371 Travelling Together

 After some time, aside from Xue Yingrou, there were seven talented students gathered around Zhang Ruochen.

"Thank you, my brother, may I know your name?" One of the students asked graciously.

The students of the School of the Martial Market spread all over the world. Although they did not know Zhang Ruochen, they recognized the seal of their school on his gown.

Since they all were the students of the School of the Martial Market, naturally they were fellow apprentices.

Moreover, the power of Zhang Ruochen was so strong that they should respectfully call him "big brother" regardless of his age.

"Let's attack the Flaming Red Crow first."

Zhang Ruochen frowned slightly and said, "Well, although you all are the students of the School of the Martial Market, do you have any Combined Attack?"

"Of course we do!"

Standing by the side of Zhang Ruochen, Xue Yingrou immediately took out a fist-sized array of Formation Jade from her sleeves.

Unknowingly, it was Zhang Ruochen's first time to look at Xue Yingrou right in the face. A feeling of shock overcame him.

A thought immediately surfaced in his mind: "What a striking beauty."

No matter how strong a person's spiritual power was and how profound the cultivation was, the appreciation of "beauty" would never change.

Xue Yingrou was the first beauty of the young generation of South Cloud Commandery. Naturally, she was faultless. Whether it be her delicate facial features, or her perfect figure, or even her elegant temperament were all enough to make men infatuated with her.

Of course, Zhang Ruicin was only shocked for a moment, after all, he had already met so many beauties. He then immediately pulled away from his gaze and continued to kill the Flaming Red Crow.

After hearing Zhang Ruochen's plan, the other genius students took out the Formation Jade together with Xue Yingrou and arranged a Combined Attack.

Previously, Flaming Red Crow Prince had broken through the defense strategy of the Silver Moon Ship with an abrupt charge. They couldn't retaliate, and they were also separated by countless Flaming Red Crows, so they had no opportunities to use the Combined Attack.

Moreover, they were all geniuses who were arrogant and looked down upon each other. They only treated the elder brother Zi Hansha with reverence and had no respect towards other the geniuses.

Therefore, even though they all belonged to the School of the Martial Market in South Cloud Commandery, they they never talked to each other, in other words, since it was rare for them to unite against the enemy, there was no synergy in their teamwork.

They were still fighting individually when they were in danger. The first thing that came to mind was to save their own lives, instead of using the Combined Attack.

It was not until this moment that the Combined Attack actually worked.

It must be said that they were all talented and indeed extraordinary, and all of them were at the cultivation of the Heaven Realm. After the formation of Combined Attack, the power that erupted out was indeed terrifying.

They dispersed the Flaming Red Crows around for a moment and temporarily eliminated the immediate crisis.

In the other direction, centered on Zi Hansha, the eldest brother, there gathered seventeen talented students.

"Yeah! How can we forget to use the Combined Attack?"

"These Flaming Red Crows are no match for us now that we are using the Combined Attack. Although they can also attack us in groups, we can easily just join together to defend ourselves."

Zi Hansha looked at Zhang Ruochen at a distance, and he felt that he had been robbed of the limelight. In particular, his eyes grew even colder when he saw Xue Yingrou standing beside Zhang Ruochen.

He did not show any emotion, but ordered, "Arrange the Combined Attack."

When those genius students took out the Formation Jades and intended to arrange the Combined Attack, the Flaming Red Crows receded like a tide and turned into a cloud of fire, disappearing into the sky.

They were all amazed at it.

Why had the crows suddenly retreated?

Whatever the reason was, now that the Flaming Red Crows retreated, it meant that they completely survived this attack!

Those genius trainees were naturally excited and breathed out a sigh of relief. The exhilarating feeling of having just survived a disaster was indescribable and they felt like this was worth celebrating.


Two silhouettes suddenly dropped down from the sky.

It was Lei Jing and He Yunlou. They nearly landed on the Silver Moon Ship at the same time. The momentum of the body were powerful like two big mountains slamming down onto the ship and shocked the talented students on the Silver Moon Ship.

"My honor, Presbyter He."

All trainees bowed at He Yunlou.

Although the talented students at present were arrogant, even some were more favored beyond He Yunlou, but does it matter?

He Yunlou was superior in the Fish-dragon Realm which had already surpassed Martial Arts. It was reasonable for him to be admired by other students.

Moreover, even those with high talent may not be able to reach the Fish-dragon Realm. Even with the talent of Zi Hansha, he did not dare to ensure that he would be able to become superior in Fish-dragon Realm.

Since the ancient times, there were countless so-called Five and Six-realm Fighting Geniuses who failed to break through the Fish-dragon Realm and they could only remain as mere mortals and nothing more.

On the contrary, some mediocrities who never performed well, in the beginning, flew into the sky and evolved into dragons from fishes in their Fish-dragon Realm, becoming a saint and great emperor in the end.

Therefore, even with Zi Hansha's talent, he had to bow down his proud head in front of He Yunlou.

He Yunlou lifted his hands slightly, indicating that they did not have to salute.

Later, He Yunlou moved up to Lei Jing, holding his hands in fists, and said gratefully, "I am He Yunlou, Golden robe Presbyter of the School of the Martial Market in South Cloud Commander, and I'm thankful for your dear friend who defeat the Flaming Red Crow Prince. I'm afraid that our students from South Cloud Commandery would die and get hurt today without your help."

The talented students from South Cloud Commandery finally came to understand that it was someone who defeated the Flaming Red Crow Prince, so the Flaming Red Crows immediately receded.

They had all seen the gruesome power of the Flaming Red Crow Prince. The one who could defeat it must've been someone extraordinary. Nobody knew what county of the School of the Martial Market did they come from.

Or maybe they were from a mansion of the School of the Martial Market?

The Eastern Region divided into 36 Mansions, each of which was divided into 36 counties. Each county had a School of the Martial Market.

It is the county and the mansion rather than the commandery or offices that really subordinated to the establishment of the First Central Empire.

The magistrate of a county was called "Commandery Magistrate".

The magistrate of a mansion was called "Mansion Master".

According to the area, the size of a county in the Eastern Region was similar to the area of a superior class commandery.

But because this was a divine and fertile land, and it was surrounded with sacred mountains and had a long history, the population of a county was more than ten times than that of a superior commandery.

However, rights of a Commandery Magistrate were much more limited than the rights of a Commandery Prince. Besides, the Commandery Magistrates were also subjected to the direct jurisdiction of the imperial court center and cannot do whatever they like.

Of course, because of the prosperous Martial Arts in the Eastern Region, there were many Half-Saint families, powerful sectarians, and Saint families with a profound background. Young disciples had more choices to go for to grow their talents. It was not a necessity to join the School of the Martial Market to have a bright future.

Even so, this time the School of the Martial Market in South Cloud Commandery also selected 37 genius who had the opportunity to enter the Saint Academy. They at least were the genius of Three-and-a-half Tricks.

If they went to Omen Ridge, any one of them would've had the talent to rank first in Omen Ridge.

Lei Jing glanced at those genius trainees and sighed in his heart, "This was the Eastern Sacred Region where nurtured so many genius. It could select dozens of top talents in the School of the Martial Market just in a county which was impossible in Omen Ridge."

When Lei Jing looked at Zhang Ruochen, he was getting firm and strong at once. There was nothing to be self-abased. What Omen Ridge used to be could not represent what it is now.

Not to mention that Zhang Ruochen, Si Xingkong, and Duanmu Xingling, after refining of the Dragon's Blood, also could be at the top level compared with the talented students of South Cloud Commandery.

Lei Jing thought that he would show the old guys in the School of the Martial Market in the Eastern Sacred Region that there also existed talents in Omen Ridge.

Lei Jing and He Yunlou chilled out. After knowing that Lei Jing once was a Saint in the Saint Academy, He YunLou was even more respected and sighed, "It's no wonder that Brother Lei's cultivation was so powerful. You are the superior of the Saint Academy. I was totally inferior to you and I hadn't even stepped into the entrance of the Saint Academy."

Those talented students in South Cloud Commandery heard it and held Leijing with even more admiration.

What was the Saint Academy?

It was the cradle of saints. There was a rumor that the lecturers inside were all Half-Saints.

None of the monks who came out of the Saint Academy was weak.

Moreover, as the saint of Saint Academy in the past, he must had built up connections in the Acamedy. He was the leader of this team, so there is a higher chance for the group members to join the Saint Academy.

The beautiful eyes of Xue Yingrou took a look at Zhang Ruochen. She was in a wonderful smile over her face and was admiring, "It's no wonder that he was so powerful that his lead teacher was actually a saint from the Saint Academy."

Afterward, Xue Yingrou looked at Zi Hansha again and could not help but shook her head. Although Zi Hansha was also a genius, when compared with Zhang Ruochen, her talent seemed to be dull.

In the eyes of Xue Yingrou, she felt that Zhang Ruochen was really perfect. She was getting more and more attracted to him.

In her mind, she recalled the scene of Zhang Ruochen rushing out of the Flaming Red Crows and saving her. She felt that her cheek got hot and her heartbeat sped up. The more she recalled, the stronger her admiration was, and the more she favoured Zhang Ruochen over Zi Hansha.

With the invitation from He Yunlou, Lei Jing finally agreed to join them and take the Silver Moon Ship to the East Region Saint City.

Afterward, a Dragon-eagle carried Duanmu Xingling, Sikong Kong, Chang Qi and others to the Silver Moon Ship.

He Yunlou was quite surprised and said, "Brother Lei, how could you only bring such a few students?"

In fact, He Yunlou just considered Lei Jing as a big figure, thinking that he was a presbyter of the School of the Martial Market of a certain mansion. After all, Lei Jing was so powerful. How could it be impossible to bring such a few trainees? By all rights, he was supposed to bring hundreds of students with him.

Lei Jing only smiled and said, "Of course there are other trainees, but they have already gone to the East Region Saint City before us."

In fact, Lei Jing did not say anything wrong. There were indeed a group of trainees who had already gone first to the East Region Saint City, such as Huang Yanchen, Chen Xier, and Luo Shuihan.

He Yunlou suddenly nodded and thought that most of the students had already gone to East Region Saint City and the students with him now didn't join the main group. So He Yunlou stopped asking any more.

Afterward, he gave Si Xingkong, Duanmu Xingling, and Chang Qiqi a slight glance. There was the lingering presence of dragon Qi and they were absolutely extraordinary God's favored son.

Suddenly, He Yunlou was shocked and was more firmly believe in his conjecture.