376 East Region Saint City, Visiting an Old Friend

 "Zhang Ruochen, why did you stop me?"

Duanmu Xingling threw off Zhang Ruochen's hand after they boarded the White Dragon Holy Ship. She widened her apricot-like eyes and gave him a cold glare. She was obviously very angry.

Zhang Ruochen replied, "Xue Yingrou and I just exchanged views about sword technique. We are not as close as you think. We both are students of School of the Martial Market. Why do we have to cause a scene?"

"Maybe you just wanted to help her with sword technique, because both of you are studying in the same school. But she had a different idea. Don't you see that?"

"It doesn't matter what others think. We just have to do the right thing" Zhang Ruochen said.

Duanmu Xingling rolled her eyes. She said, "Is it? She kissed you and I saw it with my own eyes."

Upon hearing this, Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi and the rabbit Guoguo who were eating the Spiritual Dose all turned around, and stared at Zhang Ruochen with surprise.

Everyone was shocked.

Chang Qiqi envied and admired him. He said, "My god! Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, is it true? Xue Yingrou is someone whose beauty could end kingdoms. She actually kissed you?"

Si Xingkong showed a bit of a smile. He said, "I don't believe that it is just as simple as a kiss."

"I don't buy it either."

Chang Qiqi said instantly, "No wonder Xue Yingrou hates you so much. It turns out that you have taken such an advantage of her. If I were her, I would definitely hate you as well."

Zhang Ruochen shook his head bitterly, looked at Duanmu Xingling, and said, "Senior sister apprentice Duanmu, how did you know about this?"

"I ... I certainly ... saw it accidentally ... "

Duanmu Xingling's face was unnatural. She turned around instantly, fearing that Zhang Ruochen might catch the panic in her eyes.

Luckily, Chang Qiqi helped her out from this predicament. He said unruly, "It is actually true. Junior fellow apprentice Zhang, you are very charming! She threw herself on you just because you guided her with some sword techniques. I have met Xue Yingrou for a few times. But she never looked at me in the eye, and she was as cold as ice. I even thought that she was a fairy from the heavens and doesn't put us mortals in her eyes. It turns out that that's not entirely true."

Guoguo widened its eyes and stared blankly at him. It said, "Master Chen, are you done?"

Zhang Ruochen was unable either to laugh or to cry. He said, "Actually, she doesn't fancy me either. Didn't you all just see that?"

Chang Qiqi smiled and said, "When she finds out that the young master of Black Market Excellence Hall was defeated by you, she will possibly regret it again. I have a feeling that your fight with Di Yi will be on the front page of Eastern Region Report. The message of Dragon Sarira coming into the world will definitely shock the world."

Zhang Ruochen did not seem to feel even the slightest joy. On the contrary, he became very serious.

Although he could be famous after being on Eastern Region Report and became the most popular God's favored son, the evil masters would definitely plan to deal with him.

When the next Eastern Region Report was issued, Zhang Ruochen's life would never be as peaceful as it was ever again.

The giant White Dragon Holy Ship, under the push of energy of a hundred thousands Spiritual Crystals, brought out dynamic inscriptions and flew up into the sky. It flew toward East Region Saint City, leaving explosions behind.

A planet, a city.

Not many have any idea of how long the East Region Saint City was under construction for it to be developed into its present scale. More than 100 million warriors were practicing and living in East Region Saint City.

There was more competition here there than anywhere else.

Of course, there were also more opportunities.

White Dragon Holy Ship flew through the clouds. Standing on the ship, they could see the land and ocean below. There were palaces, pavilions, high towers and martial-arts arenas everywhere. There were grand palace-like buildings on the top of the mountains, island fortresses dotted around the oceans, and majestic Holy Temples that floated in the sky.

An atmosphere of strong Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth flooded over from all directions. As long you exercised the qi in your body, a large amount of Spiritual Qi could be inhaled into meridians through limbs and bones, which could make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

"The Spiritual Qi of the East Region Saint City is ten times thicker than that of the outside. Practicing here will definitely yield twice the result with half the effort. No wonder the warriors would try so hard to to get into the Saint City," Si Xingkong said.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, "The thick Spiritual Qi is just one part of it. The unique learning environment of Martial Arts in the East Region Saint City is more important. There are many suzerains and Aristocratic Families in the Middle Age for the past 10,000 years, the resources of Martial Arts is in abundance. I can easily get the advice of from famous teachers and can get to learn profound exercises and martial techniques."

Even Lei Jing nodded his head. The practice of Martial Arts did not mean to shut oneself up in a room. One had to get advice from the famous teachers and perceive martial arts of 100 families, getting their specialties. Then one could reach the Sacred Realm.

Practicing exercises without perceiving other martial arts could never reach the Sacred Realm, even if you had practiced the best exercises.

Only a resourceful man could become a saint.

East Region Saint City encompassed five continents, twelve oceans and thousands of smaller islands.

Saint Academy, located in the Seventh District of Jinhong Mainland, was undeniably the most prosperous place in the world. In the entire Eastern Region, countless warriors had come to the Seventh District. Some people came here for pilgrimage, while others wanted to be an apprentice to a master.

In any case, most of them were geniuses with dreams, hoping that a miracle would happen, and they would suddenly be of interest to some Half-Saint master of the Saint Academy, thus becoming their students. And then, they would themselves become Saints of the Saint Academy, standing tall above others.

In the Seventh District, there was not only Saint Academy, but also College, Fist Club, and Sword Club created by other forces. There were thousands of them, of varying sizes.

It could be said that there were numerous God's favored sons in the Seventh District. They gathered together to discuss current events, which affected the future pattern of the Eastern Region. It was a place for geniuses in the entire Eastern Region to gather.

Entering the Seventh District, a silver gowned Elder sent by School of the Martial Market led Lei Jing, Zhang Ruochen, Si Xingkong and others to a Courier Station of Martial Market.

Although it was a Courier Station, it was more of a palace courtyard, which was vast in the land. The wall was built with silver, the column was carved with golden jade, and the ground was covered with marble.

The Courier Station was like a fairyland on earth, surrounded by holy palaces.

"Nanting Courier Station has 36 palaces, 360 training rooms and 720 inferior servants in total. Among them, 27 palaces are inhabited. You will temporarily be residing in the Jadetoad Palace, which has ten rooms. You can allocate the rooms as you wish."

The silver gowned Elder was very easygoing. He continued, "The first round of Saint Academy's examination will take place in seven days. You should remember the time and make sure to not miss the examination."

After going over some other minor things, the silver gowned Elder left.

"The treatment of students in School of the Martial market is so luxurious. A Courier Station is like a Holy Temple the Saint lived in," Chang Qiqi said excitedly.

Si Xingkong said, "However good it is, we can only live here for three months. After that, if we don't pass the Saint Academy's examination, we will have to pack our bags and leave."

Chang Qiqi said with his fists clenched, "I'm sure I can pass the Saint Academy's examination. Then I will become a permanent resident in East Region Saint City through my own effort."

Arriving at East Region Saint City, Chang Qiqi had been deeply attracted by the prosperous scenery and martial arts atmosphere here. Suddenly, he had a new goal.

After going back to their own rooms and settling down, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi rushed out of Courier Station, heading toward the main street of the Seventh District to explore the prosperous East Region Saint City.

It was unknown when Duanmu Xingling left the Courier Station. She disappeared without a trace.


Zhang Ruochen sat in the room with his legs crossed and took out the Abyss Ancient Sword. He gently touched the fracture of the blade, showing contemplating expression.

"Blackie's skill of Refine Weapon is limited. He can only connect basic inscriptions in the Abyss Ancient Sword. No more than one thousandth of the power of the Abyss Ancient Sword has been restored."

"Since I have arrived at East Region Saint City, it's time to visit the predecessor. Maybe only he can help me repair the Abyss Ancient Sword."

There was a figure showing in Zhang Ruochen's mind. He narrowed his eyes and put the Abyss Ancient Sword back to sword scabbard. He carried it on his back and left Courier Station by himself.

There were 81 city districts in Jinhong Mainland, and every one of them was huge. The number of residing warriors in each of the districts was over 100 million.

There were also some special sacred mountains and Holy Lands other then the 81 city districts.

East Region Saint City's land was very expensive. Buying a small house in the center of the city would cost a huge sum of wealth, which equaled to all the superior in the Fish-dragon Realm had got.

It was even more difficult to own a sacred mountain in East Region Saint City. Only a real saint or rich Suzerain and their family could do it.

At this moment, after hurrying on with his journey for half a day, Zhang Ruochen came to the bottom of a sacred mountain. Specifically, there were many sacred mountains. There were 18 of them, one connecting to another.

When Sacred mountains were linked together, they could be called a Holy Land.

Hence, the owner of this room was definitely an extraordinary man.

"Sword Sanctum."

Zhang Ruochen raised his head, looking at a giant stone tablet in front of him. On the stone tablet, there were four vigorous ancient Chinese characters, carrying four overwhelmingly Sword Comprehension.

Four characters turned into four figures, appearing from the stone tablet, who were continuously displaying sword techniques.

Every character represented a sword technique that was highly profound.

800 years ago, Zhang Ruochen had been here and had seen this stone tablet. He also had seen the four characters. Nothing seemed to be changed.

Only the leaves on the ground seemed to have grown thicker.

Sword Sanctum was attached to the Zhangs for generations and it was always loyal to them. 800 years ago, the owner of Sword Sanctum was the sixth disciple of Emperor Ming. He was called Lu Yuanzhi, who had reached the level of Saint Master in refining weapons.

Of course, Sword Sanctum and Lu Yuanzhi's identity were tightly concealed. Except for Emperor Ming and Zhang Ruochen, the number of the person who knew about this did not exceed five.

At that time, Emperor Ming led Zhang Ruochen to Sword Sanctum, telling him that if he was driven into a corner one day, no one in the world could be trusted except Lu Yuanzhi.

"800 years have passed. Is Elder brother Lu still alive?" Zhang Ruochen clenched his hands. Many thoughts came to his mind.

At that time, eight disciples of Emperor Ming were all over 100 years old. Although Zhang Ruochen was their peers, there was a large age difference between them.

800 years had passed. If Lu Yuanzhi was still alive, he should be 970 years old now.