388 Bu Qianfan

 Hearing the sound from Demi-saint Sandao, Xu Qing suddenly felt relieved. He became more confident and laughed, "Since Miss Luo wants to get involved in this, why don't we join you? I'm also curious about how powerful a Saintly Being is."

Under the hint of Xu Qing, the masters of Saint Xu Gentry who ranked second and third charged at the same time. They simultaneously attacked toward Luo Shuihan from two sides.

Both of them were in the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. They both had great talent and their strength were just slightly weaker than Xu Qing's.

Luo Shuihan struck out both hands at the same time, which clashed together with the other two masters with a bang. A circle of Genuine Qi ripple emitted from the palms of the three people and flooded in every direction.

Under the impact, even Chang Qiqi and Si Xingkong were forcefully pushed backward.

The three people immediately stepped back after the exchange.

"Bang Bang!"

A moment later, two masters from Saint Xu Gentry fiercely attacked again from two directions. One had the physical quality of ice nature and the other had the physical quality of fire nature.

Under the fierce attack, Luo Shuihan didn't break a single sweat. She applied the bodily movement and countered the attack. She nullified the attack of the two masters.


Luo Shuihan stretched out her arm. She clenched her fingers and made a first, striking out the fist into the void space.

The fist contained indescribable mysterious norms. It seemed to be accorded with the law of heaven and earth, giving people a most mysterious feeling.

Luo Shuihan had comprehended the great truth by perceiving this fist and practiced into a Saintly Being.

Once the fist struck out, space itself it seemed to shake. The person who attacked her from the left side suddenly got injured. Trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and he retreated.

The other one who attacked Luo Shuihan was beaten away by Luo Shuihan's left hand.

The two top masters of Saint Xu Gentry were defeated by a Saintly Being of the Luos. They could not withstand him at all.

On the other side, Zhang Ruochen kept on pressing the attack against Xu Qing, who was forced to move backward. Signs of danger appeared everywhere. Xu Qing seemed like he would be defeated anytime.

Si Xingkong, Huang Yanchen, Duanmu Xingling, Chang Qiqi and Chen Xier struck out one after another. They obliterated the talented students of Saint Xu Gentry. A dozen of them had already fallen from the Stairway to Heaven.

"My god! They are all the elites of powerful saint family, and now they are actually suppressed by a few students of the Omen Ridge."

"Saint Xu Gentry was too unlucky to encounter such powerhouses."


"He is so powerful ... and he has already reached the realm the Heart Integrated into Sword ... "

Xue Yingrou stared at Zhang Ruochen who was fighting with Xu Qing. She had mixed feelings. If she knew long ago that Zhang Ruochen had such an amazing talent, even if he was not an inheritor of a powerful Saint family, she should have followed him.

There were very few such figures among the younger generation of Kunlun's Field. If he made it into the Saint Academy, he would definitely be the focus of the whole academy.

At this moment, a wild-looking man with a bristly unshaven chin walked out among the students. He squinted his eyes and stared at Zhang Ruochen who was standing on the Stairway to Heaven. He said coldly, "Zhang Ruochen? Is he the one who defeated Di Yi?

A student who was standing by the side asked, "Who is Di Yi? Is he powerful?"

The wild man showed sharp and cold expression in his eyes. He replied with two words as though he spoke through his clenched teeth, "Di Yi."

Popping sounds came from his ten fingers. He firmly walked towards the Stairway to Heaven. He said, "After I defeat Zhang Ruochen, I will definitely have a fight with Di Yi."

"Who is this man? How can he be so arrogant?"

Many people heard the wild man's words. They sneered. He wanted to defeat Zhang Ruochen. Who did he think he was?

The spectators might felt nothing if the wild man appeared before the fight took place. However, everyone had witnessed with their own eyes how Zhang Ruochen had overwhelmed Xu Qing and with the Heart Integrated into Sword.

Who did you think you were?You wanted to defeat Zhang Ruochen?

"He is ... He is Bu Qianfan of Saint Bu Gentry ... He was once at the top of the Earth Board for three years. It is said that he has reached the level of the final stage of seven and a half."

"Some time ago, I heard that he was defeated by a mystical person of the black market with three strikes of the sword, and then he went to the Death Primitive World."

"What? He actually dared to go the Death Primitive World? Everyone says that the place is very dangerous. Very few people could survive for more than three days in there."

The outstanding talent of East Region Saint Mansions, Chen Yi, seemed to know Bu Qianfan a little. He said, "But he managed stay in the Death Primitive World for two months. When he got out, his cultivation improved significantly."

Another outstanding talent of East Region Saint Mansions, Chen Tianshu, said, "The mysterious master of the black market who defeats Bu Qianfan is the young master of First-Class Hall, Di Yi. It is said that Bu Qianfan's strength is not any less than Di Yi's. However, Bu Qianfan has flaws in his mind which were exploited by Di Yi. He damaged his Martial Arts Heart first; therefore he was able to defeat Bu Qianfan with only three strikes of the sword."

"Bu Qianfan went to the Death Primitive World just to strengthen his Martial Arts Heart to remedy this defect. He actually stayed there for two months. An ordinary person wouldn't have had such a strong will power. He possibly has fixed the flaw of the Martial Arts Heart."

Chen Yi said, "If it is really so, with Bu Qianfan's current strength, he must have made great progress."

Chen Tianshu smiled, "Bu Qianfan must have heard the news that Zhang Ruochen has defeated Di Yi, so he comes here to fight Zhang Ruochen. He can regain his confidence only by defeating Zhang Ruochen and becoming the best in Martial Arts among the new generation."

"Although Bu Qianfan has great talent, he is after all, only in his 20s like Zhang Ruochen. He is half a generation younger than Xu Qing and us. He was in the Earth Realm half year ago. I think his cultivation is only in the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm at most," Chen Yi said.

Three outstanding talents of East Region Saint Mansions, Xu Qing, Zi Hansha and others were all close to or over 30 years old. Bu Qianfan and Zhang Ruochen could only be regarded as juniors to them.

"With their final seventh stage talent, it's already amazing that they have reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm. If they reach another realm, elders like us will soon be left in the dust, " Chen Tianshu smiled.

As he was talking, Bu Qianfan had ascended the Stairway to Heaven. He stared at Xu Qing and shouted, "Go away, Zhang Ruochen is my opponent."

Bu Qianfan's voice was plain and common when audiance heard it, but in Xu Qing's ears, it was as loud as thunder. His brain went dark and he retreated continuously.

The martial technique applied by Bu Qianfan was in the Inferior Class Ghost Level, which was called Sound of Thunder and Brahma. He had practiced this martial technique into the succeed realm. His battle roar could easily rout 100,000 soldiers.

Although Bu Qianfan had just practiced into Small Success Realm, he had already reached a certain degree. Even if Xu Qing was caught off guard, he was also suppressed.

Xu Qing had powerful physical quality. He reacted quickly and said, "Bu Qianfan, this is Saint Academy, not the battalion of Ministry of War. You'd better be nice to me. Moreover, our opponents are Zhang Ruochen."

"I said that, Zhang Ruochen is my opponent. You can back down now!" Bu Qianfan said impolitely.

Xu Qing's face turned gloomy and he was angry. If he had no internal injury after fighting with Zhang Ruochen, he wouldteach this junior Bu Qianfan a lesson.

"All right. I will let you fight with Zhang Ruochen first and see how you are going to deal with him."

Xu Qing did not flaunt his superiority and went back to the side.

At this moment, other talented students of Saint Xu Gentry were all beaten down from the Stairway to Heaven by Luo Shuihan and others. Everyone was badly bruised and looked miserable.

Xu Qing was not in the mood to deal with them. He swallowed a healing pill. While he was healing, he was observing confrontation between Zhang Ruochen and Bu Qianfan.

Zhang Ruochen could become an inheritor of a powerful Saint family, he was not only talented but also very smart.

Xu Qing knew clearly that he underestimated his enemy, that's why he was on the losing side when fighting Zhang Ruochen.

Now he wanted to observe Zhang Ruochen's martial arts and movements to find out Zhang Ruochen's flaws. To know one's strength is the key to ensure victory.

"He turns out to be Bu Qianfan."

Zhang Ruochen had heard of Bu Qianfan's name long ago. The identity of top one on the Earth Board had been possibly known to all in the Eastern Region.

In the past two or three years, the top God's favored sons of the Eastern Region should be Zhang Ruochen, Di Yi, and Bu Qianfan; then there were also Luo Shuihan who had practiced into a Saintly Being and Saintess of heresy with mythical identity.

There were only five people.

Any of them had the talent to become a saint.

They were almost the same age, around 20 years old. Moreover, their martial cultivation were almost the same. Even if their strength varied, they were regarded as at the same level.

Bu Qianfan was not a student of the School of the Martial Market, but a talent cultivated by Ministry of War of the imperial court. He came to Saint Academy only to fight Zhang Ruochen.

"Did you defeat Di Yi?"

Bu Qianfan stood on the Stairway and observed Zhang Ruochen, and gave the latter a bone-chilling stare.

This expression could only be seen in the eyes of a soldier who had slain countless enemies. Even if he did not deliberately regulate his Genuine Qi, he could intimidate the ordinary warriors, making them tremble with fear and kneel before him.

Zhang Ruochen was also observing Bu Qianfan. The profile of a famous person like Bu Qianfan had been recorded long ago on the Earth Board. You only needed to buy a copy of Earth Board to know everything about him.

Bu Qianfan had just reached 20 years old. He was at the same age as Zhang Ruochen. But his face was covered with beard, which made him look very old and somber. He seemed to be 35 or 36 years old.

Especially his eyes. They were like steel and iron, containing an unyielding will.

Zhang Ruochen looked at him very calmly. He said, "That's right. Di Yi and I had a fight before. I was lucky to win."

"Being able to defeat Di Yi requires more than just luck."

Bu Qianfan's eyes were sharp and cold. He said, "I give you an hour to recover your Genuine Qi. After that, you have to fight me."

Zhang Ruochen smiled, "I don't want to fight with you. Moreover, Stairway to Heaven is a place for the exam of Saint Academy. You are from the Ministry of War and can't be here."

Bu Qianfan wore the armor of Ministry of War.

"You don't think I'm qualified to fight you because I'm defeated by Di Yi with three strikes of sword?"

Bu Qianfan's eyes were sharp and cold. He said, "I'm in the Yellow Realm and have once reached the Ultimate Realm. Am I qualified to fight with you?"

Anyone who reached the Ultimate Realm would keep it a secret. On the contrary, Bu Qianfan did not care at all and told Zhang Ruochen about it.

Was he stupid?

How could he be stupid if he managed to survive in the Death Primitive World for whole two months?

In the end, Bu Qianfan was fearless. Being lionhearted was the behavior of the most orthodox military. He was upright, outspoken, and seemed to have the power to root out all evils in the world.