391 Divine Dragon Transformation

 "Zhang Ruochen, are you trying to fight against the Saint Gentries alone? You are biting off more than you can chew."

With his hands at the back, Xu Qing stood stoicly. He looked down at Zhang Ruochen and hummed coldly.

The four of them, Xu Qing, Zuo Fenggu, Shen Yuntong and the descendant from Saint Xi Gentry, stood on the 50th step. Each of them gave out a bright holy light. They were so overbearing and arrogant that they looked like four young kings.

But Zhang Ruochen showed no fear. He stood up again and wiped away the blood stain on his mouth. He straightened his body and suddenly, all of his Qi came to his Qi sea at once.


The 10,000th Vital Essence was successfully condensed!

Floating in the Qi sea, the 10,000 drops of the Vital Essence glowed in green and clashed with one another.

The number of Vital Essences started to drop.

But each Vital Essence became bigger and bigger.

Finally, there were only two Vital Essences in the Qi sea, and each of them was the size of a pearl. Shining in all directions, they revolved around each other and pulled each other nearer and nearer.


They crashed together and condensed into a pigeon egg-sized liquid Vital Essence ball.

The moment the Vital Essence ball was condensed, Zhang Ruochen's pores were all opened and madly absorbed the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth.


On the Stairway to Heaven, wisps of Spiritual Qi gathered to Zhang Ruochen and formed a huge Spiritual Qi vortex. The four descendants from the Saint Gentries kept backing up, fearing to be sucked into the vortex.

"What? Is he trying to break through the realm on the Stairway to Heaven?"

Xu Qing's expression changed and said, "We can't let him break through. Let's go!"

After saying this, Xu Qing stepped out first. He activated the Fiery Wings again. His whole body was covered with fire. Then he flew towards Zhang Ruochen like a huge golden fire-ball.

"Infinite Palm!"

The descendant from the Saint Xi Gentry transferred his Genuine Qi. She lifted up his left arm and sanctified it completely. Every inch of her skin gave out the strong light that was brighter than the sun.

Her Holy Blood revived. Although she was not a Saintly Being now since only her arm was sanctified, the power of her arm was extremely strong, which could burst out the power ten times stronger than usual.

There was a shrill burst of wind in the air when she struck.

The palm power dashed towards Zhang Ruochen like a fierce storm.

"Domineering Saint Fist Technique!"

Inherited from the Domineering Saint, Shen Yuntong's blood was boiling and his body was expanding, making cracking noise.

After a while, he turned into a five-meter tall giant.

Steel-like muscles appeared on the surface of his body. His fists were as big as washbasins, containing infinite power.

The blood of the Domineering Saint was recovering. Although he was not a Saintly Being yet, he could be seen as a Half-Saint.

Zuo Fenggu, in his alchemist robe, was the only one who did not make a move. But he was gathering his strength secretly as well, planning strike a deadly blow with Spiritual Power towards Zhang Ruochen at any moment.

Below the Stairway to Heaven, all the students were shocked with mouth wide open. These descendants from the Saint Gentries were so powerful that they looked like deities descending from Heaven.

"Each one of them is an elite warior, and now they are working together to fight against Zhang Ruochen. I think every one of them has the strength to be Zhang Ruochen's match."

"What do you know? Zhang Ruochen is at the crucial moment of breaking through the realm. If he succeed, he will get into a whole new realm! Of course, people like Xu Qing won't let him make it. Otherwise, they are no match for Zhang Ruochen even if they work together."

Only a warrior in the Heaven Realm could understand how hard it was to break through the realm. Every realm was a barrier, and even the Mid Stage and the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm, which were the easiest to break through, needed a long period of accumulation.

Just when Xu Qing's attack was going to land on Zhang Ruochen's body--

Zhang Ruochen's body gave out a bright green light of Genuine Qi.


Zhang Ruochen stretched out his arms as if all of his muscles and bones became one. Two illusory images of flying dragon of Genuine Qi appeared, and then they struck out simultaneously.

Xu Qing also struck out. But the moment he touched Zhang Ruochen, he felt an extremely powerful force coming from his arms. He could not help but fly backward.

When Xu Qing fell on the ground, he could not feel his arms. And his body became flaccid as if his soul had left him.

This was bad.

Xu Qing immediately transferred his Genuine Qi, which flowed out of his Qi sea towards his entire body through meridians.

Under the nourishing of Genuine Qi, his sense of his body began to restore, followed by unberable pain from his arms and legs. Apparently, the collision just now had wounded him severely.

"How could he...be so strong? Could it be that he had already broken through the realm?"

Xu Qing's face immediatley lost all color and he felt extremely pressured by the person in front of him.

Could they handle Zhang Ruochen after he broke through the realm?

Indeed, Zhang Ruochen had broken through the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm. But he did not have the time to digest the power, because Shen Yuntong and the descendant from the Saint Xi Gentry had already attacked towards him.

The descendant from the Saint Xi Gentry struck with her hand. With the moving of her fingers, millions of hand shadow appeared in the void space.

It looked like every hand carried endless and unpredictable Saint Power.


From Zhang Ruochen's glabella, a Skyeye appeared, with which Zhang Ruochen spotted the real hand precisely.

So, Zhang Ruochen stretched his right hand, clenched her wrist, took hold of her meridians and pulled her.

The descendant from Saint Xi Gentry was surprised. She could not help but fly towards Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen clenched her wrist so tight that his fingers stabbed into her skin. With her wrist in hand, he swung his arm quickly and threw her hard on the Stairway.


The descendant from Saint Xi Gentry clashed with the Stairway hard. Her body cracked, and she groaned out of agony.

She laid on the ground and could not move. With blood on her mouth, she shuddered all over.

Zhang Ruochen let her wrist go and step forward to meet Shen Yuntong.

Now, Shen Yuntong was almost five meters tall like a big-boned beast. His fists were like hammers as if one punch could crack the earth open.

"Bang! Bang!"

Dragon's roar raised inside Zhang Ruochen's body. He kept performing palm technique and confronted Shen Yuntong with toughness.

Shen Yuntong was born with Natural Divine Power. After inheriting the Domineering Saint's power, he was even more terrifying.

In the same realm, no one could even block his one single punch.

Now, Zhang Ruochen was one realm lower than him, but Zhang Ruochen could suppress him in raw strength and kept forcing him back.

Even Zhang Ruochen himself didn't realize, with his continuous punching, his hands were turned into golden dragon claws with Dragon Scales on them.

What's more, these golden Dragon Scales kept growing towards his shoulders, head, chest, and legs. After a while, Zhang Ruochen became a ten feet long golden dragon!


An exploding dragon's roar raised up, and even the Stairway to Heaven seemed like to be shaken a bit.

The Half-Saints in the Holy Temple couldn't believe their eyes. One of them stood up and blurted out, "It's...it's the legendary Divine Dragon Transformation!"

Only the human warrior who refined the divine Dragon Pearl could perform this unique technique.

A mortal actually turned into a Divine Dragon.

"Let's attack together. We must take him down."

Xu Qing recovered from the shock and attacked Zhang Ruochen again. He performed his unique technique which turned his 81 punches into 81 shadows that punched together.

The descendant from Saint Xi Gentry got up from the ground and punched on the Stairway. Her palm cracked open at once and blood was splattered everywhere.

She then exercised her technique and the blood on her hand began to burn.


Traces of white inscriptions appeared all over her arms, palms and fingers. Like white strings, they quickly covered her whole body.

This was a secret spell. With the help of this secret spell, she could transfer the power of the divine hand to her whole body and burst out the power of the Saintly Being in a short time.

In other words, she just temporarily became a Saintly Being, albeit a fake one.

Shen Yuntong also had his unique technique. Now, he performed it and tried to attack Zhang Ruochen.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen turning into a Golden Dragon, Zuo Fenggu also started attacking.

He was a Spiritual Power master, so he did not dash to Zhang Ruochen directly. Instead, he raised his arm slowly and pointed to Zhang Ruochen.


The Spiritual Qi between the heaven and earth shook and turned into flames, forming a blossoming flame floating in the air.

These flames were like a myriad of lights in the valley. They gradually condensed into a huge flaming phoenix. The phoenix stretched its two claws and rushed towards the Golden Dragon.

Standing below the Stairway and looking up, people could only see a Golden Dragon fighting with a flaming phoenix, while the two made ear-splitting noises.

At the same time, the giant, turned by Shen Yuntong, held a huge axe condensed by Genuine Qi and slashed the Golden Dragon as well.

The descendant from Saint Xi Gentry floated in the air like one of the Nine Goddesses of the Empyrean. From her fingertips, traces of light columns struck out and fell on the Golden Dragon's body.

Xu Qing's 81 shadows surrounded the Golden Dragon completely. Some of them performed the fist technique, some of them performed the palm technique, and some of them performed the sword skill.

Each of the four masters proved their worth and fought with the Golden Dragon.

"Bang! Bang!"

The Golden Dragon kept striking out palm print while flying in every direction. All four descendants from the Saint Gentries coughed up blood and flew backward.


The Golden Dragon uttered a long and loud cry. It turned into a ray light and landed on the Stairway again and condensed shadowy figure.

It had returned to human form.

Zhang Ruochen took a couple of deep breaths and stared at his hands in surprise. He could not believe that he had just performed the Divine Dragon Transformation.

The Divine Dragon Transformation was a Ghost Level Superior class martial technique.

Even if a warrior had refined the Dragon Pearl, he needed to practice this martial technique to become a dragon.

But Zhang Ruochen had never practiced the Divine Dragon Transformation before. He, however, directly turned into a Golden Dragon during the battle and defeated the four descendants from the Saint Gentries.

What was going on?

"I performed the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm while battling the descendant from Saint Shen Gentry. Is this palm technique somehow related to the Divine Dragon Transformation? Is that why I turned into a dragon because of some kind of power I accidentally stimulated while performing that palm technique?"

Actually, Zhang Ruochen wasn't wrong about that. Because the Divine Dragon Transformation was created by a Saint who comprehended the nine movements of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm and created the Draconic Transformation.

The Divine Dragon Transformation and the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm, therefore, were somehow related.

During the battle, Zhang Ruochen had a very small probability to stimulate the power of the Divine Dragon Transformation. But no one knew how small the probability was. It could be 1%, 0.1%, or even 0.01%.