387 The Inheritance of the Feather Saint, Heart Integrated into Sword

 "Sun Meridian Ripple!"

"Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave."

"Medium Pulse Breaking Sword Wave."

Zhang Ruochen struck out three fingers at the same time, gathering three strokes of power. His left thumb, index finger and middle finger felt like they were on fire. With a blast, three Sword Waves struck out simultaneously.

Burning like the scorching sun and smelter, three strokes of giant scorching Sword Breath attacked toward Xu Qing.


Xu Qing stood firmly and immediately channeling the technique of "Hinayana Vajra Martial Code". The Genuine Qi in his body was released. He drew a circle in the air with his finger. Silver liquid metal drops immediately appeared in front of him.

The liquid metal drops concentrated together, forming three silver metal combat swords, which were deadly sharp and resembled the combat sword of Genuine Martial Arms.

Only warriors who had a physical quality of Metal nature and achieved a higher realm in martial arts could condense a metal weapon with his own Genuine Qi. At the same time, the warrior could also swallow metal directly and digest it with his stomach, and the metal would integrate into his body.

Xu Qing had such physical quality. Under the strengthening of Hinayana Vajra Martial Code, he had reached the realm of Forming Soldiers with Qi and Fusing Soldiers with Qi.

While Xu Qing was turning his fingers, three combat swords kept turning as well, emitting fierce and forceful Sword Breath. It flew towards three Sword Waves.




There were three loud bangs.

The three metal combat swords condensed by Xu Qing collided with three Sword Waves. They decomposed immediately and turned into streaks of Genuine Qi fog, disappearing into the sky.

"So what if you are the Buddha Emperor's descendant. I also have the inheritance of Feather Saint; and I may not lose to you."

"Fiery Wings."

Xu Qing lowered his arms and bent his back forward. Two humps grew near his spine, becoming bigger and bigger.

With a swooshing sound, they broke out, turning into two flaming wings.

After spreading out, the wingspan was at least nine meters wide.

Xu Qing flew up and hovered nine meters above ground.

Every piece of his feather was as sharp as the blade of a knife. Under Xu Qing's control, the flaming wings flapped quickly, and the feathers turned into flying flame knives.


Tens of thousands of flying knives dashed down like a pouring rain.

"I heard long ago that Xu Qing had entered the Holy Land of Saint Xu Gentry, Sacred Valley, to practice and seek for the inheritance of the ancestors. I didn't expect that he actually got the inheritance of the Feather Saint."

"In the history of Saint Xu Gentry, there were 47 saints. Feather Saint was one of the most powerful Saints. Xu Qing actually got his inheritance, no wonder he looked down upon the Saintly Beings."

"Xu Qing can really compete with a Saintly Being if both of them are in the same realm."


Xu Qing triggered the Fiery Wings, and he got a burst in momentum. The entire Stairway to Heaven seemed to be centralized on him. He was like magical flaming pheonix of the legends, flapping its wings in front of the sun, instantly overwhelming all those students who were ready to ascend the Stairway.

While everyone thought that Zhang Ruochen would definitely lose, he condensed combat swords with Blue Genuine Qi. Tens of thousands of sword shadows flew around him.

Knife light and sword shadow clashed together, letting out cracking sounds.

Two forces clashed against each other continually. The distance between Zhang Ruochen and Xu Qing was getting closer and closer. Finally, when they were only five steps apart, both of them used their unique techniques.

Xu Qing swooped down. The wings on his back were like two giant knives as they slashed toward Zhang Ruochen.

Before he could fully swing his wings, a heat wave dashed down first.

Zhang Ruochen stayed cool and pulled a piece of hair from his head. He chopped over with it and broke open Xu Qing's Celestial Bodyshield. With a ripping sound, it chopped off a big chunk of flesh from Xu Qing's left flaming wing.

Xu Qing's wings were activated by his own Spiritual Blood, which belonged to his body.

A piece of muscle was chopped off the wing, and he felt severe pain. He groaned and kept walking backward. His face turned pale.

His wing was chopped off, which meant that his array was broken.

The genius students down below were all surprised, they couldn't believe what just happened.

"How is it possible that Zhang Ruochen only used one piece of hair to break Xu Qing's Fiery Wings?"

"Fiery Wings are as hard as gold and iron. They have the protection of Feather Saint's breath and the support of Xu Qing's power. Even a common Genuine Martial Arms can't hurt them at all."

An outstanding talent from East Region Saint Mansions smirked, "Why can't it be possible? Although Zhang Ruochen looked like he is just holding a piece of hair, he actually applied the power of Sword Comprehension, which was in the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword. As long as he reaches that realm, a piece of hair is sharper than a real sword. The power of Sword Comprehension is like the power of Holy Road, which is terrifying."

"Heart Integrated into Sword? The legend says that only Half-Saint can reach that realm. How can a young student do that?"

In the mind of warriors who practiced sword in the world, the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword was like the realm of half saint to others. It was as unreachable as summits and as deep as the oceans. People could only look from afar in marvel.

The outstanding talent from the East Region Saint Mansions said, "That's not necessarily the case. As long as your talent, comprehension ability, and Spiritual Power are high enough, even if you don't reach Half-Saint realm, it is possible to reach Heart Integrated into Sword. It is said that many saints in the Saint Academy are in the Fish-dragon Realm and have reached the Heart Integrated into Sword. There are very few saints from the Heaven Realm who practiced the Heart Integrated into Sword."

"I have heard long ago that Zhang Ruochen has reached the Heart Integrated into Sword. Originally, I didn't believe it. However today is an attest to that, he actually reached the realm. Now even I feel like going a few rounds against him."

The talent from East Region Saint Mansions was called Chen Yi. He was tall and handsome. His eyes were full of infinite charm. A slight smile would fascinate the female students around him, turning them into his pets.

There were countless masters among the younger generation in the East Region Saint Mansions. There were everywhere in the world. Some were studying in School of the Martial Market; many others joined the Taiji Doctrine, Thousand Buddhas Sect, Confucianism and Taoism. Among those who joined the School of the Martial Market, there were three out-of-the-world pinnacle masters.

Chen Yi was one of them. The other two were called Chen Tianshu and Chen Jiu'er.

Huang Yanchen and Chen Xier could be also considered as men from East Region Saint Mansions. After getting Dragon's Blood, their physical quality had greatly improved. However, compared with those three people, they were still somewhat inferior.

The power of Heart Integrated into Sword applied by Zhang Ruochen not only startled the young students, but the Half-Saints in the Holy Temple were also surprised.

Demi-saint Lingshu, who was only three inches tall in her red clothes suddenly stood up and said, "Impressive. He can reach Heart Integrated into Sword in the Heaven Realm, I want to take him as my disciple."

Demi-saint Alan laughed loudly and said, "I see that he is naturally related to Buddhism. His Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm have already been practiced into a certain level. He should be my disciple."

"It's only the first round of the exam and you both are already fighting for a disciple? It's still unknown that whether Zhang Ruochen can pass the three round of the exam," Demi-saint Sandao said it in a strange manner.

Demi-saint Lingshu showed cold eyes. She said, "As long as your Saint Xu Gentry doesn't get in the way, with his talent of practicing the Heart Integrated into Sword, it's a piece of cake for him to pass the third round of the exam."

"Hehe! All I'm saying is that he hasn't passed the first round of the exam yet. As for the hardest third round of the exam, it is full of uncertainty. In the history of Saint Academy, some warriors who were also Saintly Being couldn't pass the exam because of bad luck," Demi-saint Sandao smiled.

Demi-saint Lingshu thought very highly of Zhang Ruochen. She believed that he would have a very bright future. So she challenged Demi-saint Sandao and said coldly, "We shall see about that."


When Zhang Ruochen was fighting with Red Wish Emissary, he had exposed his realm of Heart Integrated into Sword. So he will not try to hide it again. He got to strike back when the moment was right.

Although countered, Xu Qing's Qi did not suffer any major blow. He took retracted his Fiery Wings and immediately recovered.

Xu Qing hummed coldly, "So this is the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword. The only disadvantage I'm having now is the inability to use any weapon in this Stairway to Heaven. Otherwise, my giant dragon knife will be enough to hold back your sword."

Zhang Ruochen used two fingers, holding a piece of hair. He said, "Do you wish to continue?"

"Why not? No matter how powerful you are, how can two fists match with four arms?"

Xu Qing passed a message with his eyes, and the talented students of Saint Xu Gentry all gathered around him. They stood on the 29th Stairway, forming a human wall. They stopped Zhang Ruochen and others from ascending the 30th Stairway.

Even those students who were beaten and fall from the Stairway to Heaven climbed up again. There were more than 30 of them. Everyone was a top master.

Except for Xu Qing, two more person's cultivation was also in the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm. Their strength was just slightly weaker than Xu Qing's. They were also heavily favored and exclusively cultivated by Saint Xu Gentry.

There were also Xu Yuanzhi and Xu Su who ranked the fourth and fifth respectively. They were also masters who reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm. They had practiced Martial Soul and could regulate Spiritual Qi in heaven and on earth. They had the strength to compete with the warrior in the Completion of Heaven Realm.

Having a history of 10,000 years, Saint Xu Gentry indeed had many masters. Any talented master would be a dominator if they went to the Omen Ridge.

"It seems that Saint Xu Gentry decides to suppress the students of the Omen Ridge and won't let any of them pass the first round of the exam."

"Zhang Ruochen is indeed very powerful. It's a pity that Saint Xu Gentry has many masters. Is it even possible that he can overcome such overwhelming odds?"

"That's not necessarily the case. The Saintly Being from the Luo family is on the side of the Omen Ridge. If she cooperates with Zhang Ruochen, it would be almost impossible for Saint Xu Gentry to hold them back."


When the students were talking, Luo Shuihan stood up as expected.

Golden light shone from her eyes. A stroke of sacred power gushed out of her body and drew the talented students of Saint Xu Gentry into the golden light.

Under the suppression of the Saintly Being, only a few of talented students of Saint Xu Gentry could stay calm. The rest of them shuddered and sweated. They felt like mountains were crashing down on their bodies.

That was the force that only possessed bt the Saintly Being. It was enough to suppress the defending warriors.

Luo Shuihan said, "Xu Qing, if I strike, can your Saint Xu Gentry hold me back?"

Xu Qing hesitated. He could tell from the power and aura that was just emitted from Luo Shuihan that her cultivation had reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

Although he had the advantage in the realm, his opponent was after all, still a Saintly Being. After his Fiery Wings were chopped off, he was not confident that he could deal with Luo Shuihan.

There were only a few Saintly Beings in the entire Eastern Region.

While he was hesitating, Demi-saint Sandao's voice passed into his ears, "We have to kill Zhang Ruochen at any cost. I have already alarmed the other three inheritors of powerful saint families. They will help you."