393 Half-Saints Accepted Apprentices

 A connection with Buddha?

Apply for the Buddhism Department?

Chang Qiqi turned around to see the chubby monk. He was shocked at first glance. The monk was so tall that everyone only stood up to his thigh.

He's definitely not of normal human origins.

Moreover, his cultivation seems to be so unfathomable that no one can see through it.

After all, it's the Saint Academy, meeting a master was normal.

To be honest, Chang Qiqi did not even care about him. In his view, he had gotten the Dragon's Blood of Golden Dragon and reached the 44th Stairway, so he was a top-notched genius. If placed in Omen Ridge, he would be a legend in martial arts that would dominate everyone else.

His cultivation now was weaker than the monk's, but he would surely be able to surpass him in future.

Chang Qiqi walked for a couple laps around the monk and contemptuously smiled, "Monk, there is no difference between joining the Buddhism Department and becoming a monk. Who are you? My elder brother and I are God's favored sons. And we will drink wine, eat meat and make love with women. How could a mere Buddhism Department fit for people like us?"

He wanted to continue to say, but Lei Jing grabbed his neck and threw him back. Lei Jing yelled at him, "Shut up, do you know who is standing in front of you?"

Chang Qiqi was shocked by the strong power of Lei Jing. The loud yell of Lei Jing rang in his ears like thunder and made his scalp tingle.

"Who... who?"

Chang Qiqi was scared because he had never seen Master Lei this angry.

Lei Jing knelt on one knee and bowed to the monk. He said, "Disciple Lei Jing humbly greets Half-saint Alan."


It seemed that Chang Qiqi's eyeballs were going to bulge. He couldn't tell that the monk was a Half-Saint.

"Greetings Half-Saint."

Zhang Ruochen, Luo Shuihan, Si Xingkong, Duanmu Xingling, Huang Yanchen and Chen Xier immediately knelt on one knee to pay their respects to Half-saint Alan.

It was said that almost everyone in the Half-Saint Class could live up to at least 200 years. They were knowledgeable and had strong vitality. Besides, they could fight with dragons and phoenixes and open up Divine Temples to enjoy incenses of the myriad families.

People who could become Half-Saints were not only powerful. Their understanding of Holy Road, Martial Arts and Humanity were all crystal clear.

Simply practicing skills was not enough for a person to become a Half-Saint. If one wanted to become a Half-Saint, he must constantly learn from life and practice various martial arts and in the end, a Road of his own would eventually appear.

Therefore, people who reached the Half-Saint Class all possessed otherworldly strengths. Each of them was a peerless hero who had practiced the Martial Arts and the Holy Road to an extremely mysterious realm. Each of them was worthy of being respected, admired and even worshipped by all the warriors.


Chang Qiqi was scared, his legs became weak and he directly knelt on the ground. He quickly put his face on the ground, lifted his butt and said with a shaking voice, "Monk... no... Half-saint Alan, grandpa Half-Saint, I didn't mean to say that. I really didn't know about your identity, please punish me for my wrongs."

Chang Qiqi wanted to cry, he immediately took back his pride and reevaluated himself. "In the East Region Saint City, my cultivation is nothing in front of those real masters. I should be more modest."

"Haha, please stand up! All of you."

Half-saint Alan seemed to be easy-going. After he smiled and raised his arm, all the people were lifted by an invisible power and they stood up again.

Half-saint Alan's eyes scanned through all of them, then he nodded and said, "If I'm not wrong, all of you have refined the Dragon's Blood of Golden Dragon, haven't you?"

It was hard to hide secrets in front of a Half-Saint. So everyone nodded.

Half-saint Alan took two steps forward and came to Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi. Then he said, "Golden Dragon is a wise ancestor of Buddhism. It's not only powerful, but its wisdom and knowledge is the real treasure."

"The Dragon's Blood in both of your bodies has not yet been fully refined. If you practice my Buddhist doctrine, part of the wisdom and knowledge of Golden Dragon will be awakened, which will be beneficial for you to break through the Half-Saint realm."

Before Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong could react, Lei Jing had understood the meaning of Half-saint Alan with his eyes glowing . He roared to them, saying, "Half-saint Alan wants to accept you as his students, immediately kneel down and kowtow to Half-saint Alan."

Both Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong were clever. After they knew what the Half-saint Alan meant, they were ecstatic. "He is a Half-Saint and so many people would die to be the successor of a Half-Saint."


When they were going to kneel down and salute again...

Half-saint Alan shook his head with a smile and said, "No hurry. If you want to be my student, you must pass three rounds of assessment. But before that, you two must apply for the Buddhism Department."

"No problem, elder brother and I will go to Buddhism Department right now."

"It is a great opportunity to have a chance to become a successor of a Half-Saint. Of course, this cannot be missed."

Many Young Geniuses would fight tooth-and-nail with each other if it means they even get the sliver of a chance to become a monk. But of course, one who enters the Buddhism Department could only be regarded as a Buddhist disciple and not a fully fledged monk.

Fearing that Half-saint Alan would suddenly change his mind, Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong immediately bade a farewell and then ran to the registration of the Buddhism Department.

Zhang Ruochen felt happy that they could be students of a Half-Saint. It meant that they would have a strong backer to shelter them in East Region Saint City.

Half-saint Alan deeply glanced at Zhang Ruochen and said profoundly with a smile, "Young man, you have the Dragon Pearl of Golden Dragon, right?"

Zhang Ruochen replied honestly, "Yes."

Half-saint Alan nodded and inquired, "Would you like to join the Buddhism Department?"

"Half-saint Alan, is it right for you to grab my apprentice like this?" a woman's voice resounded.


A red light flashed past and fell on the shoulder of Half-saint Alan. Then it turned into a beautiful figure.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the left shoulder of Half-saint Alan and saw a mere ten-centimeter high woman donned in a red dress. Although she was small, she had a perfect body and peerless appearance.

She looked cold with a sword behind her back. She stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, "Zhang Ruochen, your sword technique had reached the Heart Integrated into Sword, so obviously, you should join the Sword Technique Department."

Lei Jing had never seen this woman in the Saint Academy, so he did not know her identity.

However, he could feel the powerful strength of her, which was the aura that only a Half-Saint could have. So he immediately saluted again and said, "Student Lei Jing, greets Half-Saint."

Another Half-Saint?

Zhang Ruochen and others immediately followed him to pay their respects.

"My name is Ling Shu."

After Half-saint Lingshu simply introduced herself, she looked to Zhang Ruochen again and said, "I come to ask you, on behalf of my Master, if you want to be his apprentice?"

A Half-Saint was already quite formidable. How powerful must the Master of a Half-Saint be?

Zhang Ruochen respectfully saluted with joint hands and asked, "Pardon my imprudence, but could I know the name of your master?"

Half-saint Lingshu proudly answered, "My Master is one of the ten headmasters of the Saint Academy, Elder Xuanji. He is very interested in you and hopes that you can apply for the Sword Technique Department. At the same time, he wishes that you can be his apprentice."

After hearing what Half-saint Lingshu had said, even Half-saint Alan looked serious and did not dare to mention that he wanted to accept Zhang Ruochen as his apprentice anymore.

He wouldn't dare have any ideas on the person that Headmaster Xuanji wanted.

Lei Jing was shocked and promptly said, "Zhang Ruochen, Headmaster Xuanji is reputed as one of the three sword saints of the Eastern Region. His power is only inferior to the power of the first headmaster."

"Actually, the first headmaster has long since stopped interfering with the affairs of the Saint Academy. He has been traveling over the world to perceive the supreme Holy Road. His movement and trace are secretive, and he has never been seen in the past 100 years. Therefore, Headmaster Xuanji can be said to be the most powerful and leading person in the Saint Academy."

Huang Yanchen was happy for Zhang Ruochen that he could be taken of interest by Elder Xuanji. She quickly pulled the sleeve of Zhang Ruochenand said, "Zhang Ruochen, why are you hesitating? Come on. If you become the apprentice of Headmaster Xuanji, even the four Saint families won't dare to deal with you."

Under the urging of everyone, Zhang Ruochen still had some concerns and worries.

He had so many secrets, which he may still had to hide from the Half-Saints.

However, could he hide them in front of such a powerful Elder? Zhang Ruochen was not sure at all.

Half-saint Lingshu was a bit speechless. If other students were to be recognized by a headmaster, they would be so excited to immediately kneel down and salute.

The man is still hesitant.

What's wrong with him?

Half-saint Lingshu thought that Zhang Ruochen was worried that Elder Xuanji had some hidden intentions, so she said, "Master already knows that you've refined the Dragon Pearl of Golden Dragon. Don't worry, I'm not interested in your Dragon Pearl, let alone Master. If anyone dares to harass you, even if Master doesn't stand for you, as your Senior sister apprentice, I will help you to resolve those problems."

Half-saint Lingshu was very straightforward, for she feared that Zhang Ruochen may worry too much.

For headmasters of the Saint Academy, they would not use such an inferior method to seize treasure. Since Medieval Ancient Times, the development of the Saint Academy had relied on the tradition of selecting moralists and geniuses. So, it had a high reputation in Kunlun's Field.

Zhang Ruochen replied with a smile, "I certainly trust Half-saint Lingshu and Headmaster Xuanji. But I haven't passed the three rounds of assessment. It's too early for me to officially become a student under the headmaster."

Half-saint Lingshu nodded and said, "All right, I'll come back to you after the three rounds of assessment."

After Half-saint Alan and Half-saint Lingshu left, there were a few other Half-Saints appear who came to accept apprentices.

Refining the Dragon's Blood of Golden Dragon means getting part of the inheritance of Golden Dragon. So obtaining warriors who had refined the Dragon's Blood were naturally goals to fight for for the Half-Saints.

In the end, Chen Xier, Duanmu Xingling, and Huang Yanchen all respectively made an agreement with a Half-Saint-- once they passed the three rounds of assessment, they would respectively become an apprentice of those Half-Saints.

(To be continued...)