361 Rising Blood Mis

 Zhang Ruochen attacked him again without saying anything.

"Nine-folds of Elephant Power!"

The shadow of the Martial Soul seemed almost integrated with Zhang Ruochen's body. The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi converged in his palm, exploding out with a nine-fold attacking force.

The nine Qi billows, like nine water waves, gathered in front of Zhang Ruochen's palm and formed a six-meter-long illusory image of a holy elephant.


As the power of the handprint was cast, the howl of a savage beast sounded, which shook the underground Secret Room and made pieces of broken stone fall from it.

Hua Qingye had to take this seriously. He spread his legs, bent his knees slightly, and did a horse stance. Then he suddenly punched out with a fist technique.

Unfortunately, he still underestimated the Zhang Ruochen's current strength. The illusory image of the holy elephant crashed against his body like a hill. He had just exchanged blows with him when he was once again sent flying backward. The Spiritual Blood in his body roiled and the Genuine Qi in his Meridians was in chaos.

"He is that strong?"

Actually, Hua Qingye was very powerful. A man who has entered into the Fish-dragon Realm could not be weak. However, his broken arm reduced his fighting strength.

Previously, he was seriously injured by Zhang Ruochen's sneak attack and so his fighting strength was greatly reduced.

His current power was only 30% of the power at his zenith.


Zhang Ruochen continued to strike out. He swung his sword to chop off Hua Qingye's head.

"Zhang Ruochen, do you think that only you have Martial Soul?"

Being beaten by a junior in the Heaven Realm, Hua Qingye was so furious that he released his Martial Soul.

He had been proud, so he had not used the power of his Martial Soul.

But the situation here was different. If he did not use the power of Martial Soul, never mind trying to suppress Zhang Ruochen, he would be suppressed by Zhang Ruochen instead.


A light column rushed out of Hua Qingye's head. Drops of light spots condensed into a Martial Soul which hung suspended above Hua Qingye's back.

Hua Qingye released his Martial Soul and his power was completely broke out.


After a reckless clash, both of them took steps back.


Broken stones continually fell from above. The Secret Room seemed to be falling apart due to the fighting between the two men.

"Zhang Ruochen, you are very powerful but you are still far below a warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm."

"Heaven-combing Fist."

The bones in Hua Qingye's arms kept ringing. He punched a fist technique that was in the Superior class Spiritual Stage.

The blessing of Martial Soul doubled Hua Qingye's power. The whole underground Secret Room seemed to be filled with his strength after he punched out a fist technique.

Genuine Qi was not only flowing in his Meridians but also pouring out his body. It turned into a river of Genuine Qi, flowing around the Martial Soul.

Heaven-combing Fist had a total of 27 strokes. What Hua Qingye used was the first move, Hammer of Breaking Heaven.

As his fists struck out, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi that was mobilized by Martial Soul almost all converged in his arm, turning his fist blue. These fists suddenly attacked toward Zhang Ruochen's chest.

"Is this the real power of warrior in the Fish-dragon Realm?"

Zhang Ruochen felt that if he met Hua Qingye head on, he would be seriously injured by Hua Qingye's punch or even worse.

When all was said and done, Zhang Ruochen was only in the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm. It was only by his seemingly strange power of Martial Soul that he could fight with Hua Qingye.

Now that Hua Qingye had also burst forth his power of Martial Soul, the situation immediately reversed, which was quite unfavorable to Zhang Ruochen.

"Space Crack."

Zhang Ruochen raised his arms and moved his hands apart. It seemed like a gate of space was opened in front of him.

It was a breach in the space, where fog gathered. The power from it seemed like it could devour the world.

In just a moment, the Space Crack swallowed up the power of the fist technique that Hua Qingye displayed.

Zhang Ruochen wanted to try harder to eliminate Hua Qingye by Space Crack.

He pushed his hands forward. Under the urging of his power, the Space Crack cut toward Hua Qingye.

Previously, Hua Qingye nearly had been beaten by the Space Crack. So this time, he was more cautious. In just a moment, his body moved and he escaped its attack.


Space Crack struck the stone wall behind Hua Qingye and engulfed a large amount of mud. It left behind a pit which was more than 10 meters long.

After seeing the destructive power of the Space Crack, Hua Qingye was shocked and said, "Zhang Ruochen, what the martial technique did you use, why can you tear open space?"

"If you can defeat me, naturally, you will know the answer." Zhang Ruochen said.

Hua Qingye gave him a black look and replied, "Do you think that I can't defeat you?"

Hua Qingye fumbled in his clothes and took out a little delicate purple gold bell. The small bell, which was only about 10 centimeters, was engraved with mysterious inscriptions. It gave off a faint icy air.

Zhang Ruchen felt that things were not good after seeing the small bell.

As Hua Qingye infused his Genuine Qi into the bell, it became activated. The little bell gradually became larger, growing from its original 10 centimeters gradually to a full three-meters and became a ancient giant bell.


A purple gold light emitted from the ancient bell, forming a bizarre force that suppressed Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul.

Hua Qingye placed the huge bell in his palm and said with a smile, "Zhang Ruochen, the ancient bell is a tenth level Genuine Martial Arms. It is called the 'Beating-soul Bell'. Since your Martial Soul is strong, let's see if you can withstand the attack of the Beating-soul Bell."

Hua Qingye picked up the bell and attacked Zhang Ruochen while he was talking.

The Beating-soul Bell kept spinning and produced a buzzing sound, then it struck against Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul.

Zhang Ruochen did not fight head-on with Hua Qingye. He made some bodily movements and turned to flee.

Zhang Ruochen's biggest advantage was his Martial Soul. If he lost it, there was no way for him to contend against Hua Qingye.

The bell was specifically used to deal with Martial Soul. If Zhang Ruochen continued to fight against Hua Qingye, he would definitely be at a great disadvantage.


After rushing out of the Secret Room, Zhang Ruochen returned to the ground and demonstrated the bodily movement for the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon to the extreme. He ran away and each of his steps spanned over 67 meters.

After breaking into the Heaven Realm, the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon became faster.

After all, it was a martial technique of bodily movement that was in the Superior class Spiritual Stage. Only a warrior in the Heaven Realm could exert its true power.

Zhang Ruochen, at the moment, was like walking in the air with his feet above the ground.

Of course, he was not flying off the ground. What he used was the agility of the bodily movement, by which he could shortly run in void space with the help of the wind.

Only by being a Half-Saint could a man fly in the sky without any external forces.

Zhang Ruochen was far from that realm.

At Zhang Ruochen's heels, Hua Qingye rushed out from the underground. Without any hesitation, he tossed out the Beating-soul Bell to attack Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen did not turn around, he just threw the Abyss Ancient Sword to meet the attack of the Beating-soul Bell.


The strike between the Abyss Ancient Sword and the bell caused a large spark.

The Abyss Ancient Sword flew back to Zhang Ruochen's hand.


Hua Qingye took back the bell. He also displayed a bodily movement to catch up with Zhang Ruochen.

What he displayed was called "Floating Cloud Step", a martial technique of bodily movement of the mid-class Spiritual Stage.

Although his bodily movement was not as brilliant as Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, he was a master in the Fish-dragon Realm who possessed superior speed.

Hua Qingye charged out. His speed was faster than Zhang Ruochen's.

Zhang Ruochen turned around. He saw that Hua Qingye was chasing after him just 333 meters away and the distance was narrowing.

About a quarter of an hour later, the distance between Hua Qingye and Zhang Ruochen was about 33 meters. He once again threw the Beating-soul Bell out to hit Zhang Ruochen's back.

Zhang Ruochen had to stop and fight again with Hua Qingye.

"Ten-thousand-feet Prairie Fire."

Zhang Ruochen stimulated a vision of heaven and earth. In the surrounding area, a blaze of flames was condensed. All of them turned into a vast sea of fire and encircled Hua Qingye.

In the sea of ​​fire, the two men exchanged more than ten strokes before Zhang Ruochen fled again.

In this way, as Zhang Ruochen escaped he fought, all the way from noon until dark. Along the thousands of kilometers, he battled Hua Qingye 13 times.

In the end, Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul was hit by the Beating-soul Bell and was badly hurt so that he had to take back his Martial Soul.

If it were hit again by the bell, it would certainly suffer severe damage. The consequence did not bear thinking of.

"Zhang Ruochen, now you that you have lost the power of your Martial Soul, you can't escape from me this time! Haha!"

Hua Qingye followed after him. His chest was bleeding, but he seemed to feel nothing. He stared at Zhang Ruochen fiercely and said, "If you still refuse to tell me the location of the ancient cave, I will let you know the top 10 cruel tortures of the Black Market, I'll see if you can withstand them."

Hua Qingye was seriously injured. In order to chase Zhang Ruochen, he had not stopped to heal.

Now, his injuries were aggravating, but he didn't notice himself. The only thing he wanted was the location of the ancient cave.

With blood on his mouth, Zhang Ruochen gave a long laugh and said, "Hua Qingye, if you don't heal your wound, I'm afraid that your cultivation will get regress. "

Although his Martial Soul was hurt, Zhang Ruochen was still full of energy and the war intent.

"As long as I can suppress you, the lost cultivation will not be a matter." Hua Qingye replied.

"You want to suppress me in your current state?"

"What? You are not convinced and want to fight again?"

Hua Qingye knew very clearly about Zhang Ruochen's current state. Zhang Ruochen, who had lost his power of the Martial Soul, was like an ant, even the power of a finger could easily kill him.


A gust of cold wind carrying the smell of blood blew over from far away and passed over Zhang Ruochen's and Hua Qingye's bodies.

Something strange happened.

A bloody red fog appeared in the wood not far away from them. And the fog was coming from all directions.

The blood fog became more and more dense, even blocking people's sight.

Both Zhang Ruochen and Hua Qingye were shocked by the sudden change. They stopped fighting and warily watched the blood fog around them without moving.