easy for her to get one.

Huang Yanchen's mother was a Half-Saint who practiced the sword technique. It was also not hard for her to get a Sword Heart Pill with her power. However, Huang Yanchen's mother must have some considerations in mind and would not give the Sword Heart Pill to Huang Yanchen right now.

It was because that Huang Yanchen was still far from the realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword. Even if she swallowed the Sword Heart Pill, she would still not be able to reach the Heart Integrated into Sword.

After some thoughts, Zhang Ruochen decided to give the Sword Heart Pill to Huang Yanchen.

Even if it could not help her reach the Heart Integrated into Sword, it would greatly increase her realm of the sword technique.

Zhang Ruochen left the Courier Station of Martial Market with the Sword Heart Pill in hand and headed towards East Region Saint Mansions.

East Region Saint Mansions was not just a mansion. It consisted of 360 mansions, big and small, and they covered the entire East Region Saint City.

It was said that there was an array platform at the bottom of every Saint Prince's Mansion. If 360 array platforms were all activated, they could start up the Big Array of Circulation covering the entire East Region Saint City.

In the Seventh District of Jinhong Mainland, there was also a Saint Prince's Mansion located in Lake Jiangyue.

One could find it if he just made a few inquiries.

There were many younger generations in the Chens. Almost all the most outstanding talents lived in the Saint Prince's Mansion of Lake Jiangyue.

Lake Jiangyue was vast and boundless. It was said that its broadest part was 400 kilometers.

There was a large number of island-dotted around the lake. Resplendent and magnificent Pavilions, Palaces, high towers and martial-arts arenas were built on the islands. Looking at it with a glance, one would feel that it was like the land of the immortals.

The gate of the Saint Prince's Mansion was about 33 meters tall. Giant Kylin statues stood on each side of the gate. They looked as fierce as if they were alive.

There were 16 sergeants, eight on each side guarding the entrance to the Saint Prince's Mansion.

The eight people on the left side were all three meters tall. They had massive human bodies, but with a wolf's head above each of their bodies.

They were of the Fire Lycan tribe. Every one of them was in the Heaven Realm.

Although the eight people on the right side had human looks, their bodies were even bigger. They were all four meters tall with the Giants' blood running in their bodies. They had Natural Divine Power and could tear apart a brute elephant with their bare hands.

With 16 powerful sergeants guarding Saint Prince's Mansion, who dared to get close to the gate?

"Who is it?"

A sergeant of Fire Lycan tribe who was in the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm looked at Zhang Ruochen who was still far away. He picked up a weapon and took a step forward. He roared, and the sound wave was so loud that it sent the sand and rock flying.

Zhang Ruochen was calm. He walked forward and came to the outside of the gate. He said, "I am Zhang Ruochen and I am here to visit Huang Yanchen. Please send my message."

The sergeant of Fire Lycan tribe sized up Zhang Ruochen for a while. His voice was loud and rough, "Do you have the token of East Region Saint Mansions?"

"No," Zhang Ruochen replied.

"No token? Why should I report it for you? Get away from here quickly. You shouldn't be here." The sergeant of Fire Lycan tribe said rudely.

As a member of East Region Saint Mansions, even if he was just a sergeant who guarded the gate, he had a very high status. So the sergeant of Fire Lycan tribe was cold and arrogant. He did not want to talk more with Zhang Ruochen and sent him away directly.

Zhang Ruochen slightly frowned but he was not angry, because he knew that the more powerful one's influence was, the more rules it had.

If you did not have high status, even a doorkeeper wouldn't look up to you, how would he pass the message for you?

While Zhang Ruochen was going to leave, a dozen of young students came up to him from the distance. They were all geniuses of East Region Saint Mansions. Some were handsome men, and some were beautiful women.

They were holding the latest Eastern Region Report and discussing something.

"The person who defeated Bu Qianfan was actually the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall. I wonder what kind of person Di Yi is?"

"No matter how powerful Di Yi is, he was defeated by Buddha Emperor's descendant, Zhang Ruochen."

"Genius appears one after another. Bu Qianfan, Di Yi, and Zhang Ruochen are all incredible and outstanding talents. We still have a lot to catch up."



Suddenly, Chen Tianshu raised his head and looked at Zhang Ruochen who was in the distance. He laughed out loud, "Haha! What a coincidence. That is Zhang Ruochen. Weren't you all were suspecting his strength?You should go and challenge him right now. If you can win, you can be featured in the next Eastern Region Report."

Chen Tianshu was about 20 years old. He was extremely handsome. He wore a silver-colored martial robe which made him very chivalrous.

Zhang Ruochen had very sharp hearing. Although the group's conversation was happening about 33 meters away, he could still hear Chen Tianshu's voice, so he spared a glance at him.

"Hey! This man looks very familiar."

Zhang Ruochen recalled for a while and finally remembered. Two years ago, he had met him once in Sword Technique Conference in Qianshui Commandery.

His name should be Chen Tianshu.

Was he actually a member of the Chens?

In a very short moment, a dozen of young students of the Chens were ten steps away from Zhang Ruochen. They were all looking at him curiously. Among them, almost all of the male warriors were driven by war intent. They were eager to have a try.

On the other hand, Zhang Ruochen was confused. He did not know what had happened.

Chen Tianshu smiled and cupped his hands. He said, "Brother Zhang, do you still remember me since we parted in Qianshui Commandery?"

"I certainly do."

Zhang Ruochen cupped his hands too. He said, "At that time, I didn't know that you were actually a young master of East Region Saint Mansions."

Chen Tianshu said with a smile, "I was ordered by the Elder of my family to handle some affairs in Qianshui Commandery. It was destiny that we could meet there. Unexpectedly, you have become an outstanding talent whose name became famous in the entire Eastern Region within two years. Congratulations."

At this very moment, a man of about 20 years old stepped up from behind Chen Tianshu. He had a hawk nose and sharp eyes. He said, "I am, Chen Tianran, a young student of the Chens who ranks 12th. Zhang Ruochen, would you accept my challenge?"

Zhang Ruochen was a bit shocked. He looked at Chen Tianshu with confusion.

Chen Tianshu laughed and said, "My sixth brother is a warlike. He wants to fight with any young masters. He just saw the Eastern Region Report and knows that you have defeated the young master of Black Market Excellence Hall, Di Yi, so he can't help but want to challenge you. If you don't mind, please spare him some moves."

Chen Tianran was not happy. He said coldly, "Tianshu, you boost other's morale and being too humble yourself. After all I am top 20 among the masters of the Chens. I have reached the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. If I strike out with my full strength, I may not lose to him. Although he is talented, he is still too young."

Chen Tianshu said with a smile, "Sixth brother, brother Zhang defeated Di Yi, who defeated Bu Qianfan. If I am right, you have fought with Bu Qianfan once, he was two realms lower than you and defeated you with only seven moves."

A young genius girl of the Chens with a pony tail laughed, "Sixth brother, didn't you see Saint Lady's commend of Zhang Ruochen at Eastern Region Report? Saint Lady said that Zhang Ruochen is one of the Six Young Kings in the younger generation in the Eastern Region and he has the talent to become a Saint."

Chen Tianran's face did not change. He said coldly, "Although Saint Lady governs Eastern Region Report, and she could reckon nature's mystery and write about big Events Under the Sky, that doesn't mean what she says is always right. As long as I can defeat Zhang Ruochen, I can be on the next issue of Eastern Region Report."

The young woman sneered, "You don't need to win. As long as you can hold back him back for 10 moves, I will give you the Peacock Pill that uncle gave to me."

Chen Tianran showed smirking expression in his eyes. He said, "Sister Jing, Peacock Pill is made from peacock's blood, and it is very valuable. A warrior would be able to grow a pair of peacock wings when he or she swallows it which enables him to fly across the sky and go underground. Are you sure you want to bet with it?"

Chen Jingjing smiled, "If you can hold him back for 10 moves, the Peacock Pill would certainly be yours. If you lose, you have to be my loyal follower for ten days, is that a deal?"

"Hmph! How can I lose?"

Tianran raised his chin. He sneered.

Chen Tianran was not confident to defeat Zhang Ruochen.

However, exchanging 10 moves with Zhang Ruochen shouldn't too difficult. So, Chen Tianran agreed immediately.

Zhang Ruochen was feeling indifferent. He said, "I don't seem to have accepted your challenge yet."

"As a powerful warrior, how can you be afraid of challenges?"

Chen Tianran did not care if Zhang Ruochen agreed. He roared and the Genuine Qi in his body released.

Under the promotion of the Genuine Qi, a long black spear that was on his back flew to Chen Tianran's hands.

"Genuine Martial Arms of the tenth level, Ghost King Spear."

Chen Tianran's arms shivered suddenly. The long spear drew an arch line, letting out banging sound. A cloud of cold fire came out of the spear. It brought out a stroke of Icing air.


A layer of white heavy frost appeared on the ground, covering the surrounding area about 100 meters away.

"Ghost King Invisible Spear."

Chen Tianran took the initiative to attack. He displayed a move of spear technique of the Inferior Class of the Ghost Level.

The long spear kept spinning. It stabbed toward Zhang Ruochen with cold air.

With the tip of the spear getting closer and closer, Zhang Ruochen faintly heard the ghost's roaring sound. A stroke of Icing air blew toward him. It was like he fell into an ice hole, and all his blood was going to freeze.

He could rank top 20th among the young men in the Chens because he was indeed not an ordinary person and deserved to be one of the top masters. He had actually practiced the martial technique of Ghost Level into the succeed.

Zhang Ruochen finally figured out what had been going on. It turned out to be the fault of Eastern Region Report. From today on, challenges like this would surely come one after another.

In this case, he should suppress his opponent with overwhelming strength. Showing his strength at an appropriate level would stop the endless challenges.