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 On the Silver Moon Ship, flames flashed in all directions.

The many Flaming Red Crows were like fireballs and washed over the group, letting out sharp squawking sounds and going to attack the genius students.

Among them, there was a man with four eyes. His martial cultivation had reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm. He was a genius cultivated by School of the Martial Market of South Cloud Commandery.

Although he was young, he had fierce fighting force.

He held a Stick of Wind and Fire and kept swinging it, knocking away the Flaming Red Crows.

Under his feet, there were more than ten dead Flaming Red Crows.

However, less than two breaths later, a golden Flaming Red Crow flew out. It attacked his neck with one claw and pierced through his chin, lifting him up.

In a flash, he was lifted up 33 meters into the sky with screams coming out of his mouth.

"Ah! Elder He...Eldest brother...Help me..."

The golden Flaming Red Crow tossed him up. It stretched out two claws and tore his body in half, which fell down into the group of crows. They ate it all without even leaving a bone.

The Stick of Wind and Fire fell from above and dropped onto the deck with a bang.

One of God's favored sons who had a chance to enter the Saint Academy died a violent death like this before he could truly rise.

Seeing this, half of the students on the Silver Moon Ship were scared witless. Their faces turned pale.

"Chen Yumin...just died like this...Eldest brother, help me..."

Just a moment ago, a very pretty God's favored daughter was grabbed by two Flaming Red Crows, because she froze for one second. She was dismembered and turned to flesh and blood in the Flaming Red Crow's stomach.

At this moment, He Yunlou was working hard to control the Flaming Red Crow Prince. He had no extra energy to help them.

As for the eldest brother Zi Hansha, he was also surrounded by Flaming Red Crows and was busy enough with his own affairs. He could not take the risk to rescue others.

The reason why Zi Hansha could be called the eldest brother was because he was truly a top-level master. Not only had his cultivation had already reached the Dawn State of the Heaven Realm, but also he had practiced the Martial Soul successfully.

Furthermore, he was very calm. Even if he was caught in a siege, he could actually remain calm.

Obviously, he was battle-scarred and had experienced the danger of life and death.

Within a very short time, Zi Hansha had already killed more than 40 Flaming Red Crows. Every move he struck out, one Flaming Red Crow must fall down.

All of the genius students could not help but get close to him.

As long as we stand near the eldest brother, it would always be much safer.

"Eldest brother...Help me..."

There was someone asking for help again.

Zi Hansha looked toward the direction of the sound. More than 30 meters away, a young woman, as beautiful as a fairy, was being attacked by four golden Flaming Red Crows.

After having fought for so long, everyone had an idea about the Flaming Red Crow's ability.

Almost every golden Flaming Red Crow was a Fourth-level Savage Beast.

If it had been anyone else it wouldn't have mattered. But the woman was Xue Yingrou, the first beauty of South Cloud Commandery.

She was not only beautiful but also very talented. She was a real God's favored daughter. There were many warriors who thought her as their lover in dreams.

Loving beauty was part of human nature.

Otherwise, why was there a saying like "Even a hero falls for beauty"?

Zi Hansha was no exception. Seeing Xue Yingrou was in danger, he immediately took out a War Map and put it in her hand, infusing Genuine Qi into the War Map.


The War Map opened, and eight Icing Cold Birds of Fourth-level Savage Beast rushed out. They beat back the Flaming Red Crows which were surrounding Zi Hansha.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zi Hansha rushed toward Xue Yingrou.

However, Zi Hansha had only moved three steps and before he was surrounded by a crowd of Flaming Red Crows again. This put him in a difficult position.

As for the eight Icing Cold Birds, they had long been smashed by the Flaming Red Crow which had rushed over, and turned into streaks of blood fog of Genuine Qi, dissipating in the air.

Just now, Zi Hansha was hit by a golden Flaming Red Crow on his shoulder, breaking hi Celestial Bodyshield.

Luckily, he had an amulet treasure with him which just managed to fend off the attack. Otherwise, one of his arms would be severely wounded.

Zi Hansha spared a glance at Xue Yingrou, showing an expression of helplessness. He shook his head slightly. Afterward, he ignored Xue Yingrou and concentrated his effort on withholding the widespread attack from the Flaming Red Crows.

A hero saving a beauty was certainly nice, but the hero had to act according to his ability.

It was not worth it to throw his life in as well. After all, Zi Hansha was fated to be the king of the Saint Academy. He could never die here.

Seeing Zi Hansha moved back, Xue Yingrou was completely desperate. Under the attack of four golden Flaming Red Crows, she had to hide in a corner of the boat and withstood the attacks with difficulty. Her originally perfect body was covered with three bloody marks.

At this moment, Lei Jing yelled loudly, "Ruinous beast, how dare you fight with School of the Martial Market, you are looking for your own death."

"Rumble, rumble!"

In the sky, there was a loud sound. Lei Jing performed the Blood Magic Shadow as he fought against the Flaming Red Crow Prince.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen stood, in a silver robe and with a sword his hand, in the void space, coming to assist the Silver Moon Ship from the distance.

His sword did not fly out from the scabbard.

Even so, he could beat the Flaming Red Crows into blood and flesh with the sword scabbard.

When Zhang Ruochen was still about 100 meters away from the Silver Moon Ship, a large group of Flaming Red Crows flew toward him and initiated the attack. Some spat out fire and some struck out claws.

Zhang Ruochen stepped on the back of a Flaming Red Crow and rose up. Then he waved his left arm, striking out a handprint.

"Dragon in the Sky."

A ten-meter dragon-shaped illusory image flew out of Zhang Ruochen's palm. He killed 14 Flaming Red Crows, which turned into a shower of blood, falling down from the sky.

Zhang Ruochen spared a glance at the Silver Moon Ship, finding out that the students of School of the Martial Market were all struggling and in peril.

Since they were all students of the School of the Martial Market, if he could rescue them, he certainly would do that.


Zhang Ruochen withdrew his Abyss Ancient Sword and rushed to Silvermoon at a speed faster than sound. His move was so swift that even turned his figure into a series of shadows.

After the brief moment, those shadows overlapped each other, forming Zhang Ruochen's body.

At this moment, he had already landed on the boat's bow. Standing upright, he gave people an elegant feeling of being mighty in spirit and heroic bearing.

Behind him, more than 20 Flaming Red Crows fell from the sky like raindrops.

"What speed in attacking with a sword."

The genius students on the Silver Moon Ship certainly saw Zhang Ruochen who rushed over to help. At the same time, they also saw Zhang Ruochen's wonderful swordsmanship just now.

In that moment, before people had seen how he drew his sword, he had already killed more than 20 Flaming Red Crows.

He was too powerful!

Naturally, Zhang Ruochen saw Xue Yingrou who was besieged by four golden Flaming Red Crows. Because he was very close to Xue Yingrou, he immediately rushed over.

Every golden Flaming Red Crow was a Fourth-level Savage Beast.

Among these four golden Flaming Red Crows which were attacking Xue Yingrou, two of them were forth level inferior savage birds; one was a fourth level medium savage bird and one was a fourth level superior savage bird.

The fourth level superior savage bird was the most powerful one, which almost equaled a warrior at the Final State of the Heaven Realm. Otherwise, it could never completely suppress Xue Yingrou.

Furthermore, after reaching the level of Fourth-level Savage Beast, a Flaming Red Crow's defensive power increased greatly. When ordinary Genuine Martial Arms hit on its body, it was like hitting on metal and could not hurt it at all.

If Xue Yingrou did not have an amulet treasure and a combat sword of tenth level Genuine Martial Arms, which made the four golden Flaming Red Crows feel wary, she would probably have been killed long ago.

Even so, she now only in her final struggles.


With every step Zhang Ruochen moved, he swung with his sword and at least one Flaming Red Crow would be killed.

More and more Flaming Red Crows besieged him. However, they could not stop him. On the contrary, more and more Flaming Red Crows were killed by him.

When he stopped in front of Xue Yingrou, he had already killed more than 100 Flaming Red Crows.

Xue Yingrou, who was standing in the corner, saw Zhang Ruochen's superheroic bearing and was shocked. It was like "One sword attacked. Sword Saint was invincible".

That was right. At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was like a young Sword Saint. His sword technique had reached the acme of perfection.

While Xue Yingrou was in a daze, a Flaming Red Crow of fourth level medium stretched out its half a meter long claw and attacked Xue Yingrou's head.

The claw was very sharp and flashed with golden light.

You could imagine that once hit by it, Xue Yingrou's head would definitely be pierced through by the claw.

Xue Yingrou was very scared. However, she was helpless. Not only was her amulet treasure used up, but she was also badly injured. She wanted to dodge but could not.

"I'm afraid I will die here today..."

She thought so in her heart.


A sword radiance flashed in front of her. The sharp light made her close her eyes immediately.


When she opened her eyes again, the golden Flaming Red Crow had already dropped to the ground. There was a sword hole on the head of Flaming Red Crow which was bleeding.

Zhang Ruochen grabbed Xue Yingrou by her arm and pulled her to his side to protect her, "Be careful."

Zhang Ruochen struck out his sword twice, and two more golden Flaming Red Crows were killed by him.

At present, only one Flaming Red Crow of the fourth level superior savage bird was circling above Zhang Ruochen and Xue Yingrou.

However, it seemed to be afraid of Zhang Ruochen. It did not attack him immediately but asked three other Flaming Red Crows of third level superior savage birds to attack Zhang Ruochen.


Zhang Ruochen released his Genuine Qi, which formed a blue Celestial Bodyshield with a diameter of five meters. It protected him and Xue Yingrou.

Putting away the Abyss Ancient Sword, Zhang Ruochen struck out Sword Ripple of Ten Channels.

"Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave."

Zhang Ruochen struck out one finger. A Sword Wave as wide as a bowl flew out and shot down seven or eight Flaming Red Crows.

His Sword Ripple of Ten Channels had reached the Success realm. With ten fingers linked together, it became an inferior Ghost Level martial technique.

When a finger struck out, the power it released was also remarkable.

"Shadow Meridian Ripple!"

"Sword Ripple of Center Spiritual Channels."

"Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave."

"Tranquility Pulse Sword Wave."


13 Sword Waves struck out in a row and killed many Flaming Red Crows. On the ground, there were crows' bodies everywhere, stacking into a big pile.

Even the golden Flaming Red Crow of the fourth level superior savage bird was killed by Zhang Ruochen's Sword Wave.

Xue Yingrou stood by Zhang Ruochen's side and was completely shocked. She saw with her own eyes that Zhang Ruochen killed in all directions and was almost invincible. No matter how many Flaming Red Crows flew over, they could not hurt him at all.

"He is too powerful. Even the eldest brother isn't as powerful as he is. Perhaps he is an inheritor of some powerful Saint family?"

Although Xue Yingrou was also a God's favored daughter, she had to admire Zhang Ruochen's strength. At this moment, she raised her head slightly, showing adoration for Zhang Ruochen with tears in her eyes.

It was like how she adored Zi Hansha before.

In a world of showing respect to martial arts, everyone should admiAs long as we stand near the eldest brother, it would always be much safer.re the powerful ones, shouldn't they?

"This kind of man should be a true God's favored son!" Xue Yingrou thought so in her mind.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was so powerful, the students of School of the Martial Market immediately gathered around Zhang Ruochen, hoping that they could survive this ordeal with Zhang Ruochen's protection.