360 Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm

 "Is it?"

Zhang Ruochen certainly did not believe Zhang Tiangui's words. However, he did not want to kill Zhang Tiangui right now. He continued, "Tell me, who killed my mother, Concubine Lin?"

Zhang Tiangui shook his head. He said, "Concubine Lin... is not dead..."


Zhang Ruochen grabbed Zhang Tiangui's clothes, lifting him up. He said, "You'd better not lie to me. Otherwise, I won't let you die quickly."

Zhang Tiangui immediately replied, "Ninth brother, Concubine... Lin really is alive. She was saved by someone!"


"I don't know... I just know that it is a killer of the Hades Department... a killer who is very good at using a sword..." Zhang Tiangui said.

He did not lie to Zhang Ruochen and tried his best to answer Zhang Ruochen's questions. He did not want to irritate Zhang Ruochen. As long as Zhang Ruochen's heart softened slightly, maybe his life could be spared.

In the future, when he recovered, he would certainly have a chance to stage a comeback. At that time, it would not be too late to slowly deal with Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen lightly loosened his hands. He showed a contemplative expression and guessed that perhaps it was Le who saved his mother.

In the Hades Department, only Zi Qian and Le were acquaintances of Zhang Ruochen.

When the incident happened in the palace, Zi Qian was still at Tongming River. It could not have possibly been her.

It should be Le.

Knowing that his mother was not dead, Zhang Ruochen's mood was much better. He stared at Zhang Tiangui again.

"Ninth... brother, I was wrong. It was my fault. Please spare my life. After all... after all, we are blood brothers..."

Zhang Tiangui stared at Zhang Ruochen with beseeching eyes. He showed a very pitiful look while shedding tears.

At present, as long as he could survive, even if he was asked to crawl under Zhang Ruochen's legs, he would do it right away, much less being asked to admit his mistake.

A real man could take temporary setbacks, that was what Zhang Tiangui thought.

Unfortunately, Zhang Ruochen was no longer a simple youth anymore. Over the past three years, he had seen all the fickleness of human nature. He knew better now that the Martial World was a cruel world. Most of the time, there were only two endings: either your death or mine.

"Since my mother is still alive, I won't be hard on you. I will give you a quick way to die now."

Zhang Ruochen's eyes were very sharp. He raised his arm and hit out the Magic Breaking Needle, which was turned into a flying light and stabbed into Zhang Tiangui's glabella.

"No... Zhang Ruochen... You can't kill... me..."

The Magic Breaking Needle carried a wisp of Blue Genuine Qi. It pierced through Zhang Tiangui's Qi Sea very quickly.

With a bang, Zhang Tiangui's Qi Sea exploded.

A frantic gush of Genuine Qi flowed out of his Qi Sea and rushed into Meridians inside Zhang Tiangui's body.

A moment later, Zhang Tiangui's Meridians were all broken and he died. His body gradually turned cold and his breath stopped.

Outwardly, there was no wound on him. It was like he was sleeping.

"It's finally over!"

Zhang Ruochen gave a long sigh. He felt very complicated and returned to where he was standing before. He continued to practice.

Spending three days and two nights, Zhang Ruochen finally gathered 100 drops of Vital Essence and he started to break into the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

There was no bottleneck for a warrior to reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm from the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. As long as he could gather 100 drops of Vital Essence, 99% of warriors could easily reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

It certainly was a piece of cake for Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen broke through the realm in only two hours. He had officially reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

When a warrior reached the Heaven Realm, the strength of the Martial Soul would be increased as he broke through another realm. When Zhang Ruochen was breaking through to the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm, he could feel that his Martial Soul was increased again!


The Genuine Qi inside his body kept infusing into his muscles, bones, internal organs, and meridians, nourishing his body and refining his Martial Soul. His entire body seemed to be sublimated.

However, there were still 100 drops of Vital Essence in his Qi Sea.

"Since I have the Dragon Pearl, it is easy for me to reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm. But it will be much harder to reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm."

As long as he got 100 drops of Vital Essence, he could reach the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm.

However, he must have 10,000 drops of Vital Essence before he could reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm.

The amount of Vital Essence was increased 100 times.

Even if Zhang Ruochen reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm right now and doubled his speed of absorbing the Divine Dragon Strength, it would still take five months for him to get ten thousand drops of Vital Essence. Moreover, he could only do it by secluding himself.

The higher one's martial cultivation was, the harder it was to increase it.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen had the Time and Space Spinel and had three times more time than others. If he secluded himself for refining, he could reach the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm within two months.

In the last three days, Hua Qingye did not come to the Secret Room. Maybe in his opinion, Zhang Ruochen, whose Meridians and Qi Sea were sealed, could not do anything, so he did not bother himself to pay attention to him.

As for Zhang Tiangui, Hua Qingye did not care about his life at all.

In the past few days, Hua Qingye had visited Yunwu City to ask for news every day.

It was not until the fourth day that Hua Qingye finally got some news which shocked the entire Martial World of Omen Ridge.

"Zhang Ruochen defeated the young master of the Black Market Excellence Hall, Di Yi. He dug out Di Yi's Demon's Heart."

Although Hua Qingye had heard from Zhang Ruochen long ago and he was prepared for it, he was still very shocked when he heard it for himself. After a long time, he revealed an ecstatic expression.

Zhang Ruochen could defeat Di Yi who had a Saintly Being and Demon's Heart as both of them were in the same realm. It proved that the ancient cave, which grew the Bodhi fruit, was an amazing place. If he could get some treasures from it, maybe he could reach the realm of Half-Saint in the future.

At present, Zhang Ruochen was a giant treasure house.

And he controlled the treasure house. How could he not be happy?

Hua Qingye instantly returned to the Secret Room. He wanted Zhang Ruochen to take him to look for the ancient cave right now. He could not wait anymore.

However, Hua Qingye did not know that Zhang Ruochen had already broken the seal and he had been waiting for him in the Secret Room for a long time.

Hua Qingye put his palm on the surface of the stone gate of the Secret Room, turning off the array. With rumbling, the stone gate was slowly lifted up, exposing Zhang Ruochen who was sitting in the Secret Room with his legs crossed.

"Zhang Ruochen, you are powerful. You actually killed Di Yi. Haha! For Omen Ridge to be able to produce such a blessed talent like you, I am actually rather reluctant to kill you."

Hua Qingye spared a glance at the corner, setting his eyes on Zhang Tiangui. He discovered that Zhang Tiangui had already died.

He seemed to have expected this and showed no surprise. On the contrary, he smiled and said, "Since Zhang Tiangui has already died. Should you not bring me to the ancient cave right now?"

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes and stood up. He said lightly, "It seems that the news from Tongming River has been passed to Yunwu City. All right, let's go now."

Somehow, when Zhang Ruochen stood up, Hua Qingye had a sense of danger.

Why was Zhang Ruochen so calm and so indifferent?

It was not good.

In just an instant, Hua Qingye pushed out with his legs and charged out from the left.


A three-meter Space Crack split open on the right side of Hua Qingye. It had a powerful sucking force and it pulled Hua Qingye toward the crack.

Zhang Tiangui's dead body was sucked over in a flash. Before it entered the Space Crack, it was torn into pieces and only a skeleton was left.

"What is this kind of martial technique?"

Hua Qingye clenched his teeth and regulated his Genuine Qi all over his body. His feet sank down, and the ground was broken into pieces. His body below the knees sank down into the ground. It was like his whole body was fixed there in order to hold back the power of Space Crack.

Zhang Ruochen decisively struck out, he unleashed both of his hands at the same time and hit Hua Qingye's chest.


Hua Qingye flew back and crashed into a stone wall, sending cracks spidering across it.

In the middle of the Lines, there was a giant and deep human-shaped pit. Hua Qingye was stuck inside the pit.

With a swooshing sound, Zhang Ruochen rushed to the front of the stone wall. Both his hands kept striking out handprints and they struck on Hua Qingye's chest.


Zhang Ruochen's hands quickly struck out. A series of handprints were the only things that could be seen.

In the space of a breath, Zhang Ruochen struck out more than 70 palms. All of them hit Hua Qingye, pushing Hua Qingye two meters deep into the stone wall. It seemed that he was buried in it.

"Young man, you're looking for death!"

Hua Qingye roared fiercely and clenched his five fingers together. The Genuine Qi gushing out of the ten thousand pores in his body was like water waves.


The power, which could be owned only by warriors in the Fish-dragon Realm, exploded from his body and turned into a powerful Qi billow. It shocked Zhang Ruochen and made him move backward.

"You are still alive?"

Zhang Ruochen steadied himself, he stared at the giant pit on the stone wall. He took out the Abyss Ancient Sword and controlled it by Sword Comprehension to strike into the giant dark pit.



Hua Qingye walked out from the giant deep pit and kept striking out fist technique, sending the Abyss Ancient Sword flying out.

Zhang Ruochen's heavy hitting had badly injured Hua Qingye. There was blood on his chest which was almost collapsed.

Unfortunately, Hua Qingye's cultivation was too high, so he could bear Zhang Ruochen's more than 70 palms and could actually walk out of the pit. Only warriors in the Fish-dragon Realm could do it.

Hua Qingye was dejected and depressed. His face, his body and his legs were all covered with blood. And with his thin old face, he was like a ferocious ghost crawling out of the underground.


Hua Qingye roared loudly and leaped toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately released his Martial Soul, regulating the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. It gathered into a three-meter giant Genuine Qi handprint. His five fingers were like columns and the handprint on his palm could be seen clearly.


Hua Qingye was hit and flew backward again. His body hit the stone wall and shook the entire Secret Room.

"Have you already reached the Mid Stage of the Heaven Realm?" Hua Qingye said surprisingly.

How did Zhang Ruochen break through into the realm so quickly?

Zhang Ruochen stood grandly opposite Hua Qingye while emitting a shinning blue Spiritual Qi. His entire demeanor had changed like a sharp sword out of its sheath.

There was no need to say more, Hua Qingye knew that he had fallen into Zhang Ruochen's plot to gain more time. Previously, Zhang Ruochen had deliberately shown his weakness mainly to stall for time and break through into the realm.