366 Thunder On a Sunny Day

 The Yellow Realm, the Black Realm, the Earth Realm, and the Heaven Realm were called the four realms of Martial Arts.

In Martial Arts, no matter how high a warrior's cultivation was, they could only be called as a warrior.

For example, a warrior in the Heaven Realm could only be called the Peak of Martial Arts or a martial arts legend.

Only when a warrior broke through the Martial Arts, could he enter the Holy Road.

If a warrior did not enter the Holy Road, they were still a mortal.

If they wanted to enter the Holy Road, they must experience the Nine Changes in the Fish-dragon Realm first. Every change was a Yin-Yang:

First Change: Congenital Embryonic Breath.

Second Change: Skin Refining to Gold.

Third Change: Bone Refining to Jade.

Fourth Change: Yinyu Holy Meridian.

Fifth Change: Yangyu Holy Meridian.

Sixth Change: Yinwei Holy Meridian.

Seventh Change: Yangwei Holy Meridian.

Eighth Change: Blunt Holy Meridian.

Ninth Change: Glazed Treasured Body.


Once a warrior entered the Fish-dragon Realm and completed even one change, they would go through an earthshaking change. Their strength would double and they would continuously approach the Holy Road.

After opening up five holy meridians and going through the Nine Changes in the Fish-dragon Realm, a warrior obtained a Glazed Treasured Body, which would not decay and would be immortal. Then they would be qualified to challenge Half-Saint Realm.

It was very hard to reach the Half-Saint Realm and it was far beyond a warrior's imagination.

Hua Qingye of the Poisonous Spider Club was not ordinary. He had practiced for almost 100 years to reach the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, Congenital Embryonic Breath.

The so-called Congenital Embryonic Breath was to swallow one's Internal Qi and hold it. It could change Spiritual Qi into sustenance and allow the warrior to realm of living without food.

Reaching this realm, a monk could lie below water for a year and not be suffocated or starve to death.

So, once a warrior had entered the Fish-dragon Realm, he had exceeded the mortal realm and was not a warrior anymore.

Zhang Ruochen was still far away from reaching the Fish-dragon Realm.

At this moment, he was refining the Half-Saint's Light in his Qi sea.

The Half-Saint's Light was sacred and immaculate. It floated in the Qi sea like a mysterious light flying in the sky and it contained a powerful force of soul.

With just only 1% of Half-Saint's Light, the force of soul it contained could also be comparable to the Martial Soul of a monk in the Seventh Change or even above in the Fish-dragon Realm.

Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul was very weak in front of the Half-Saint's Light. It was like the stars and the sun competing about which was brighter.

If he could totally refine the cloud of Half-Saint's Light, his Martial Soul would certainly be greatly improved. Of course, he could not reach such a terrifying realm as the Seventh Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

It was like if a person eats a pound of meat, would they be able to grow a pound of flesh?

Apparently not.

Even if Zhang Ruochen completely refined the Half-Saint's Light, his Martial Soul could only absorb one-tenth of it, which was one-thousandth of the soul power of the Half-Saint's Light.

However even one-thousandth of the soul power of the Half-Saint's light should never be looked down on, it would certainly triple or quadruple Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul.


Zhang Ruochen put his palms together and released the Martial Soul from his body. It floated above his head.

With the Martial Soul breathing and continuously absorbing the Half-Saint's Light, Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul became stronger and stronger, taller and taller, and full of a sacred and majestic feeling.

As one's Martial Soul became stronger, their Spiritual Power would also increase, however, the speed on increase would be very slow.

If the Martial Soul increased greatly, the Spiritual Power would only increase by one level.

According to Zhang Ruochen's estimation, it would at least take him three months to completely refine the Half-Saint's Light in his Qi sea.

However, there was no need to completely refine the Half-Saint's Light if he wanted to increase his Spiritual Power to the fortieth level. It was because Zhang Ruochen's current Spiritual Power was very close to the fortieth level. If he wanted to make a breakthrough, he just needed a small push.

Obtaining the Half-Saint's Light was a great chance for him to make a breakthrough.

Zhang Ruochen had been practicing in the internal space of Time and Space Spinel for almost one month and refined nearly one-third of the Half-Saint's Light. His Martial Soul had nearly doubled, and his Spiritual Power had reached level 40.

At this very moment, Zhang Ruochen felt that his soul seemed to have changed entirely, harmonising with some rule between the heaven and earth.

Streaks of invisible Spiritual Power automatically gathered toward Zhang Ruochen's glabella, forming a light spot. It became brighter and brighter.

Zhang Ruochen only felt a surge of heat coming from his glabella. It seemed that he would be split open by it.

"Open Skyeye."

On his glabella, there was indeed a light streak, forming a vertical slit shape like an eye. In its middle, there was a pupil like a fireball.

The Eye of Spiritual Power.

Only when one's Spiritual Power had reached the fortieth level, could they open up a Skyeye and see what an ordinary person could not see.

"Haha! My Spiritual Power has finally reached the fortieth level. With the Skyeye of Spiritual Power, I can observe more mysterious things."

Zhang Ruochen stopped refining the Half-Saint's Light and walked out of the Time and Space Spinel. He went outside of the Secret Room of Practice, carefully feeling the oddness and mysteriousness of the Skyeye.

Zhang Ruochen rose to his toes and flew into the sky. He landed on the highest tower of the Practice Mansion. With his feet on the glazed tiles, he looked into the distance.

Even before Zhang Ruochen could open up his Skyeye, he could see further than others did. He had a stunning vision.

However, when Zhang Ruochen looked to the distance with his Skyeye, he actually saw through the city wall of Devil Martial City. He could directly see the mountains 400 kilometers away.

Most importantly, what he saw was quite clear.

About 400 kilometers away, two savage beasts were fighting. One of them was a tiger with golden hair of more than three meters tall, and the other one was a golden snake with a purple crown.

They fought fiercely, breaking down many tall trees.

In the end, the golden snake with the purple crown won and swallowed the tiger with golden hair in one bite.

This is fabulous and amazing! This counts as being clairvoyant, right?

The Skyeye in Zhang Ruochen's glabella kept flashing. The light it emitted was even brighter.

Other than this, Zhang Ruochen found that the penetrating power of the Skyeye was also extremely powerful. Even if there was an obstacle, it could not block his vision.

Just like the city wall of Devil Martial City which was not only thick and wide but it also had Inscriptions of Array in it, however, Zhang Ruochen could see through it without using much Spiritual Power.

He turned his eyes and looked down at the ground. He could easily see the landforms and the creatures 60 kilometers below in the ground. Soldiers buried deep down, rotten bones, and broken armor...they were all presented in front of Zhang Ruochen.

This was a sight of the underground of the Devil Martial City which other warriors could not see at all.

"By using the Skyeye and the Sword Defending Technique with my current cultivation, it will be easy for me to headshot someone over 60 kilometers away. "

It was 60 kilometers and not 600 kilometers away because Zhang Ruochen was still in the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm and the Genuine Qi inside his body was not enough.

It was already difficult to control the sword when it flew 60 kilometers away.

Once he could reached a higher realm, he would be able to control it.

Although his cultivation was still in the fourth realm of Martial Arts, with his current strength, he had already exceeded the Martial Arts and reached another level.

He could compete with the Nine Miracles Prodigy of Legend.

The so-called Nine Miracles Prodigy was not as simple as just crossing the nine realms.

Why was he so powerful?

First, they trained their Spiritual Power into the fortieth level when they were less than twenty years old. Since ancient time, there had been few such people.

Second, they had a powerful Martial Soul. With Zhang Ruochen's current Martial Soul, he could be compared with warriors in Fish-dragon Realm.

Third, Heart Integrated into Sword Realm.

If a warrior at the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm had even one of the three conditions, he could be a prestigious favored son of God.

Moreover, Zhang Ruochen had them all. With his current strength, it would be strange if he could not exceed the Martial Arts.

After absorbing the Half-Saint's Light, Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul power doubled. He could now regulate the Spiritual Qi in heaven and earth.

Zhang Ruochen was confident that he could defeat Hua Qingye if they met again.

"Generally speaking, when a warrior's Spiritual Power reaches level 40, they can get some special abilities. I wonder what special abilities I have received?"

When one's Spiritual Power had reached level 40, he could be called a master of Spiritual Power in Kunlun's Field.

Some of them could use their Spiritual Power to call up thunder and lightning. They would be called Master of Thunder or Master of Lightning.

Some of them could use the Spiritual Power to summon wind and call for rain, they were called Master of Rain or Master of Wind.


Zhang Ruochen guessed that his new special ability may be related to thunder and lightning. After all, his Martial Soul included thunder and lightning nature.

So Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and stretched out one finger, pointing at the vault of heaven.

Suddenly, a streak of purple lightning shot out of the originally sunny sky. It was like a dragon flying across the sky. It hit on the square in the center of Devil Martial City.

Immediately after, there was a loud banging sound. The entire Devil Martial City seemed to shake.

Suddenly, all of the Inscriptions of Array around the Devil Martial City were activated, shooting out many columns. They formed many Defense Formations and covered the entire city.


There was a giant pit with a diameter of more than ten meters in the square center, which was caused by the lightning.

Around the giant pit, there was a large area of blackness on which there were many horrible cracks appearing. Some cracks were one meter wide. It was like the earth had split open.

There were countless densely packed lines of lightning that looked like horned purple dragons. They covered the entire square and made hissing sounds.

The horrible destructive force created by thunder and lightning scared the warriors standing around the square.

It was really like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky.



Masters of the School of the Martial Market and Yuntai Suzerain thought there was a peerless master coming to make trouble in Devil Martial City. They all came at once.

Among them, there was also Master of Silver Gowned Elder Hall, Lei Jing.

Lei Jing released his Genuine Qi. With a banging sound, he fell from the sky and landed on the edge of the giant pit. His mighty body was very tall and upright. With his hands on his back, he looked at the square that was completely destroyed and showed a worried expression. He said to himself, "What a formidable power. Has the Blood Spirit Queen arrived in Devil Martial City?"

He certainly did not think of Zhang Ruochen. After all Zhang Ruochen was just in the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm. No matter how outstanding he was, he could not have such a formidable power and influence.