383 Duel with Saint Xu Gentry

 Below the Stairway, the gifted students were stupefied. Some were surprised by Huang Yanchen's power, while others showed pity on Xue Yingrou.

Any man would have compassion for a beauty like Xue Yingrou, who was directly thrown down from the Stairway.

"The blue-haired woman just used some martial techniques from the Divine Dragon Techniques. Is she a descendant of the Chens or the East Region Saint Mansions?"

An arrogant voice came out from the crowd. That person snorted and said, "Don't you know her? Her mother is the youngest Half-Saint in the Chens. Her name is Huang Yanchen."

The speaker was Xu Qing, the first prodigy of the Saint Xu family.

He wore a white embroidered robe and his hands were clasped behind his back, which was straight like a long spear. He walked from the distance with an awe-inspiring strength. The onlooking students were frightened and drew back to make way for him.

Only a few people remained calm in front of him.

Chen Xier said with a smile, "That man is Xu Qing. In the Saint Xu family, he's favored by a Half-Saint forefather. He also has outstanding talents. It's said that his martial cultivation has reached the Peak of the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm.

"The most important thing is that he met my cousin in the Chens and was startled by her beauty. After that, he visited my cousin many times and sent her many rare treasures. But, regrettably, all of those treasures were thrown out by my cousin.

"But, he continued to send things to my cousin's mansion. Moreover, what he gave her each time was more precious than the previous one. Even though he knew that my cousin was engaged, he didn't give up. Moreover, he intended to take her away from you."

Zhang Ruochen looked calm. Chang Qiqi snorted and said, "Unexpectedly, he attempted to snatch someone else's fiancee. Doesn't he have a clear estimation of himself?"

Chen Xier laughed, saying, "As a descendant of Saint Gentry, he could easily carry off someone's wife, not to mention a fiancee. Senior Brother Chang, Xu Qing can kill you with half a movement."

Chang Qiqi was not convinced and activated the circulation of Genuine Qi within his body. On the surface of his skin, hard golden scales were generated.

After refining Dragon's Blood, Chang Qiqi's body mutated. As long as he mobilized the Genuine Qi, dragon scales would generate to cover his entire body. And then, he would become invulnerable and powerful enough that he could move mountains and drain seas.

Chen Xier showed a little disdain, saying, "The power of Dragon's Blood will be maximized only by practicing the Divine Dragon Techniques. Have you ever seen my cousin utilize Dragon's Power? You're too far behind her. Even if you possess the Dragon Scales for protection, how many movements can you withstand?"

"You've also practiced the Divine Dragon Techniques, right? Let's have a fight."

Chang Qiqi was enraged by Chen Xier. He sank his legs so that his ligaments and meridians became tense and his power gathered in both hands.

"Are you sure?"

Chen Xier rolled her eyes and was even more disdainful. When she held her 10 scallion-white fingers tightly together, wisps of golden Genuine Qi emitted from inside. Each wisp of Genuine Qi was like a flying dragon.

Zhang Ruochen felt somewhat unpleasant and said coldly, "Today, we've come here to participate in the Saint Academy's examination, rather than watch your competition. If you dare to, please go to the Stairway to Heaven to compete with students from the other Schools of the Martial Market."

After being rebuked by Zhang Ruochen, the haughty Chen Xier immediately contained her Genuine Qi and dared not to challenge Zhang Ruochen.

In the distance, Xu Qing was highly praising Huang Yanchen in a loud and clear voice, "Junior Sister Huang's 'Divine Dragon Removing Mountains' was displayed perfectly. She really deserves to be imparted by the Golden Dragon."

"Golden Dragon? Which one?"

Upon hearing Xu Qing's words, many people were confused.

"The Golden Dragon used to accompany Buddhist Emperor. Junior Sister Huang obtained its Dragon's Blood, so she got its inheritance. After refining the Golden Dragon's blood, her physical quality absolutely reached the top level, even though it can't be compared with the Saintly Being."

"I've also heard of the Golden Dragon. It's said that the Dragon Sarira also emerged with it."

"In the entire Kunlun's Field, the Golden Dragon Tribe is the most powerful. A drop of Dragon's Blood is enough to last a lifetime, let alone a Dragon Sarira."


Xue Yingrou, who had fallen from above, was just standing up. When she heard Xu Qing praising Huang Yanchen, she was even more jealous of her.

Originally, Xue Yingrou fell in love at first sight with Xu Qing. She wanted to become a daughter-in-law to Saint Gentry by throwing herself at him.

Xu Qing, however, did not like her at all.

Xu Qing had been staring at Huang Yanchen, God's favored daughter, on the Stairway to Heaven.

"Who on earth is she? Did I offend her? Why has she been against me?"

Xue Yingrou squeezed her fists and clenched her teeth. Her eyes were full of fury, envy, and some killing intent, as if she would tear Huang Yanchen up.

Although Huang Yanchen ignored him, Xu Qing was not angry. He laughed and stretched out his two arms like a great hawk spreading its wings. And then, he rushed to the Stairway to Heaven.

Xu Qing reached the 26th level of the Stairway after taking just a single step.

Xu Qing directly reached the 30th level after the second step. After he signed his name on the Jade Tablet, he immediately rushed up and chased after Huang Yanchen.

Later, 36 gifted students cultivated by Saint Xu Gentry also rushed to the Stairway to Heaven to escort Xu Qing.

"He's really shameless. Zhang Ruochen, let me teach him a lesson for you," Chang Qiqi said indifferently.

Before Zhang Ruochen could stop him, Chang Qiqi had rushed to the Stairway to Heaven in a storm of anger.

Previously, Chen Xier had told him, "Xu Qing can kill you with half a movement." But Chang Qiqi was not convinced. He was outraged and wanted to vent his anger.

Chang Qiqi quickly caught up with a gifted student of Saint Xu Gentry. He grabbed his vest, blocked his Sacred Merdian, and raised him over his head.

"You people of Saint Xu Gentry are shameless."

Chang Qiqi swore and powerfully threw the student with his arms.


The student fell from a height of 10 meters and as he landed down on the ground, it slightly shook.

Besides the gifted students of Saint Xu Gentry, those below the Stairway to Heaven were also stupified. It was unbelievable that someone had dared to abuse the people of Saint Xu Gentry so shamelessly.

He really had some nerve.

Saint Xu Gentry had a great influence and many masters, so even the descendants of other Saint Gentries could not easily swear like this.

Was his background stronger than that of Saint Xu Gentry?

Someone noticed that Chang Qiqi was completely covered up by Dragon Scales. They speculated that he must have refined a lot of Dragon's Blood. But it was unlikely that he had refined the Dragon's Blood of a Golden Dragon because no ordinary people could refine a large amount of Dragon's Blood.

How could a common warrior afford such a large amount of Dragon's Blood?

All the people were speculating about Chang Qiqi's identity. Since he dared to challenge Saint Xu Gentry, he had to be a hero.

"Who is this man? Doesn't he fear the retaliation of Saint Xu Gentry?"

"Since he cursed all the people of Saint Xu Gentry, he's absolutely not an average person. Perhaps he belongs to another Saint Gentry that is ready to do battle with Saint Xu Gentry on the Stairway to Heaven."

At that moment, Xue Yingrou scoffed, "Him? You're really overestimating him. He is just a common warrior from Omen Ridge, a deserted place. He obtained Dragon's Blood probably because of his good luck."

"What? A warrior from Omen Ridge? I know that place. It's at the edge of the Eastern Region and is very barren. It didn't even have any human civilization until recently, so it's very poor. For decades, it was very difficult for anyone from there to get admitted to the Saint Academy."

"It's true that unruly people come from the badlands."

"And he dares to curse Saint Xu Gentry like that. Wait and see, he'll surely be beaten miserably."


When all the people were discussing him, Chang Qiqi flung away another two gifted students of Saint Xu Gentry and they tumbled down the Stairway to Heaven.

As the power of the Dragon's Blood was activated, his power greatly increased. He looked like a ferocious human-shaped brute dragon, howling with a roar like a dragon.

Standing on the 39th level, Xu Qing looked down with indifference. Then he ordered, "You can't let him sign his name on the Jade Tablet. Break his legs and throw him down the Stairway to Heaven."

If it was not forbidden to slay in the Saint Academy, Xu Qing had probably ordered to kill Chang Qiqi.

Was he not courting death that he dared to curse the people of Saint Xu Gentry?

After receiving Xu Qing's order, those gifted students of Saint Xu Gentry exasperatedly rushed toward Chang Qiqi one after another.

Finally, Chang Qiqi had met his match.

Attacked by a gifted student of Saint Xu Gentry, whose cultivation was at the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm, Chang Qiqi constantly drew back and was even punched twice. Luckily, he was not injured because of his amazing defensive power.


Si Xingkong snorted and the Genuine Qi inside his entire body burst out. His arms rattled like the crashing together of metal. His skeleton expanded and pieces of Dragon Scales were generated.

A moment later, Si Xingkong's arms were seven times thicker. They turned into two three-meter-long Golden Dragon claws with 10 sharp toes, like 10 golden blades.

He directly rushed up the Stairway to Heaven and ran toward Chang Qiqi in an instant. As he swung a claw, the gifted student of Saint Xu Gentry who was fighting with Chang Qiqi was beaten back.

Si Xingkong was initially already stronger than Chang Qiqi. As the power of Dragon's Blood was activated, his power naturally increased.

Si Xingkong continuously struck three times. The fourth strike hit the gifted student's chest and left a bloody trace of a dragon's claw. He was knocked into the sky and tumbled down the Stairway.

"How amazing! As a top 10 young master of Saint Xu Gentry, Xu Zhu was defeated after just a few movements. Who is that guy?"

"Look! His arms turned into dragon claws. Has he also refined a lot of Dragon's Blood?"

"When did Dragon's Blood become so worthless?"

"Isn't that guy a warrior from Omen Ridge? Is Omen Ridge so powerful?"


It was undeniable that Si Xingkong's power was really amazing, and even those descendants of Half-Saint families were fearful.

In small places such as Omen Ridge, it was unlikely that a genius with such power could be cultivated.