396 The 10th Move and the 11th Move

 Duanmu Xingling fluttered her eyes and stared at Zhang Ruochen. In a sweet voice, she asked, "You?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "It should be at the Succeed Level, I think!"

"All 13 moves have reached the Succeed Level?" Duanmu Xingling asked in surprise.

Zhang Ruochen nodded.

Although Zhang Ruochen had not demonstrated the sword technique, Duanmu Xingling did not doubt his words at all. She only felt very unsatisfied in her heart, stamping her feet, she said coldly, "Freak."

It was at this moment that Zhang Ruochen's gaze focused on the martial arts platform and saw a familiar beautiful woman appearing in the center of the platform.

Seeing that woman, Huang Yanchen's eyes became cold and she said, "Enemies really do walk a narrow road. I never thought she would also come to the Sword Technique Department."

At this moment, the woman who mounted the martial arts platform was Xue Yingrou.

Xue Yingrou's talent was very high as was her comprehension ability. She had successfully practiced five moves and shocked the other students.

"What a beautiful woman, she'll probably become the flower of the Sword Technique Department in the future."

"Not only does she have a startling beauty, but her comprehension ability and practice are both very high. If I could get close to her, even if it cost me 10 years of my life, it would well be worth it."


Zhang Ruochen nodded, Xue Yingrou's comprehension ability was indeed very high.

In the beginning, he had to only gently point out some things to Xue Yingrou and she immediately compensated for the lack in her sword technique and rose to another level in the cultivation of her sword technique.

Huang Yanchen saw that Zhang Ruochen had long been focusing on Xue Yingrou on the martial arts platform, and he had even been nodding his head. She felt very unhappy in her heart as, with a cold sneer, she leaped up and also landed on the martial arts platform.

In terms of beauty, Huang Yanchen and Xue Yingrou could be said to be almost on par. With her appearance, the eyes of the students below all lit up.

Another department level beauty had appeared.

When Huang Yanchen finished performing the five moves of the sword technique, a loud applause broke out from below.

"Another five moves and another beauty, will there be two flowers in the Sword Technique Department this year?"

"I must do my best and, no matter the cost, I must pass the third round of the exam and become a Saint of the Saint Academy. For nothing else but those two beauties."


After Huang Yanchen left the martial arts platform, Xu Hai gestured to Xu Canglan to show that he could make his move.

Xu Canglan was the second genius of this generation from Saint Xu Gentry. He was only 28 and had already reached the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. His steps as he mounted the martial arts platform appeared to be very steady.


With his long sword leaving its sheath, Xu Canglan's arm extended and the first move was struck out quickly.

Moving like floating clouds and a flowing river, he danced through the sword movements. In the space of a breath, he had already displayed 10 moves of the sword technique and had returned his sword to its sheath.

Xu Canglan bowed in the direction of the two Half-Saints and said, "My talent is limited, I have only practiced these 10 moves."

The students below had already seen Xu Canglan perform the 10 moves, so they had been prepared. They were not shocked, they just felt very inferior.

Among them, one of the students who had performed five moves said with a sigh, "I am from the Martial Market School in the Shilong Commandery, and I am considered a top genius, even the Palace Master has praised me many times. After coming to the Saint Academy, I have realized how petty my previous glories have been. Compared to Xu Canglan, I have far to go."

Another student who had also practiced five moves also gave a long sigh and said, "Give me another three days and perhaps I can practice 10 moves."

"My so-called talent is not worth mentioning in front of Xu Canglan."

It was not only the students, even Demi-saint Lingshu, who sat on her jade lotus platform, was slightly surprised. After closely considering Xu Canglan, she said, "I never expected that Saint Xu Gentry would give birth to such an incredible talent. To have practiced 10 moves in three days, even if I were in the Heaven Realm I wouldn't be able to do it. However, his sword technique is still inexperienced and not strong enough. He is still very far away from the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword."

Demi-saint Lingshu, of course, did not know that Xu Canglan had received the cultivation method for the Thirteen Swords Techniques of Soul Chasing seven days ahead of time. She just thought that Xu Canglan had incredible comprehension ability.

Originally, Demi-saint Lingshu had come to watch mostly to see Zhang Ruochen's performance. Xu Canglan could be considered an unexpected surprise.

Although Demi-saint Lingyuan had guessed at what had probably happened, the exam question had leaked from his mouth, so of course, he could not say anything.

He said, "The students in this round all have very high talents, surpassing the previous round. In the last round, there were no geniuses at Xu Canglan's level."

Demi-saint Linghu also nodded her head.

Xu Hai heard the praise that the two Half-Saints had for Xu Canglan and felt a secret joy in his heart. It looked like the Sword Heart Pill already belonged to him.

Duanmu Xingling huffed coldly, she did not believe that Xu Canglan's comprehension ability was that high.

Thus, after Xu Canglan had left the platform, she immediately went up and began practicing the sword moves.

11 moves.

Duanmu Xingling went straight ahead and demonstrated 11 moves of the sword technique. Furthermore, her speed at demonstrating the sword technique was even faster than Xu Canglan's. It was almost possible to see the streaks of a human figure.

In the end, 11 streaks of human shadows overlapped and formed Duanmu Xingling's body.


The entire audience shook once again.

"I'm done, that's too depressing! She is so young and, yet, can already participate in the Saint Academy's examination. She even demonstrated 11 moves."

The genius student who had demonstrated five moves earlier had already taken a blow from Xu Canglan and had now taken another blow. They could not accept this reality and almost fainted.

Duanmu Xingling looked to be a girl of about 15 or 16. In the eyes of the crowd, her age was definitely under 20.

Too young!

Many of the genius students felt embarrassed and thought of immediately escaping from the Saint Academy. They felt that they had absolutely no right to enter the Saint Academy.

Among them, the people who had taken the greatest hits were, of course, Xu Hai and Xu Canglan. They had always seen Zhang Ruochen as the biggest threat and did not expect Duanmu Xingling to pop up halfway.

The almost-at-hand Sword Heart Pill had been snatched by Duanmu Xingling.

Xu Hai's eyes revealed a desire for murder-he wished he could break Duanmu Xingling into tens of thousands of pieces.

Damn. Damn.

Xu Canglan was able to perform 10 moves because he knew about the test ahead of time and had 10 days, rather than three, to practice the sword technique.

Other than Xu Canglan, the most talented student had only been able to practice seven moves, and they were a descendant of a powerful Saint family. Their fame had long traveled far and wide, they were the first to be listed on the Eastern Region Report.

Who the hell was Duanmu Xingling?

No one had heard of her name before, where had she come from?

The eyes of the two Half-Saints were also shining, their gazes converged on Duanmu Xingling's body.

Demi-saint Lingshu said, "Her comprehension ability is very high, and her sword realm is above that of Xu Canglan's. She is probably not far from the Heart Integrated into Sword. If she takes the Sword Heart Pill, she will have the opportunity to break into the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword."

Although Xu Canglan had performed 10 moves, his sword technique realm could not be hidden from the superior Half-Saint class. In one glance, they could see that he was some distance from Duanmu Xingling.

After seeing Duanmu Xingling perform the sword technique, a trace of doubt was revealed in Demi-saint Lingshu's eyes. She felt that it was not logical that Xu Canglan would be able to perform 10 moves. Perhaps someone had leaked the exam question ahead of time?

This matter was a concern to a Half-Saint because, after all, Demi-saint Lingshu did not dare to report it lightly. She could only suppress the suspicion in her heart.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Senior sister apprentice Duanmu has been deeply hidden. Such powerful comprehension power is not something that normal people can achieve."

If Zhang Ruochen had not reached the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword, even he could not promise that he could do better than Duanmu Xingling.

Just comparing their comprehension abilities, he and Duanmu Xingling were almost on par.

Huang Yanchen also gently nodded her head. She suddenly felt that Duanmu Xingling had become very unfamiliar-it was like she had never known the real Duanmu Xingling.

After Duanmu Xingling left the platform, Zhang Ruochen also mounted the martial arts platform.

As he passed by Duanmu Xingling, Zhang Ruochen said to her in a low voice, "Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, perhaps I have already guessed your identity."

Hearing Zhang Ruochen's words, Duanmu Xingling's proud figure shook slightly. Her eyes revealed complicated emotions like fear, struggle, relief, and worry.

She did not know whether or not Zhang Ruochen had truly guessed her identity. If Zhang Ruochen already knew, how would he treat her in the future?

Zhang Ruochen would definitely not report it to the Saint Academy, Duanmu Xingling was sure of this point.

But, could they still maintain their current relationship?

It was not until now that Duanmu Xingling finally felt the losses and gains. She felt very regretful and that she should have told him the truth earlier.

For some reason, she truly cared about what Zhang Ruochen thought.

In a flash, she guessed countless outcomes. And in the end, her face had become very pale like she had just gone through a major illness.

Zhang Ruochen mounted the martial arts platform.

Through the battle of the Stairway to Heaven, Zhang Ruochen had already become famous. Many people recognized him and knew that he had practiced to the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword.

"How many moves do you think Zhang Ruochen has successfully practiced? Any chance that it could be more than Xu Canglan and Duanmu Xingling?"

"Bro, that is the Heart Integrated into Sword. How many people have reached the Heart Integrated into Sword in the Heaven Realm? I think he's practiced at least 10 moves successfully, if not more."

"I'm not sure about that. Zhang Ruochen may not have reached the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword because his comprehension ability is high. I heard that he received the inheritance of Buddhist Emperor. Perhaps he took the Dragon Sarira and that's how he entered the Realm of the Heart Integrated into Sword."


Zhang Ruochen stood in the center of the martial arts platform and called out his name. Following that, he squeezed his index and middle fingers together and ran all of the Genuine Qi in his body.

"Haunting Septuple Kill."

Zhang Ruochen slowly lifted his arm, and with his hand as the sword and at a very slow speed, he struck out with one finger.


Streaks of sword breath, with his arm as the center, converged and became seven shapeless sword shadows and flew out.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen's slow speed, the students below did not understand.

"How can you kill an enemy if you execute the sword technique so slowly?"

"Does this count as reaching the Succeed Level?"

"Perhaps the Heart Integrated into Sword does not live up to its fame?"

Countless questions arose.

They were inevitable. Who told Zhang Ruochen to move so slowly to the point that it did not look like he was executing a sword technique?

If anyone looked closely, they would discover that every move that Zhang Ruochen executed was extremely perfect, without any flaws. It was almost more perfect than the original sword technique movements.

However, normal people did not have this power of perception.

On hand, only the two Half-Saints and Xu Hai, who had reached the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, could infer anything from what they saw.

"Perhaps it is... the Perfection of Martial Arts?"

Xu Hai's expression changed. His eyes revealed a disbelieving shock.