380 The Same Courier Station

 After leaving Sword Sanctum, Zhang Ruochen returned to the Courier Station of Martial Market in the Seventh District, not knowing what had happened afterward.

When Zhang Ruochen entered the Courier Station of Martial Market, he suddenly heard a noisy crowd. He looked over and in the distance, saw Zi Hansha, Xue Yingrou and other gifted students of South Cloud Commandery. They were actually living in the Nanting Courier Station.

At this moment, they were standing in the middle of the spacious martial-arts arena and measuring the Courier Station with their eyes.

Among them, a younger gifted student shouted with a surprised, "Wow! It's indeed a Courier Station of the School of the Martial Market. It's so magnificent!"

"East Region Saint City is a real Holy Land for martial arts practice. I must enter the Saint Academy. I will stay here forever and never go back!"



Even if they are gifted students of South Cloud Commandery, for most of them, it was their first time to come to East Region Saint City.

They were shocked by its prosperity. Even a Courier Station was more splendid than a grand palace. Most of the people were determined to live here and became permanent residents of East Region Saint City.

It seemed that being a permanent resident of East Region Saint City was a kind of supreme pride.

Zi Hansha crossed her arms and stood proudly. Seeing those junior fellow apprentices and junior sister apprentices who had not seen much of life, she showed disdain in her eyes and said, "If you want to stay in East Region Saint City forever, you have to be able to buy a mansion. As far as I know, the cheapest mansion costs at least two million pieces of Spiritual Crystals. As for the mansion in the Seventh District, you could not possibly buy one with ten million pieces of Spiritual Crystals."

Zi Hansha, an outstanding talent of a Half-Saint family, had been visited East Region Saint City. So, he had some understanding of East Region Saint City.

Hearing Zi Hansha's words, the enthusiasm of those talented students almost died out.

A mansion of East Region Saint City was too expensive. Even if their martial cultivation reached the Heaven Realm and they had worked hard for decades, they would probably still be unable to afford it.

Furthermore, even if they could earn several million pieces of Spiritual Crystals, they would rather spend them on training. No one would randomly buy a mansion.

So it was almost impossible for a warrior in the Heaven Realm to buy a mansion in East Region Saint City.

Zi Hansha spared a glance at Xue Yingrou and said proudly, "Our Zi family is a Half-Saint family, so we have many houses in East Region Saint City. Before we arrived here, our master had said that as long as I could become a Saint of the Saint Academy, I could get one of the mansions."

Hearing the words, those gifted students were all surprised, and they walked closer to Zi Hansha, before they tried to start flattering him.

"Eldest brother is indeed powerful and definitely an inheritor of a Half-Saint family. We are far below you level."

"From now on, eldest brother, please give me support in East Region Saint City."


Especially those talented female students, who were adoringly stared at Zi Hansha, sighed with emotion. A Half-Saint family is profound and deep-seated. It actually had power in East Region Saint City.

On the contrary, Xue Yingrou was very calm.

Ever since seeing that Zhang Ruochen defeated Zi Hansha, she was very disappointed at Zi Hansha. It was just a Half-Saint family. In East Region Saint City, there were many more of it.

He at least had to become an inheritor of a powerful Saint family to be worthy for me.

Zhang Ruochen just cast a glance in the distance and shook his head. He walked inside the gate, heading toward Jadetoad Palace.

Someone from the group saw Zhang Ruochen and shouted, "Eldest brother, senior sister apprentice Xue, look! Zhang Ruochen is also living in this Courier Station."

Those gifted students all looked at Zhang Ruochen with disdain clear in their eyes.

"I'm actually living in the same Courier Station with those hillbillies, which really degrades my identity," Zi Hansha thought so in his mind. He stopped smiling and just hummed.

Xue Yingrou frowned, she had a bit indescribable feeling inside her heart. She did not hate Zhang Ruochen. However, she was very disappointed in him.

Zhang Ruochen did not bother talking to them. He passed through the martial-arts arena and returned to his room.

"I must keep practicing and try my best to reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm as soon as possible."

Zhang Ruochen went into the internal space of Time and Space Spinel and sat in the middle with his legs crossed. He cleared his mind, took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He ran exercises to fully absorbed the Divine Dragon Strength of the Dragon Pearl.

In Sword Sanctum, although Zhang Ruochen only fought with Lu Fantian for one move, he could clearly feel the powerful strength of Lu Fantian.

"Lu Fantian's cultivation must have reached the Medium State of the Heaven Realm, which is three realms higher than mine. If I fight with him without using the Martial Soul and the Spiritual Power, I will lose for sure."

The powerful Martial Soul and Spiritual Power were Zhang Ruochen's last important card. However, as an inheritor of Sword Sanctum, did Lu Fantian not have his last card?

So, if there was a real fight, Zhang Ruochen would not be sure that he could defeat Lu Fantian.

At present, he had to increase his cultivation as quickly as possible. Only if he reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm, his strength could be increased. So that he would be more confident to fight against the top talents of the Eastern Region.

There were more than 5000 drops of blue Vital Essence floating in his Qi sea, which was like a sky full of sparkling stars.

God marks appeared one after another on the Qi sea wall. Some had a human body and a dragon head. Some had a human body and a snake nail. Some had three heads and six arms...

With the running of exercises, the god marks seemed to be alive, turning into illusory images of gods and infusing into Zhang Ruochen's Vital Essence.

Every drop of Vital Essence was infused into an illusory image of God.

From afar, it was like a God suspended in a bubble, emitting sacred light.

"Prebiotic Blue Sky."

Zhang Ruochen ran the fourth level exercise of the Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean. A vortex appeared in his Qi sea, making drops of Vital Essence start spinning.

Suddenly, the speed of the Vessel of Spiritual Blood absorbing the Divine Dragon Strength doubled.

20 days later, the number of the Vital Essence in Zhang Ruochen's Qi sea was 9700 drops, close to 10000 drops.

If Zhang Ruochen had three more days, he would be confident that he could reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

Unfortunately, the first round of the Saint Academy's examination took place today. Zhang Ruochen had to stop practicing and walked out of the internal space of Time and Space Spinel.

Only six or seven days had passed in reality, while 20 days had passed in the Time and Space Spinel.

In the morning, the breeze was cool. Mist was rising. Vermilion overhanging eaves and colored glaze tiles could be seen vaguely in the distance among the fog.

Duanmu Xingling, Si Xingkong, and Chang Qiqi had waited outside long ago. They were wearing neat Silvery Martial Robes, which made them look very vigorous and energetic.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen had walked out, everyone's eyes suddenly lightened up.

Even Lei Jing whose cultivation was very profound also stared at Zhang Ruochen deeply. He asked, "Zhang Ruochen, does your cultivation reach to another level?"

Although Zhang Ruochen's cultivation did not reach another level, due that Gods Marks were integrated with his Vital Essence in his body, it became more mysterious and strange.

Every drop of his Vital Essence was like those of a God's.

It was because of this that they also felt strange, thinking of that Zhang Ruochen had reached another realm.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen's strength was indeed increased greatly.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "I haven't even reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm for too long. How can I breakthrough to the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm that fast?"

Hearing this, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi felt relieved.

Chang Qiqi patted his chest and said, "I'm scared to death. Luckily, you haven't reached another level. Otherwise, it's just too crushing and overwhelming! I have hard been refining the Dragon's Blood. Till now, I've just refined 1800 drops of Vital Essence."